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Transcript: Conclusion Question 1 The population is all the students that are studyin at AUS. The sampling technique that will be used is non random sampling. The survey is distributed to 100 students at AUS in a form of an online link. The survey consisted of 9 questions to determine the effectiveness of video games on students academic performance and behavior. Effects of Video Games on Mental Health Stermer and Burges (2012), carried a research among 650 students concerning their video games playing history and the impact video games had on the students' GPA. Results showed that there was negative variation between the grades of a student before they started playing the video games and after they started. Buelow, Okdie and Cooper (2015) researched on the positive effects of video games and found out that games demand quick and fast thinking. The data was collected from a survey which consist of 9 questions: Population and Sampling Video games and College Students Performance Results Question 4 Previous Studies: Study 1 Study 4 Study 3 Question 2 The results of the survey showed that there is no correlation whether a student academic performance and behavior might be affected by over exposure to video games. On Students Academic Performance and Behavior Question 6 Question 3 More Specifically, Online games played on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Mobile phones and Tablets Impacts of Video Games Greitemeyer and Muggee (2014) argued that people addicted to video games would not even pick calls when called because they are playing. Domadid, Festl and Quandt (2014), suggested that students spend their free times indoor playing video games and the only chance they have to interact they sleep because they are exhausted. Question 5 Start Research Question: Thank you To what extent do video games impact students academic performance and behavior at the American University of Sharjah? Study 2 Violent games sparked a debate following an increment is school shootings by boys. Ander, Gentile and Buckley (2007). Ferguson and Olson (2014) agreed that boys who play violent video games have a higher chance of shooting than those did not play games at all. According to Anderson (2007), "high exposure to violent video games would be linked to higher levels of agressive behavior." Burgess and Stermer (2012) explained that consistent play of a video game without success or without making it to the next levels make students angry. Video games were first introduced in 1947. However, in the past years technological developments saw change in games people play. They shifted from playing ball games, athletics, drawing to play video games. Video games have huge irreversible impacts on young peopl especially students and their behavior This study requires quantitative approach. The study will survey students that are studying at AUS. Online survey will be used, since they are cost effective, collects data from a wide range of people and can be developed in less time. Methodology By Khawla AlNuaimi 53147 References End Video Games and Social Interaction The research paper is an analysis of the impacts that video games carry on students academic behavior and performance. Question 7 Question 8 Question 9 Gentile (2011), proves that there are risks that are associated with video games for about three hours a week. Gentile reported that those who play more than three hours a week have a high probability of becoming pathological gamers. Thus, thry suffer in a long term from a physical disorder such as chronic low back pain (LBP). Effects of Video Games on Behaviourisim Abstract

Makeup Presentation

Transcript: Quotes Do You Get Treated Differently by Wearing Makeup? “Don’t wear makeup, be yourself.” “Makeup makes you.” Which of these quotes have you heard? Which one do you believe or follow? Consider the quote “Makeup makes you.” What does this mean, and how should one interpret it? Hook Truth is, people get treated better with makeup on than when being bare-faced. They get paid more, get better job opportunities, and one’s social life can get so much easier. Thesis Statement Money is on everyone’s minds at some point in life. Wearing makeup can increase your paycheck according to “Enhanced female attractiveness with use of cosmetics and male tipping behavior in restaurants,” by Nicholas Gueguen (2010). “Results showed that the makeup condition was associated with a significant increase in the tipping behavior of male customers.” Quote 1 This means that a waitress wearing makeup can get more tips than a waitress wearing no makeup. Explanation According to this experiment, men found women who wore makeup more “clean” and more “feminine.” They also found them more attractive. Quote 2 Overall, an increase was made in tipping behavior towards women with makeup. Conclusion Everyone wants a job to earn some cash and have a happy life. If you have makeup on, you’re in luck! You have more of a chance of getting the job than the girl next to you wearing no makeup at all! According to “Up the Career Ladder, Lipstick In Hand,” by Catherine Louis(2011), makeup “increases people’s perceptions of a woman’s likability.” Quote 1 This means that people automatically feel a connection with a women who wears makeup because she seems more trustworthy. Explanation People automatically judge you by your looks, Catherine says “appearance unjustly affects some workers.” Quote 2 She is talking about the fact that in job interviews, the interviewer bases the women’s intelligence and competence on her looks first. Explanation In other words, people with no makeup can be seen as unintelligent. Conclusion So you want a boyfriend or a new best friend? Make sure to pick up some cosmetics on your way to your night out. Recent studies show people like women with more facial cosmetics. According to “Effects of Cosmetics Use on the Physical Attractiveness and Body Image of American College Women,” by Thomas Cash(2010), “Male judges were less favorable when the women were cosmetics free.” Quote 1 This means that when men compared women with and without makeup, they favored more those with cosmetics. Explanation The article also states “Results indicated more positive body-image cognitions and affect in the cosmetics-present than the cosmetics-absent condition.” Quote 2 This means that results showed more positive comments towards women with makeup. Explanation In conclusion, makeup makes you seem more friendly and approachable. Conclusion Conclusion So do you get treated differently by only wearing some cosmetics? Yes, you get treated better with makeup on than being bare-faced. Reason 1 Overall, an increase was made in tipping behavior towards women with makeup. Also, if you want a better chance in your interview you should wear makeup. It makes you seem more intelligent. Reason 2 Finally, wearing makeup makes you seem more approachable and friendly to others. Reason 3 REFERENCES: Nicholas Gueguen (2010). “Enhanced female attractiveness with use of cosmetics and male tipping behavior in restaurants.” Retrieved from Catherine Louis(2011).”Up the Career Ladder, Lipstick In Hand.” Retrieved from Thomas Cash (2010). “Effects on cosmetics use on the Physical Attributes and Body Image of American College Women.” Retrieved from References

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