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Mayo Clinic

Transcript: 2014 Application Cycle Stats Applications received: 4,692 Minnesota applicants: 426 Out-of-state applicants: 4,266 Male: 2,779 Female: 1,913 On-campus interviews: 258 Acceptances issued: 94 New M.D. matriculates: 45 Male: 19 Female: 26 Average cumulative GPA: 3.8 Average total MCAT: 33 Thank You! Student Success MMC Education Visionary medical school curriculum Selectives' Small class sizes World-class faculty Diverse medical practice exposure Leaders in scientific disciplines and technologies Generous financial aid Founder: Dr. William Worrall Mayo Established: September 30, 1889 Located: Rochester, MN Colors: White and Blue Mascot: None *Has the most advanced technology in U.S hospitals.* Advantages to Medical teaching About MMS Estimated first-year Mayo Medical School student expenses (12 months) for the 2014-2015 academic year are: Tuition — $47,470 Books — $1,950 Rent and utilities — $14,328 (average $1,194 a month) Food — $4,260 (average $355 a month) Personal and miscellaneous — $6,360 (average $530 a month) Transportation — $3,828 (average $319 a month) Technology fees — $540 (average $45 a month) Total budget — $78,736 MMS' s Acceptance rate is barely 2.8% Mayo Medical School (MMS) Tuition Application Stats Ranked number one in eight specialties on the 2014-15 Honor Roll including: diabetes and endocrinology, ear, nose & throat, gastroenterology & GI surgery, geriatrics, gynecology, nephrology, neurology & neurosurgery, and pulmonology. Mayo ranked No. 2 in three additional specialties: cardiology and heart surgery, orthopedics, and urology. 62 ECG bpm

Mayo Clinic

Transcript: Mayo Clinic Health Risk Assessment Patient View Background Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment Staff View What is important for Health and Wellness? Generate Insights and learnings Use as learning laboratory Iterative learning process Provide easy interpretation Red, yellow, green Give number/score for those who like numbers Mayo Clinic Health Risk Assessment Mayo Clinic Health Risk Assessment Key Differentiators Mayo Clinic branded 18 Domains of wellness Mayo Clinic physician expertise for domain scoring Overall computed health score Area important to the individual Ongoing study - learning laboratory Mayo Clinic Health Risk Assessment Mayo Clinic Health Risk Assessment Usability laboratory at Mayo Clinic used for test preparation Question set derived from existing Mayo Clinic HA and input domain physician experts Total question set - how many questions... total questions Time to complete ~ 30 min Capability to add questions and additional data elements Built in branching logic Built in Audit -C, PHQ-9 Current Framingham score Future Mayo Clinic CV Risk score in development Current Status: Written questionnaire Electronic questionnaire Beginning implementation - Only HA for Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center (16,000 members) Mayo Clinic Health Risk Assessment Learning Laboratory: Part of big wellness/health data for healthy living insights Collect data from various DAHLC data sources and correlate the HA data to analyze behavioral patterns etc. Red, Yellow, Green color code for each domain Mayo Clinic intellectual property for scoring Sample question set: How comfortable are you with change? How would you rate your current nutritional habits? Do you have difficulties with tripping, stumbling, falls, or other balance issues? Validated 10 point sliding scale for response for most questions Mayo Clinic Health Risk Assessment Holistic approach Age - Health - Life events have major impact Individualized Awareness Readiness to change Areas of personal importance Mayo Clinic Health Risk Assessment Next Phase: Incorporate Wellness testing and laboratory data into domain scores and overall health score Computer generated recommendations based on domain score for: DAHLC Programs/activities Web based solutions Community resources Wellness devices What if the most important factors in wellness were? Time sitting? Teeth flossing? Spouse? Mayo Clinic Health Risk Assessment Individual Health Mayo Clinic Health Risk Assessment Mayo Clinic Health Risk Assessment Future Extensions: Correlate health care costs with wellness score Incorporate into medical EMR to provide wellness EMR Health Assessment tool for health clubs - sports facilities Product for individual health analysis Trends Shorter - quicker Focus key area (smoking, exercise, diet, stress) Individualized Connection of action to results Population studies similar Little change overtime Many abandoning tool as method behavior change Mayo Clinic Health Risk Assessment

