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Market Analysis Presentation

Transcript: Personal and Family Considerations Population Growth 2015 - 106,779 Growth: 6.4% in 5 years Sex Therapy Texas Sex Therapy Institute: $6000 + $500 + $50 (no supervision) In person AASECT Tuition Free (minimal payment) Private education: Bs. 199,582 = $300 (Bachelor's in Psychology) 29 beach parks CityPlace Grassy Waters Evergaldes Preserve Palm Beach Outlets Restaurants South Beach, Miami Cons: WEATHER Pro: Siudy Garrido Dance Studio, tons of Belly Dance studios and clubs that close at 4am Personal and Family Considerations Houston, TX Oldest brother and best friend currently lives there How to become a MFT 36 credit hours, 180 hours internship, 1500 direct hours, extra classes in rules and laws, medical error, HIV/AIDS and domestic violence From TX to FL: applying by endorsement and 24-month license while meeting requirements Doctor in Marriage and Family Therapy (DMFT) Nova Southeastern University (NSU): $81,120 (78 credit hours) In person 3 years Applied Clinical Project Education Bachelor's in Psychology 5 years 6-9 classes per year Direct contact with clients Undergraduate thesis Master's in Psychology 3 years 35 credits hours Master's thesis Doctorate in Psychology 3 years 46 credit hours Dissertation Quality of Life At River Oaks neighborhood $1,495,000 4 beds, 5 baths WPB is one of the three main cities in South Florida Palm Beach is the third richest county in Florida My office... At River Oaks District (on Westheimer) $32.00/sqft/yr Therapists 342 in WPB (including treatment facilities) Average House Cost (Rent) 1-bedroom apartment: $1203/month 2-bedroom apartment: $1417/month Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapy ??? My house... -No marriage and family therapy specialization -Many clinical programs -No need for license To practice: 1. Enroll in the Department of Education 2. Enroll in the School of Psychologist of the jurisdiction you plan to provide services 3 Enroll in Federation of Psychologists of Venezuela In charge of the code of professional ethics 4. Not suspended by the Disciplinary Board Income MFTs Salary range: $17K-60K Typical salary: $44,240 Starting monthly salary in TX: $2,651 60-minutes sesssion: $245 (DMFT + CST) Therapists 80 near the River Oaks Neighborhood Most populated city in Texas Fourth most populated in the United States The Basics... Being a Psychologist... Quality of Life Cost of Living Minimum Wage: Bs. 16,388 = $24 (February) Bs. 27,000 = $40 (November) Groceries: Bs. 68,217 = $100 Cost of Living Single person: $894 (without rent) Cost of Living $813 (without rent) Nathaly Moreno Sex Therapy Modern Sex Therapy Institute: $4,500 ($8,250 w/ 50hrs supervision) + $500 Weekend classes Live and Webinar AASECT? The Basics... State Regulations Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling My people... Pros: Dance Studio Cons: Clubs close at 2am and WEATHER Caracas,Venezuela Being a MFT... Education... Market Analysis Presentation Family lives here Oldest brother plans to move here Being a MFT... The Basics... My life... West Palm Beach, FL How to become a MFT COAMFTE-acccredited program (ours is 60 credit hours), 9 credit hours internship, 1,500 direct hours, 100 hours supervision, national and jurisprudence exam. Per Capita Income West Palm Beach: $29,882 (2014) State Regulations Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists Income MFTs Salary range: $32K-59K Typical salary: $46,290 Starting monthly salary in FL: $3,549 Per Capita Income $27,938 (2014) Population Growth 2015 - 2,296,224 Growth: 8.9% 5 years Average House Cost 1-bedroom apt: 1188/month 2-bedroom apt: 1563/month House cost: $261,329

