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Meet the Teacher

Transcript: A few things about me: I am a Lindenhurst graduate Received my master's degree from Queens College This is my 13th year with the district My 12th year at Rall I've also taught first and fourth grade I'm married and have two children ages 9 and 4 The ABC's of 5th Grade: Reading: Students will participate in reading activities on a daily basis. The Daily 3 will emphasize Independent Literacy. Students will practice reading to self, listening to reading, and writing/word work. Kout's Cafe will emphasize strategies and I will be able to assess your child's reading abilities. State Reading Program: Each child must read at least 25 books during the year. A form will be sent home each quarter for the children to fill out and hand in. Certificates are awarded to those children who participate in the program. Language Arts : Students will work daily on writing skills. They will learn specific writing techniques as well as the different genres of writing. Students will work in their writer's notebooks honing in on their creative writing skills. Grammar will also be reviewed and fine tuned. The format of the ELA is changing and will contain a writing component this year. Scoring was changed in July. The cut-off to achieve a three became higher. Testing dates: May 4-6, 2011 Math concepts reviewed and taught: Basic Number Facts Place Value and Exponents Decimals Comparing, Ordering, and Rounding Addition and Subtraction Multiplication and Division Estimation and Measurement Charts, Tables, and Graphs Geometry Perimeter , Area, and Circumference Ratio, Percents, and Probability Problem Solving Algebra Students will frequently use manipulatives and participate in hands on activities to reinforce skills previously taught. Students will be given a math ring to help them study for tests and to reinforce concepts. NYS Math Assessment: May 11-13, 2011 Science/Health Concepts taught: Scientific Method of Inquiry Body Systems Ecology Solar System Plants Weather/Natural Disasters Hot off the press...There will not be a 5th Grade State Social Studies test this year. Cheers were heard around the state!!!!! Students were both excited and relieved! Fear not...Social Studies will still be taught in the classroom even without a State Test looming over our head. Students will explore Native Americans, Early Explorers, the Thirteen Colonies, The American Revolution, Our Government, the Civil War, Immigration, Geography and so much more. Field trips will depend on funding from BOCES; especially the end of the year NYC trip. The bus company changed their rates and it is expensive to use the buses to go on trips. We will be looking into having more in-house field trips, where experts come to the school and bring the field trip to us at a more reasonable price. SPECIALS: MONDAY: MUSIC TUESDAY:PHYSICAL EDUCATION WEDNESDAY:ART THURSDAY:LIBRARY FRIDAY:PHYSICAL EDUCATION ALL SPECIALS ARE 1:45-2:25 LUNCH SERVED DAILY 11:40-12:30 SNACK DAILY 2:30 Office number: 867-3450 My email: School website: Please remember to send in an absent note when your child returns to school after being absent. Late notes are also needed:) If you contact me I will do my best to get back to you withing 24 hours. Double click anywhere & add an idea Welcome to: Meet the Teacher Night

Meet the teacher!

Transcript: Because students learn by engaging in the process, progressivism would be very helpful in helping them in the process of becoming motivated. I believe this will encourage them to not only like math but grow to love it Algebra 2. Classroom floor plan. Me. The classroom environment will be one where students are in charge of the classroom. This type of environment will be very helpful in creating a “safe” place for my diverse students. My philosophy of education will be heavily based on the existentialism philosophy but also pulling some ideas from the progressivism philosophy because it helps students to get and stay involved in their learning. Introduction My beliefs about teaching will affect my classroom management in a good way because the students will know that I am in charge but they control their learning and what pace they learn at. In the classroom. Existentialism. When it comes to diversity existentialism teaches you to be yourself no matter what. So being diverse in my class will be respected and not looked down upon. My Philosophy, Student's role. & My role. More about my teaching methods. Ms. Jade Gill's Classroom!! In my classroom I will give the students the freedom to learn the way they want to learn. The student is given the power in this class. The student is also taking responsibility for their education. They learn at their own pace which gives them more room to grow and improve themselves. In this process they discover individuality. This makes for a very positive learning environment. The leader of the classroom in this case is the student.

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