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Transcript: In 2007, MENC/NAfME recognized that the National Standards for Music Education were needing revision. After extensive reasearch, the following recommendations were made: 1)The 1994 National Standards for Music Education should be enhanced by the creation and implementation of Achievement Standards for each grade level up to grade 8 and for each elective course in secondary schools. 2)The 9 content standards developed in 1994 are still valid. The recommendation was that no further changes should be implemented. Ideally, the Achievement Standards should connect to the Content Standards. Additionally, the task force offered nine suggestions that MENC might consider to promote future growth: 1 The Opportunity-To-Learn Standards for Music Instruction should be reviewed and updated. 2 One of the most urgent needs is for professional development for P-12 music educators. 3 MENC’s Strategies for Teaching publications have made an invaluable contribution in helping teachers teach to the Standards. But more help is needed, especially with those strategies, subject matter, and school populations where teachers face the greatest difficulties. 4 There is evidence of widespread interest among music educators in sharing assessment strategies. 5 Because of the heavy hand of tradition, success in implementing the Standards may ultimately depend upon the extent to which changes can be brought about in the teacher education curricula of our colleges and universities. 6 MENC might consider developing a policy statement concerning the selection of music repertoire and teaching materials for instructional use. 7 Within MENC we have three Societies and several SRIGs that serve as means of communication among members who share specialized interests, but we have no similar groups for persons who are interested in issues related to teaching composition, improvisation, interdisciplinary relationships, or understanding music in relation to history and culture. 8 Future developments at the national level with respect to standards should be monitored continuously so that music education can remain in a leadership role. 9 There remains another category of needed actions that are more difficult to define precisely. They arise from the issues raised at the Centennial Congress in Orlando in June. Since music education is seen as valuable by almost everyone, and since music is an integral part of the life of almost everyone, why is it that we have not yet been successful in making music a part of the core curriculum of every student in every school? While success in music is often linked to success in other areas (math achievements, higher SAT scores, etc.) it is critical that we spend just as much time and resources advocating for music programs for the sake of music. We cannot be just a good idea to help other subjects; we can and should stand on our own merits. The research is there, going all the way back to Plato, when he said that music: “is a more potent instrument than any other for education (MMIC).” Lessons Marching Band Modern notation began around 1450. 1838: Lowell Mason worked to include music as a curricular subject. 1923: The first school bands began in Minneapolis Jr High Schools. Joliet Township Band rises to prominence in the late 1920's. Methods The survey contained 25 questions that were centered on the demographics and components of the programs, as well as the frequency of said components (How often do you require students to turn in a written composition, for example). The survey also provided an opportunity for participants to supply feedback about the biggest challenge they face as well as provide an example of their most rewarding experience of the last 12 months. Figure 20. What percentages of your students participate in solo/ensemble related festivals or activities? Figure 2: Population of high school ...and rewards: Releases "Growing Up Complete: The Imperative for Music Education Conclusions... 1991: National Commission on Music Education Concert Band Music Theory Figure 11. Do students get an academic credit for taking lessons with a private lesson teacher? Post Grammys reactions Masters of Science in Educatiom Defense Components: Figure 7: Do you teach improvisation as a part of your 9-12 band program? President Clinton signs Goals 2000: Educate America Act on March 14, 1994. This codified the arts a core subject area. Inspired by military band instrumentation Addition of saxophones Wind Ensemble/Wind Symphony model by Frederick Fennell and Robert Austin Boudreau A 25 question survey was sent to band directors in Minnesota and Wisconsin Jazz Ensembles Figure 10. Do students in your program get lessons from one of the FTE band director positions? School band programs are as different as the directors and people within them. What does excellence look like? This study looks to use literature based research to help determine what type of program components are best suited for school band programs, as well as

Master Project Defense