AGEC- Market Analysis Presentation

Transcript: AGEC 3224: Market Analysis Our Product: 2011 Lexus LFA Our Team: Aaron Blunt Desloge, MO Senior Wants to be an Entreprenuer Kelli Sullivan St. Louis Senior Marketing Major Josh Guyette Kansas City Senior Ag. Business Mgmt. Major Jason Driskell Blue Springs, MO Junior Accounting Major Overview: -SWOT Analysis -Total Market Potential -Target market -Market Segmentation SWOT Analysis--> Strengths *Established distribution channels --> Lexus has a previous following of buyers who would be interested in buying the new LFA *Produce and Manufacture --> Lexus has experience and the necessary resources to manufacture the LFA *Named among Road & Track's Best of the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show --> Gives the new car credibility Weaknesses *First sports supercar by Lexus -->Buyers may be weary in buying a new type of car that Lexus has not previously prodced *Limited supply -->Only 500 LFAs to be sold *Safety Concerns -->With the new advancements, a concern of too much power has shown in driving tests when taking corners Opportunities *Technological Advancement --> The LFA is the first of it's kind with a carbon-fiber cabin and many built-in features. The advancements are sure to attract buyers and revolutionize the supercar market. *Growing market --> Sports supercars have a growing market and are sure to be attractive to the supercar and luxury markets. *One of a Kind Ride --> There are few better ways to be unique and show off your ride as a social symbol then by having a car that only made 500 cars. Threats *Economic Conditions --> With buyers already spending less, there is concern that luxury items purchases will be decreased. *Gas Prices --> With gas prices rising, there is a bigger concern for more fuel mileage. The LFA only gets 14 MPG. *Competitors selling at lower prices --> The Lexus LFA costs $375,000. While it is truely one-of-a-kind, consumers may look at purchasing from indirect competitors because of their lower prices. Total Potential Market: There are 8.6 million High Net Worth Individuals worldwide. HNWI's have investable assets in excess of $1 million (World's Wealth Report 2008) Location: US, China, Japan, Germany Top wealthiest countires; Countires with the most millionaires. Account for 53% of total worldwide HNWI's! Trends -Luxury car sales are up in developing and mature markets. - "Luxury collectibles accounted for 30% of HNWI's overall passion investments in 2009, an increase from 27% in 2008. (World Wealth Report) Target Market 3.3 million (Millionaires in North America) x65% (males age 35+) _____ =2,145,000 TARGET MARKET Trend: Similar to potential market- GROWING Accessibility: Lexus distributes globally and has many manufacturers and distribution sites already established Market Segmentation Demographic Variables: Age: >35 Sex: Male Income: >$1 million Geographic Variables: Region: North America, USA, NY, NYC -->Reside in extremely wealthy cities. Own property. Behavioral Variables: Brand loyal. Ready to purchase. Value customization over price. Psychographic Variables: Lead active lifestyles; Well-educated; Successful professionals; Value luxury assets and show wealth through material objects; Strong work ethic Summary: -SWOT Analysis -Potential Market: 8.6 M -Target Market: 2.145 M -Market Segmentation The End Size: 8.6 Million

