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Transcript: Cultural Incorporation Financials In order to create the most AUTHENTIC experience: Sales Team: Cali Lavey, Daigo Hoshino, Fendi Wang, Gagan Singh, and Marin Peterson S.W.O.T. Analysis The Ruby's Experience Human Resources (631)902-2572 April 11th, 2012 Focus on local intrests and companies which pose potential to form partnerships i.e. Classic Car Dealers, T-shirt vendors, etc. Offer fundraising opportunities for local schools, organizations April 11th, 2012 Main Competition = Johnny Rockets Emerging market, good idea to invest now as it rebuilds Tourism is increasing with a diverse crowd & constant turnover Middle Eastern countries are drawn to Western culture Ruby's originality will attract attention Our Location & Target Market Hire wait staff with knowledge of American culture & American image Utilize identical training program currently used in the United States Mode of Entry Small-scale Entry Familiarize with foreign market Localize Limit exposure Mimic the success of our competitors and avoid their mistakes and failures Competition and Financials Why Dubai? Local culture is a top priority! We at Ruby's International understand the religious practices of the local populations & find it of upmost importance to respect them. In proximity to: The Palm Jumeira Dubai Knowledge Village Dubai Media City Annex Dubai Internet City High-traffic Coastline Any Questions? Halal Meat Logo Choice Mode of Entry Wholly owned subsidiary Greenfield venture Complete sovereignty Ensuring quality and efficiency Tight control over operations Major Competition = Johnny Rockets Forming Relationships & Gaining Local Support Sales Team: Cali Lavey, Daigo Hoshino, Fendi Wang, Gagan Singh, and Marin Peterson Ruby's Goes to Dubai! Al Sufouh, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Many businesses, industries & universities nearby Has demonstrated success in various high-traffic location in Dubai Ruby's offers: Unique experience More menu options Local culture incorporation (631)902-2572 600,000 people Establishing Local Relationships RUBY's We at Ruby's International find it vital to form relationships with local companies & plan to utilitize local operations such as t-shirt manufacturers and classic-car dealerships to aid in project advertisement. Competition -Privately owned restaurant chain recreating the look and feel of a classic American diner, echoing Swing Era of the 1940's and 1950's -Proudly serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner -Menu includes the classic diner fare -Currently 6 operating facilities in the U.S. Great Food + Great Service + Great Facilities = GREAT EXPERIENCE! 300 corporate & franchise-owned restaurants 30 states, 16 countries 6 locations in Dubai (tourist areas) Specific franchising plan for each location abroad vs. Cultural Incorporation Ages: 25-29 19.47% 30-34 19.50% Ruby's Goes to Dubai! TARGET MARKET Offer a unique, more authentic experience Provide a larger menu Capitalize on competition's mistakes Wholly owned subsidiary ensures quality food, service and experience!

market entry

Transcript: Establishment: Spacious 3,000 m2 with 350 seats, play ground, drive-through and parking area Maintain original menu Use high quality, including local, produce Operation: Standardization and customization Expanding to other cities/ provinces 92% of Indonesian sales are clove-scented kreteks. Philip Morris brands account for about half of the remaining 8% Sampoerna holds 20% share of Indonesian market The Indonesian market is potentially far more attractive than more established markets in Europe and North America Licensing (1983) Owned by Oriental Land Company (OLC), a local company BUY Advertising: Choosing the partner Selecting location Big announcement Community contribution Amalia Shabrina Putri Maria Karis Angelica Emmy Seraphine Fionna Leung Anh Tran Doing thorough market analysis: Economic conditions Consumer behaviors Competitions Demography and Geography location Mercedes Benz Indonesia is 100% foreign Investment company (Foreign Direct Investment) REFERENCES A market entry strategy is the planned method of delivering goods or services to a new target market and distributing them there. When importing or exporting services, it refers to establishing and managing contracts in a foreign country. International marketing market entry strategy Joint Venture (1999) Target middle-income class Position as middle-class lifestyle IMPLEMENTATION ??

