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Sarah's Key Objectives within Spence Johnson

Transcript: Team Roles Key Purposes: Vital to save team members time when producing documents Essential to stay 'on brand' for marketing purposes Quality of presentation Style Guide Set up a meetings with team members to discuss roles 1 hour Write question list for team members 3 hours Have the meetings 4 hours Presentation Website Management How? 20 days. 160 hours. Purpose: Imperative that I become more professional in the way that I present in order to grow within the company Create 2 templates in PowerPoint 29 hours Create presentation on the difference between themes and templates 8 hours Write up key findings from PowerPoint course 4 hours Install templates on Excel in (2010/2013) 6 hours Sarah's 5 Key Objectives within Spence Johnson Website and Website Management Style guide Key Result: Be completely in charge of managing website updates, sending email marketing campaigns and monitoring analytics RPM Result: Learn and understand the role of all team members within the company Massive Action Plan: Create two templates with the aid of style guide and old templates (1 vertical and 1 horizontal) Default Excel template on every computer in the office Write a PowerPoint presentation on the difference between a theme and a template- create a unique template for this presentation Make extensive notes at the PowerPoint course to ensure that is a worthwhile cost Purpose: Essential to understand what everyone does within the company I essentially need to know who creates the output that I will be marketing PowerPoint Key Result: Produce structured tables and careful lists Ensure clarity, consistency and confidence of statements Result Plan Map (or Massive Action Plan) Helps to define the purpose of having objectives Important to know the result and the purpose of the objective before creating a massive action plan Helps you to fulfill an objective or goal Team Member Roles Key Purposes: Must be able to save time in report production by creating templates on PowerPoint Must be able to save time in report production by creating templates on Excel Team members will be relying on me to know the difference between a theme and template Ensure that the PowerPoint course is a worthwhile cost in terms of cost to the company and the cost in my time Design a campaign and send to myself 5 hours Create a means of communication between Jon and myself for website updates 5 hours Work our how to set up social media goals and gain a better understanding of Google analytics 20 hours Create the marketing metrics for April report 4 hours PowerPoint/Excel templates Style Guide interpretation Website management Team roles Quality of presentation Set up a folder for all documents produced and put documents in it 2 hours Massive Action Plan: Produce an excel document for Jon relating to common themes and place in drop box Ask Jon to look in drop box once we have at least 10 questions to ask Ensure Jon explains the logic behind his answer Present a mini design audit- 5 documents from each key business area over the last 6 months Key Purposes: Must be able to create email marketing campaigns as part of my job role-it is an essential and effective form of marketing Must ensure that constant communication is maintained between Jon Toby and myself. It is imperative that the website is updated to be in line with our brand Vital to make the most of Google Analytics and monitor social goals Imperative that I am able to produce a marketing report for directors board meeting Must become more familiar with competitors websites The 5 Areas in which I will be focusing on: Key objectives Key Result:Learn how to create templates and the difference between a theme and template. Massive Action Plan: Keep a record of all documents that I produce in a folder in the next month Present a way in which state of the art research is presented post PowerPoint. Find the most interesting and innovative communication for internal and external b2b business communication Produce 10 slides - Contrast the old way and the new way Key Result: Be the style adviser to Spence Johnson -text and graphics PowerPoint and Excel templates Massive Action Plan: Write a list of 10 key questions to ask team members Key questions- strengths, weaknesses and issues and the marketing implication for me from learning about this Book 30 minutes in all team members diaries- do this in advance and give plenty of notice Create a way in which Jon Scott an I can communicate effectively 4 hours Massive Action Plan: Design a campaign template and send to myself Design a means of communication between Jon, Toby and myself Create marketing metrics for April marketing report Produce a detailed plan of what I'll be doing in any given month to change, amend and discuss website- cross reference with other marketing plans Look at Competitor websites Cerulli, Greenwhich associates, strategic insight, Camradata, Investit, Mackay Williams associates and write 5 slides on the lessons learnt from website analysis 97

