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Transcript: Maya Civilization In what ways are Mayan Hieroglypics simular to current languages? The Mayan Alphabet Like most languages there is an Alphabet. Athough it is different from the english alphabet, there are some simularites when the Mayan alphabet is translated. Alphabet Simularites in the alphabet Simularites in the alphabet A,B,C,T,E,H,I,K,L,M,N,O,P,U,X Logograms Logograms Logograms are words or phrases repersented by one symbol What current languages use logograms? What current languages use logograms? Current popular langages that incorperate logograms include... Chinnese Japanese Egyptain Korean Viateamese and many other languages Hieroglypics and logograms How are Hieroglypics and Logograms the same The Maya used both Hieroglypics and Logograms in their written langage. Hieroglyphics can be logograms and regular letters, so they are some what alike. Maya used both like we do in our current langages. The Maya Had a very advanced Number system that we still use to some degree today. Number System Number System Zero Zero Maya culture were the ones that originaly had the consept of zero. We still use zero today and it plays an inportant role as a nutral number. Astronomy Astronomy The Maya used astronomy for multiple things such as building. Useing astronomy as much as they did requires a lot of math. Today we are still using astronomy the same way they did. How do we connect? How do we connect? Every language has a number system and does math differently. For example in china they use some type of graph for multipication. The way the maya did math is advanced expacally considering they had no tecnology like we do today. Vocal Language Verbal Language Yucatec Yucatec Yucatec is one of the main Maya languages. It is still beig spoken today. Chichen Itza Chichen Itza Another language is itza. While not as popular now it can still be found some what related to other languages around the world. Guatamala Belize How are we the same How are we the same Languages of the mayan people are still relavent today and we are greatly influenceed by their languages Print. Schoolatic magazine. Maya Bibliography Bibliography

Maya presentation

Transcript: by joseph g Mayan presentation Mayan presentation Mayans geography geography of Mayan empire they lived in Mexico/northern central .the temperature average was 76.28 F .Mayans lived in areas like northern lowlands central lowlands and lived in rainforest savannas and swampy lowlands. mountainous area rich geographic diversity Inca Topic they were surrounded by water Aztec Aztec Mayans biggest difficulty were long trade routes. Mayan trade was mostly agricultural such as cotton honey cocoa beans. Due to lack of transportation and use of animals long trade routes requiring travel by sea . Mayan cities grew required resources be brought from farms outside the city to the cities and more food consumption which increased trade for animals , honey and farming. Aztecs traded mostly gold copper and Jade with the Mayans, They unlike the Mayans used land routes for trade. Aztecs also used cocoa beans for money. Aztecs would trade for vanilla, salt and agricultural needs. Aztecs created Nahuatl language of trade which prior to the spanish coming all traders used. Incas were different in trade in that they traded excess agriculture and woven items from the women. They had no currency. They had lots of gold but didn't trade with it. They only traded amongst themselves limiting trade. Difficulties of Trade trade they had an highly advanced numeral system math.Mayan math was far ahead of Europe for many century's .Mayans also had Aquarius which used water pressure achievements achievements invented rope suspensions bridge and freeze drying Inca Inca good with medicine and could preform surgeries Aztec Aztec Mayans preformed human sacrifices this made people build temples for sacrifices. when Mayans would do sacrifices indicated a new king or beginning of a new calender.Mayans had more than 100 gods . Mayan religion all things happen good or bad was because of the gods believed in multiple gods Inca Inca Aztecs did a lot of sacrifices and believed in multiple gods. Aztec Aztec woman were allowed to rule if the king was not of age or king was not able to rule for some other reason .the empire was not unified but separate entities with common cultural back ground Mayan government conquered civilizations and requested tribute Aztec Aztec had a monarchy and a single leader Inca Inca