Market Entry

Transcript: Export Cost of Acquisition: $19 Billion ($21.8 Billion) Threats: Diminishing User-growth Mobile messaging market "Next Facebook" Opportunities: User-growth (1 million users/day) Access to Costumers’ Data Potential Revenues & Profits through Monetization Audi (2015). Audi logo image. Available: Last accessed 2nd November 2015. Blodget, Henry. (2014). Everyone Who Thinks Facebook Is Stupid To Buy WhatsApp For $19 Billion Should Think Again .... Available:…. Last accessed 1th November 2015. CUNY School of Professional Studies Header Image. (2015). The Global Expansion of Subway Sandwich Shops. Available:…/The_Global_Expansion_of…. Last accessed 2nd Nov 2015. Disney. (2015). Mickey Mouse. Available: Last accessed 2nd November 2015. Disney. (2015). Disney Store. Available: Last accessed 2nd November 2015. Market Risks. (2013). Market penetration strategy. Available: Last accessed 2,Nov,2015. Nokia. (2015). Nokia. Available:…/th…/nsn_2013/img/nokia-logo.jpg. Last accessed 2,Nov,2015. Subway . (2015). Subway logo image. Available:…/2000px-Subway_restaurant.svg…. Last accessed 2nd Nov 2015. Warren J. Keegan and Mark C. Green (2013). Global Marketing. 7th ed. Boston: Pearson. 254-283. Zhibo Xu. (2013). Audi: Integrated into China in 25 years. Available: Last accessed 2nd November 2015. Joint Ventures Licensing Franchise Contract between a parent company franchiser and a franchisee Subway’s stores are franchised based Problems in finding high quality ingredients Must adapt to new cultures Local owners = local understanding Allows for rapid expansion Facebook Acquires WhatsApp Risks Licensing References Investment via Equity Stake or Full Ownership Joint Ventures Team 8 Alexander Roznowski Carolina Sacadura Botte Jade Lovett Wan Wei Rajkanwar Singh Cheema Yuchih Kao Introduction Market Entry Strategies Investment via Equity Stake or Full Ownership Market Entry Strategies Competition Entering time Company Development Franchise Audi in China Entry Shareholder: First Auto Work 60%, Volkswagen 30%, Audi 10% Technology transfer agreement Objectives Audi- China market, brand revitalization China- technology, save foreign exchange Success The first premium automobile joint venture in China 30% official vehicle A6 extended challenges pathway tradeoffs risks Licensor Licensee Advantages Disadvantages

Market Entry Presentation

Transcript: Current Industry/ Competitor Analysis Work Cited Cars are Brazil's second most imported good One in every four cars were imported last year Can avoid high tariffs and trade barriers if we produce necessary parts with in the country a manufacturer of off-road vehicles in Brazil founded in 1997 Troller has a network of 21 distributors, and service stations accredited throughout Brazil attentive to the environmental concerns in Brazil and actively participates in initiatives a member of the Carbon Neutral Campaign Building Relationships Political and Legal Systems Ford Global Standardization Minimal changes in product line GlobeSmart Data Establishing Credibility High context: little need to explicitly verbalize information Indirect: sensitive about hurting other people's feelings Formal: large emphasis on formality during the early stages of business Personal: personal conversation prior to discussing business topics is expected Expressive: use a lot of hand and arm movement while speaking Implementation Strategy!prettyPhoto Social Responsibility and Sustainability Joint Venture Troller Communication Skills Car Parts Manufacturing Plant producing parts for engines this is the only production plant that does not exist yet in Brazil Joint Venture firms with good reputations and already established brand recognition Enter a market with high growth potential and high demand for our products PDI: high - hierarchy should be respected and inequalities amongst people are accepted IDV: low - place emphasis on cohesive groups MAS: average UAI: high - strong need for rules and legal systems LTO: average - easily accept change as a part of life Market Entry Presentation By: Marissa Secundy, Adam Reid, Kyle Pinkerton, Yicheng Qian, Aiqi Shi "Brazil and Argentina are our highest-volume South American markets. In particular, Brazil's economy and demographics, with growing per capita income, low vehicle ownership rates, and a young population, have allowed its automotive market to more than double since 2002." Top Five Car Manufacturers 1. Fiat Group 2. VW Group 3. GM 4. Ford Motor 5. Renault Effective Leadership Styles Once established in Brazil, we plan on entering into other countries in South America These countries also have high import rate for automobiles Hofestede's Analysis Annual Cost of the Factory Located in Shengyang Achieved 1,720 million RMB net profit NOW! The cost of labor in Brazil in approximately $8.32 an hour compared to $33.53 in the U.S. Making connections, building relationships, and exercising patience are the three most important factors for establishing credibility in Brazil. Family Background: family background and social status are important to ones credibility Third-Party Introductions: should utilize the services of a local Brazilian contact who is well connected in the industry Socializing: socializing outside the office with your potential business partners is very important Population: 199,321,413, growing middle class HDI: ranked 85, 0.73 in 2012 CPI: ranked 69, score 43 BRIC: projected to be one of the largest economic powers by the year 2050 GDP: 2.25 trillion U.S. dollars Size: 5th largest country in the world Annual Cost of Importing Parts Growth Plans Hierarchical and paternalistic: Brazilian subordinates often expect an authoritative rather than an egalitarian relationship with their supervisors. Professional and personal: demonstrate a sincere interest in the views of their employees Give feedback in a private location, behind closed doors. Importance of face: Personal pride and a desire to save face may also interfere with the effective management of subordinates. Gap Analysis Market Entry Timing There are no restrictions in regard to what products can be exported/imported. Timing: Now 1) Amount saved on parts > Cost of Factory 2) Cost of Parts = total

