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Product Oriented Template

Transcript: Goals: Digital Display on Extended Network Total Investment Search Engine Marketing Plan is...Show how the schedule will work Plan is....break out impressions plan Audience Target: How does this help my goals: Spec Ad Slide How this helps reach our goals: This helps reach goals by.... Digital Display on Addresses goal by... Insert spec ads here Who we are focused on... Includes: List everything... Audience Focus: Quote: Print Suggestions Plan.... SEM is.... Audience Focus: Plan is...Show how the schedule will work How does this help my goals: Plan is...Show how the schedule will work The Post-Standard Audience Focus: SEO is...... Who are we looking to reach? Also, can throw in Geo-Fencing here. Ask for Video input. $$$$$$$$$$ Search Engine Optimization Mobile Advertising on Extended Network What it is: Mobile Advertising on Plan is....break out impressions plan How SEM helps with your goals: This relates to goals.... Geo- Target or DMA focused in SEM helps with.... Audience Focus: How this helps reach my goals: Who it is you are focused on...and how we will reach them on the site. This relates to goals.... Who are we looking to reach? Also, can throw in Geo-Fencing here. Ask for Video input. 1. Goal Example 1 2. Goal Example 2 3. Goal Example 3 4. Goal Example 4 Who it is you are focused on...and how we will reach them on the site. Who it is you are focused on...and how we will reach them on the site. How this helps reach my goals: Addresses goal by... Keywords to focus on... Company Name This relates to goals.... SEO helps..... Digital Display on How SEO relates to your Goals: Audience Target: Plus...Add your commitment to working with the advertiser or promise "Example Quote" Keywords to focus on.... How does this help my goals: What SEM is:

Marketing Product

Transcript: Retina MacBook Air Why It Failed On the Market Product and Company: iPod/iTunes: There was nothing wrong with the Pippin, just many other companies were creating better consoles The MessagePad120 was an Apple product in 1993 It was one of the Newton models produced by Apple It is the first series of PDA (personal digital assistant) devices Past and Present Successes Apple released a button-less version Rather that using controls, you would use the single remote button, on the headphone, to navigate tracks It got too hectic; to go to the next track you would have to double click the center button, to fast forward you would double click and hold the center button, and to go to the previous track you would triple click the center button within six seconds of the track This edition of the mouse, released with the iMac, was perfectly circular which made it difficult to hold vertically It failed to reach expectations; It would not recognize peoples handwriting It was "over priced" for that reason Apple Inc. is an American corporation that designs, develops, and sells electronics of various platforms, computer software, online services, and personal computers Launched in 2007 iPhones were a massive success due to its competent touchscreen, and an incredibly easy user interface By Arden Pierce Past Failures . Founded on April 1st, 1976 by Steve Jobs and his partners Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne Would not have been successful if not for iTunes Sells music - downloads directly onto its hardware Both were launched in 2001 Apple USB “Hockey Puck” Mouse MacBook Air iPhone/App Store: iPod "Button-less" Shuffle Apple Bandai Pippin . Marketing Product Failures and Flops Message Pad 120 However, after they opened up the App Store, that's when things really started to pick up Released in 1996 Made 100,000 units, but sold less than half of that

