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Lion Presentation

Transcript: 1 m 2 p b Y g X F By Thomas Aoudi H15 Lion E The common name of the lion is the African Lion. Common Name and Classifications of the Lion Classifications of the Lion Kingdom- Animalia ( Animal) Phylum- Chordata ( Vertebrates) Class - Mammalia ( Mammals) Order - Carnivora ( Carnivores) Family - Felidae ( Cats) Genus - Panthera Species - Leo The scientific name for the African Lion is Panthera Leo. D Four Physical Charasteristics for the African Lion C Four Charasteristics of the Lion are that they are well built, they are very strong and are built to hunt and find other animals. The African Lion also has very big teeth in order to bite snd eat big chunks of food such as meat. One more Charasteristic of the lion is that a male lion has a mane while a female lion does not. The mane is to protect the lion's neck during a fight. It also makes them look bigger and frightening to other animals. B The Lion's Natural Habitat The African's Lions natural habitat is around the cenrtal of Africa and South Sudan. Around these areas there areas there is scrub, grasslands or open woodlands. This is the lions favourite place to stay and most of the African Lions live around Central Africa. A The African Lion's Diet The Africn's Lions natural diet consists of large animals that they find. These animals can be zebras, antelopes, wildebeest, buffalos and goats. These animals are animals that the lion finds in the grasslands. If the Lion does not find any of these animals then they wiil then eat smaller animals. B The Lion and the Cheetah have a really close relationship and this is why. In a food chain the lion and cheetah are both really high in the food chain and the lion is on the top of the food chain as well. The lion also eats the same kind of food like the cheetah and they both are well built and very strong. The Relationship between the Lion and Cheetah! B The binomial name of the lion is Panthera Leo. Also the binomial name of the Cheetah is Acinonyx Jubatus. Binomial Name of the Lion and Cheetah Thank You A

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