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Promotional Marketing

Transcript: Yes. This method can attract many customers through the opportunity of them receiving something for free Customers entered codes on specially marked packages of Coca-Cola products onto their website. The codes then converted into points which can be redeemed for prizes or sweepstakes entries. Giveaways: Coupons Contests Sampling Darrell Zahorsky. Creating Powerful Promotional Marketing. Small Business Information. think of a prize and giveaway to attract customers 4) When is promotional marketing used? These companies offer free samples or coupons 5) Why is promotional marketing effective? What Is Promotional Marketing? Approach where the target market are offered an incentive by the advertiser to persuade them to take action immediately Promotional Marketing: Online References Has already targeted members When Is This Strategy Used? 3) Name 1 company that uses free samples or coupons as a promotional strategy. Many social media sites like Facebook or Twitter can be a great starting point to a promotional marketing campaign Irene Bissou. 7 Best Companies to Offer Free Samples Without Surveys. HubPages. 2) What are the 4 most effective uses of promotional marketing? This was a fully integrated, long term promotion Here's how My Coke Rewards works. MyCokeRewards. Promotional Marketing Paul Slovak. What is Promotional Marketing?. Marden-Kane. 1) What is promotional marketing? Goal: To drive immediate behavior change People are always attracted to receiving free things so this is an easy way to gain lots of attention for your campaign Used when a company wants attract many customers immediately and effectively Questions My Coke Rewards Most Effective Uses of Promotional Marketing Is Promotional Marketing Effective? Other Companies That Use Promotional Marketing

marketing plan template

Transcript: Sbitany Company Marketing Plan Template Marketing Plan Template Sbitany Home Appliances Company Co. Company Summary Company Summary Company Introduction 1961 AD A leading company in the field of retail and wholesale of electrical home appliances It has developed to become the leading company in the field of importing and marketing electrical and electronic devices, commercial and residential air conditioning, mobile phones and information technology devices for the Palestinian market. Branches It has more than 500 employees, 30 retail branches and 250 merchants, Sbitany offers unparalleled coverage in the Palestinian market, and its services not only stop at the end of the shopping process, but also provide after-sales services to 100% of its customers, Nablus Jenin Ramallah Jerusalem Hebron Jericho About Company Company Akram Sbitany & Sons' network of branches extends across all governorates of the country (30 branches). One of the company’s plans and future vision is to expand and increase the number of branches to reach fifty branches by the end of 2022. He company adopts in its branches the modern system in terms of design, decoration, ways of displaying goods and devices Products Some Products Akram Sbitany & Sons owns exclusive selling and marketing rights for more than 50 international brands of the finest and best brands in the world, which occupies the first rating positions in the manufacture of electrical and household appliances, which is proud and proud of these modern agencies, and among the most important of these brands. JOB TITLE #1 All Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, iMac, MacBook and more: JOB TITLE #2 Samsung has many products, including Galaxy, Tab, smart screens, washing machines, refrigerators. JOB TITLE #3 LG is similar and similar to Samsung, and these are some of its products. Market Analysis Electronic devices come in second place in terms of expenditures for the Palestinian citizen, as the average expenditure on devices per capita is 250 dinars annually, distributed as follows: 37.5 dinars in the West Bank and 28.2 dinars in the Gaza Strip, according to the reports of the Central Statistics Authority in 2011. Market Analysis Due to the lack of a suitable analysis of the percentage of the use of electrical and electronic devices in Palestine, I will give an example of the use of devices globally Competition Regarding the competition that the national industry is exposed to from imported goods, the share of Palestinian electrical appliances in the local market is more than 40%, and the consumer is free to choose what suits him. Competition It is noteworthy that official data indicated that 99 percent of Palestinian homes are connected to the electricity network, 97.2 percent of Palestinian families own a refrigerator, 97.3 percent own a washing machine, 98.3 percent own a television set, and 39.6 percent own cooking gas. Customers Customers Most appliance consumers are likely to be accustomed to shopping at retail and low-priced stores rather than from traditional stores (ie. supermarkets). Practical devices are becoming more and more popular due to greater flexibility in the demand for corporate rules Customers are looking for devices that are mid-priced and designed to be used for the longest possible time, and devices are now seen as things that cannot be disposed of as well as investments Quality still matters, but design and specifications play an even more important role in purchasing Customers like to express their own taste. The most demanding customers carefully consider each purchase, in terms of its monetary value Entering the market with high quality original equipment. Joining a national retailer to distribute products nationwide. Providing all options of shapes, colors and sizes. Provide easy payment to sell as many devices as possible. Promotion Communications are made in and out of stores to create awareness of the point of sale. Trying to attract as many customers as possible. Strategic Marketing Objectives Place Products and tools are displayed in stores belonging to a retailer targeting a large segment of customers. They are offered at different prices and strategies to attract customers' attention. Advertising and promotion budget In-store promotion Create a huge ad 3000 - 5000 2% for each employee sold through Subtotal (3000 - 5000) Marketing and finance strategy Out-of-store promotion Create press releases 1000 Create newsletters 500 Subtotal (1500) Total (8000 ) The problems facing the hardware sector in Palestine and Sbitany in particular Problems There are competitors for the company, such as Maslamani Home, and this may reduce the percentage of sales and profits of the company. An increase in the shipping price and taxes due to the Israeli occupation. Customers are not obligated to pay the monthly installments for electronic devices. The high prices of electricity in Palestine, and this may reduce the percentage of sales of electrical