Pet Market Analysis Presentation

Transcript: Services Marketing Management Team: Polymnios Avgousti William Cain Julianne Herrity Hannelore Shook-Minyard Alexander White Miriam Wilson Control Measures Customer Relationship Management Adaptive Budget Marketing Consulting Team Quantitative Methods Return on Marketing Investment Market Share Customer Lifetime Value Our ethical responsibility is upheld with extensive product testing and a lifetime warranty Demographic changes: Baby boomers will be soon be replaced by Generation X and Millenials. Pricing and Promotion Market Environment 3 potential solutions -Thundershirt, Thunderleash, Medication Core Benefit - Real anxiety solution at an affordable price Company brand - We stand for quality assurance Packaging and labeling - Extension of our classy, quality product Functionality - Safe comforting environment. Free from noise and strangers Quality - Long lasting, contemporary design Safety - No toxic materials, completely safe design Satisfaction - Affordable price for high end quality product. Money back guarantee!! The comfort crate offers a safe and comforting place for your pet to go; it is a neat item with a neutral, sleek design to fit any home at an affordable price. -Demographic Segmentation Variables -Evaluate the attractiveness of each identified segment through 5 steps. -Concentrated Target Marketing approach. -Single-segment Concentration. Consumer Market Strategy of Concentration -->focus on a niche product Main Competitor: -->ThunderWorks that created ThunderShirts to help pet parents. Focus Competitve Strategy that will focus on a liited customer group. Our Mission Statement: To improve the quality of life for pets with an anxiety disorder and their owners through the use of non-pharmaceutical interventions. Product and Branding Technological changes: Mobile Apps More competition from other competitors. Customer Service via website Availability of knowledgeable, caring support staff Research, blog, socialize with other consumer groups, vet agencies, pet groups or professionals Product Technical Support Social Media presence Evaluation of Marketing Effort and Conclusion Market Segments Positioning Porter's Generic Competitive Strategy: Differentiation Focus: People who humanize their pets Treat them as family members Very invested in their well-being Anxiety Reduction and associated issues very important Target Markets: Baby Boomers, Empty Nesters, and younger professional set, especially women Social Media Interaction Public Relation Sponsorships Industry Sponsorships The Competition Competitive Strategies and Target Markets Buying roles and buying behaviors. Cultural, social, personal and psychological influences. Social: Single-parent families. Personal: Age/Occupation Marketing activities within the consumer buying process - great customer service and an informative website. Market Analysis of Auxiliary Pet Products Political/legal issues: Animal rights groups Ban on pets sold in store Economic trends: Economic downturn Future generations may not spend as much as the baby boomers.

Market Analysis Presentation

Transcript: Group 5 Kunal Grover - 7187815 Jasmine Sardea - 100574437 Taylar Cations - 100496696 Stratified sampling which is a part of probability sampling will be adopted. This will be done to divide the respondents into mutually exclusive groups such as gender, age, culture and jobs. However, there is still no concrete evidence of consumers preference of charity over environmental impacts and vice-versa. Contact Methods Coca-Cola Amatil has agreed to invest $450 million towards sustainable blowfill technology which will reduce their carbon footprint by 22% (Loane 2011). Initiator: Wants bottled water Influencer: Can persuade consumer preferences and aid in the location they go to find the preferred bottled water (Doria 2006, p. 274) Decider: Choosing to buy Thankyou Water due to the added social value Buyer: Physically purchase Thankyou Water after discussion and decisions User: Will be satisfied with their purchase of this luxury item Recognising the need for thirst! Competitive Environment Only 25% of people who drink bottled water have a single preferred brand they purchase (Wilk 2006, p. 315) Information Search However, Thankyou Water has used their technological opportunity by developing an app where consumers can track their impact! Economic Environment Experts have recently invented a plasma technology to purify water as quickly as 10 seconds using minimal energy (Taylor 2015, p. 8). Although provides an opportunity for CCA but it is an immediate threat for Thankyou Water for their inability to invest such large capital. Thankyou Water has diversifed the basic “pure” and “healthy” water emphasis adopted by other brands (Doria 2006, p. 274). Dolesh (2014, p. 36) stated the following: Production, packaging and transportation of plastic bottled water requires 17 million oil barrels! Amount of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) required is 3 million tones! 85% of these plastic bottles end up in landfill waste! Hence, Natural Environment poses a significant threat to the bottled water industry. Primary Data Consumer Decision Making Process Vision Natural Environment Australian Bureau of Statistics 2012, Reflecting a Nation – Stories from the 2011 Census, cat. No. 2071.0, ABS, viewed 22nd March 2015, < 12-2013> Dolesh, RJ 2014, ‘The Problem with Bottled Water’, Parks & Recreation, vol. 49, pp. 36-38. Doria, MF 2006, ‘Bottled water versus tap water: understanding consumers’ preferences’, Journal of Water and Health, vol. 4, pp. 271-276. Euromonitor International 2015, ‘Euromonitor Sector Capsule; Bottled Water in Australia’, Factiva, 24th February, viewed 25th March 2015, <https://global-!?&_suid=142726102067 206148782251402736>. Francisco, JPS 2014, ‘Why households buy bottled water: a survey of household perceptions in the Philippines’, International Journal of Consumer Studies, vol. 38, pp. 98-103. Gargano, S 2015, Bottled Water Manufacturing in Australia, IBISWorld, C1211b. Loane, S 2011, Coca-Cola Amatil unveils $35 million investment in bottle self-manufacture, Coca-Cola Amatil Media Release. Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development 2014, Society at a Glance 2014 Highlights: AUSTRALIA OECD Social Indicators, OECD Publishing, Paris. Prescott, S 2014, ‘Company backgrounder’, Thankyou, September, viewed 19th March 2015, <>. Social Enterprise Awards 2013, Thankyou water – youth – led social enterprise of the year, viewed 16th March 2015, <>. Taylor, M 2015, ‘New technologies empower pure water’, Laboratory Equipment, vol. 51, pp. 8-11. Thankyou 2010, Thankyou Water – The Power of One Bottle, 17th March, viewed 17th March 2015, <Thankyou 2015, ‘600mL Premium Spring Water’, The Water Range, Thankyou, viewed 22nd March 2015, <>. Wilk, R 2006, ‘Bottled Water: The pure commodity in the age of branding’, Journal of Consumer Culture, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 303-325, doi: 10.1177/1469540506068681. Furthermore, we can have volunteers with ipads at various locations that can physically reach consumers of bottled water to undertake a short survey! Since bottled water is a low involvement routine product, we are developing our survey to have: Closed end questions for structured response Dichotomous questions to reduce vagueness Questions with Importance Scale to analyse specific consumer preferences Evaluation of Alternatives Purchase Cost of 1.5L Thankyou water = $2.10 Although Coles and Woolworths pose a threat to Thankyou Water as they look to drive volume growth through lower prices and increased availability (Gargano 2015, pp. 24-25). However, Mt Franklin and Cool Ridge present an opportunity for Thankyou Water as they offer an expensive product with no extra superiority. Since water quenches thirst, consumers will look for bottled water. Demographic

