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MBA Presentation

Transcript: Management Communication (First semester) Focus Firm (Second semester) Marketing - anytime Organizational Behavior - anytime Strategy - anytime Case Competitions Curriculum Five-week Courses Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Microeconomics, Operations, Statistics What Sets Baylor Apart? Fully-integrated curriculum with real-world focus High level of interaction Emphasis on values: teamwork, leadership, ethics International perspective Ranked 5th in the nation for Ethics in BusinessWeek's 2010 rankings of top 50 business school U.S. News and World Report, 2010 - #60 overall #4 - employment rate at graduation #2 - employment rate at 90 days Consistently listed in the Princeton Review's annual guide of best business schools Opportunities to Get Involved Prison Entrepreneurship Program Apply curriculum to current business situations Fall 2012 - Fossil Spring 2011 - HEB Fall 2010 - Best Buy Spring 2010 - Microsoft Fall 2009 - Patagonia Spring 2009 - AT&T Texas Shoot-Out Real Estate Challenge 2nd place GWU National Non-Profit MBA Case Competition 2010 - 3rd place Baylor's Ethics Case Competition Hosted here, national competition John Molson MBA International Case Competition Montreal, Quebec Baylor MBA Program Opportunities to Specialize A combination of theory and practice provides multiple opportunities for study across all functional areas Three core semesters create a team approach to learning and camaraderie among class members Campus Visit Day November 5, 2012 Baylor Venture Associates G51 - Austin, TX venture capital firm Questions? Baylor MBAs: Internships Summer semester only 100% placement in 2009 and 2010 i5 - Immersion Into International Interdisciplinary Innovation Corporate entrepreneurship Summer internship Shanghai, China About 75% of Baylor's MBA students are awarded some type of scholarship and/or assistantship Dean's Scholars International Fellows Graduate Assistantships Military Personnel Increase Your Market Value: Focus Firm Healthcare Administration Finance Information Systems Global Business Entrepreneurship Baylor Business Women (BBW) Networking, speaker events, community projects Demographics Semester-Long Coursework Case Competition Team Rice Business Plan Competition 2010 - 1st place Neeley Sales and Marketing Strategy Case 2010 - 1st place Big 12 MBA Case Competition 2010 - 2nd place Rankings and Recognitions Inmate consultation on new business ventures upon release from prison Employment rate among inmate graduates upon release is 93% Recidivism rate - less than 5% Avg. recidivism rate in Texas - 70% One of Beyond Grey Pinstripes' "Global 100" MBA programs Recognizes programs that integrate social and environmental stewardship issues into curriculum Ranked a 'Top Military-Friendly University' for 2011 by Military Advanced Education journal Fiske Guide to Colleges, 2011 Named a "best buy" in higher education for the past 5 years Career Fairs - anyone is welcome to participate in each fair National Association of Women MBAs September 29-30, 2011 - Dallas National Black MBA Association October 3-8, 2011 - Atlanta National Society of Hispanic MBAs October 13-15, 2011 - Anaheim Rankings and Recognitions Core-Based Coursework Career Mangement Scholarships and Graduate Assistantships Career Management Net Impact International nonprofit organization 15,000 MBAs worldwide Promotes sustainability and social change in leadership Career Placement Statistics December 2010 - 94% Placement at Graduation Average 2010 salary: $65,200 Focus Firm Companies Career Counselors Mock interviews Resume building 5-week Career Development course First and second semesters Career fair participation Trip to New Graduate Business Association (GBA) Career-focused networking, social events Recruiters of Baylor MBAs Enrolled in 2011: 49 students Gender Female - 35% Male - 65% Average work experience: 2 years International students: 19% China, India, France, Nigeria, Lithuania, Nepal, Albania, Romania, Ghana Make an immediate contribution Excel across many functional levels Work productively in teams Communicate effectively Demonstrate strong leadership skills Core 1 (First Semester) - Define Core 2 (Second Semester) - Discover Core 3 (Third Semester) - Deliver Online Resources CareerLeader - talent and skills assessment CareerShift & Hire-a-Bear - employment research tools and job postings targeting Baylor students Interview Stream - practice interviews online using a webacm

