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Meet the Teacher

Transcript: Welcome to Mrs. Bacheler's Class (and temporary classroom :) A little about me: My name is Gina Bacheler. I was born and raised in NY. I went to James Madison University in VA and received a B.M. After a few years in NYC, I moved out west to AZ and received my teaching license and M.Ed at ASU. I have taught music and 2nd-5th grade in NY, AZ, and NC. I also have my National Boards in Middle Grades I live in Pittsboro with my husband and two boys, JJ and Sam. JJ will be in Bullfrog this year! One of my strongest beliefs regarding education is the teacher-student-parent combination. Parents who play an active role in their child’s education, through encouragement and reinforcement of the curriculum, allow success to become a reality. I believe all children should be active participants in the learning process and I encourage their exploration and growth. Teamwork within the classroom will focus upon creating an atmosphere of respect, sharing, cooperation, group interaction/dynamics, and understanding Schedule: 7:25-7:55 Morning work/Morning Laps 7:55-8:25 Literature Circles/ Whole to Part 8:30-9:40 Math Brain Break 9:45-11:50 Literacy Block 11:55-12:35 Specials 12:40-1:05 Recess 1:10-1:30 Lunch 1:35-2:20 Science Pack up Dismiss The Power Of Literature Circles In literature circles, small groups of students gather together to discuss a piece of literature in depth. The discussion is guided by students' response to what they have read. You may hear talk about events and characters in the book, the author's craft (purpose, tone) or personal experiences related to the story (connections). Literature circles provide a way for students to engage in critical thinking and reflection as they read, discuss, and respond to books. Collaboration is at the heart of this approach. Math: Fluency - Math facts Problems solving two and three step multiplication and division problems Place Value: decimals, base ten Geography/Map project Science: Human Body and it's Systems Socials Studies: Explorers Colonial Mayflower 13 Colonies What does Literacy Block look like? Three centers: Guided Reading, Word Study (Vocab/Spelling), Writing Daily Small group instruction Individual conferences - goal setting Genre studies through novels and picture books Cross-curricular instruction/focus (Colonization, Human Body) AIG Ms. Palmer is the new AIG teacher Compact Math- Pretest and pull out Reading - 3 weeks on/3 weeks off Behavior Expectations: Cameron Park Code: It is never OK to hurt anyone's feelings, property, or learning. Red, Yellow, Green cards Consequences: Walk laps Note home Silent lunch Weekly communication/Progress report -- Every Friday the first quarter Homework policy Orange County homework policy for 5th graders is 50 min. per night Purpose: time management, practice skills, teach study habits Homework is due Fridays, late is a zero Packet will go home on Monday mostly math practice, some science 20-30 minutes of reading Writing journal Studying for Vocabulary and Spelling tests Student Supply List: 1 five subject notebook 1 1-1.5in binder 1 YELLOW folder (extra's are appreciated!!) 2 pack of loose leaf paper 4 composition notebooks (extra's are appreciated!!) 3 two-pocket folders 2 pks of Number #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils please!) 1 pack of colored pencils Erasers Pencil Bag (not boxes) scissors bookbag (no wheels please) tissues!! Clorox wipes hand sanitzer flashdrive - optional WISH LIST: Captain's chair Shoe rack Mud mats Little fridge Reading chairs Snacks magnetic tape Gift cards- Walmart and Five Below IXL subscription Classroom Help Parent Volunteers - NEW PROCEDURES!!! Trips Classroom help (laminating, bulletin boards, copies, organizing, SANITIZING) Scholastic book orders Contact information: 919.732.9326 Ext. ?? Cell: 919 622 4644 (I text) Email anytime - I will respond that day Welcome to my class! I anticipate a very successful year. Wish List: Classroom subscription to Scholastic News Electric pencil sharpener Dry erase markers and cleaner Box on KNEX blocks (for science) Classroom subscription to IXL math Beanbags for reading center Gently used chapter books for our classroom library Used office chair

Meet the Teacher

Transcript: September Sun 30th –ASAs begin October Mon 1st to Thurs 4th – Children’s individual photos Thurs 4th – Pink Bake Sale Mon 22nd Parent’s Eve (early) Tues 23rd Parent’s Eve (late) Weds 24th – International Day November Tues 6th – Maths Passport Workshops Wed 21st – PA Quiz Night Tues 29th JPS UAE National Day Celebrations November – December Dates to be confirmed by class teacher Thursday 20th - Party Day and last day of term 1 Please see the JPS Calendar for full details of forthcoming events. Home Learning are sent out on Wednesday each week and are to be returned by Monday of the following week. In addition to regular Home Learning Activities some daily routines are recommended to support the children’s on-going learning such as reading, spellings, times tables Roles and responsibilities – Class teacher: Ensure continuity and progression, provide support materials and resources Respond to home learning appropriately To ensure clarity in task set, learning objectives and expectations Parent expectations: Providing, where possible, a suitable environment and adequate time for home-learning Making it clear that home-learning is valued and support the school in explaining how it can help their child’s learning Try to develop pupils’ own responsibility to be accountable for their home-learning. To respond to home learning when task requires it Child expectations: To value home learning opportunities Time Mangement To be aware of the SECRET dispositions and how these influence how they complete their home learning. To reflect on their home learning and feedback to their teachers as appropriate. Along with this a home learning proforma will be sent home on the GLG stating clearly what the task is, how it relates to the SECRET, WALTs & WILFs and creative curriculum links. PE KITS MR POWELL KEEP YOU UPDATED VIA EMAIL... 4C have PE on Sunday and Wednesday. Please send the children to school in their PE kit on Sunday. We will be changing back into school uniform after the lesson. LABEL EVERYTHING! This helps to cut down changing time and helps us to return lost items. Remember to bring both PE kit & swimming kit at the beginning of each week to be kept in school. If your child is unable to participate in swimming or PE, they will need a doctor’s note. A ‘buddy’ class is used during these times. 4C have their library session on Wednesday. Please return the books to school that morning. Children will take 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction book each week. From Thursday we will be using leveled reading books that will be sent home along with their reading log. An activity must be completed from this before the children can change their books. Maths passport sessions for 4C are on Thursday at 12:20. I am currently looking for parent helpers for this! ABILITY GROUPS In Year 4 we have just begun to split the children for Maths each day. These groups are very fluid so until we gain a better understanding of the children’s levels, there will be some movement within the groups. In class, we often group children by ability for subjects. There are also many opportunities for children to work in mixed ability groups. Arabic: The year group splits for Arabic and these groups will be completed once all of the Arabic questionnaire forms are returned. Rules, Rewards + Sanctions School / Home Link First Warning: One warning Second Warning – Head of Year Red card: Report to Principal, letter sent to parent. Table of the WEEK JUNGLE BUCKS! Reward Coupons ICT KS2 On Wednesday morning from 11.20 to 2.15 Niamh Jordan is regular cover teacher MARKING AND ASSESSMENT Maths – Green (Met) /Yellow (Almost) Literacy/Topic/Big Write: Orange/Green/Pink/Blue – Depending on what aspect of VCOP is being covered. ... Welcome to Class 4C Mr Kris Powell ...

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