Transcript: SWOT Analysis Target Social Media: Blog, Weibo Objectives: 10M+ Weibo paticipants for onlne cnvesatons and 20,000 views for the blog Contents: news, scene phots, hashtags, videos, udtdnws, an move triles, blog posts Story: What will you give up to save the world? Forms: Traditional AD & Online Social Media Campaign Media Outlets: Traditional & Weibo Tips: do not reveal any details related to The Avengers 2 in this stage! Highly developed social media Rising Action Stage Measurable Objectives Opportunity 2/1/2015 - 4/1/2015 Success of The Avengers Target Audience Target Online Forum Profile Falling Action Stage is the most influential non-profit subtitle translation group in China. Now serves as an integrated online forum and news station for audience who are interested in foreign movies and TV shows. Target Social Media: Weibo Objective: 5 M+ Weibo participants Content: hashtags, uploaded videos, interview videos Online Campaign Story: "The Hero" finally appears! Form: Movie Premier, The Avengers 2, social media reporting Media Outlets: Weibo page of The Avengers 2, Blog & Youku Social Media Strategic Plan 13 years old -- 20 years old 20 years old -- 39 years old 39 years old and above First Stage Campaign Story: Meet "the Ally & "the Mentor" & Respond to the previous question Form: Traditional AD & Social Media Campaign Elements: Interview videos, posters Media Outlets: Traditional media, Youku, & Weibo, Blog Consolidation Famous Cast Members • 10,000,000+ Weibo participants • 20,000,000+ Tweets with hashtags related to the topic of online campaigns • $100 million of box-office Online Piracy Literature Review Appealing concept for Chinese Audiences Sequel Crisis Social Media Online Campaign Climax Stage Crisis Stage Strength Organizer: The Avengers 2 Forms: pictures Topic: What you will not give up for the world & the "Newness" of The Avengers 2 Signature: #afterTheAvengers2 • 1,000,000+ views, 5,000+comments, and 5,000+ referrals for each Tweet Story: Time to meet "the Higher Self" Form: Reviews, Press releases, Blog posts, & online campaign Media outlet: Blog, traditional media, Weibo Story: The famous The Avengers is "the Threshold Guardian" now Form: News, movie trailers, scene shots Media Outlets: Youku,, Weibo page of The Avengers2, Blog Background (Social Media in China, Distribution Process, Chinese Movie Market, Superhero Movies in China) Policy & Regulation Globalization and Film Distribution in China New Trend of Chinese Domestic Movies Censorship Cultural Policy & Intellectual Property Protection Public Relation Theory Excellence Theory Sociodrama Theory New Rules of Public Relations & Marketing Dialogic Theory Narrative Arc 4/8/2015 - 4/30/2015 12/1/2014 - 2/1/2015 Connect to the New Sequel Weakness What Will You Give Up To Save The World? Target Chinese Social Media Profile Thank You! Youku is China's leading Online video website. Youku offers a combination of licensed professional content, user-generated content and self-produced web video content. 203 million monthly unique visitors from homes and offices 56 million monthly unique visitors from Internet cafes 40% share of total user time spent viewing online videos among Chinese internet users Exposition Stage Social Media Objective Existing Onlne Presence Content Type Tracking Tools Focus Channels Haomo Catherine ZHENG Master Project Defense Public Relations Kent State University Target Social Media: Weibo Objectives: 400,000+ Weibo followers and 500,000 Weibo participants Contents: Photos & Tweets of the premier 4/1/2015 - 4/7/2015 Rebuild the Connection Target Chinese Social Media Profile Brand Building Target Social Media: Weibo Objective: 100,000+ followers Contents: Short videos (less than 2 minutes), tweets, photos, and brief news (headlines). Online Release Haomo Catherine ZHENG +1-330-906-3066/ No root for superheroes in China Director's lack of aweness Organizer: Weibo Form: short videos Signature: #savetheworld Bridging the Gap: An Integrated Marketing Plan for The Avengers 2 in China Taget Socal Media: Weibo and Blog Objective: 500,000+ followers & 1 million participants, 30,000 views for the blog Contents: reviews, feedback, hashtag, uploaded pictures and blog posts Target Social Media: Weibo, Youku & Tudou, Blog Objectives: 10,000+ views for the blog, 50,000+ views for videos, 150,000 followers for The Avengers Weibo page Contents: Cast members talking about The Avengers(Videos, Tweets, pictures, links) Premier Online Reporting Sample: 5/1/2015 Threat Timeline An Exciting Journey for The Avengers 2 in China Sina Weibo is undoubtedly the most influential social platform in China. No other platform offers the same amount of reach and dynamic active user base like Sina Weibo has. 500M+ registered users; 290M+ active users; 86 million posts per day; 87% - market share by browsing time; 56% - micro-blog market share; 181% - increase in users over the 2011 5/2/2015 -

Master Defense

