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Transcript: ZOMBIE BLONDES! As soon as maggie walks into the school she realizes there is something odd about them . They all Look identical,Same skin, same hair , same eyes. So maggie sets out to find out what they really are .But will she fall under their spell and want to become one of them.Will she become a clone?O r will she find out the mysteries of Maple Crest? Internal Conflict The Popular Girls Plot summary MAGGIE"S From the moment Hannah arrived in town, she felt there was something wrong. A lot of houses were for sale, and the town seemed infected by an unearthly quiet. And then, on Hannah's first day of classes, she ran into a group of the most popular girls in school. The odd thing was that they were nearly identical , blonde, beautiful, and deathly pale. But Hannah wants desperately to fit in regardless of what people are saying: If she doesn't watch her back, she's going to be blonde and popular and dead. Thanks for watching ,I highly recomend this book to anyone who likes action and mystery I give this book a 4 out of 5 This book was very thrilling and kept me at the edge of my seat. Maggie's Internal conflict Maggie's having mixed emotions because her dad has to keep moving every six months because his past keeps following him and Maggie must follow. When they get to the new town of Maple Crest there is something odd but she dosent know what it is. When she gets to her new school the first thing she sees are the popular girls but there is something strange,they all look the same.Now shes trying to hold herself back from trying to become one of them.


Transcript: McDonalds Fun Facts: One average cow can provide the meat for 400 McDonald's quarter pounders. Many Famous People Have Worked at McDonald's Antarctica is the Only Continent without a McDonald's The first Ronald McDonald was fired for being too fat. They Serve 46 Million People Everyday McDonald's has sold well over 100 billion hamburgers There is a ski-through McDonald's in Sälen, Sweden The founder of McDonald's has a Bachelor degree in Hamburgerology. McDonald's opens a new restaurant every four hours History 1940: Dick and Mac McDonald oped a Bar-B-Que in Cali. 1948: Dick and Mac shut down their restaurant for remodeling. They then opened it with only nine items on the menu. The hamburgers were only 15 cents. 1949: They're AMAZING fries are born. 1955: They opened the first McDonalds in a different location. Des Plaines, Illinois. They sold $399.12 on the first day 1956: They hired Fred Turner as a counter man for the Des Plaines McDonald's. He was head of McDonalds. 1958: McDonald's sells it's 100 millionth hamburger. 1966: Ronalad McDonald appeared in McDonalds advertisment. 1967: First international McDonald's opens in Canada and Puerto Rico. 1968: The first Big Mac was added to the national menu. 1974: The first Ronald McDonald House opens in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Ronald McDonald House is a facility in a Children's Hospital. 1975: Breakfast is added to the international menu. 1983: McDonalds restraunts are now located in 32 different countries. There are 7,778 restraunts. 2001: Big n' Tasty sandwich is introduced. 2006: Snack Wrap is introduced only in U.S. 2009: McCafe goes national. 2010: McCafe Smoothies and Frappes are introduced nationaly in the U.S.

Mcdonalds' Powerpoint

Transcript: Alliance Creates Heroes! Customer traffic is not a problem - We work while you work without disturbances 1527 Main 2. Reliable & Consistent - Customer Experience Our commitment gives you more time to focus on other tasks - your financial goals 2. Reliable & Consistent - Customer Experience Discount Rates per Call Highgate Lougheed Hwy Lets become a listed corporate Vendor Number of Restaurants Stronger relationships result in better performance 20 40 60 Approximate Cost Savings per year We've proven we make the cut with McDonald's Corporation 345 Robson 1. Cost Savings Plan - For Corporations Grandview Hwy Past. Present. Future. Our teams are good to go! How? 64th Ave 3. Ease of Management for You 1. Cost Savings Plan - For Corporations Royal Center Kingsway and Vic Summation. $7,800 $31,200 $70,200 Introduction We're a familiar name. People like us! Your Deal is ready 1150 Station Street 3. Ease of Management for You Follow me. Let's make you a hero! Bundles improve the relationship Let's get restaurants on board so we can cut corporate costs. Increase McDonald's new image. Join this partnership and remind everyone you are SUPER DUPER HERO HOANG! 1610 Davie Waterfront Center Our Agenda for today... 275 Robson Your managers need vendors who simply take care of it. We got this. You only need to know ONE number to call, every time- anytime. 5% 10% 20% Highly skilled and professionally trained staff Buy more. Save More. Our mission is to be the leading supplier of facility maintenance solutions-through efficiency and enhancement of our customers real estate.


Transcript: Product - Raw materials - Developing new product - Products for kids - Loss leaders Price - Setting a relevant price for each country - Value menu (Discount for set menu) Place - the demographics of given area - major roadways in the vicinity of the proposed restaurant site - traffic that passes by the restaurant site Promotion - Advertising - Internet marketing - Business alliance - Sports marketing Strength new and high quality product dependence with supplier taste Hamburger university Weakness The standardized basic ingredients Rising rental cost labor cost Opportunity The whole world sports marketing various events Threat Negative image about fast food competition with other fast food stores anti- Ameriacnism Buyer decision process What is stp? S:segmentation T:targeting P:positioning Segmentaion Mcdonald's segmentation Targeting Positoning Mcdonald's positioning Three level of product satisfiying the customer's hunger Packages including the letter ‘m’ ( I’m loving it) Good ambience Hygienic environment Delicious food Affordable price Mac-thru Happy birthday event service Mac morning Mac delivery Branding Product mix pricing Mcdonald's marketign channel mcmorning $4.5~$5 Q&A Quality industrialization urbanization efficiency of quick meal demographic environment Segmented pricing Mcdonald's mission statement $1 Product line pricing Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior Service Swot analysis McDonald's believes in first level channels Value Optional product pricing Types of Vertical Marketing Systems A most successful Franchiser delivery contents $1.8 Mcdonald's stp sides Product - Raw materials - Developing new product - Products for kids - Loss leaders $1.5 lunch discount Consumers packaging family ; has kids burgers Retailers Product mix decision $2 Cleaness cultural environment The world's best quick service restaurant 32000 stores in 100 countries 58 million customers a day $54 billion in yearly sales 80% are owned by franchisees Macro environment personal McDonald's psychological Discount&Allowances pricing Geographical pricing Promotion - Advertising - Internet marketing - Business alliance - Sports marketing Marketing mix (4p) desserts technological environment beverages $3~$4 saving card hunger Manufacturers social mission statement macro environment marketing mix swot buyer decision process stp analysis three level of product product mix decision branding pricing marketing channel Horizontal Marketing System young busy&bustling life labelling cultural price adjustment Product bundle pricing extra value meals Place - the demographics of given area - major roadways in the vicinity of the proposed restaurant site - traffic that passes by the restaurant site Promotion - Advertising - Internet marketing - Business alliance - Sports marketing

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