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Medicine Wheel Powerpoint Template

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Medicine Wheel

Transcript: History of the Medicine Wheel Its representation Its meaning Its sectors Trivia Creating a Medicine Wheel Q&A Closing statements History Elements of life Black White Yellow Red Red White Yellow Black United States (Montana, South Dakota) Canada (Alberta, Saskatchewan ) Sacred Animals Personal Question How has Modern medicine been influenced through the Aboriginals sacred Medicine? And how do we use their sacred within society today? Found in the United States, and Southern Canada Unique characteristics and basic structure Wind Fire Water Earth Seasons Birth Youth Adulthood Death Throughout our presentation what are other sectors you believe should or could be added into the Medicine Wheel? What else would you use a Medicine Wheel for and what sectors would you have within it? Time of Day Stages of Life What are the Sacred Medicines? Name one and what it is used for? Buffalo Eagle Bear Mouse Sunrise Noon Sunset Midnight North East South West TRIVIA Sacred Medicine Sectors What are the colours of Man Kind? Directions Summer Spring Autumn Winter Birth Youth Adult Death How many sectors are there in the Medicine Wheel What are the stages of life? Where are some Medicine Wheels located? Discussion Questions Sage Women's medicine Drives away negative energy Tobacco Absorbing prayers Taking prays to the spirit world Sweetgrass Ceremonial cleanser Represents kindness Cedar Used for Purification Positive energy, balance, emotions and feelings Why is every Medicine Wheel different and unique? Medicine Wheel By: Jacob and Erika What are the elements of life? Discussion Questions Presentation Outline Races of Men Name different methods of creating a Medicine Wheel? Why is the Medicine Wheel in the shape of a circle- minus the wheel part What are the Directions of the Medicine Wheel?

Medicine Wheel

Transcript: Location: Big Horn, Wyoming Big Horn National Forest 70-150 wheels have been discovered in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, and Saskatchewan The medicine wheel is still used still accurate best astronomical sightings around Summer Solstice~ no snow still inaugurated in North American spirituality Constructed by laying stones in a particular pattern on the ground oriented to the four directions follow basic pattern of having center stone surrounding from center with spokes facing the cardinal directions Condition Today... Also known as sacred hoops symbols of Indigenous North American culture and religion or stone monuments related to this symbol discovered in 1855 by: Angelique B. Lee How were they made? Astronomical Significance Similar Sites the longest spoke pointed to a certain star at a certain of the year ~mark certain days of the year some wheels mark the longest day of the year point to the Sun and track stars Summer Solstice allowed astronomer Jack Eddy to discover aspects of the Big Horn medicine wheel tracked stars and the Sun showed the Summer Solstice Represented by a distinct color to show: stages of life seasons of the year aspects of life elements of nature animals ceremonial plants For the most part, the medicine wheels have been well kempt Big Horn ~ most studied and most preserved than other medicine wheels healing purposes ~ believed it helped the sick religious purposes ritual purposes ~ nature/ Sun Dances teaching purposes ~ Circle of Life purposes varied through time Where are they? Ancient People looks like a wagon wheel or bicycle tire Petroforms in Canada Four Direction Meanings What is a medicine wheel? stone structures constructed by large number of tribes or nations of indigenous peoples of America used for religious, healing, and teaching purposes represented peaceful interactions with nature and harmony What were they used for? Contributions to Society Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel

Transcript: My Medicine Wheel Project Tyler “Medicine Wheel Framework.” Ryerson University, The Four Elements The Four Elements Fourleaflover. “Four Elements New Stock Illustration.” IStock, Earth The element earth can represent a connection with nature or the sense of being grounded. How this element connects to me is that I feel grounded when I am out in nature. Earth “The Four Elements.” Native Symbols, Fire Fire can symbolize re-generation. The element fire can indicate a strong spiritual focus in your life. How this element connects to me is by giving me the ability to focus on my work. Fire “The Four Elements.” Native Symbols, Air/Wind Air traditionally relates to the mind, the intellect and quickness of thought. Air relates to the spirit world. I feel that wind helps me improve my mind and how I feel by blowing away negative thoughts. Air/Wind “The Four Elements.” Native Symbols, Water Emotions are traditionally connected to the element of water. Life would not exist without water. I feel connect to water by letting my emotions flow like water. Water “The Four Elements.” Native Symbols, The Four Seasons The Four Seasons “Fun Facts for Kids on Animals, Earth, History and More!” DK Find Out!, Spring The season of spring is a time of new vegetation and growth. Flowers bloom. Animals come out of hibernation and babies are born in spring. I connect to the season of spring because it represents an opportunity to grow and start over. spring Summer The longer days in summer bring more sunlight that give strength to plants and animals. I connect to summer because it the season where I am the most active. summer Fall This is when plants are most mature because they have had the previous two seasons to strengthen and grow. I connect to fall because it represents my growth slowing down. fall Winter All the green and flowers are gone. The trees drop their leaves and the animals go back into hibernation. I connect to winter because I get to spend time around family. winter The four bodies What I have learned about the four bodies is that they can be used to reflect the different aspects of yourself. The Four Bodies “Medicine Wheel Framework.” Ryerson University, Physical I use the Physical body to connect with myself is by listening to what my body tells me because if something is off it lets me know. Physical Mental How I use the mental body to connect with myself, is by knowing when I need to take brakes and to reset myself. Mental Emotional I use the emotional body to connect with myself by acknowledging my feelings and emotions. Allowing myself to express how I feel. Emotional spiritual I am still trying connect to my spiritual body and learn what I need. Spiritual Medicine Wheel Comparison Medicine Wheel Comparison There are many different types of medicine wheels. You can use the different medicine wheels to not only reflect on yourself but also how you as an individual reflect on family, neighborhood, and community. My preferred medicine wheel is the one that is split into four quadrants that represent spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional. Novel Study Connection How the novel As Long as the River Flows connects to this project is that they both share the same cultural connection. Novel Study Connection Illustrated by Heather D. Holmlund Personal Medicine Wheel Connection this medicine wheel connects to my vision by showing me how to build support and connect with myself. This medicine wheel also allows me to represent how I interact with people in the community by allowing me to connect with myself helps you better understand how to connect to other people. Personal Medicine Wheel Connection Conclusion The purpose of medicine wheels in a community is to give an individual a way to reflect on themselves and find balance between their four bodies. Conclusion

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