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MacBook Air

Transcript: MacBook Air by: Chase Weizer & Dominic Pucci Positive Impacts Makes information and entertainment portable Creates pollution indirectly The Future BIGGER SCREENS, BUT LIGHTER WEIGHT MORE ADVANCED SOFTWARE Better Maneuverability from App to App Needs & Wants Fast Speeds Stores Lots of Information Lightweight & Portable Long Lasting Battery Area of Technology Business Communication Quick Connection to Others Construction Can hold software that helps people make blueprints of builds MacBook Air History What is it? Macbook Air What does it do? Makes Work Easier The Creator Steve Jobs HISTORY OF THE MACBOOK AIR Steve Jobs introduced the MacBook Air to Apple on January 15, 2008. It was designed to balance both performance and portability. Steve wanted the MacBook Air to be the world's thinnest laptop, but instead it became known as the most advanced laptop of the time. How is it used? Entertainment, Writing Documents, Communications Features Intel Core i5 ThunderBolt USB Multi-Touch Trackpad Flash Storage Chip (64GB) Backlit Keyboard Description of the MacBook Air The Macbook Air is a thin laptop that comes with a 13 inch screen or a 16 inch screen. The keyboard illuminates at night and the trackpad is multi-touch. Also, the Macbook Air comes with loads of USB ports to satisfy your syncing or charging needs. The information provided in this Prezi came from & WikiPedia's page on the MacBook Air & the pictures are from Google Images We chose this topic because we like computers and technological things and we were familiar with the MacBook Pro, not the MacBook Air Here are some images of the MacBook Air THE END TOUCH SCREEN Negative Impacts

Macbook Air!

Transcript: In Conclusion... More Reasons The new 11-inch MacBook Air has a battery that lasts up to an incredible 9 hours! Although the MacBook Air is only 0.68 inches thin and weighs only 2.38 pounds, it has a sturdy aluminum unibody that makes the computer tough and durable, too. Welcome! School Work! I know that money can be an issue, but the 11-inch MacBook Air starts at only $999, which is much less money than it used to be. Also, you can buy MacBook Airs less expensive from secondary sources. I will help with the cost of the MacBook Air from my babysitting money, if needed as well, even if it is a birthday gift. Hi! I have decided to make a presentation of the reasons I should have a MacBook Air! So please, relax, get comfy, and please be optimistic about this presentation. Thank you, and happy reading! The iPad also cannot make PowerPoint Presentations, and does not have a very good Word software. Yes, it has a software for this process, but it does not compare to one on a computer. Better than the iPad The first reason why I should receive a MacBook Air for my birthday is that being in all advanced classes, I will need a fast, WORKING, smooth-running computer for my school work. A MacBook Air would be an ideal computer for this, because it is extremely fast and it is also very light. New Computer New Computer Eventually, all computers become slow, which is what happened to my computers, and why I need a MacBook Air! You see, the MacBook Air remains fast as long as you use it and take care of it, which I promise to do if you buy me my own. MacBook Air! Now, I know what you're thinking, and it's probably somewhere along the lines of how I already have an iPad. Well, there are many things that the iPad cannot do, in which you need a computer. Anything that involves flash player or java cannot be used on iPads. As you can see, I really want the 11-inch MacBook Air. It would help with schoolwork a great deal, and I could use it wherever I go. Rather than just brushing it off, please take the time to think about it and the reasons in this presentation, since it did take a long time to create. Instead of buying me a computer that is less expensive than the MacBook Air, why don't we think about it. Why buy me a computer that will eventually break much sooner than the MacBook Air would? Because then, you would have to buy me a second computer, which would add up. Money Better than the iPad

MacBook Air

Transcript: Demographics: male/female, for people that receive $55,000 & up, and roughly around 18-55, white collar, married with children, high school and or college graduate Geographics: live in the city or suburban areas Psychographic: people that do work on the computer, do business while traveling, or enjoy making music Feature Benefit chart [Battery Life-With the Mac Book you can get up to 12 h of battery life [Graphics-fourth generation Intel core processors [WI-FI - Up to 3x faster wifi [flash storage-connect your Mac to to the latest Itune displays [Thunder Bolt-provides faster access to data [Display/camera-lets friend and family see you clearer w/ the 720p camera [Tack Pad-makes everything you do more direct and fun [Keyboard-Makes typing more comfortable [Thinner-easier to store and carry around. [fast memory-features up to 8gb of super fast 160 mhz DESCRIPTION MacBook Air is a thin, lightweight laptop from apple. It is a full sized notebook not only weighs 3 pounds. Has one USB port. MacBook air is an environmentally friendly product it consumes less power than other MacBooks I believe that a customer would use limited decision making.A customer would most likely buy another mac if , they have previously bought one.This computer would be bought every once in a while because of its expense. Target Market Approaching Methods Are you an exploring the web type of person Do you do work while traveling Do you take pictures and send them to a relative would you prefer a standard laptop that will go out on you in less than a year , or get the best laptop (mac) in the 21st century that will last a life time. Wouldn't you want to multitask doing all things that you need to get done?Instead of handling different things all at once that stressful. Questions We Ask Customer Buying Motive We say that this purchase is an emotional purchase because it makes you feel socially accepted. The best computer in the 21st century. It Last longer more than the most standard computer. Level of decision making Merchandise-first we let the customer look around first Greeting-if the customer needs some help we approach them in a friendly manner and say "Good morning." When the customer finds a product they are interested in the salesperson asks "How may I help you?" MacBook Air

MacBook Air

Transcript: *All Day Battery *Processors and Graphics *802.11 ac WIFI *Flash Storage *Thunderbolt and USB 3 *Display and camera *Multi-Touch Trackpad *Backlit Keyboard Built-in-Apps Feutres *iPhoto *Mail *iBooks *iMovie *Messages *Maps *GarageBand *Face Time *Photo Booth *Pages *Calender *Time Machine *Numbers *Contacts *Keynote *App Store *Safari *iTunes A High speed Thunderbolt port and two USB 3 ports allow mac book air to transfer data at lightening fast speeds and connect to displays like apple Thunderbolt display. MacBook air is powered with fourth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. This ultra-efficient architecture was designed to use less power and still deliver high performances. Design of MacBook air The memory in MacBook air features up to 8GB which is super fast, power- efficient 1600MHz LPDDR3. Since it has so much memory you can download a lot of apps. MacBook Air High Speed and Thunderbolt USB 3 The Flash storage is 9X faster than s traditional 5400-rpm notebook hard drive. App launches quickly, files and documents open faster. Even after a month in stand-by mode. OS X Flash Storage Memory MacBook Air supports ultrafast 802.11ac Wi-Fi. When connected to an 802.11ac base station — including AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule — wireless performance is up to 3x faster than with the previous generation of Wi-Fi or MacBook Air wit By- Ishita Sharma It is designed to be extremely thin and light to carry. Also designed to be powerful, capable, durable, and enjoyable to use. Features a unibody design for both main enclosure and display. Unibody construction means a higher precision, less complex design with fewer parts. The battery of a MacBook air can get you throughout the whole day. An 11-inch MacBook air battery can last up to 9 hours while an 13-inch MacBook air battery can last up to 12 hours. WIFI OS X is an operating system built in this mac. It is built on a rock-solid UNIX foundation, it's engineered to take full advantage of what the hardware is capable of. OS X is designed to be easy to use and beautiful to look at. This also comes with many great apps that you can enjoy. Processors and Graphics The Battery

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