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Mango Presentation Template

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Mango Presentation

Transcript: Position the mango so one of the pointed ends is facing towards you and the other away from you. Cut downwards on the sides of the mango Or you can peel it with a knife or potato peeler Storage Preparation FEEL FREE TO COPY & PASTE THEM! By:Jenny Bahena Description: Mango Here are some extra assets : Legend says Buddha meditated under the shade of a mango tree. Are one of the most popular fruits in the world Helps prevent cancer Giving a basket of mangoes to someone is considered a gesture of friendship Francis Mango: grows throughout Haiti and is rich, spicy and sweet. It has bright yellow skin with green overtones and 'S' shaped. Haden Mango: Primary source country is Mexico. Has firm flesh due to fine fibers and is rich with aromatic overtones. Has an oval to round shape. Kinds of Mangoes When trying to pick out the best mangoes in a grocery store squeeze on gently, mangoes become softer as they ripen. Ripe mangoes also have a fruity aroma at their end stems. How To Serve Selection Store at room temperature until it's ripe, then refrigerate it in a plastic bag to maintain its condition. Interesting Facts Mango Presentation The mango is a drupe fruit that belongs to the genus Mangifera. It is oval/egg shaped and is green, red and yellow on the outside. The interior of the mango is bright orange and contains a large seed. Mangonada Recipe Peel mango and cut into large or smaller squares Without peeling the skin, cut downwards on mango and cut into squares or larger pieces Things you will need Mangoes Mango Nectar Ice Blender Chamoy Tajin (Optional) Cups Pulparindo Candy Put ice and mango nectar and blend until it's smooth, pour into cup and add chamoy sauce, cut up mango squares and then add to cup, add tajin on mango(opitional), roll pulparindo candy into a stick form and stick into cup. add logo here

mango presentation

Transcript: Presented by PERSON for COMPANY Mangos Production Production How is it produced? How is it produced? Production Mangos grow in places such ... Production Mangos grow in places such as Brazil, Mexico, and Peru Mango trees grow in subtropical areas. If the tree is exposed to 30 degrees or below it can kill the mango tree It takes about 4 months for each mango to finish producing about 400-600 mangos are produced each year per tree PICTURES PICTURES Harvesting Harvesting When you pull the mango off the tree and the stem snaps easily, it is ripe. After picking the mangos off the tree it takes about 3-8 days to ripen the whole way Mangos start to be ready for harvesting by April or May When the mango turns green it is ready to be picked Pictures of harvesting Pictures of harvesting Processing Processing Mangos go through the following steps to be processed: Washing Blanching Peeling and cutting Pulping Thermal treatment Additives Packing Cooling Pictures of processing Pictures of processing Shipping/Packaging Shipping/Packaging Mangos are packaged in a single layer carton or fruit crate Mangos are sensitive so sometimes they are wrapped in paper or covered with wood wool, straw or hay They are in a refrigerated area with a fresh air supply during shipping They are usually shipped in ships, aircrafts, trains or trucks Pictures of shipping/packaging Pictures of shipping/packaging chrome-extension://ecnphlgnajanjnkcmbpancdjoidceilk/content/web/viewer.html?source=extension_pdfhandler& chrome-extension://ecnphlgnajanjnkcmbpancdjoidceilk/content/web/viewer.html?source=extension_pdfhandler& Sources Sources

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