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Transcript: Logos, Signage & Slogans Peak Physique's Logo can be found in other places as well, including their Facebook page, their membership pass cards, merchandise such as gym bags and water bottles. Overall, Peak Physique Gym and Fitness Centre is utilizing quite a few effective marketing and promotional tools. - Website - Logos - Slogans - Brochures - Posters - Social Media Effectiveness Website View Peak Physique does a great job of making their logos and slogans visible through out the gym, on their Facebook page and on merchandise. Peak Physique & Fitness Centre is a small municipal gym located in St. Paul, Alberta. With 5000 sq ft of space, the gym offers a variety of cardio equipment, exercise machines, free weights, spin bikes, TRX equipment, two studio spaces, smoothie bar, large change rooms with showers and much more. There are 3 personal trainers available at the gym, competitive gym membership rates and many different fitness classes including yoga fusion, TRX, boot camps, spin class and kettle bells. The target market for the gym includes and is not limited to anyone from ages 12-99 (with physicians consent and parental supervision for children under the age of 18. Logos & Slogans I feel by providing the public with an easy to navigate website that provides all the necessary information about the gym is an effective marketing tool. Currently, people use the internet to do research about many things. Having a website is very important when it comes to marketing and promoting ones business. Having a website targets a broad range of clientele Peak Physique is trying market. Social Media Facebook is a very cost-effective, powerful way to market and promote ones company. With a vast amount of users browsing Facebook daily, this is a great way to target a large audience with any information you wish to provide on ones page. By keeping this page up to date, Facebook may be one of the fastest and easiest ways to get information out to the public. Peak Physique is effective in reaching their internet savvy target market by utilizing this form of social media. Peak Physique Gym & Fitness Centre is visible from the street. Clearly on all sides of the building. They are located on the main street running through St. Paul. It is highly visible and the signage is large enough to be noticeable when driving by. Signage & Logo With Peak Physique's target market having a wide range of people, the different marketing and promotional tools, I feel, reach the many different people that may be potential clients. Membership Pass Card & Facebook Page & Merchandise Peak Physique & Fitness Centre Slogan Peak Physique clearly displays posters around their gym regarding their services and classes that are offered. By clearly promoting in different areas of the gym, I feel posters are a simple way to grab peoples attention. This in turn can also generate business by word of mouth. Classes are effectively promoted using posters within the gym. An area of improvement would be to possibly advertise in other areas of town. Website Marketing & Promotional Tools Peak Physique Gym & Fitness Centre has a well put together Facebook page. The information on this page is up to date and provides the public with a large amount of information about what the gym has to offer, upcoming classes, membership information etc. You can find their slogan throughout the gym and on the website. Effectiveness The website effectively promotes what the gym is about, what the gym has to offer, location and hour information along with a blog to keep potential and current clients informed about fitness. Services that are offered at the gym are also listed very clearly in the front windows of the gym. Which I feel targets potential clients as they are driving by or walking by the gym. Posters Conclusion By having their logo, slogan & signage on their Facebook Page, website, merchandise, signage etc. they are making their name visible to the public. The logo effectively stands out wherever they have placed it. Also their logo is consistent, the colors, designs, text are all the same across the board. Effectiveness