Transcript: Instrumentation Instrumentation for branch coverage Master Project Defense The results were the total instructions at binary level that observed from first execution is different to other execution. The statement coverage has increased up to 66% at the same rate in the second execution We have done several experiments in simple programs: We compare execution information in terms of number of observed statement lines at the source code level and number of observed instructions at binary level. Experiments Set up : Our goal of this project Dominator analysis to identify Basic blocks that dominate others conclusion Future Work Instrumentation for statement coverage Results: Binary level Analysis of Hardware-based Monitoring We run three sets of experiments in order to analyze: لBut we believe that there should be more investigations of consistency based on program structure. Improvement the effectiveness of Hardware-based Monitoring using Dominator Analysis The comparison between the binary and the source-level statements observations at different rate of sampling Hardware event sampling through hardware counters Why use hardware monitoring? Identify the differentiation between hot and non-executed paths From Analysis of Hardware-based Monitoring, we can see which: Instructions are the most frequently observed Instructions are observed few times Instructions are not observed Goal: Improve the effectiveness of Hardware-based Monitoring using Dominator Analysis. Observed Statement Lines Using HW Monitoring In this part of the project, we try to analyze consistency for multiple executions for the same program at the same rate of sampling Can remove the need of using instrumentation We will fluctuate the rate of sampling based on our estimations of hot and cool paths. We hope to improve the effectiveness of monitoring while maintaining high efficiency consistent . The program under test is analyzed to locate code points Each point is marked by probes Probes: which are in general, a jump or call to payload code that analyzes the monitored information. Hardware-based monitoring: We calculate the coverage by two ways: Source level coverage -----> Source statement lines Binary level coverage ------> Instructions Based on Dominator Analysis, the actual coverage of Test_program_1 was improved up to 64% and up to 42% for Test_program_2 compared to actual coverage observed using only hardware monitoring. what instructions are being observed. We use dominator analyses to determine guaranteed execution relationships of blocks in a CFG. We run program Test_program_1 for five times Introduction: A traditional way to evaluate and monitor tests is through the insertion and execution of instrumentation. In this part, the goal is to study the types of instructions that are observed including the frequency of these observations Future Work: Challenges Use Pin tool Static analysis Use Libpfm tool Hardware Monitoring Use LLVM tool CFG and Dominator analysis Conclusion: Improving and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Hardware Monitoring for Test Coverage Analysis Study the consistency between observed executions when the same rate of sampling is used more than one time for the same program Does not cause code growth and requires no recompilation Identify Basic Blacks from instructions using CFG The basic blocks of the CFG can be used to extrapolate information based on observed behavior Instrumentation gives accurate view of execution In oder to improve the effectiveness of Hardware-based Monitoring Test_program_1.c by Omar J Alzahrani 8 July 2013 Instrumentation Results: It is a critical and an expensive element of the software development life cycle Hardware-based monitoring: We first created a tool in Pin to analyze the image of the program under test. For each statement: the address, the line in the source code, and the source file name. These records are used to link the source level information with the binary instructions that the libpfm tool will observe. The Main Contributions What is instrumentation? If any statement has been executed within block then the entire block is executed However !!! Consistenscy: If we sample more than one time for same program at the same rate, the aggregating of samples should be the same or at least close enough In consistency part, we compare execution information in terms of number of observed statement lines at the source code level and number of observed instructions at binary level. also we measure the consistency between observations Addressing the challenges 2- Observe Program Execution Using Hardware-based Monitoring Compare all addresses in our source code with the addresses that were observed using hardware mechanisms alone We run simple programs Test_program_1.c, and Test_program2.c using PERIOD=50000, 100000, 500000 with COUNTER=PERF-COUNT-HW-INSTRUCTIONS. Recently exploited in SE Results: Source-level statements Improvement the effectiveness of Hardware-based Monitoring using