Mayo Clinic

Transcript: Masters of Profit and Health...and the Universe RoJo Martinez Ryan Peterson Joelle Tansey & Marcus Johnson CPH 569 Type of Organization Not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Clinics in AZ (Phoenix & Scottsdale), Florida & Minnesota "To inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research." "The needs of the patient come first." Accrual Accounting Services need to be provided regardless of whether or not the money has been received. This is seen in the most recent, available the financial statements for fiscal years 2006 to 2007, with projected finances for 2008 and 2009. The Mayo Clinic does not make a distinction between fixed and variable costs in their financial statements. $4,796.7 in salaries & benefits and $574.8 in facilities. $1,677.4 Supplies & Services Overhead - ? Total of $6,552.7. Integrity and Compliance Program Integrity and Compliance Program Covers 9 main areas of concern: College of Medicine 2,014 students 1,483 residents/fellows EMR Radiology Equipment Laboratory Technologies The Balance Sheet Cash Flow Statement Activity Statement Ratio Analysis Debt to Asset '08 = 0.16 '09 = 0.14 '10 = 0.1 Financial Statements highlight Mayo's Financial Health Financial Health of Mayo Clinic If the financial position of Mayo Clinic continues to persist, one can be assured that the needs of its patients will always be at the forefront of its practice. The operations of Mayo Clinic should serve as a model to other healthcare organizations as their financial health enables the physical health of their patients. Capital Budget Why When Accounting System Costs 5. Dealing with Suppliers and Referring Providers – kickbacks and rebates, reciprocity, gifts or gratuities from businesses, food from businesses, gifts from patients, business meals, entertainment by businesses, payment to agents, representatives, outside consultants, payments to government employees, international activities and export control laws Results of Operations Overall improvement in... Clinic 3. Use of Mayo Funds and Assets – government investigations, false claims act Robust Code of Ethics 9. Employee Relations - Equal opportunity in employment and education at Mayo Clinic is a moral and legal obligation. Average Collection Period '08 = 378 '09 = 365 '10 = 369 Business Plan 8. Safety, Health, and Environment – safe operating procedures, protect personal and coworkers health, use pollution control systems Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows 2. Conflict of Interest and Outside Activities – personal financial gain/outside activities (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Where *Note: Assets at beginning of 2008 = $4,312.4, representing a net decrease in assets of 1% from beginning of 2008 to end of 2009. 1. Ethics - All employees, business partners, and the public must understand that Mayo cares how results are obtained, not just that they are obtained. Mayo expects honesty in all aspects of every employee’s work — patient care, records, bookkeeping, budget proposals, economic evaluation of projects, etc. “ I would admonish you, above all considerations, to be honest. I mean honesty in every conception of the word: let it enter into all the details of your work…” Dr. William J. Mayo, 1920 Mission Today Reveals that the organization has experienced much growth {2009 to 2010} Total assets increased by $590.5... while total liabilities only increased by $47 Updating the clinic’s currently outdated equipment will pay dividends in several regards including increasing patient volume, increasing projected revenue, and providing increased quality of care for Mayo Clinic patients. The new linear accelerators will provide a cost-effective means of remaining flexible in the current health care market, allowing the clinic to remain competitive as one of the premiere health care providers in the U.S. Moreover, the increased specificity and targeting capabilities of the new linear accelerators will not only bring an unsurpassed level of quality care to patients, but is also expected to reduce the incidence of malpractice suits brought against the clinic, thus reducing potential legal costs. Furthermore, due to the increased efficiency and effectiveness of the new machines, they will cost less to operate and maintain, saving the clinic time and resources, ultimately increasing throughput and revenues. Consolidated Statement of Financial Position Current '08 = 1.14 '09 = 1.03 Accountability Not applicable. Assumed to be slight, possibly exceeding budget goals. A linear accelerator is used as a stereotactic radiosurgery that precisely focuses radiation beams to treat tumors and other abnormal growths in the body. This allows for a high dose of radiation to the tumor with minimal damage to healthy tissue. Cutting Edge of Treatment :: Linear Accelerator Care for 1,050,000 patients. 8,000 human research studies. The Balance Sheet 2008 Great Recession The cash flow from 2009


