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Marketing Funnel

Transcript: Marketing Funnel Nare Abrahamyan Hasmik Arevyan Shams Hayrapetyan Eliza Ohanyan Marketing Funnel Awareness Interest Intro The marketing funnel is a critical component of any successful marketing strategy. It describes the journey that potential customers take as they move from initial awareness of a product or service to becoming a loyal customer. In this presentation, we will explore the key stages of the marketing funnel and provide strategies and examples for how businesses can effectively target customers at each stage. Conversion Understanding the Funnel The marketing funnel is comprised of five stages: Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Conversion, and Loyalty. At the awareness stage, customers are becoming familiar with a product or service. At the interest stage, they are actively seeking out more information. At the consideration stage, they are evaluating their options and deciding whether to make a purchase. At the conversion stage, they make a purchase, and at the loyalty stage, they become repeat customers and advocates for the brand. The Funnel Awareness Creating awareness is the first step in the marketing funnel. There are a variety of strategies that businesses can use to create awareness, such as social media advertising, influencer marketing, and content marketing. For example, a business could create an engaging social media ad that highlights the benefits of its product or service, or it could partner with an influential blogger or YouTuber to promote the product. Providing valuable content, such as blog posts or videos, can also help to create awareness and build trust with potential customers. Interest Once awareness has been established, businesses need to focus on generating interest in their product or service. This can be done by providing valuable content, offering free trials or demos, and hosting webinars or events. For example, a software company could offer a free trial of its product to potential customers or host a webinar that highlights the features and benefits of the product. By providing value and engaging with potential customers, businesses can generate interest and build a relationship with their audience. After generating interest, businesses need to focus on nurturing consideration. This means providing detailed product information, offering personalized recommendations, and using retargeting ads to remind potential customers of the product. For example, an e-commerce business could provide detailed product descriptions, reviews, and photos to help potential customers make an informed decision. It could also use retargeting ads to remind customers of products they viewed but didn't purchase, encouraging them to come back and make a purchase. Consideration Encouraging conversion is the next step in the marketing funnel. This means providing incentives to potential customers to encourage them to make a purchase. Strategies for encouraging conversion include offering discounts or incentives, providing a seamless checkout process, and using social proof, such as customer reviews or testimonials. For example, an e-commerce business could offer a limited-time discount to customers who abandon their shopping cart, or it could use social proof to showcase positive reviews from satisfied customers. Conversion Building loyalty is the final stage of the marketing funnel. This means providing exceptional customer service, providing exclusive offers to repeat customers, and using email marketing to stay in touch with customers. For example, a business could offer a loyalty program that rewards customers for repeat purchases or provide exclusive discounts to its email subscribers. By building a strong relationship with its customers, a business can turn them into loyal advocates for the brand. Loyalty Conclusion | Key points Conclusion The marketing funnel is a crucial tool for businesses looking to attract and retain customers. Effective strategies can be implemented at each stage of the funnel to create awareness, generate interest, nurture consideration, encourage conversion, and build loyalty. Challenges and pitfalls in implementing a marketing funnel can be overcome with awareness and strategic planning Thank You !!