Marketing Presentation - Template

Transcript: 1. Business Strategy - Formulation, Implementation, Management 2. Corporate Branding - Company Identity, Logos, Corporate House Style, Collateral, Trademark and Patent Registration 3. Market Research – Online Research, Data Collection and Field Work Services 4. Advertising – Online, Offshore (T.V.C’s, Newspapers, Billboards, Viral) 5. Marketing - Digital, Offshore 6. Concept Merchandising - In-house Merchandise, Corporate Gifting 7. IT Solutions - Web Development, SEO, SEM, Viral Videos 8. Maintenance and Support Services 9. Event Planning and Execution for promotion of th brand. 10. Participation in various property and lifestyle expo relevant to Isprava The Team Manager Web Designer Web Developer Copywriter Illustrator Market Analyst Digital Marketing Specialist Understanding of requirement 313s is an IT & Infrastructure corporation dedicated to provide green technology solutions to small/medium sized businesses and giant corporations. We provide you with affordable pricing solutions for your Information Technology needs. Be it Web Development, Software Development or Branding, Marketing and Campaigning your company. Our Services are delivered in a professionally backed by the best work force and experts to devise a solution to your problems. Every aspect of your problem is analyzed and necessary market research is conducted. Consultancy to your company is offered which in turn becomes a medium for both your company and us to understand one in a professional manner along with needs and possible solutions. Application Generating interest among the investors We are an IT and Infrastructure corporation dedicated to give green technology and Branding solutions to all sizes of businesses and corporations. Branding Marketing and Campaigning Online and offshore Advertising Reach out to high rollers and heavy spenders Create awareness among masses Creating Brand Strategy Creating Marketing Plans Copy writing of all content for Isprava Planning and managing yearly and promotional event Creating a media plan for using the right platforms to advertise Proposed Solution Digital Marketing On Social Media Platfoms Blogging and updating groups and pages Video AD's for internet, TV, Cinema Theaters, Malls Audio commercials for radio and trains Creating a brand hype by planning grand events with celebrity performance and appearance. About Three 13 Solutions Generating awareness and curiosity among masses with digital marketing and social media Boosting sales and inquiries for the villa and rate of conversion Our Understanding of Isprava as a brand Isparva is a notable real estate firm Builders of Luxury villas Focused on Design and construction Aim to create the most sophisticated properties Currently focused on Goa Develop an interest and awareness about Isprava and their work Showcasing the beautiful architecture and interior of Isprava Targeting high roller and heavy Spenders Achieving Sales targets


Transcript: MARKETING PRODUCT PRESENTATION They are also unsought products for cupcakes are not that necessary in daily life and they aren't frequently consumed. The main ingredients are fruits and vegetables that are indeed nutritious yet still are tasteful. Product Classification & Benefits Age of Target Market : Generation X, Generation Y and Teens Psychographics and Geographic’s Nondurable Gender : Social Economic : Class Working class, Middle and Upper Females, Males For both the health and weight conscious adults and youth who have sweet tooth and seek a satisfying pastry, Aegle's Suavis is an up-raising and promising brand of cupcake which provides nutritious yet tasty food option, essential to maintain one's diet and satisfy one's sweet cravings. Positioning Statement Affordable Our target market are the people who prefer an affordable price and healthier cupcakes that can help them achieve the daily nutrients requirement. And also, we would like to target the weight conscious people who prefer eating foods with low fat and less calories. As of now the Aegle's Suavis cupcakes are only available in Dasmariñas, Cavite. But as we strive our best in producing and promoting our product it will be available in different regions and cities nationwide. Aegle's Suavis cupcakes are unsought products for consumer may not be aware that there are cupcakes made from carrot, squash, malunggay and apple. Healthy Unsought Product Target Market Aegle's Suavis cupcakes are tangible goods that can be consumed once or few times. Demographics, Socio-economic and Personality The price Aegle's Suavis cupcakes are only ranging from P25 -P30. It is cheaper than the other cupcakes.