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Transcript: Industry expertise – not just an “order taker” Certifications Corporate Affiliations SSPC, AWWA, NACE Relationships Contractors Inspectors Technical experts Other manufacturers CORROSION TECHNOLOGY - UNDERSTANDING PERFORMANCE REAL PROJECTS Family owned and operated since 1947 Manufacture over 75 Unique products Wide range of industries with heritage in water and wastewater Dedicated representation throughout the country Focus on corrosion. We do. UV RADIATION WATER TREATMENT WASTE WATER TREATMENT In that order! If either is the wrong fit, your project will suffer. Real World Results More than 30 years in sewer pipe lining with no known failure Decades in water, wastewater, and chemical storage service with drastically increased service life Minor touch ups during maintenance painting rather than removal/replacement Extending the overcoat cycle – thus extending the life of the asset and lowering the total cost of ownership More value for you and your client YOUR CHALLENGE Dozens of Manufacturers, thousands of coatings. How do you choose? EXPERIENCE The penetration and expansion of iron oxide fractures the coating THANK YOU INTEGRITY NEXT STEPS WATER TREATMENT Your coatings partner should be willing and qualified to offer you: Inspection for Scope Design – Including stamped/sealed written reports Product Selection Specification review/writing Contractor qualifications Field/shop oversight The intact film releases from the substrate WE HAVE FOUND A WAY TO STOP THE CYCLE INNOVATION Induron proprietary ceramic epoxies are unique in our industry. The major components of paint Solvent – Keeps things liquid for application, and surface adhesion Binder – Epoxy resin Pigment – We focused here Ceramic Sphere Technology creates these best-in-class results. RESPECT 3rd Generation owner of an Industrial Coatings Manufacturer NACE Level 3 Certified Coatings Inspector SSPC, AWWA, STI/SPFA, DIPRA, IEEE Member BS in Biology, Hampden-Sydney College Adhesion and UV resistance have become commoditized. All major coatings manufacturers have them in equal measure. The amount you get depends on what you want to pay. You already know this. In your experience why do you repaint structures? HOW DOES IT WORK? TECHNOLOGY The sun breaks them down into loose pigments THE RIGHT COMPANY CORROSION OUR MISSION THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGY Put our people and technology to work for you. What projects are in your pipeline? Do you need field surveys? Can we provide specification assistance? Who are your other partners? We can meet with/present to Facility Owners, Contractors, and your peers. Feedback – what more can we do for you? Literally Grew up in the Paint Business Paint Maker & store clerk during summers Outside Sales Customer S How do protective coatings fail? To produce the right finishes for the best long-term results, and to honestly represent them in a technically correct manner. ADHESION RELIABILITY OUR CORE VALUES HOW DID WE DO IT? CORPORATE PARTNERS RUST! | 800-324-9584 INTRODUCTION ADDING VALUE Protecto 401 was successfully used in over 50 million linear feet of 4" - 64" lined ductile iron sewer pipe. OUR PRODUCTS WASTE WATER TREATMENT WATER TOWERS WATER TOWERS

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Transcript: PRE-HEBBIAN: FIXED BDNF activation of calpain-2 in cerebellum leads to truncation of stargazin, and NMDA-induced calpain activation did not lead to significant differences in stargazin. a novel result that indicated- BDNF results in calpain-2-mediated truncation of phosphorylated stargazin, at least in cerebellum Future direction & Implications m-calpain could reveal an additional level of regulation through crosstalk between BDNF-dependent cleavage of stargazin and AMPA receptor trafficking. Thus, these novel results increases the information available in elucidating the precise knowledge about the mechanisms by which BDNF influences higher cognitive functions and complex behaviors, leading to the possibility to devise BDNF-based therapeutics for human disorders of the CNS. *representative blots shown above. Baudry Lab synaptic scaffold protein substrate of calpain targets synaptic AMPAR Our Hypothesis Schematic Which Isoform? calpain-2 Aim 1. Investigate the roles and pathways that may involve calpain-1 and calpain-2 mediated stargazin truncation. EPSC functional ion channels receptors enzymes and proteins intact molecular machinery for releasing, uptaking, and storing NTs Fig 2. GRIP CAMKII/ PKC Synaptic plasticity LTP/LTD calpain stargazer rat whole brain rat cerebellum Under supervision of Michel Baudry by Jolan Chou Calpain-2 mediated stargazin truncation may prevent synaptic AMPA receptor insertion examine synaptic function by studying: BDNF stimulates calpain-mediated stargazin truncation in the cerebellum calpain-1 Aim 2. Determine the effects of phosphorylation on calpain-mediated stargazin truncation. Strengthen or weaken PSD-95 stargazer mouse Synaptosomes are enriched neuronal synaptic proteins obtained from isolated nerve terminals commonly used to study synaptic function. connection to autism *Calpain concentrations are in units/ml cerebellum S9D or S9A PICK1 calpain *Calpain concentrations are in units/ml Pt 1. Summary and Discussion What if we block calpain? Concluding remarks Activate calpain Phosphorylation of stargazin at the conserved PDZ binding domain modulates calpain truncation. control Immunofluorescent Staining PSD synaptosomes Calpain Substrates Fig 4. Pathways? Pt 2. Summary and Discussion Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences Dr. Baudry, Dr. Bi, and Dr. Standley's labs our postdocs Victor Briz, Yubin Wang, Jian-Dong, Guoqi Zhu GCBS faculty and COMP faculty, especially Dr. Wagner, Dr. Swairjo, Dr. PJ-Lin, Dr. Hao, Dr. Venketaraman, Dr. Henriksen