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Lower Third Powerpoint Template

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DMGD18: Lower Third

Transcript: Lower Thirds in Photoshop Assignments Due By the end of the class: Students must be able to create a lower third from scratch Students must be able to work with texture and adding logo to the lower third This is a simple text identification that can appear at the bottom of the screen and identify the speaker along with their credentials. Setting the right canvas size 1920x1080 @72 ppi Background: Black Use a rectangular marquee tool and create a bar at the lower third of the screen Go to new fill layer and add a gradient Adjust the area that you want to be in the title area. Select the image... Layer--->Create clipping mask Play with the blend mode and Opacity Add another layer, hue and saturation and play around with the slider And make sure to create a clipping mask Now select the three layers and create a new group Shift click on three layers to create a group. Cmd G - Name your group Create a secondary strip of color Go ahead and add text to the top and bottom bar Make sure the color of the text goes well with the bar. Now add some styles to the top and bottom text. Agenda End Test Day 18 Due: 2 PM Points: 10 Reading Assignment Posted on Western Online. Come prepared with it because next class we will do some hands on work with animating lower thirds. Add Texture Photo Lower Thirds Place a logo in your bar Make sure to press D for default background foreground color before starting with your shape. Safe Title Zone Assignments Due Double click on the gradient layer to adjust the gradient color or ramp up levels DMGD18: Lower Third in Photoshop Go to Select --->press transform selection for precise control. Press Return or Enter

powerpoint template

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Transcript: Learn about other cultures Teach others about our own culture Better understanding of our differences Open one's self up to new experiences Dispel common stereotypes Live in better harmony LBPC - to provide programming to the student body at LBC in the form of educational and entertaining events and activities ACC@LBC - to provide artistic and cultural events and activities to promote an appreciation of the arts and acceptance of cultural diversity WIN - a place for women to inspire and network with one another in a supportive environment BULB - to introduce students to the advantages of networking and real-life experiences in the business world Veteran's Club - to provide a supportive environment for our Veteran students and their family members Image by Tom Mooring Mission of LBC Clubs Celebrate "History" Months (Black History Month, Hispanic History Month, Women's History Month . . . ) Promote all-inclusive programming Encourage all to be true to their own culture Challenge stereotypes when you hear them Be honest about your own cultural biases Provide equal access to all How to Promote Cultural Diversity It is within your reach! Our differences should be recognized, appreciated, celebrated and above all else, respected! and not least of all ... DNA! See, we are ALL unique! To help people reach out of their comfort zone and achieve a higher level of understanding, acceptance, and respect for others! Clubs at BCCC - LBC College Isn't Just About Academics! Why Go To College Anyway?? Afraid of change Uncomfortable with differences Believe that common stereotypes are true Uneducated about the real truths Believe that only those that are the same (color, beliefs, etc.) are "right" Just plain stubborn and/or unkind Lower Bucks Campus Reasons to Embrace Cultural Diversity: HeartChase Constitution Day Philadelphia Day Women's Health and Fitness Day Veteran's Day (Character Does Matter) Pond/Woods Cleanup Hispanic Heritage Month Blood Drive Credit Score Workshop Pumpkin Painting/Halloween Party Getting Down to Business Panel Toys for Tots Bristol Borough Pantry LBC Thanksgiving/Diversity Lunch World AIDs Day Ugly Sweater/Holiday Party Black History Month Women's History Month (Panel Lunch) Carnival and Spring Fling Sexual Health Conference Poetry Slam Higher Salary... Better Life Skills... Greater Access... More Opportunities... Getting Involved in Campus Life, Clubs, and Organizations can: Enhance your resume Build leadership skills Educate and enlighten Create new friendships and connections Provide enjoyment and stress relief Nationality Religion Language Beliefs Abilities Interests Sexual Orientation Cultural Traditions Reasons Why Some are Hesitant to (or Simply Won't) Embrace Diversity Lower Bucks Programming Council (LBPC) Arts and Culture Club @ Lower Bucks Campus (ACC@LBC) Women Inspiring & Networking (WIN) Business (students) United at Lower Bucks (BULB) Veteran's Club LBC Club Accomplishments and Fun Events New Club Ideas Always Welcome! Why Promote Diversity? Diversity: Isn't Just About Race!

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