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Meet our team!

Transcript: Office set-up: Accessible Spacious areas Windows Private Rooms Staff: Knowledgeable and well trained through experience working with the target demographic Continued Education courses Comfortable with patient population Hygienist: Rick B. Donations from community dentists Healthy Athlete’s Grant Raffle, Dinner and Auction Director: Richard H. Save-a-Smile Outreach Program Escort Patient from waiting area Determine patient's emotional state Conduct standard procedures ID chief patient complaint Favorite music and stuffed animal Dinosaur squeak for pain Dominic: 7 year old child with Autism Held yearly at the special olympics Volunteers from our dental office and from around the city of Buffalo participate Patient screening and education are the main focus Deadline to sign up: Today at 5 PM!! Mission Statement: At Special Smiles Dental Care our mission is to provide excellent dental care for patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We treat each patient as if they were our own and embrace the opportunity to make the dental visit fun, exciting, and educational. Our goal is to provide the highest quality dental services in a warm, welcoming, compassionate, patient-oriented, state-of-the-art facility. We strive to eliminate the fear of dental visits by providing care in a fun, relaxed and non-intimidating manner. We provide all of our patients with the right information to develop preventative dental skills for healthy teeth now and in the future. Fractured Central Incisors and Sensitivity Meet Our Team! Dentist: Dr. Spencer Bierlein Radiograph Tent set up at the event with various tables Patient Education Flouride Amalgam fillings Brushing/Flossing with goody bags Importance of wearing mouthguards Budget: UB SDM providing dental education and screenings at two upcoming Special Olympics events: 5/30: Tonawanda High School 6/6: State Summer Games in Brockport, NY Patient Financing: Determine best payment options for our patient Crowns on maxillary central incisors, mouthguard Delta Dental, Metlife, Guardian, Cigna, Medicaid, etc… CareCredit Largest Global Health Organization dedicated to serving those with intellectual disabilities 2015 New York Special Olympics Summer Games will be held at SUNY Brockport in June Patient Provide parents with complete procedure explanation Oral implications Caries Bruxism Xerostomia Having patience Providing visual aids Setting a hygiene schedule But Wait There's More! Maintain consistent staff Keep patients comfortable during procedures Practice the "Tell-Show-Do" method Desensitizing patients to the office Bring in for prior visits Demonstrate use of instruments (X-ray machine) Setting the Tone First impression Scheduling Appointments Often early is better Consultation Special Accommodations Sensitivities to light/noise Preparation Office Staff Data Collection UB Dental Students Community dentists/hygienists Findings Fractured maxillary central incisors Volunteers: ASDA/BOCA Outreach: Chairs set up to do non-invasive clinical exams on athletes Send patients away with: Copy of screening form findings Educational materials & Pamphlets Refer patients to our office for further treatment Chief Financial Officer: Joseph G. Receptionist: Jessica D. Assistant: Amela J. About The Special Olympics: Fundraising: Staff: No expense Supplies Handouts/Printing ($40) Dental Supplies($384) Food for volunteer team ($110) About The Outreach:

Meet our team!

Transcript: Mission Statement: Product: -Café Fresco founders may lose sight of the potential scope of the business -the limited number of consumers that are aware of Café Fresco -Financial sources: out of pocket funding, no current investors, limited cash flow -café Fresco relies on a single manufacturer, which limits production capacity if the company would want to expand. Company Analysis Place: BUDGET: Pestel Analysis Executive Summary Threats -Currently, Cafe Fresco is marketed through regional and local convenient shops scattered along the United States of America. -Over the next five years, Cafe Fresco seeks to expand distribution to coffee specialty shops to make and sell individual coffee cups. -In addition, Cafe Fresco plans to expand online sales by offering a variety of flavors of the products that cannot be found in local stores via only the internet, thus distinguishing between specialty items from the internet and regular flavors from convenient shops. -Finally, because Cafe Fresco has decided to not only sell online via our personal website, we have decided to use the method of indirect distribution. · Company’s location: USA; worldwide · Facilities: Eco friendly and meets FDA requirements · Human resources: young employees · Natural Resources, trademark name, patents, and copyright · Café Fresco works with a single manufacturer, ensuring maximum quality control Opportunities $8.98 · Competition with other coffee companies, e.g.: the donut shop, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks · Relations with supplier and partners · Consumers may grow tired of concept; keeping ideas flowing · Relationships with retailers may deteriorate. PROMOTION: -- The target market for Cafe Fresco products is active consumers between ages 18-25--college students or early career starters who are overworked and rely on coffee for a daily pick-me-up in order to complete their day. -- These active consumers represent a demographic group of well-educated and potentially successful individuals; they are single or married. Household incomes generally range between $5,000-15,0000 annually. -- Cafe Fresco will achieve market leadership by providing quality coffee beans and k-cups to overworked college students that best meets their daily lifestyles while keeping a great taste and an awareness of the nutrition facts. To innovative hard workers who want the best for their buck, Cafe Fresco is the coffee brand for you, it gives the benefits of any ordinary coffee with the added low calorie, sugar, and health awareness; along with the great taste. Cafe Fresco was founded and operates off the desire and need for a healthier yet fresher way to enjoy the BEnefits of coffee. -- Political -- Economic -- social -- technology -- environment -- legal Meet our team! Lexi Zambrano- Chief Financial Officer Ian Cai- Head of Sales Kirsti Kooiker- Chief Marketing Officer BReak Even Analysis Weaknesses: $6.98 Recommended marketing strategy: Price: -Demand Based Strengths: · Market trends: new way of viewing coffee and shift in audience needs · Demographics: target audience- college students, all races, both males and females, and cultured imported coffee · The company can reach more consumers via Café Fresco’s website. · Café Fresco’s loyal customers are likely to buy new products --Unlimited Coffee or Cheaper Refills --Loyalty Cards --Gift Card Promotions --Website Announcements and Promos/Banners SWOT Analysis: Our main office building is located in a high rise in the middle of downtown Chicago. Our factory is located about twenty minutes outside the city in a small suburb area. We are currently a self funded business, with help from our families. Cafe Fresco is a startup company founded and owned by three young, experienced, and energetic college students. Cafe Fresco was founded off the desire and need for a healthier yet fresher way to enjoy a hot drink.