MBA Presentation

Transcript: 240 in total Post mix raw gas burners 3 fans AMMONIA III AMMONIA II Vertically above the radiant section AMMONIA II 3 fans AMMONIA II Vertically above the radiant section Guided downwards from the top of the radiant section 720 in total Self-inspiriting aspirating premix burners 3 fans THE REFORMER TUBES Balanced draft AMMONIA II AMMONIA II 300 tubes in total spring type support COMBUSTION AIR AMMONIA III AMMONIA II AMMONIA III AMMONIA III INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AMMONIA III Home Health 720 in total Self-inspiriting aspirating premix burners AMMONIA II CONVECTIVE SECTION INDUCED DRAFT FAN AMMONIA III Balanced draft Implement successful plans for growth through appropriate Return on Investment analysis Develops clinical programs to support quality of care initiatives in the facility and/or territory Build external relationships in the healthcare industry Identify and solve problems with an emphasis on developing proactive approaches utilizing internal support functions Consult with Clinical, Legal, and Compliance departments regarding regulations, practices and policies Ensure quality of patient care and organizational performance Ensure that the facilities and staff in the region comply with all policies and procedures set forth by the company Assist with new practice implementation Train, motivate, and develop personnel Non-Emergency Transportation THE REFORMER TUBES AMMONIA II 3 fans 392 tubes in total counter weight type support AMMONIA II AMMONIA II BURNERS AMMONIA III Induced draft Vertically above the radiant section AMMONIA II Lead the Financial & Valuation Analysis of prospective targets Assemble preliminary data & manage provisioning of data for formal due diligence reviews used to confirm business case analysis Lead & coordinate cross-functional due diligence team and participate in the due diligence, final bid preparation, negotiation and contract drafting processes Conduct due diligence on tax risks and opportunities Leads coordination of signing/closing activities including Disclosure Schedule Review sign-off Identify risks and develop mitigation plans that affect integration efforts Prepare presentations on proposed mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and/or other strategic initiatives for senior management to review AMMONIA III Vertically above the radiant section AMMONIA II BURNERS Guided downwards from the top of the radiant section 1 fan AMMONIA II CONVECTIVE SECTION ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE MANAGER AMMONIA III 392 tubes in total counter weight type support 300 tubes in total spring type support OVERALL FURNACE TYPE (BASIS OF DRAFT) AMMONIA III 720 in total Self-inspiriting aspirating premix burners INDUCED DRAFT FAN Guided downwards from the top of the radiant section OVERALL FURNACE TYPE (BASIS OF DRAFT) Only source is the atmosphere 392 tubes in total counter weight type support Only source is the atmosphere AMMONIA II INDUCED DRAFT FAN AMMONIA III Complete Application Submit Recent Transcript Schedule one-on-one interview by contacting either: Hina Kingravi Hannah Cyktich AMMONIA III Balanced draft AMMONIA III Primary source; gas turbine Secondary source; atmosphere AMMONIA II COMBUSTION AIR DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 1 fan MISSION To provide community healthcare services that promote health, independence, & dignity for the purpose of avoiding unnecessary hospitalization and nursing home placement CONVECTIVE SECTION AMMONIA II AMMONIA III COMPARISON ON THE BASIS OF CONSTRUCTION Software Development Adult Day Care AMMONIA II MARKETING 1 fan AMMONIA III AMMONIA III BURNERS AMMONIA III Only source is the atmosphere AMMONIA II OVERALL FURNACE TYPE (BASIS OF DRAFT) Analyze AR activities, prepare reports & present findings & recommendations Establish & monitor collection team's follow up and escalation process to improve cash flow Assure timely & accurate invoicing to payer sources Over the billing department staff Be the main point-of-contact for all private/third party billing conflicts Oversee the preparation & distribution of reminder statements Anticipate clients' (internal & external) needs & foster excellent customer service Expected to meet deadlines while managing multiple projects in a fast-paced environment AMMONIA III Only source is the atmosphere AMMONIA II Guided downwards from the top of the radiant section AMMONIA II REVIEW & SIGN Develop a business plan for taking on the market Sign up physicians & other organizations to utilize the online tool Develop a plan for portal improvements Develop a tool to follow up on the physician utilization of portal Network with multiple health care professionals (eg. physicians, discharge coordinators, social workers, etc.) Communicate missions & benefits to potential partners Analyze the territory's data to identify: unmet needs, best practices to meet those needs, level of success of those processes, etc. COMBUSTION AIR The Accounts Receivable Manager will oversee the billing department in their

