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Lighthouse Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: The Amelia Island Lighthouse is located in the north face of Amelia Island at the mouth of Many's River The Amelia Island Lighthouse is 48 mile from our school. The Lighthouses Physical Size of the lighthouse The tours are open the 1st and third wed of each month Has it Ever Been Rebuilt? It takes 59 minutes to drive to The Amelia Island Lighthouse From PVPV/Rawlings. The lighthouses red flashing light can be seen from 15 miles away The Lighthouse is open on the first and third Wednesdays of each month for private tours. The lighthouse is 50 feet tall. But is placed on a hill. So if you include the hill the size is 64 feet tall. What things can you do at Amelia Island? How Long Does It Take To Drive To The Ameilia Island Lighthouse? Florida became a state after the lighthouse was built. The lighthouse is the oldest structure Is The Lighthouse Open To Public Amelia Island Lighthouse By: Beau Burk When Was The Lighthouse Built? How Many Miles Is The Lighthouse From PVPV/Rawlings? The Ameilia Island Lighthouse is 47 miles from PVPV/Rawlings. You can go fishing, boating, golfing, play tennis, go on the beaches, go horseback riding or go to the 55 block historic events with shops & restraunts Is The Light House Open To Public? Where My Lighthouse Is Located How Far Can The Lighthouse Can Be Seen From? How Long Is The Drive To The Amelia Island Lighthouse From Our School How Many Miles Is Amelia Island From Our School? Is The Lighthouse Still Active Has it Ever Been Rebuilt? The Amelia Island lighthouse was rebuilt in 2004 all of the front pans were replaced Also in 2008 the Doors and windows were replaced and it was painted. In 1856 the lighthouse was upgraded. What I mean by that is the light was replaced with a stronger one. Yes! The lighthouse has been rebuilt 5 times. It was rebuilt in 1856. The builders made it taller Yes. The coastguards own it. It takes 1 Hour. Fun Facts Has The Lighthouse Ever Been Rebuilt It was built in 1838 with materials from the former Cumberland Island lighthouse in Georgia with brick and stucco


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