Marketing Product Presentation

Transcript: •Sell 15,000 pairs of shoes to target market in GTA, approx. 1.5 million in revenue •Marketing budget 25% in first year, to be reduced to 20% in following years •Marketing ROI would be 202% on 32% operating profits •First year break evens = $956, 913 or 8,395 pairs •Second year national expansion, triple sales to approx. 49,000 for 5.4 million in revenue Financials •Post-workout rechargeable shoe •Designed to relax feet and accelerate muscle recovery •"Reflexology" •Launched under Nike Inc. •$149.99 priced competitively with high performance shoes •$109.99 our selling price to retailers gives us 77.7% gross margins, retailers with 36% •Value-based price set to keep consumers interested, while maintaining healthy margins •No promotions or sales, ensure long term and high-value brand Segmentation Step 3: Toronto Life Cost: $12,400 Purpose: Informative “Fantasy” + “Slice of Life” Execution Strategy Shopping issue review: $4,000 Growth? -Barefoot running movement will expedite the adoption rate Competitors? -No direct competitors at the moment -Possible emergence of imitators -Nike’s partnership with Apple an advantage from a technological standpoint -Future of athletic footwear is favourable Distribution Promotions Step 1: Commercial Cost: $206 772 Purpose: stimulate curiosity, provide no information beyond our website Airs May 4th on CP24 during prime time (7:00 pm) Sponsorships: Toronto FC, Maple Leafs, Raptors, and Marlies Step 4: In-Store Representatives Supplement print ads by having sales reps wear RecoverFit's Purpose: Become much more effective in engaging customers in a robust personal selling experience •Cost breakdown of a pair of shoes demonstrates high gross margins •Low costs already in place by Nike from suppliers and labour •Gross margins of 77.7% first year, 10% reductions in variable costs for first few years due in part to higher volume Step 2: Guerilla Advertising Purpose: Brand Awareness How? Sponsorship of Toronto Marathon 14,000 runners from 45+ countries Celebrity Athletes make formal appearances Event participants will receive complementary items/sports gadgets RecoverFit™ Pricing PROMO STRATEGY: Pull Strategy 5% promotion budget based on projected first-year sales 6 part plan utilizing fantasy, informative and curiosity-based strategies Product Step 6: Social Media/Mobile Ads Leverage current Nike Facebook Page Currently at 8.5M “Likes” Partner with mobile ad networks (AdMob) CPM Payment Method Positioning Step 5: RunningRoom Purpose: Fully integrated 360 marketing plan targeting secondary market Sponsor RunningRoom’s clinics Access to the RunningRoom’s database of 230 000 customers RunningRoom Website – Leaderboard/Big Box Advertise in RunningRoom’s magazine -Selective distribution strategy utilizing Nike’s existing retail partners. -First year aims to “blanket” Toronto targeting Young Digerati , next year expanding nationwide hitting both YD and Pets & PCs -In store feature displays with salespersons due to the proprietary nature of our product. Implementation Market Profile


Transcript: By: Marketing Emperors United we conquer The Marketing Mix Segmented By: Introductory Stage: Product Review VISION Target Consumer The Marketing Mix Price in Future price penetration Price Floor Price at Present Price skimming Price Celling Newspaper: Television: MISSION Currently At Introductory Stage Green Marketing: Recyclable plastic By-product To sustain in the industry and make a difference. young urban professional known as yuppies. Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) BENGAL MEAL ⦁ Separate Supply Chain SWOT Analysis BENGAL MEAL Items for Menu Demographically Geography Psychographic PRICE Bengal Meat Processing Industries Ltd. Ready Meal, Bengal Meal. Positioning Strategy The Marketing Mix The Marketing Mix Industry major participants Items for Menu Bengal Meat Butcher shop Unimart Mehedi Mart Meena Bazar Agora. Started by developing new idea of Ready Meal Sales will be low Investment cost are higher Ready to Eat Meat: chicken, lamb, mutton and beef Ready to Eat Vegetables: Lao, Kakrol, Patol, Ladies Finger and Kumra. Present Market Share Of Possible Competitors In Near Future Place selective distribution Bengal Meat Butcher shop Unimart Mehedi Mart Meena Bazar Agora. Target Market Type of industry Type of industry TEST MARKETING: Survey IUB faculty and staff Back up plan : Reducing the product price if our marketing plan fails. Goal is to attain production cost. To enter the Bangladeshi market successfully and be the ‘Top-of-choice’ not just the ‘Top-of-mind only’. Product New Product Healthy Faster than Fast food Frozen Easy to use Ready to eat just after heating Snap, Heat, Eat Promotion Business to Consumer manufacturers: Bengal Meat Processing Industries Ltd. Retail shops: ⦁ Contingency Plan Guerrilla marketing: Vending Machines Caravan Coupons Product attribute By quality By price By competition by celebrities Ready to Eat Fishes:Hilsha, Koi, Pabda, Keski, Mola, Foli, Baila, Batashi and Ayer. The Marketing Mix Endorsement

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