Meet Our Team

Transcript: Get to know our Blue Mountain Team ORG CHART Chris Lewis VP of Resort Services Ryan Fiechtner Director of Mountain Experience OUR TEAM! Katelyn Bennett Mountain Experience Coordinator Elizabeth Saunders Manager of Guest Experience Samantha Sutherland Communications Coordinator Supervisor of Guest Services Anne Armstrong Shelby Bowins Supervisor of Guest Services Assistant Manager of Guest Services Ashleigh Gray Samatha Byer Manager of Seasons Passes & Partner Benefits Assistant Manager of Resort Experience Matthew Grimshaw Communications Supervisor TBD Mountain Experience Coordinator Annica Hallberg Supervisor of Resort Experience Logan Monteith Supervisor of Guest Services Scott Ackerman GUEST SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES Stuart Connolly Supervisor of Guest Services AMBASSADOR TEAM Christine Lonmo Communications Coordinator TBD Communications Coordinator TBD TBD Supervisor of Resort Experience Supervisor of Resort Experience Ambassador Program The role of the Ambassador is to assist the guest in their journey once on resort and to assist in the queue management/resort flow. This position is seasonal and works outside. Some of the jobs you would expect as an Ambassador: Greeter's (walking around or stationary, answering questions, directing people where to go) Attraction Marshall (Enforcing/supporting limited capacities & helping guests) Lost and Found Attendant (collecting, logging, matching, reuniting items to guests) Groups (Greet and Guide groups on their resort adventure. Ensure accurate tickets. Give brief tours to orient the group to the resort, set up and tear down lunch room area) RESORT EXPERIENCE Seasons Passes & Partner Benefits Team The Seasons Passes team (Ashleigh & Sam) work on everything pass related! This includes staff, Blue Mountain seasons passes, IKON passes & Partner/Legacy Members. This past year the team (with the help of our frontline team) has printed and mailed out more than 34,000 5x7 passes!! Communications Team SEASONS PASSES & PARTNER BENEFITS /COMMUNICATIONS Our Communications Team lead by Matt & Nick works diligently to answer all guest feedback directed our way. From complaints to compliments they've heard it all! These two works with Alto & QLess to ensure operations run smoothly along with Medallia (survey technology) to comb through feedback so that we can implement change based on our guests experiences, responding to over 3,000 surveys per season! Working with the Group Sales team, these two also own the process of on -resort group guest fulfillment. They print all attraction and activity tickets for school groups, corporate guests and large day guest groups ensuring that these folks have a seamless on resort experience. Guest Services Team These folks handle in person sales and online redemption, along with any hiccups that have happened along the way! We may not operate all of our locations year round, but come winter time you can find guest services representatives in the North, Inn, Village, South & Orchard! GUEST SERVICES EXECUTIVE TEAM VP's Dan Skelton President & COO of Blue Mountain Resort Rusty Gregory, Chief Executive Officer (COO) of Alterra Mountain Company VP of Finance Scott Karuinas FP& A Team (Manager - Kim Chen) Resort Purchasing (Director - Dan Baker) Finance (Director - Brian Ruffett) VP of Human Resources Lesley Biffen Payroll, Compensation & Benefits (Manager - Andrea Moir) Health & Safety (Manager - Rebecca Schutt) Human Resources (HR) (Manager - Jen Bailey) VP of Sales & Marketing Stacey Manning Revenue Management (Director - Graeme Dugal) Contact Centre (Manager - Meggyn Trotter) Marketing (Director - Marie-Eve Dolan) Sales & Conference Services (Director = Helen Stukator) Event Sales & Services (Manager - Erika Langman) VP of Resort Services Chris Lewis Lift Operations (Lisa May, Manager) Guest Services & Ambassador Program (Ryan Fiechtner, Director) Programming & Recreation (Ropes, Winter & summer programming, snow school) (Becki Relihan, Director) Retail (Krisanne Flinders, Senior Manager) OUR TEAM! No VP - Direct to Dan Direct to Dan Risk Management( Director - Dillon Fremlin) Slope Operations (Grooming, Slope Maintenance & Snow making) (Director - Matt Baird) Grounds, Winter Activities & Capital Projects (Director - Adam McCutchen) Mountain Maintenance (Sr. Director - Rob Sheridan) VP of Lodging James Henry Food & Beverage (Director - Kevin Sinclair) Lodging (Sr. Director Kevin Kingsbury) Homeowner Services (Coordinator - Jane Bruce)

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