Export Market Analysis Presentation

Transcript: Recession Price Tutors: Mark Hughes Sofie Brodersen Internal Analysis Country 12% How is the spirits market in Spain currently? What are the customer preferences when it comes to alcohol consumption? What are the current perspectives on vodka and Cuba in Spain? What are the opportunities and challenges of entering the market now? Published researched Government souces Course's literature Recommen- dations The ratings on vodka is higher than the other kinds of alcohol. The most important factor when choosing vodka is the flavour. The age group 16-19 is more willing to buy flavoured vodka. More than 30% of people drink spirits once a week or more. Women and men are equally likely to buy flavoured vodka. Conclusions Hypotheses Team J, Group 3 Promotion Market Share Stable Financial Situation Flavour and taste are the most important factors in vodka 2.2. Overview of Respondents Geography White Labeled Vodka Market Segment To export or not to export? Age 13/05/2015 5 22% Decline Descriptive Research External Analysis 2 Thank you for your attention! Expensive Vodka 9,3M (2021) Research Purpose Spain, in the metropolitan areas Off-trade Field Research 1 1 HUWA intends to export Cuba Flavoured Vodka to Spain. Even though the Spanish spirits market is on decline, the company wants to confirm if this is the right market to export their products to and, also, the right time to do so. Desk Research Opportunities and threats 43M 70% 4 30% drink alcohol at least once a week Hypotheses Market's category segmentation, by value, 2013 (Source: Marketline) Problem Statement External Sources 1.1. Export Market Analysis Company reports Salesperson feedback External Analysis Place 3 Market Size On-trade Spain spirits market value: $ Million, 2009-13 (Source: Marketline) Male and female Discount campaigns Individual banner commercials Purpose Is right now the right time for Hela Wine & Spirits ApS to enter Spain with their Cuba line? Recommendations 30% 1.2. CUBA Market's share: % share, by volume, 2013 (Source: Marketline) Face-to-face Survey Target Market 2 Vodka is the most appreciated spirits 26% Young and single looking for fun, or newly married with no children Inconsistencies between field and desk research Whiskey over vodka or otherwise? Flavour is the most important factor in vodka-> advantage for "Cuba" 16-19y age group is more willing to buy flavoured vodka-> in line with "big bottle" phenomena Women and men are equally likely to buy flavoured vodka Market Economics 2.1. Sample 3 The 16-19y age group is more willing to buy flavoured vodka 4 P's 25K Demographics slow decline of spirits market lack of experience in abroad market distance of the market cultural differences Lots of subsitute drinks Non-probability sample - judgement sample Quantitative data Cuba Flavoured Vodka + Cuba Pure Vodka high latent market strong preference for vodka low competition on flavored vodka segment low taxes on alcohol Conclusion Conclusion Market's attractiveness Market's opportunities and threats Recommendation 16-34 years old Basis: Q8, Q12, 166 respondents Net Profit Equity Research Purpose Gender 12M (2011) Unemployment rate GDP per capita Exchange rate Conclusions of the research Adomas Ana Eleonora Denis Nicolai Pernilla Rasmus "Entry mode"-> Direct export Set up promotional events in bars and pubs Sell bundle of bottles with shot glasses in Supermarket and Alcohol shops Position "Cuba" as mid-price flavored vodka Desk Research 280M Big latent market to penetrate before the competitors Stable market Curious target group Chance to choice our position Focus our distribution strategy on bars/pubs 1.2. Lifecycle Family Field Research Internal Sources Product Path Target Group Immigrant Population