MBA Background

Transcript: Opportunities There are some advantages for Licensing: Using the most suitable way of promotion. Licensing Cons MBA Background The generic strategy of Michael Porter mainly portrays the two main fundamental ways in which firm can achieve competitive advantage: Disadvantages: Differentiated. Undifferentiated. Concentrating. Advantages: There are three types of targeting : Advantages: Segmentation types STP process: Strength Why do businesses go overseas? TWOS matrix BCG matrix-cont. Sharing the cost between partners. This method is used to understand your business internal and external environment. Buying equities in an existing facility or entity. Differences in culture. Weaknesses. Joint venture. Loss of autonomy. Dependence on franchisee. Generic Strategy of Michael Porter: Generic Strategy of Michael Porter: Marketing MIX Marketing mix (4p’s): Advantages: Shared cost. Delegated arrangement: Which means that executives are hired to run the business, they might be hired from outside the firm or transferred form partner firm. Franchisee may exploit franchisor resources. Above the line (ATL): includes TV commercials, radio, print ads, newspapers, magazines, billboards, online ads. There are many ways to expand your own business, these ways are comprises into four main modes: Sharing the risk between partners. Threats. Strengths (internal environment). Positioning: how to position yourself in the mind of customers/consumers. Targeting Entry modes Disadvantages: TWOS matrix Firms look for market that can perform certain function in lower cost and possibly move their operation. demographic segmentation. International business To calculate your Market share, there is a formula for this calculation: Market share= Your market share or revenue / largest competitor market share or revenue. Through the line (TTL): mixing between above the line and below the line. Product placement strategy: insertion of brand in movies, music, computer, broadcast, books and so on. (Franchising) Creating an equity joint venture: Licensing is a contractual agreement between the licensor and the licensee where the licensor give the licensee the right for production, trademark, copyright and name in return of fee or a specific payment. Strategic alliance is a contractual agreement between two or more businesses where they become a partners, sharing their activities and actions for a purpose to generate a competitive advantage, without generating a separated firm. Licensee may become your competitor. To achieve the previous two competitive advantages, the company should be: Stars: which means that the company has a high market share and market growth. Advantages: Partner selection The right product. Investment risk. Joint venture is a contractual agreement between two or more businesses join together to be partners of a combined distinct organization. geographic segmentation. Cash cows: which means that the company has a high market share and low market growth. Investment risk. SWOT analysis BCG Matrix comprises of 4 main sections: Opportunities (external environment) Low-cost. Assigned arrangement: responsibility is usually assigned for partner who owns the majority of stocks. Shared risk. Shared knowledge and experience. Advantages-disadvantages Low cost way to assess new market. BCG matrix is a tool that helps the companies to understand their Market share and market growth. Segmentation: Which means to divide the marketplace into parts, or segments, which are profitable and have a growth potential. BCG matrix Franchisee may become your competitor. Joint venture Dependence on licensee. Weaknesses (internal environment) Internal environment: BCG matrix-cont. SWOT analysis: it is a study undertaken by an organization to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats. Lack of control. BCG matrix-cont. licensing. Licensing Pros SWOT analysis contains: Low financial risk Threats (external environment). Dogs: which means that the company has a low market share and low market growth. At the right place. Differentiation: the company seeks to be unique in its industry, so the company might selects one or more attributes where many buyer included it as an important, in order the company positioned itself to meet these needs and wants. Cost leadership: to become the low cost producer in its industry. Franchising Franchising is a contractual agreement between the franchisor and the franchisee, where the franchisor give the franchisee the right to do the business and offer assistance in organizing, training, marketing and so on, in return of fee. Joint venture franchising. Disadvantages: External environment: There are three types of segmentation: Shared management arrangement: Both parties participate fully in management. Access to wider resources such as staff & tech. Differentiation Focus: to focus in one particular segment of the market. Below the line (BTL): Sponsorship deals, direct marketing

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