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Transcript: History of Apple 1998-Present Closure 2nd Logo 1st Logo In 1996-1997 they lost a lot of money & Steve came back. The first logo was designed in 1976 by Ronald Wayne (The 3rd Co-Founder of Apple. Logo name: The Newton Crest 1976-1976 In the logo is Isaac Newton sitting under a tree and a apple dangling above his head. There was no rhyme or reason behind the placement of the colors. Scully and Jobs got into a argument and jobs resigned. Logo Presentation By: David Lopez The bite in the apple was made to let people know it was a apple and not a tomato. Citations The Apple logo was already recognized worldwide so they decided to change it. They thought the rainbow apple looked out of place and wouldn't look good on the newer model computers and other electronics by Apple. Steve Jobs & His friend built a apple computer & it was a success. Jobs invited Scully 'president of Pepsi-Cola' and he became president and CEO of Apple. 1976-1988 In my opinion the new logo looks a lot better than the first one because its a lot more simple and more professional and the second logo just looks off and unprofessional because of all the colors. 3rd Logo Evolution of apple computer Apple History Thirty Years of Apple "Edible Apple." The Evolution and History of the Apple Logo | . N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Sept. 2014. "Recent Changes." / Specs for Every Apple Computer, Established 1996. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Sept. 2014. "Happy Birthday, Mac." Apple. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Sept. 2014. Today's Apple Logo After he came back they did very well and they had a lot of sales. Rainbow Apple History of Apple

Logo Presentation

Transcript: As you can see i had to rotate the image and after that, i cut it into shape and put the wording onto it. I decided to keep it black and white, as i feel it suits the feel of the image and putting colour onto may make it look odd. Logo Proposal This is my 2nd logo design for our company Perfect Pixels co.I intend to make this a simple drawn up design, which will be eye catching and blend in with alot of well known brands, In terms of my design and the way the logo is structured. I believe the logo with appeal to all people, it may grab the attention of a more mature audience due to the simplicity and seriousness of my design. but it will also appeal to all age groups.The logo will be for a media company and i will make that clear by adding media to the logo name, So on the logo it will be written as means Perfect Pixels Media co,That could be the website address and the letters PPM in itself could attract some views as it may be a little puzzle for some,as they may try guessing what the letters actually stand for. I choose to use a shield with wings and rays of the sun around it and a headers bar at the bottom to write the title of the company.In the shield i will insert the image of a Chameleon with its tongue sticking out.I choose the shield because i think its shows signs of seriousness and will be easy to identify as a logo as alot of logos tend to have shields.I believe the wings make the design eye catching and give the image a different meaning and more appeal,For example to a kid it may capture their imagination.The rays of the sun around the shield i feel brighten up the design and gives it a sophisticated look which i want people to expect and associate with our company. Also the Chameleon in the shield stands for natural and adaptable qualities which are quite important in media i feel by adding it to the logo,I feel it gives it more meaning and leaves the viewer asking questions.The logo will be suitable for our website,branding,marketing and so much more. This is the image after i added a few changes to it. I decided to not change too much of the image but did change the colour as i felt that would make the image stand out more. I then picked a suitable font and inserted the wording into the image. 3rd Logo Before Photoshop Before Photoshop Final Design Final design Short speech This is my first logo design. I made it by getting the image off the net, I then loaded the image into photoshop, Cut it into size and then added the wording to it. The fonts i choose blend in with the image, and i believe it makes the image clear and easy to read, which also makes it easier for the target audiences to understand and see our logo. Sport Speech I went to google and downloaded several images like the shield and the wings for my design.I then went into photoshop and opened up the images,traced round it and then cut.Then i placed them together,went onto DaFont website, picked a font and and placed the wording in the shield. Most of my Design was done on photoshop. The Way out Before Photoshop Before and After Before Before i touched the images in photoshop these were the originals. I got them from google. Short Speech My 3rd design was inspired by a logo i designed a while ago. Due to the good response and the power of the image i decided to base my 3rd logo on the image of a skull and build around it. I went online and downloaded a image of a skull, I then loaded the image into Photoshop, After that i traced around the image,cut it into shape,After which i went onto DaFont, Copied and pasted the wording into Photoshop.Coloured the skull and finished off my design.The fonts and colours i choose bring out the magic in the image and i believe it give an ancient feel to the logo. 4th Logo Logo Proposal I am designing a logo for our company called Perfect Pixels Co. The aim is to make this a eye catching and commanding image that appeals to all ages,races and age groups, But mainly people involved in any way in media.As the logo i am designing is for a media company, I intend to somehow make that very clear with my logo design. I choose to use the image of an eagle as the main image of the logo, with the writing Perfect Pixels on top of the eagle and media at the bottom. I used the image of the eagle because it is a symbol of strength,pride and bravery and i want whoever sees the logo to identify these qualities with our company, and also with the wording,Perfect Pixels Media, I know that people will automatically understand that its the logo of a media company. Also i decided to colour the eagle with the colours of the union jack, as our company is a british company and if we decided to make it an international company, People aboard would automatically associate Britain with the company and this i believe would help getting the company more clients, Based on the country we are talking about that is. My target audience is all people and any body involved in all aspects of media, Thats why i choose