Maya Presentation

Transcript: The Mighty Maya Civilization The Maya government was run as a monarchy, and the king was considered to be the embodiment of a god Maya kings were buried in grand tombs similar to the ancient Egyptians Religion was very complex and very important to the Maya Maya jobs were very basic but necessary for their success Pyramids and grand temples were created to honor the gods Homes were typically made from mud and grass, with thatched roofs The Maya used a special type of plaster made from lime that was hard to produce, but the Maya coated each and every structure with it By Emma Butler-VanderLinden Language and Communication Work and Economy The Maya thought that having a big family meant that the gods were favoring you, so wealthy men had many, many wives Girls and boys were initiated into society through a ceremony that included cutting off a string that was tied around the girls waist and a bead that was attached to a piece of the boy’s hair Divorce was very common in Maya society Work and Economy Typical Maya jobs included farming, as well as being a craftsman, or someone who was involved with the building of a temple The Maya developed techniques for farming and agriculture that hugely benefited society, since the more food there was, the more people could work or be an active Mayan citizen The Maya alphabet and calender system was complicated Family was very important to the Maya, and they celebrated their families Maya sports were quite brutal, and involved a lot of physical contact Maya Religion Art and Entertainment The Maya were polytheistic, which means they believed in many gods Maya gods were all nature based gods The Maya also believed in human sacrifice Corn was a huge part of the Maya lifestyle, as shown though their food and clothing Food and Clothing Some typical Maya jobs included farming, as well as being a craftsman that worked on building a temple or huge monument The Mayans developed techniques for farming and agriculture that hugely benefited society, since the more food there was, the more people could work or be an active Mayan citizen The Maya government was operated as a monarchy with harsh rules and grand kings The Maya were polytheistic, which means that they worshiped many gods and goddesses Many of their gods were nature-based The Maya believed in sacrifice, mainly human sacrifice, for they thought that sacrifice would please the gods The Mayan alphabet was made up of details pictographs and hieroglyphs The Mayan calendar was also very detailed and specific, and decisions were often based on whether the day was lucky or not according to the calendar Government and Rules The Maya wore very little clothing typically because of the humidity, and also filed their teeth to points and adorned their bodies with body art and jewels The Maya ate a diet that mainly consisted of corn, but they also ate peppers, tortillas and occasionally meat Art and entertainment was a big part of Maya society Sports and Recreation The Maya created huge murals and statues for the gods, often depicting creation scenes The Maya mainly carved images into stone or painted them as opposed drawing Religion Family and Kin Sports were taken quite seriously, and some even ended in death if you lost One famous sport was The Mayan Ball Game although the rules are unknown, they were most likely similar to racquetball, where the aim is to keep the ball in play Architecture was heavily influenced by religion, and the Maya were famous for their magnificent architectural style Building, Shelter and Monuments

Maya presentation

Transcript: The Mayan lived in Yucatan (which is now Mexico). They also live in Guatemala, El Salvador, western Honduras and Belize. The Maya was a Mesoamerican civilization they were noted for Mayan hieroglyphics. It was the only fully developed writing system at that time period. The Maya were excellent farmers. The Mayans had several farming techniques they used to grow their crops, including the slash and burn method, terracing and a technique using raised fields. The method used by the farmers depended on the land. Slash and burn farming a technique also known as “milpa” is a technique that Mayans would use in forestry areas. The process has cutting down the growth in an area, burning it and using the rest of the field to plant in. Using the ashes as more soil nutrition. After lots of years, the nutrition in the soil would be used up. The Maya would burn it down and plant in another area, leaving the first area to grow back. One of The Mayan food resources was hunting. They used tools like bows, arrows and speers to hunt animals for their food. They hunted wildlife like deer, dogs, agouti, turkeys and peccaries. Another food resource for the Maya is farming. The plants that the Maya planted were corn, beans squash fruit trees and pumpkins. The Maya also took the honey from the bees. The Maya had many achievements some of them are Mathematics, Astronomy, Architecture and many more. The Maya specialized in these things. The Maya were able to specialize in these things because they grew a surplus of crops. "The Maya Empire, centered in the tropical lowlands of what is now Guatemala, reached the peak of its power and influence around the sixth century A.D. The Maya excelled at agriculture, pottery, hieroglyph writing, calendar-making, mathematics, and left behind an astonishing amount of impressive architecture and symbolic artwork. Most of the great stone cities of the Maya were abandoned by A.D. 900, however, and since the 19th century scholars have debated what might have caused this dramatic decline." This passage was written by It explains how the Maya started and ended. Way better than I can. The most important sport to the Maya was called Pok-a-tok. If you lost your team would be killed. The people that mostly played were slaves The Maya created 1000 different dances The Maya calender has several cycles one is called Tzol'kin and the other is Haab'. The 260-day count is known to scholars as the Tzolkin, or Tzolk'in. "The Tzolkin was combined with a 365-day vague solar year known as the Haab' to form a synchronized cycle lasting for 52 Haab', called the Calendar Round. The Calendar Round is still in use by many groups in the Guatemalan highlands." Written by Wikipedia. The Mayan calender is made out of symbols in the middle it has the sun god. The Maya calendar also scared a lot of people that the world would end in 2012 because the Mayan calendar ended in 2012 In Some places in Mexico people still talk the Mayan language. There are still 7 million Mayan people living by the peninsula. People still do blood sacrifices today but know they don't do it humans instead they do it on chickens Dead humans heads were used as the ball in the games. There was not just one Mayan Calendar and they did not all say the world would end in 2012. MEN Women Things the Maya did for fun Maya food resources Fun facts about the Maya Mayan Gods Music was part of the Maya's everyday life. They played long trumpets, rattles and drums. The Maya also did theatrical events, dancing and rituals. The Maya wore clothes that were from animals like fur and skin (of there animals they killed), cloth, fabric, cotton, hemp and other fabrics for men and women. It then dries and made into marvelous piece of clothing. "Mayan ceremonial centers were connected by a series of roads. However, the exact extent of the ancient system of roadways will probably never be known because much of it has been destroyed by centuries of vegetation growth and modernization. The Mayans called these roads, sacbeobs. The longest sacbeod or white road discovered stretched from Coba in Quintana Roo to Yaxuna That's 60 miles long. Historians believe that the longest Mayan roads were over 100 kilometers in length. The Mayan Civilization covered approximately 325,000 square miles." This passage was written by The Mayan gods are Kukulcan, Winged God, Feather Serpent, Kinich Ahau, Ahaw Kin, Yumil Kaxob, Yum Cimil, Ixtab, and Yum Kaax. They also sacrificed people for their gods. It is called paying a tribute. The Maya also pay tribute to their kings.