Market Opportunity Analysis presentation

Transcript: Front-End Developer Three potential revenue models Tumblr. Graphic Designer Thank you for watching users Possibility for users to rate contents have profiles £4800 The Official Social Network Application 29% Greater fragmentation in the users' attention spam Who is the potential customer? Identify the target customer's behaviour Which are the firms offering services that are "close substitutes"? Would potential customers engage with a mobile application? Brand takeover Focused brands sponsorship Engineering team Niume's resources involved A behavioural change in the social networkers experience 45% Alternate Revenues Data collection Re-direction to sale on 3rd party Once a week References iPhone App Marketing | Bluecloud Solutions | How To Make Money With Apps. 2011. How much does it cost to develop an app?. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 18 Feb 2014]. easily interrupted media contents 2014. Figuring the costs of custom mobile app development | Formotus. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 16 Feb 2014]. Layout TheAppLabb. 2012. What revenue model should you choose for your Mobile App?. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 17 Feb 2014]. Base: 40,000 internet users 58% QR code Assess the company's resources to deliver the offering. Once a day Table of Content by Gaspare Magnifico Tomas Pacheco Cheng Che Li Zhi Kaixue Liu Branding Expected expenses involved Specify opportunity in real terms Google + Facebook Identify the unmet customer needs passive interaction Accessibility Spread the voice Borodescu, C. 2013. Web Sites vs. Web Apps: What the experts think - VisionMobile. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 19 Feb 2014]. Back-End Developer Jee, S. 2013. Social Networking. 1. [report] London: Mintel, pp. 1-8. Market Opportunity Analysis Comprehensive expenses £37250 Gemmell, M. 2011. Apps vs the Web - Matt Gemmell. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 14 Feb 2014]. Promotion Source: comScore/Mintel Hardware functionality What is competitors' users mobile application traffic? Syncing data across mother-website and users devices £6700 Average visits per visitor per day 2014. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 18 Feb 2014]. Visibility Quantitative opportunity Qualitative opportunity Identify competitors' behaviour 45% 10% 2014. ShareThis Homepage. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 18 Feb 2014] 39% 19% IOS universal + custom interface + Social and email log in £6700 What are the opportunities to enhance the customer experience? Customized Icon £300 7% Identify the unmet customer needs Identify the target customer's behaviour Identify competitors' behaviour Assess the company's resources to deliver the offering. Specify opportunity in concrete terms HR wage for 75 days approximate developing time £18750 30% Indipendent PlatformAds 3rd party Ad platform Ad Revenues

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