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Logic Gates

Transcript: -there different ways to design a circuit to perform the same thing . -After you use 1-way switches you can use 2-way switches. Finish Production Using NAND gate circuit Logic Gates -There's many different ways to making a NAND gate . For example use 1-way switches and 2-way switches . Switches NAND GATE which logic gate does this circuit make NAND GATE Switches A B C Light on on on on on off on off on on off off off on on off on off off off on off off off NAND GATE -Adding the 3rd switch doubled the number of possible combinations . 7 Logic Gates -Microscopic switches called logic gates enables the computer to make millions of decisions . -Building the AND gate circuit , makes the light turn on . - The light and two switches connect in series with each other . -This circuit works just the opposite of the AND gate . NAND Gate Circuit -Through this whole process you have mainly learned about the NAND and AND gate circuits . -I hope you enjoyed this power point about circuits. -The "N" stands for NOT an AND gate , this is the name NAND. -The clue for this riddle is the electricity always follows the path of least resistance . - The AND and OR gates are two of the most important logic gates . -The schematic symbol used in electrical diagrams to represent each gate . -Building the additional practice circuits will make it a lot easier to understand and remember. -You might be confused by the way it works at first -Your clue for this riddle is that electricity always follows the path of least resistance. Adding intelligence by adding switches

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