Marketing Funnel

Transcript: And we could generate leads, make sales, and have referrals come into your business all hands free online What if we said we could make all these things work for you so your business would be so profitable, so rewarding, so compelling... even though you can sell it for a lot of money you will want to keep it… You may be struggling to find an excess of Ideal, High Paying clients You may not be making the money you want for your business You may have failed online in the past to achieve an efficient marketing strategy maybe your website is not generating enough sales maybe your website is not generating enough High Paying clients Or maybe you are paying a web guy a bunch of money for "Hosting" but not getting any sales… So the solution is to hire a website design company or an seo company, right? Not so fast... Some people try to use the same type of company that over charges and under delivers Some people hire another company to build another pretty website for them that still doesn't focus on sales Some people try to get a phd in internet marketing at night after running their business operations all day Our business is building your business When we focus on your business all day we are focusing on YOU. What we can do is Specifically reach your ideal clients "The ones that pay the most" We will Maximize your marketing dollars We will help you communicate more efficiently with clients We will Get you more sales We will Help you feel like you have your own marketing department We will Help you feel like you are our only client We have 15 years business experience We are google certified We will allow you to take a completely hands off Approach to Marketing Or We are also willing to allow you to take a hands on Approach to your Marketing We will help you Leverage Your Time Our Strategy is focused on converting sales Efficiently, and Effectively But even if we part ways as friends because you don't fit OUR best client profile, you will leave with our Free Thorough Marketing Strategy Analysis Get someone on your business marketing strategy that will pay it the attention it needs We all know we need to spend money on marketing Think of how much money your Losing by not starting today Get your Marketing Strategy Analysis and NO Obligation Quote Today projection avantages et limites du lecteur prezi sur Ipad une boule indiquant le n° de l'étape s'affichera à gauche de l'objet ou du cadre et une vignette apparaitra dans la sidebar avec le même numéro. Les crochets permettent d'encadrer plusieurs objets Pour revenir au début, maintenir "précédant" enfoncé puis sélectionnez "retour" Appuyez sur "add current view" pour créer un cadre à partir de la vue et l'ajouter au trajet. vous visualiserez les étapes sous formes de vignettes à gauche de la fenêtre prezi menu insert import PPT vous pouvez zoomer et dézoomer avec la mollette de votre souris Cliquez SUR "SHOW" pour débuter la présentation Présentation Prezi éditeur CSS vous pourrez facilement utiliser une télécommande. si vous publiez votre prezi, les visiteurs apprécieront votre trajet. Ou pour focaliser sur une partie d'une phrase Get a Free No Obligation Quote 5 Imaginez que cette image est votre prezi... 85% of your Time will be Wasted with 15% of your customers Even though your having success with your business you either have no online presence Une dernière chose... limite online : 50MB certains éléments graphiques ne sont pas encore supportés La sidebar affiche les points d'étape du chemin de visualisation sous formes de vignettes. jpeg, png ou gif les fichiers SWF peuvent être des images animées mais aussi des vidéos converties. + You will know the status of your current marketing strategy You will also know what it will take to get your business to the next level We work so closely and take such good care of our clients we can't work with everyone une fenêtre vous indique que si vous sortez de ce mode, il vous faudra ré-importer le powerpoint pour prendre d'autres diapos. Pour voir de quoi votre présentation aura l'air, cliquez sur "Show". en bas à droite de l'écran. double clic pour 5 apparences différentes Ceci vous mettra en mode "présentation": Cliquez sur un objet pour un zoom avant Cliquez sur le fond pour un zoom arrière Utilisez les flèches haut et bas pour zoomer plein écran à tout moment vous pouvez Options Fill out your quote request Today information secondaire Vous pouvez en tout temps faire un zoom arrière ou faire un détour puis revenir à votre itinéraire en cliquant sur le bouton "suivant". "clear all" efface TOUTES LES ETAPES... ! cliquez déplacer pour modifier l'ordre une autre idée... zoomer, dézoomer d'un objet vous pouvez programmer le pilote automatique (autoplay) en maintenant le bouton "suivant" enfoncé (3 timing) nb : ces bulles numérotées

Marketing Funnel

Transcript: Establish thought leadership. AWARENESS Goal To show the value of your product or service, provide educational content and build a relationship with your subscriber. Oversell Overwhelm customers with sales calls and assets. Discuss the benefits of your product/service. Goal To convince your subscriber to purchase. Forget about existing customers deliver content that is product specific, be helpful Goal To retain your customers and instill loyalty by delighting subscribers with helpful content and awesome service. Educate, be helpful Goal To turn your customers into fans who talk about your company and refer you to their friends. ADVOCACY Give too many details about your product/service. Entice subscribers to purchase using discounts/promotions. The marketing funnel is a tool that helps you visualize the buyer journey, or the path a prospect takes as they become familiar with your company, from introduction to conversion (and hopefully beyond). It's based on the age-old AIDA Model : Awareness; INterest; Desire; Action. LOYALTY CONVERSION Understanding Market Funnel Goal To build a deeper relationship with your subscriber, introduce them to your product/service and nurture them with contextual or targeted content. Delight your customers with helpful content and awesome service. CONSIDERATION What is the Marketing Funnel? Provide educational content tailored to your subscriber Send content irrelevant to the subscriber Stop interacting with customers. Send targeted educational content to customers that they might find valuable and delightful Stop providing value to customers. Push subscribers to purchase if they're not ready.

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