marketing plan template

Transcript: Objectives Support goals Economic Factors Our own brand will be made we want sale things like versace, aero, adidas, and all that other stuff. to become a global business be the store that everyone talks about make as much money as possible have the customers talking about us and telling their friends about us. have more than one business advertising Product description services we will provide Good quality of course do daily inventory checks put the money in a safe at the end of everyday go around and make sure that clothes aren't scattered all over the floor make sure windows are cleaned check clothes and make sure they aren't damaged Long term goals we will like do pullies wash and see if it fades or anything to see if any holes pops up it needs to be hand washed maybe check to see if its going to shrink they are tested every month we have actual testers, people who are coming in and testing the products will try different fabrics, material, designs, items and other things keep our customers updated on our sales and promotions that we have going on send them emails maybe with coupons in it make sure that our boutique is running properly check our financial portfolio at the end of everyday make sure i have loyal employees have only people that want to be here and help make us known apart of the business teams and our goals public works charlotte russe Direct market retail customers wholesales everybody we can economy goes down a lot of new businesses taxes goes up a great disaster can happen maybe a earthquake or something Activities we will use direct and wholesalers maybe retail different distributors we will go to for different things will do online ordering and over the phone want do packaging, will order from main company we will not do loading or packaging, they will have to order online and our main headquarters will send it to them. very convenient for you ships between 4-7 days it meets the needs because comparison our competition cant compete we have sales, we don't try to break you inventory will be on a clip board with everything and quantity of how many we pose to have it checked everyday because we need to know if anything got stole or damaged or anything else Summmary of marketing plan Competition Anaylsis build boards website; where you can order and look and see what we have in stock magazine BIG grand opening have a fashion show maybe showing some of the things that we will be selling to help us meet our financial needs help us become one with our customers able to pay everyone back that we had got loans from Describe the Product who we selling to? Pricing Unique characteristic is that we will have our name of the store plus a little heart like thing at the end so you will know that this is our brand and not any knock-off have sales blowing off the roof TRY to make our revenues all positive try not to on any dept break even every month, even if we have to have a sale too the prices will help with covering the expenses we put out for them plus for the company as a whole will vary highest thing maybe $40 cheapest $2.50 up to 75% off do the seasons sales, like mark downs hopefully cheaper than competitive most of the time but don't want to go into dept over it pricing will match our appearance manager will be in charge of checking the stock we will have a team to help calculate our sales as well Estimated number of customers (6) Estimated volume per customer ($8.25) Estimated sales volume ($0) Quality how will sales be calculate Packaging is going to depend on what you get Prices will range from maybe to $2.55-$36.99 co-adic boutique Factors That May Affect our Business