Maya presentation

Transcript: Lets look at the Royals Usually the Women had other people to take care of there children for them This allowed for the women to be involved with other things including rituals, ceremonies and some politics But the Maya believe that men and women are actually equals and one is not grander than the other. It is believed that both man and women are needed to rule together. Agriculture Yaxuna Conclusion New Idea Understanding the Maya Women By Chelsea To try and have a clear understanding of the women of the Maya civilization, you need to erase all ideas of what we previously believe on how women behaved in societies. - Anthropologist are looking into new ways to understand the Maya Women. - Some evidence of there being a different way of the women behaving is evident for this new idea hahaha Women shells spondylus shells net skirts ceramic vessels Deer tibia/ long bone Hunting and Gathering It is traditionally believed that the men did the work but the curious part is what the Maya believe....... Here's the Kicker Assumption is that men did the hunting and gathering, because the women could not do because of the biological differences But there are no biological differences women would do gathering with children and were usually pregnant Need to know what food would be safe to eat Traditionally from Dos Pilas but ruled over Naranjo She ruled over the city till her son came of age Won many great battles including Yaxha, Bital, Tuubal and captured a king at Tikal Lady Six Sky Maya were known for there technique of swindeling usually the fields were farther away from the house, usually day walk or so women would take care of the house, gardening, pottery making and care of the children when men were away Burials


Transcript: MAYA: SCIENCE DISCOVERIES SAN PABLO COLLEGES MEDICAL CENTER The ancient Maya civilization existed in the region of present day Mexico and Central America from at least as early as 2600 BC till the Spanish conquest in the 16th century. #1 THEY HAD A HIGHLY ADVANCED NUMERAL SYSTEM WITH PLACE VALUES The Maya had a very efficient numeral system with which they could represent very large numbers. It had just three symbols: zero (shell shape), one (a dot) and five (a bar). They used these three symbols to represent numbers from 0 to 19 and numbers after 19 were written vertically in powers of 20, using place values. Maya had developed the concept of zero by 4th century AD. #2 MAYA MATHEMATICS WAS FAR AHEAD OF EUROPE FOR MANY CENTURIES #2 MAYA MATHEMATICS WAS FAR AHEAD OF EUROPE FOR MANY CENTURIES Examples of how to represent numbers using Mayan place value system #3 THE HAD A SOPHISTICATED AND COMPLEX CALENDAR The Maya calendar uses 3 different dating systems: the Tzolkin (divine calendar), the Haab (civil calendar) and the Long Count. Tzolkin combines a cycle of 20 named days with another cycle of 13 numbers, to produce 260 unique days. There are several theories for the 260 day count of Tzolkin including it being based on the human gestation period; agricultural cycle of the region; and positions of the planet Venus. The Haab was the solar calendar with 365 days. It consisted of 18 months of 20 days each, followed by 5 extra days, which were considered unlucky and known as Wayeb. The Long Count was a non-repeating calendar representing the number of days since the start of the Maya era. #5 THEY WERE HIGHLY SKILLED ARCHITECTS WHO CREATED STRUCTURES WITH GREAT PRECISION Their advanced mathematical system allowed the Maya to implement designs which combined their astronomical skills with engineering. El Castillo or the Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza is one of the most famous Maya structures. Its 365 steps equal the number of days in their solar calender and 52 panels on each side represent their 52 year Calendar Round. #8 THE MAYA DEVELOPED THE ONLY COMPLETE WRITING SYSTEM IN MESOAMERICA Maya glyphs displayed in the museum at Palenque, Mexico The writing system of the Maya civilization, known as the Maya script, is believed to be the only complete writing system in Mesoamerica, i.e. they could write everything they could say. According to current data, the earliest inscriptions found which are identifiably Maya date to 3rd century BCE. #10 THEY KNEW HOW TO PRODUCE RUBBER BEFORE VULCANIZATION Mesoamerican rubber ball The Maya had diverse and sophisticated methods of agriculture. These included slash-and-burn technique of shifting cultivation; raised fields, terracing, intensive gardening, forest gardens and managed fallows. THANK YOU, 4C The Future Is it here yet?

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