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Transcript: In this research the writer analyses the affixes effects to the base morphemes and the process of IC (Immediate Constituent) in the affixes words which exist in each derivational and inflectional word in the article Vocational High School in Klaten produces SUV cars that was published on The Jakarta Post newspaper. To be tended to the grammatical sentences, it should be structural to the syntactic slot, while in the article there is a view difficult words formation that makes it rather difficult to be understood. SUGGESTIONS RESEARCH QUESTIONS Relating to the research questions, the objectives of study are: To analyse the effects of derivational and inflectional affixes to the base morphemes in each affixes word in the article of The Jakarta Post. To know the process of Immediate Constituent in the affixes words. Example: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Composed by: Putri Sari Romadhon 108026000048 photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Dealing with the second question about the process of Immediate Constituent in the affixes words, the writer scrutinizes the bases, the prefixes and the suffixes to put them together in order to build a structural word. The process of IC is by cutting down the base from the affixes, then attaching the prefix if it occurs in the formation, and finally attaching the suffix to the root to vary the word class or the grammar, and so on if there are needed more than two suffixes in a word. To know the IC, it can be tended as the following ways; If a word ends in inflectional suffix, the first cut is between this suffix and the rest of the word. One of the IC’s should be a free form. The meanings of the IC’s should be related to the meaning of the word. Thus, from the data analysis, the writer finds about a hundred affixes words that can be classified into derivational affixes and inflectional suffixes. Derivational prefixes with four prefixes contain seven words, derivational suffixes with sixteen suffixes contain fifty words, and inflectional suffixes with six suffixes contain fifty-seven words. Composed by: Putri Sari Romadhon 108026000048 FOCUS OF THE STUDY language is arbitrarily produced by people, they create such symbols to express different feelings in different ways. (Wahyu Wibowo, 2001:3) many English words are morphologically complex. They can be broken down into smaller units that are meaningful.(Francis Katamba, 1993: 19-20) IMMEDIATE CONSTITUENT THANK YOU ^_^ Measurements : suffixes= -s Meaning=plural Input=singular noun (measurement) Output=plural noun (measurement + -s = measurements) Remarks= inflectional Measurements : suffixes= -ment Meaning= action or process Input= verb (measure) Output=noun (measure + -ment = measurement) Remarks=derivational UNIT OF ANALYSIS The analysis unit in this research is the journalistic text of The Jakarta Post newspaper which is entitled Vocational High School in Klaten produces SUV cars in edition October 22nd 2011. INSTRUMENT OF THE RESEARCH The main instrument of this research is the writer herself; she gets all information by reading some books and other references. Then, she analyses the selected data by reading, identifying, and grouping the text by applying the Katamba and Norman’s derivation and inflection theories. Dealing with the first question about the effects of the affixes, it can be classified into two kinds of bound morpheme; prefix and suffix. Prefix changes nothing of the part of speech but operates the prefix words depends on its own meaning. On the one side, suffix changes the word class which can be applied in derivation as same as in inflection. Derivational suffixes affect the word class but inflectional suffixes change the grammatical category. There are differences between derivation and inflection; derivation creates new lexeme meanwhile inflection does not, it only changes the form of lexeme. Derivation changes the syntactic category but the inflection changes the grammatical one. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY MORPHOLOGY : Morph is a physical form representing some morpheme in a language. (ex: word infamous is made up of three morphs--in-, fam(e), -eous-) Allomorph is different morphs represent the same morpheme, they are grouped together (ex: {-D pt} = /-əd/ ~ /-t/ ~ /-d/) Morpheme is the ‘minimal meaningful unit’ (ex: suffix –D pt) DATA ANALYSIS OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY The IC is a way to know what the first and the next constituent are. Ex: measurements - [[[measure]V –ment]N –s]plural Word : a small part of speech that has own meaning. Ex: pockled, pockling, pockles Lexeme : vocabulary items that are listed in the dictionary. Ex: pockles, pockling, pockled are realizations of one lexeme POCKLE How do the affixes effect to the base morphemes? How does the process of Immediate Constituent in the affixes words? MORPHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS ON THE ARTICLE VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL IN KLATEN PRODUCES SUV CARS OF THE JAKARTA POST The writer focuses on the affixes effects to the base morphemes and the process


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Transcript: "Woman" "Sleeping Woman" "14 droites en spirale" (2008) "Mirror Anamorphosis with Column" Felice Varini Tracy Lee Stum István Orosz Awtar Singh Virdi Kurt Wenner Anamorphosis: To Change Shape or Form. Your perspective of the world might not always be what you think. Anamorphic art play's with your perception. This art form causes you to question what you are seeing. Will you become more aware? "Cherry Blossom Bridge" "Stocznia Szczecinska" (2010) Felice Varini Istvan Orosz "Morph" Leon Keer An Anamorphic Art Show Anamorphic art's finished images can only be viewed correctly from one POV "Anamorphosis" (2007) "3d lego terracotta" (2010) Manfred Stader "Electro Jellies" Awtar Singh Virdi "Amazing Anamorphic Illusions!" (2012) "Iskandar, the last king of Singapore in the fourteenth century" (2006) BrussPupp "Cinq cercles conncentriques, noir" (1993) Bibliography Awtar Singh Virdi” “Woman”, “Sleeping Woman” BrussPupp “Amazing Anamorphic Illusions” (2012)(Rubix Cube, Tape, Shoe) Felice Varini “14 Droites en Spirale” (2008), “Cinq Cercles Connecentriques Noir” (1993) Hans Holbein “The Ambassadors” (1533) Istvan Orosz “Anamorphosis” (2007), “Mirror Anamorphosis with Column”án_Orosz Kurt Wenner “Iksandar, The King of Singapore in the Fourteenth Century” (2006) Leon Keer “3d Lego Terracotta” (2010) Manfred Stader “Stecznia Szczecinska” (2010) Tracy Lee Stum “Cherry Blossom Bridge”, “Electro Jellies” "The Ambassadors" Hans Holbein (1533) Tracy Lee Stum

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