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Life Story Powerpoint Template

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Story Map Template

Transcript: Character 1: Describe the protagonist of your story. What makes him or her unique or interesting? Character 2: Who is the antagonist of your story? What does he or she have in common with the protagonist? Character 3: Who is the love interest in your story? How does he or she make the protagonist's life more interesting? Major Conflicts What are the "big ideas" in your story? What philosophical or moral questions are being addressed? What are the reasons the author chose to write this book? What happened after the battle was over? In this space, type about what the world was like before the story got started Who lives here? What are the rules? Is there magic? What kind of language do people use? What is the setting like? What kind of stuff was going on? What happened in the final battle? How was the Central Conflict of the story resolved? Describe the first few things that happen in the story after the inciting incident Abyss Climax Conventions of the Genre Describe the moment you knew the world was changed forever and life would never go back to the way it was before. What happens to change the world as we know it? How does the life of the protagonist change? Falling Action By Mr. Strong Denouement When did it all go wrong? Why did it look like everything was lost? ACT ONE Character 4: Who is the shaman of your story? What unique wisdom or insight does this person have? What was life like for the characters after the story was over? Describe the next few things that happen in the story Type the Title AND author of your story here Midpoint Major Themes Story Map Template Exposition Rising Action ACT TWO Think about the biggest conflicts in your story - there may be more than one. Which category does it fall into? Person vs Fate Person vs Self Person vs Nature Person vs Person What is the genre of your story? What does your story have in common with other stories like it? Rising Action Literary Techniques Character 5: Who is the comic relief in this story? What makes him or her funny? Inciting Incident ACT THREE What kind of tools does the author use to tell the story? Rhyme Diction Sensory language Figurative Language: metaphor, simile, personification, figure of speech, onomatopoeia

Short Story PowerPoint

Transcript: Presented by PERSON for COMPANY Rights to the Streets Of Memphis Character TOPIC 1 Character The main Character was the Boy. He was around the age of ten and he was the oldest out of him and his brother. One day his father left him and his brother and his mother. His mother took the time to transform this boy into the man of the house by trying to make him tough. SUBTOPIC 1 SUBTOPIC 1 The mother was forceful but she had a reason to be so hard on the boy. he needed to take the spot of his father who left him. TEXT TEXT PICTURES PICTURES SUBTOPIC 2 SUBTOPIC 2 TIMELINE 2017 TIMELINE MAP MAP Location 2 Location 3 Location 1 CHART CHART Label 2 Label 3 Label 1 Setting Setting The Streets of Memphis takes place at night on the Streets in Memphis. The boy was told to get food for the family since he kept complaining about being hungry. When his mother told him to go it was dark like any other night. And the other setting is the inside of the Boys house which is where we are introduced to his living style. The Plot Plot To me the plot was for the boy to do what he needed to do. In the story the boy had a job and that job was to get groceries. The thing that stopped the boy was a gang of boys who would beat him and steal his money. In order to do his task he was forced to fight back. Not only his job was to get food but it was also to learn how to defend himself from others. Author's Craft Authors Craft The way Richard Wright made the story was kind of clever. Inside the story there are multiple problems that are solved with actions. Such as the Father leaving, that shows that someone has to be in the fathers shoes. The mother made the Boy fight instead of run shows how she is trying to make him the father figure. The boy will now be the man of the house and he would be able to fight instead of run. I though that was clever because it was two problems solved by one action. To me I believe the theme is to never give up. The boy wanted to give up but the mother would not let him. She pushed her son to the point where he had no choice but to fight. his actions showed him a different view on things. As he was able to threaten adults showing his lack of fear after beating the gang of boys. The Theme Theme

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