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Medical student

Transcript: Is a psychological disorder. It's when you become convinced that you have whatever terrible disease that you're studying. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION! Medicalstudentitis Jessica McPherson * Although some might consider medical school syndrome trivial, even comical, mental health experts insist it's no joke. Imagined health problems can cause real anxiety. The first symptom Jessica McPherson noticed was a weakness in her arms. Then her muscles began to twitch. She feared the worst, suspecting it might be amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a fatal neurological disorder also known as Lou Gehrig disease. Alexa Soriano * She was in her first-year at the University of Otawa. Now we eat badly, sleep badly and spend our time cramming our heads full of horrible diseases that happened to unsuspecting people. Gisell Loza Looking back, she can find humour in the incident but her fears were very real at the time. She was 27 years old She believes the stress of moving to a new city and the exhaustion that comes with intense study contributed to her episode, along with the sudden immersion into the academics of biology and disease. Medical student syndrome Vanessa Velázquez * Boston neurologist Dr. George Lincoln Walton described the condition in his 1908 book Why Worry? “Medical instructors are continually consulted by students who fear that they have the diseases they are studying … The mere knowledge of the location of the appendix transforms the most harmless sensations in that region into symptoms of serious menace.” Yamili Medrano She had never even heard of medical school syndrome. Appendicitis, apparently, is one of the more common complaints. Students learn, for the first time, the exact location of the appendix and suddenly an innocent stomach pain will turn into an inflamed appendix. Bibliography

Medical Student Educational Presentation

Transcript: Florida's Cannabis Laws Cana Carisse MCST 601 Medical Cannabis is Recommended in Florida Florida Medical Cannabis With a legal recommendation from a physician, Floridians can purchase medical cannabis from state licensed dispensaries. 1 Subtopic 1 70 Day Supply Only Patients Can Possess Up to 4 Ounces Benefits Outweigh the Risks Federal Government Regulates Through CSA Federal Medical Cannabis The Controlled Substance Act (CSA) states there is no difference between recreational and medical cannabis usage.2 Subtopic 2 Treated like cocaine and heroin Pictures Schedule I Drug Can't Prescribe Florida's Decriminalization Starting in 2015, some Florida counties and cities have passed legislation to decriminalize cannabis.3 Florida Decriminalization 14 Counties in Florida Alachua County Broward County Cocoa Beach Hallandale Beach Key West Miami Beach Miami-Dade County Orlando Osceola County Palm Beach County Port Richey Tampa Volusia County West Palm Beach County Ranging Penalties from None to $155 Fine Federal Government Has not Decriminalized Federal Decriminalization Federal cannabis laws are still extremely steep.2 5 Year Mandatory Minimum Sentence for 100 Plants or 100kgs Mandatory Minimums 10 Year Minimum if Previous Felony 10 year Minimum for 1,000 Plants or 1,000kgs Sources Sources 1. Florida Medical Marijuana Law. NORML. Published August 27, 2020. Accessed September 14, 2020. 2. Federal Marijuana Law. Americans for Safe Access. Accessed September 14, 2020. 3. Florida Local Decriminalization. NORML. Published June 19, 2020. Accessed September 14, 2020.

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