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Macbook Air Presentation Template

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MacBook Air!

Transcript: MacBook Air! How much does it cost? The price of a MacBook Air starts at $1199, for the model with 2GB of memory and 64GB of storage. What are some of it features? Some of the features of the MacBook Air are: • Intel Core 2 Duo processor which makes the computer run faster. • An ultra-thin battery which runs for 5 hours without charging. • A 13.3 inch screen, with high resolution. • A USB port and headphone jack. • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. • Built-in camera and microphone What does it replace? It replaces chunky laptops that are hard to transport and don’t look as good. It is also a bit easier to use than other laptops. What does it look like? The MacBook Air is silver and looks like a normal laptop, with a high resolution screen and a keyboard and touch pad. The actual laptop is very thin and when closed is only about as thick as your thumb. Would I recommend one to a friend? I would recommend one to a friend. Especially if I had a friend that needed to take the laptop to places for work or on the bus or train for school. What are some additional costs? To use internet on your MacBook Air, you have to either have a USB portable internet key or you can connect it to your wireless router. Having either of these will cost you so much a month, depending on how much internet and what provider you are with. If you want to play disks on the MacBook Air you will have to buy a MacBook Air superdrive, which you plug into the USB port and it will play the disks. I would definitely get one. It is a fast computer with good programs, which is easy to transport and use. What will it be like in the future? If they made another one in the future it would most likely be faster and thinner. It would probably have more features and more storage limit. Is it a new concept? It is not really a new concept as it works the same as a laptop. The only new thing about it that it is extremely thin and lightweight but still has all the same features as a laptop. What are the different providers? The only company that sells the MacBook Air is Apple. The MacBook Air is used exactly the same as a laptop. It has a touch pad for a mouse and a keyboard to type. Where is it used? The MacBook Air can be used in a number of places. As it is very light and easy to carry it can be used at work, at home and anywhere else that you want to use it. The only thing with using it out of the home is that you would have to have USB Internet or another Wi-Fi connection to use the internet. Why is it used? It is used because it is a laptop with internet connections and programs and also because it is light weight, thin and easy to transport. People also use it because it is easy to use and looks good. How much limit? The 11-inch MacBook Air comes in two models, one with 64GB of storage and the other with 128GB of storage. Both have 2GB of memory. The 13-inch MacBook Air comes in two models, one with 128 GB of storage and the other with 256GB of storage. Both have 2GB of memory. When did it come onto the market? How is it used? The first MacBook Air came onto the market in 2008. Would I get one?

MacBook Air

Transcript: What is it? Pros and Cons Advantages of this product are the reliability and the quality of the product. A disadvantage is the price of the device, because it is made by apple and has a very high reputation to uphold, it is a rather expensive product. However, it is completely worth the money you spend on it. For this device there are commercials, ads on websites and a large picture of it on the Apple website. It is also featured in television shows and movies. As well as being talked about on the radio. MacBook Air I think that they could make it sturdier, lessening the chances of it breaking. Other than this I think that the Apple Company has pretty much thought of everything when it comes to the technology they manufacture. This product uses intel core i7 and i5 to make it go 2.5x faster than the other Macbooks. It also has backlit keys so that you can always see the keys. The macbook air uses all flash storage so that opening apps, shutting down the computer and turning it on all take a few seconds to do. The screen has a very high resolution making it a fantastic screen to work on, very pictures and videos as well as video chat with people. What does it use? Improvements? The targeted population is people who like the Apple brand, mostly adults and young adults. users The Macbook Air is a thin, light weight laptop. This Apple product is extremely efficient. It is a silver laptop with a high resolution, HD screen and built in webcam. It was created to be useful for both business and pleasure. Many people trust the Apple brand to have very efficient products, so this product had the intention of being a well designed laptop that would stregthen the Apple name. Advertisments

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