Market Entry

Transcript: Why this product? Social media Plan This is vitally important because if I aim the product at the wrong people it wont sell. I am aiming this product at the average amateur /semi professional player. Ever year thousands of cricketers receive rib, chest and arm injuries because chest and arm guards are too uncomfortable to wear with a strap. Many people wish to protect themselves in every way they can after the Phil Hughes tragedy. Although there maybe a bigger call for this product in the professional game with the ball been faster I feel that it would be a unsuccessful risk trying to sell the product to them. It would be harder to reach out to them via social media and also every player has a trusted sponsor and would not be allowed to wear the product. Also we have to remember we are not a trusted name in this industry yet and need to build a reputation before targeting the big boys. I plan to sell the product online independently and target clubs especially those with a junior section as there is now a bigger call for safety than ever before. I do not believe going through retailers is the way forward at the moment. Similar products When entering any new market a strategy needs to be put in place. Many things will need to be done before we can even decide on the final product and whether it should be launched. Target audience Competition (established brand names) Know the rules and regulations Work with the right partners (market knowledge) Budget- Can you afford to enter the market? By Daniel James Mines The all weather protective batting shirt. This product combines two current products that are already on the market to produce a product that has not been seen before. (gap in the market). The product is Modeled on the cricket product 'Batting shorts' which are designed to protect a batsmen groin and thighs. The product will be designed using clima cool technology so the player will cool down in the heat and warm up in the cold. The shirt will have two holders for protective padding- On the arm for an arm guard, and the chest for a chest guard. Stage two- Identify a product Website and other forms of marketing Clima cool technology Insert able padding with a tight fit Fits under the normal cricket shirt Production price £10-£15 Sale Price £40-50 Diversify/Niche market Design of the product The website will be linked to Reptons own main website. Regular updates will be posted of both the product and people using the product as I feel this is important if people are to buy. People will be able to buy directly from the website and have the product delivered to their house. It is important the website is kept up to date as I want it to match our huge social media presence. Further down the line I plan to use things such as email marketing. Although social media is the way forward, customer retention is also very important. Keeping our current customers happy can be a key source to revenue. As the brand becomes more established we could look to host club days. This is where we build a partnership with a club and offer them small discounts. This could increase clubs to buy the product in bulk. The cricket Protection Shirt Market Entry- The cricket protection shirt The Cricket equipment market is a huge market with hundreds of manufacturers. After a recent trip to Nottinghamshire based cricket shop Owzat they had over 100 bats in store alone. This made me realize how hard it would be to compete with Brands such as Adidas and Gun and Moore. I decided to do some research if there was any gaps in the market and could they be exploited. After doing some research on Twitter I received a small number of tweets like this asking for this type of product. Seven players out of eleven where found to wear an under shirt while playing cricket in a recent survey. The product sums me up by entering a niche market. I like to think outside the box and this also sums Repton Medical up. This will also eliminate competition. Social Media in the future Who am I aiming the product at? I chose to diversify as I thought this summed up both me and Repton Medical. I thought this product would fit in well with the company even though it is entering another market. I also think this is the best technique even though there is a lot of risk to it. The risk is that it might not catch on but on the flip side is this product is the only one of its type. If this catches on we will be the only one selling it and we could sell in huge numbers. Stage one- Identify a strategy Endorsements and famous people using your product and equipment. Some people say its 'who you know' not 'what you know' Close friend and former teammate Joe Root has agreed to star in a short video using the product and how it works. I then plan to use this to my advantage on twitter and Facebook by Tweeting the video from the company's social media sites. By using Joe cricket lovers are more likely to use/buy the product as one of their heros is using it. The Nike/Christiano

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