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University Powerpoint

Transcript: University Powerpoint Deion Howell 3/31/11 period 7 Table of content Title page.................................. page 1 table of contents....................... page 2 list of colleges/universities...... page 3 Rollins College.......................... page 4 picture of Rollins....................... page 5 information about Rollins 6 admission form for Rollins........ page 7 extra........................................... page 8 The college I chose to do for this project is listed below followed by a little information about the college. Rollins College is a liberal arts institution and the oldest recognized college in Florida. it is located at Winter Park, Florida 32789-4499 Orange county I chose this college because it is one of the oldest colleges in Florida Bordering Lake Virginia, Rollins occupies a lush, 70-acre campus in a quaint community near Orlando and is characterized by its traditional Spanish-Mediterranean architecture. The campus is about a 20-minute drive from downtown Orlando and at least 30 minutes by car from Orlando International Airport. Admission to Rollins is highly selective. Many factors are considered in the admission process, including each candidate’s academic record, talents, interests, and potential to contribute to the Rollins and local community. Common Application On-Line Application ($40.00 application fee) Common Application Paper Application ($40.00 application fee). A representation of your strengths, talents, or interests—anything that helps us better understand who you are and your potential to contribute to the Rollins community. Your representation is limited only by your imagination and creativity. Examples of submissions from past applicants include the following: YouTube videos, DVDs or slide shows of their athletic or artistic talents; power points or scrapbooks of their backgrounds, interests or accomplishments; music or poetry they composed. It is very important that your representation is prepared specifically for your Rollins admission application and is not something you used for another purpose. Please note that your representation will not be returned. Scholarships Applicants who expect to be considered for Cornell Scholarships (full tuition), Deans’ Scholarships (up to $20,000 per year) or Donald Cram Scholarships (for natural sciences majors) should submit a completed application by January 5 for priority consideration. Applicants who expect to be considered for Centennial or Presidential Scholarships (ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per year) should submit a completed application by February 15. Early Admission If you are an extraordinary high school student, you may be considered for admission at the conclusion of your junior year, provided all other admission requirements are satisfied. Early Admission candidates should apply through the Regular Decision cycle. This is the inside of one of the theaters at Rollins College. The Annie-Russell Theater. Rollins College mascot is Tommy Tar. the dean of the department of art and art history is Debra K. Wellman. They also have beach festivals. The End

Photo Journal: Lund University

Transcript: This building was originally Built as a hospital in 1867. It now functions as the graduate school for the psychology institute, and the old hospital chapel serves as the lunch room. Palaestra Lund University promotes a sustainable lifestyle for their students with a combination of a walkable campus and abundant bike parking. Nature The University Building This was the first building constructed for Lund University, built as a library . At this time the university was surrounded by a wall, enclosing the buildings and a green space. This was not only to give the students a quiet and secluded study area, but also to keep out the beggars and loose pigs that roamed the town. The second building to be built for the university, King's house was originally used as classrooms. It was the last building to be built for the next 200 years. Tegner The university used to have a monastery, however when the building was taken down the University found a sustainable use for the ruins. Townspeople were allowed to take stones from the rubble in order to use in their own homes and in other buildings of the University. This prevented the use of more natural resources, and was definitely a form of recycling. Lund University First Building Kings House The church of Lund was built in 1100, while the town was still part of Denmark. The church was a large factor in the decision to build the university in Lund, as it provided an already established place for religious studies Student Organizations Cathedral The Lund Campus is integrated with the nature of the town. Trees on the campus are planted in straight rows to help organize the university. This planning contrasts the unorganized nature of the winding streets of the town. The University building is home to the principals office as well as other members of the university administration. It is also where students of the international program come for a welcome reception after their arrival, as well as where they attend a ceremony to receive their PhDs. This building is planned smartly to be the entrance and exit for students of the university. Bikes Photo Journal Summer 2013 Emily Wheeler Lund, Sweden This university has proven to be a sustainable campus as the university has continuously chosen to remodel it's historic buildings, rather than building costly and wasteful new ones, except when necessary for expansion. This is an example of true preservation at it's finest. Additionally the University maintains a walkable campus where students can safely bike. This statue is of the main bishop in Lund during the time of the Universtiy's beginnings, Tegner. He had a large influence on the development of Swedish Society. After the final war between Denmark and Sweden made the school lose support, Tegner was a large force that kept the university from closing. Old Hospital This building was originally built for student housing and as a recreation area for the abundant coffee culture of Lund. Now it is used as an office building for organizations within the university, such as the Student Union. Photo Journal: Lund University This building provides the students with plenty of places to study, and in order to sustain the history and keep the building, rather than creating a new library the university has simply added on more space to the back of this building as the school grows. Palaestra was used as the university gymnasium until the 1980s when there was a fire. Instead of demolishing the building, the university repaired the inside. This sustainable act saved the university money as well as resources. Old Monastary University Library

LUND University

Transcript: Multicultural Environment Who Are we? Who is Asmaa? IKEA around the world IKEA around the world DISTRIBUTION SERVICES IN NORTH EUROPE DISTRIBUTION SERVICES IN NORTH EUROPE IKEA IT AB IKEA IT AB More than 1500 Co-workers China US Germany Sweden India Poland .... What do I do? Test Center Test Performance Specialist What do I do? What we test? What we test? Are we readly to go live? Why is our system prformance poor? Does our system comply with the Bussiness performance requirements What will happen if our business grows Stories and Realities Asmaa's observations Fun Facts Different: Food Appearance/hair eye color ---- -Lunch at 11:30! -Dinner at 18:00! -No suits for CEO! -Different Sense of Humor! Struggles -Language! -Communicating -Expectation -Sense of Humor -Far away from all friends -Not so young to start all over -So young to care -Getting used to the environment, before getting to learn anything new I Enjoyed! - Clear and smart goals - Rapid changes - Scense of humor -Possibility to grow -Group work - Energy Another point of view Manger's Observation Multi dimension and angle to look at projects and results What are the Differences? Different topic can be interpreted differently Managers want to have discussion What did you Learn? How people perceive things and you can not get things for granted No bias after some time working in this environment Differences in meeting, other cultures do not talk openly All opinion matters What is the drawback and difficulties you faced? How did you manged them? People try to be polite to the manger Managers expect them to do what have been discussed The benefits of multicultural work environment? Math VS Color Lets talk Math What about colors? Math is the same everywhere The results are same What about binary? 0,1,1,1,0 What does 1 and 0 mean? On? Off? What is black? What is white? People are colorful What will happen if we mix Black and white? People are colorful Gray color! What color exacly do we mean, when we say gray? People are not 1 and 0! People are not black and white! People are colorful! Brain chemicals controls hormones Biology VS Habits Biology VS Habits Serotonin Dopamine Mood Emotions Cognition Decision Created by repeated behaviours Where do habits come from? Habits Behaviours are the results of the: Received by : Education Observation Trial and Error Learned Who are we as a person Think Time People are different Being different is a good thing! No bias! Differences, create creativities and ideas

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