Peter Davies Lab Paul de Koninck Lab City of Hope Sequencing Core Phenotypic traits: ataxic gait epileptic seizure Calpain predicted site: RSSSRS Synaptosomes (P2) Crude Membrane Fraction Preparation Does phosphorylation play a role? Acknowledgements POST-HEBBIAN: LTP & LTD LEARNING GRIP TARP γ-2 Fig 1. BDNF Activation of Calpain Fig 3. Stargazin is selectively cleaved by calpain2 but not by calpain1. Split Cells Synaptoneuromes (enriched resealed PSD fxt) controls functions of: learning/memory sensory integration motor coordination emotional responses Transfection Stg-2 calpain Which kinases and phosphatases involved effect on AMPA receptors after phosphorylation locate the specific residue at which calpain truncation occurs Prediction of calpain truncation site Stargazin

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Transcript: RESTAURANT MANAGER PATH TO SUCCESS: Evaluation of the Best Strategies for Successful Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry Master Thesis by Svetlana Fedorenko UI University of Applied Sciences, Campus Berlin MIM Hospitality, 9190600 Table of Content Table of Content 1 PROGRAM 4 2 3 INTRODUCTION RESULTS METHODOLOGY 5 THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK CONCLUSION Introduction 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 1.2 1.4 RESEARCH QUESTIONS INFORMATION ABOUT RESEARCHER SCOPE OF THE RESEARCH RESEARCH PROBLEM 1.5 1.3 RESEARCH OBJECTIVES What leadership style(s) ensures the best performance in the restaurant industry? 4 1 What are the core competencies required to become the expert Restaurant Manager of the restaurant? 2 5 What personality traits play a role in the success of the general manager of the restaurant? What are the best tactics and strategies that Restaurant Managers can use in creating an effective working environment? - IU International University of Applied Sciences - Campus Berlin - Master of Arts in International Management - Hospitality Major - Student ID: 9190600 - Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Beverley Wilson-Wünsch What management style(s) is most effective in the restaurant industry? 3 Global value on 2019 was $5943.8 billion Restaurant industry shows the positive growth of 8% between years 2011-2017 Expected growth by 2023 is $7527.5 billion - Restaurant Managers of Germany and Russia with more than 10 years of working experience in the hospitality industry. - Mixed research method - qualitative research with elements of the quantitative research. Qualitative research - face-to-face interviews with the use of open-ended questions. Quantitative research - the evaluation of the Big Five assessment conducted during the interviews. Time frame: - Writing - 8th June 2021 – 17th November 2021 - Colloquium - ...? Major troubles of the industry: - Low entry barrier - High turnover rate - Deficit of skilled labor Evaluate the development of human expertise 1 4 Identify whether leadership, rather than control, can result in more effective management in the restaurant industry 2 5 Distinguish differences between management and leadership. Detect similarities. The study of which personality traits are important for working as a Restaurant Manager 3 6 Identify what types of management and leadership styles are the most effective in restaurant management? Conduct interviews regarding different managerial tactics used by Restaurant Managers. Theoretical Framework Theoretical Framework Theoretical framework F&B Industry Hierarchy Legislation Standards Expertise Leadership Management Personality Applications BFI-10 Results Results - Interviews were conducted both online and face-to-face in the facilities under managers' command. - For online interviews software Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and WhatsApp were applied. - The duration of the interviews was on average 1h10min. - Content analysis presented through top job-seeking websites in terms of tables - BFI-10 Assessment is structured as star charts. Core Competencies Core competencies - Master degree or Bachelor degree with at least 3 years of working experience - Career path from the bottom of the restaurant hierarchy is an advantage - Knowledge of service standards - Personnel management - Command of English language above average - Great use of Microsoft Office and relevant software - Responsibility, communicability, leadership skills, integrity - Managerial skills - Proactive - Specific training or degree in Hospitality or working experience from 3 years - Good command of German and English with knowledge of relevant professional terminology - Acquaintance with the accounting and other bureaucratic procedures of the hospitality industry - Familiarity with specific restaurant software - Great leadership skills - Ability to negotiate conflicts, both between restaurant and guests and restaurant personnel - Personal responsibility on the high level Topic Topic The recommended scores Topic - Openness to experience –from 50% to 88% - Conscientiousness – from 63% to 100% - Extroversion –from 50% to 100% - Agreeableness –from 50% to 88% - Neuroticism –from 0% to 38% Topic Topic

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