Promotional Plan Presentation

Transcript: Product Mix Cat items This bag wasn't made to accessorize while doing outdoor activities with their dogs. It was made to withstand outdoor weather and outdoor activities, unlike other bags that get drenched from a rainstorm or scorched by the heat. Since it's made for the outdoors, it's light and comfy on the shoulders and is able to carry many objects in all of its pockets. Since other company bags are expensive because they were made for fashion, this bag is cheaper and costs $24.99. I chose this form of advertisement because you could a lot of potential customers by going to pet centers or pet places. I would advertise with carrying the bag around and showing all the features of it, also carry other products around that are the company's. Slogan, Kong, most durable and playful pet toys. Logo- Dog Product Lines Toys -Bounzer -Training Dummy -Plush Toys -Rubber Toys -etc I would prospect new customers by using the Customer Referrals method. I chose this method because I would rather advertise to potential customers and persuade them to buy our products then spam customers and have them resent our company. I believe I would get more business out of this method. Toys Treats Collars This bag would be the first of its kind in the Kong Company's product mix. Treats- 5 Treats -Stuff'n -Premium Treats -Easy Freeze -Raw Hide Promotional Plan Presentation Internet Ad's Product Width Toys Treats Collars Bags It only comes in one size because its a brand new product. The bag comes in red, blue, yellow, and black. Advertising Logo- Dog Items Cat Items Product Depth Kong Dog Pack Product Line and Product Item By: Rhys Brown Toys Bounzer- 1 Training Dummy- 1 Plush toys- 95 Rubber toys- 28 Prospecting for new Customers Cat Product Lines Produced by Face to face Advertisement Treats Stuff'n- 16 Premium Treats- 10 Raw Hides- 23 Easy Freeze- 6 Bag- 1 (New product) I chose this form of advertisement because people, now a days, live off the internet and go on it almost everyday. The ad would be a picture of a man with the bag on his back hiking with his dogs. Slogan- Kong, most durable and playful pet toys. Toys Wubba- 5 Kickeroo- 12 Stuffed toys- Toys -Wubba -Kickeroo -Stuffed toys Product Mix Relation to the Competition Dog Items


Transcript: ABOUT ICI is the leading provider of technical education in Iligan City and its neighboring towns. With its fast-track and simplified curriculum, students will graduate in a shortest possible time. ICI is proud of its industry standard facilities and equipment. ICI is committed to giving its students the “hands-on” approach, leading students to be more productive, self-directed and well experienced individuals ABOUT Iligan Computer Institute is the leading provider of technical education in Iligan City and its neighboring towns. With its fast-track and simplified curriculum, students will graduate in a shortest possible time. ICI is proud of its industry standard facilities and equipment. What is ICI? Iligan Computer Institute is founded on April 15, 1997 by its President, Mr. Ladislao C. Tabanao Jr. FOUNDER COURSES HOME ECONOMICS HOTEL MANAGEMENT Event's Management + Housekeeping + Front Office Service Work as: Housekeeper, Front Desk Officer, Event Coordinator HOME ECONOMICS RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT Cookery + Bread & Pastry Productions Work as: Culinary Chef, Pastry Chef, OFW, Entreprenuer INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Computer Programming + Visual Graphic Design Works as: Programmer, Graphic Artist, Web Developer INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY COMPUTER ENGINEERING Computer System Servicing+CISCO Works as: Computer Technician, Network Administrator OFFICE MANAGEMENT Bookkeeping+Office Applications+Contact Center Services HEALTH &COMMUNITY SECTOR Work as: Secretary, Bookkeeper, OFW, Call Center Agent BRANCHES ICI - Iligan is located at Diocesan Centrum Bldg., Brgy. Poblacion, Iligan City. IT HAS 3 CAMPUSES -is located at Del Monte Coop Building, Bugo, Cagayan de Oro City. ICI-CDO - is located at Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte. ICI-KAPATAGAN OPPORTUNITIES Certified & Competent Instructors Competency Based Curriculum Industry Standard Equipment & Facilities Hands-on Approach Affordable Tuition Fee WHY CHOOSE ? ADMISSIONS ICI is composed of students coming from different cultures and religions from Mindanao and all over the country as well as from other countries. We are committed to gearing up students through education regardless of race, gender, religion, and financial capacity.

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