concept and logo

Transcript: Group 1 Leader: Jennica Nicole Elduayan Assistant Leader: Marilou Usana Members: Wilson Cabrera Glaizades Marie Leysa John Paulo Soliman Julios Alipao Jerwin Laurente •Island Resort •Eco-friendly and Royalty Resort •Native Design Royalty services Eco-friendly resort or more on nature design Modern native or Philippines design and furniture Furniture made of eco- friendly raw materials (abaca and rattan) Solar panel resources Offers organic foods To provide pleasant experiences and services and that will exceed for the benefits of satisfaction of every guest through engaging with them and using eco-friendly and native materials for preservation of our mother nature. To lead as one of the most outstanding and eco-friendly resort in the Philippines. •“Offers royalty services and implement conservation and protection of our nature through using eco-friendly products and avoiding any activities that may harm to our surrounding.” Lobby (open area) • LCD monitor • Lounges and tables • News paper and magazines stands • Wi-fi access • Paintings, chandelier, dim light • Fresh plants and flowers • Running water in wall THANK YOU FOR LISTENIING and WATCHING xoxo Bathroom Amenities Concepts of our Resort •Bagambangan Island •Iloc Island •Batas Island •El Nido Nature Fresh, clean and unpolluted surroundings More relaxing, socializing and rejuvenating Enthusiasm Far away from the modernization and stress Simple way of living and eco-friendly Love natures and gain pleasures…. Villas and Suites Disco bar Function hall Nipa hut cottages, bench and lounges Greenhouse Library Chapel Employment and security areas Business area Clinic Spa, salon and gym (HEBE nature spa, APRODE’ORA salon AND ATHENAZE health club) GAIA is a Greek word which means “MOTHER EARTH” or “MOTHER NATURE”. We decided to use this as our resort’s name because our main goal is not just to provide leisure and services to our guest but also to promote the simplicity and beauty of our surroundings so that every one of us will be aware to protect and conserve our nature. •Hot and cold shower •Bathtub •Toilet bowl •Vanity cabinet •Complete toiletries •Towel (face, bath and hand) •Shower cap and bathmat •Slippers Mystery Island Mission Guestrooms (25) GAIA Ideal Resort •Own pool (villas) •3-4 rooms (villas) •2-3 rooms (suite) •Own kitchen •Dining area •Business area •Balcony •2 bathrooms •Living area •Beach Volleyball •Kayaking •Jet ski •Windsurfing •Banana boat •Fitness walks/ jogging trails •Scuba diving •Snorkeling •Zip line •Swimming lesson •Skim boarding •Billiards •Picnic •Fishing activity Details of our Resort Presentation of our Resort's concept Key card (for access) Facilities: Guestrooms Front area Lobby Infinity pool Public pool (adults and kids) Restaurant Restaurant with floating dining and sauna, salon Room Amenities Disco bar •8 standard rooms •8 deluxe rooms •5 suite rooms •4 villas Most dramatic shape Tropical-green island Coral shelf teeming •Serve different cocktails and pica-pica •Beers, brandy, vodka, mock tail and variety of wines •Entertainment (live bands) •LCD monitor •Disc jockey •Bouncer •Device for maintaining appropriate temperature •Water irrigation- enough support and maintenance for organic plants •Organic herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits •Guest can pick up any organic vegetables and fruits they want to eat SLOGAN Spa, salon and gym (HEBE nature spa, APRODE’ORA salon AND ATHENAZE health club) Concept • Nipa hut cottages • lounges and benches • Shower area • Life guard • lights Place near the Island Stairways, elevators and hallways •Flowering plants •Palm trees •Bermuda grass •Marble/Limestone •Lights Maosonon Island GAIA Resort Restaurants (GRATIA restaurant- means relaxation, pleasure, gatherings and banquet) Why Island Resort? Competitors: Microtel Puerto Princesa Lagen Island Resort Miniloc Island Resort Hillside resort Palawan Palm Bay Resort Sheridan beach Resort And Spa •offer Asian and western cuisine •More on Filipino foods •Serve fresh sea foods and organic vegetables •Floating dining •Serve fresh juices, hot and cold beverages •Organic sweets and pastries Entrance and Pathways Recreational activities: Amenities •Hotel card access •Fully air condition •Wi-fi access •Living area (sofa, table, magazines and newspaper) •Lampshade •Telephone (IDD and NDD) •Coffee and tea facilities •Mini bar (mini ref, snacks, juices, water and soft drinks •Cabinet (extra pillows, bathrobe, iron and iron board, laundry basket, shoe brush, Safety deposit box, emergency kit) Seaside Area •Sauna •Massage •Yoga •Personal trainer/Instructor •Facial treatment •Hair treatment •Manicure, pedicure •Work our equipments Vision Aims Greenhouse •Smoke detector •CCTV •Fire hose and extinguisher •Sprinkler •Evacuation plan •Emergency exit

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