marketing plan template

Transcript: Objectives Support goals Economic Factors Our own brand will be made we want sale things like versace, aero, adidas, and all that other stuff. to become a global business be the store that everyone talks about make as much money as possible have the customers talking about us and telling their friends about us. have more than one business advertising Product description services we will provide Good quality of course do daily inventory checks put the money in a safe at the end of everyday go around and make sure that clothes aren't scattered all over the floor make sure windows are cleaned check clothes and make sure they aren't damaged Long term goals we will like do pullies wash and see if it fades or anything to see if any holes pops up it needs to be hand washed maybe check to see if its going to shrink they are tested every month we have actual testers, people who are coming in and testing the products will try different fabrics, material, designs, items and other things keep our customers updated on our sales and promotions that we have going on send them emails maybe with coupons in it make sure that our boutique is running properly check our financial portfolio at the end of everyday make sure i have loyal employees have only people that want to be here and help make us known apart of the business teams and our goals public works charlotte russe Direct market retail customers wholesales everybody we can economy goes down a lot of new businesses taxes goes up a great disaster can happen maybe a earthquake or something Activities we will use direct and wholesalers maybe retail different distributors we will go to for different things will do online ordering and over the phone want do packaging, will order from main company we will not do loading or packaging, they will have to order online and our main headquarters will send it to them. very convenient for you ships between 4-7 days it meets the needs because comparison our competition cant compete we have sales, we don't try to break you inventory will be on a clip board with everything and quantity of how many we pose to have it checked everyday because we need to know if anything got stole or damaged or anything else Summmary of marketing plan Competition Anaylsis build boards website; where you can order and look and see what we have in stock magazine BIG grand opening have a fashion show maybe showing some of the things that we will be selling to help us meet our financial needs help us become one with our customers able to pay everyone back that we had got loans from Describe the Product who we selling to? Pricing Unique characteristic is that we will have our name of the store plus a little heart like thing at the end so you will know that this is our brand and not any knock-off have sales blowing off the roof TRY to make our revenues all positive try not to on any dept break even every month, even if we have to have a sale too the prices will help with covering the expenses we put out for them plus for the company as a whole will vary highest thing maybe $40 cheapest $2.50 up to 75% off do the seasons sales, like mark downs hopefully cheaper than competitive most of the time but don't want to go into dept over it pricing will match our appearance manager will be in charge of checking the stock we will have a team to help calculate our sales as well Estimated number of customers (6) Estimated volume per customer ($8.25) Estimated sales volume ($0) Quality how will sales be calculate Packaging is going to depend on what you get Prices will range from maybe to $2.55-$36.99 co-adic boutique Factors That May Affect our Business

Template Marketing Plan MBA 525

Transcript: Natural Environment. Target Market Analysis Economic Environment Business Contract Intellectual Property Legal Framework of Business Legal Codes International Dispute Resolution -Possibility of better technology -Difficulties to be accepted by the costumers Who will you ask? - How do you want to ask? Demographic Segmentation Segment-specific Marketing Strategy References S.W.O.T Opportunities Technological environment The economy of Switzerland is one of the world's most stable economies. Its policy of long-term monetary security and political stability has made Switzerland a safe haven for investors. Switzerland has achieved one of the highest per capita incomes in the world with low unemployment rates and a balanced budget. Geographic Segmentation What do you want to ask? Li Fi Psycho graphic segmentation Socio-Cultural Environment Business woman and man with power of decision. 30-50 years all. CEO of Technology Zurich City (Bank Center) Lopez-Fresno, P., & Savolainen, T. (2013). Marketing Plan Stadistic, Knowledge Management & Organizational Learning, 236- 242. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database. Brownlee, D. (2010). Statistics . Retrieved June 9, 2014, from Projectsmart website: Create a marketing plan for this new type of technology. Closing the Gap of problems with connection to internet in big enterprises. Save time and money. They are heavy users of internet . They are light users of the same brand. They only have one type of internet WI-FI Switzerland has 3 distinct cultures: German Swiss culture being the majority, French Swiss and Italian Swiss cultures being the minority. The two major religious groups are: Roman Catholic and Protestant. The Swiss are a very private people. Excellence, precision, and promptness are important traits among the Swiss. The Swiss enter into business relationships cautiously. Open and liberal vs. Traditionalist, ambitious References Natural resources in Switzerland - water, air, soil, biodiversity, forest, landscape. It is surrounded by 5 countries Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, France to the west, Italy to the south and Germany to the north. Switzerland is well known for the Alps in the south and south east. North of the Alps, the Swiss Plateau runs along the east-west axis of the country. Internet Wi-fi is fast enough for the daily work? If you have the opportunity to increase the speed of internet you would do it? You had been facing problems with time management because of internet? Strengths Noma, H., & Crossman, J. (2012). Switzerland environment. Asian Academy Of Management Journal, 17(1), 115-129. Retrieved from Business Source Database. Whitmore, J. (2014). Marketing and Business Retrieved June 9, 2014, from Entrepreneur website - Increment of the reputation -Entire market for explore because is a new technology -Advantage from the competence of the market Behavioral Segmentation Email questionnaires For C.E.O`S and Business men. Demographic Environment. Switzerland Switzerland had a population of 8.02 million as of 2012. More than 75% of the population live in the central plain. The four national languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian and Romansh. Political-Legal Environment Template Marketing Plan MBA 525 Threats Using a differentiated strategy. The target would be the big banks enterprises. Weakness Environmental analysis -Unique Product ( no competition ) -Secure and reliable -More stable -Is not common. -It is expensive. -It is difficult to install. These mostly medium-sized companies with their highly sophisticated technologies offer integrated solutions in all areas of environmental protection. Switzerland is the world’s most innovative country

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