Transcript: BY: KATIE They were viewed as unconventional because they practiced medicine through teamwork. Dr. William Worrall Mayo had an interest in medicine and his interest got passed down to his sons Drs. William James Mayo and Charles Horace Mayo. Sources Charles Horace Mayo Wikipedia,, St. Cloud times, PICTURES THE MAYO CLINIC The Mayo Clinic was founded in 1889. Facts They started small in their business, but when the demand for their services increased they started hiring more doctors and nurses. Ranked #1 in diabetes and endocrine disorders, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Kidney disorders, Pulmonology. William Worrall Mayo MAYO CLINIC The Mayo family influence the structure and function of medical practices throughout the world. The Mayo Clinic owns and operates the Mayo Clinic Health System, which consists of more than 70 hospitals and clinics across Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Georgia with 14,000 people employed there. On September 30, 1889, Saint Marys Hospital was opened. Dr. William Worrall Mayo was one of the consulting physicians at the hospital. William James Mayo They spend over $500 million on research. They have 3,800 physicians and scientists. They have 50,900 allied health staff. To pay for a projects to ask the following questions: Who is vulnerable to a disease? What can be done about it? and Who would benefit from a given drug?, The Mayo clinic plans to ask the Minnesota Legislature and private sources for $80 million.

Mayo Clinic Presentation

Transcript: Lessons:1. Solve the customer's total problem2. Use technology to support values and strategy3. Innovation is a work in progress "The best physicians and healthcare providers are part engineers and part artists. The engineer sees the problem and applies technology to fix it...The artist knows when the patient needs a warm smile, reassuring words, or a gentle hug." One umbrella organization - all operations revolve around serving patients efficiently, not just effectively New technology has been leveraged to improve the scheduling process, increase operational efficiency, and most importantly, improve customer service. Chapter 1: The 100-Year Brand Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic "If you've just communicated a value but you haven't driven it into the operations, into the policy, into the decision making, into the allocation of resources, and ultimately into the culture of the organization, then it's just words." Chapter 3: Practicing Team Medicine The Spirit of the Clinic From Command and Control to Partnership Management Step 1: A partnership in income only (late 1890s) Step 2: Mayo Properties Association (1919) Step 3: Transition to Board of Governors (1920) Step 4: Participative Governance through Committees Lessons: 1. Align to succeed 2. Generosity begets generosity 3. Participation fosters commitment 4. Build leadership bench strength Chapter 2: Preserving a Patient-First Legacy Continuing pursuit of the ideal of service and not profit. Continuing primary and sincere concern for the care and welfare of each individual patient. Continuing interest by every member of the staff in the professional progress of every other member. The Science and Art of Service Three Things that make Mayo Clinic Unique and Superior: the academic excellence and professionalism that is evident at every level. the team approach to caring for each patient, with each doctor, nurse, and support staff contributing to the assessment, care, and recovery of each patient. the exemplary manner in which they give the highest priority to the patient-first [concept] in action and attitude. "Teamwork in clinical care helps Mayo Clinic translate the patient-first value into the patient experience." Chapter 5: Partnering for Leadership "Organizational excellence is never only about the science." "a values-driven organization" ardently looks for team players in its hiring facilitates their collaboration through substantial investment in communications technology and facilities design. Chapter 4: Practicing Destination Medicine Medical service is best delivered when there is an integration of medical specialties functioning as a team. Two (2) primary core values: an aspirational value (the good of the patient) an implementation value (medicine as a cooperative science) everyone A willingness to change in response to the changing needs of society. Continuing effort toward excellence in everything that is done. Continuing conduct of all affairs with absolute integrity.

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