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Transcript: lesbian: a girl who is attracted and has deep feelings towards another girl. gay: a man who is attracted and has deep feelings towards another man. bisexual: a man or woman who is attracted and has deep feelings towards either a man or a woman. transgender: a girl or boy, who feels trapped inside the body of someone of the opposite sex. High school is a tough time for everyone. It's sad, but we can have a terrible influence over someone else's life. Some stay strong, but others can't hold on. Anything muttered under your breath, a comment on Facebook, a look. All this can result in pushing someone over the edge. We would never be able to live with ourselves if we'd defeated someone. Could you? 'Till death do us part... Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont. Between June 16, 2008 and November 4, 2008, same-sex marriage was legal in the State of California, until voters passed Proposition 8, banning this type of marriage. Although LGBT marriage is legal in certain places, these couples face horrendous treatment from their "supporting" states. The story of Clay and Harold... Dad Squared n' Mom Squared California District of Columbia Massachusetts New Jersey New Mexico New York Ohio Rhode Island Vermont Washington Wisconsin. Did you get the job? In the United States, LGBT indivuduals continue to be discriminated against in the workforce simply due to their sexual orientation. This is called Employment Discrimination. What is Employment discrimination? Employment discrimination refers to bias in hiring, promoting, termination and compensation based on sexual orientation. There are no federal laws prohibiting LGBT discrimination in private employment. In 34 states, it is legal to fire lesbian or gay employees, due to a disapproval or discovery of sexual orientation LGBT in the MEDIA Openly Gay Celebrities LGBT on TV We are not heterosexual, homosexual, nor nonsexual. We are simply sexual. Deal with it. - Amy Birdsong "When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one." - Leonard P. Matlovich "Why is it, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" - Ernest Gaines "We can give our dogs a wedding and it'll make the local news as being 'cute', but two-loving people wedding is considered 'ugly' if they aren't man and woman." - Amy Birdsong L G B T Also, LGBT parents in many states are not legally recognized or do not have the same rights as heterosexual couples that adopt. If one parent dies, the second parent has no legal right to take custody or care for the child. The second parent without legal right to a child cannot legally register him/her for school. The second parent cannot make medical decisions for the child. Meaning, both parents have legal custody of the adopted child. Modern Family's Cam and Mitchell Emily and Maya from Pretty Little Liars Jane Lynch and Lara Embry Jaheem was targeted. Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi Some of you girls are worrying about grades and christmas exams, parties, loyola dances and the odd crush. Sometimes its the cute boy you met on the train, but what if it was one of your classmates here at QAA? Kurt and Blaine on Glee Until 2004, same-sex couples couldn’t wed anywhere in the United States. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka In the schoolyard... Which states allow lesbian and gay couples to have a joint adoption? All LGBT indivuduals are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. Now, LGBT marriage is legal in: Many of you haven't yet been exposed to LGBT relationships. What we don't know can be scary, and out of fear people can reciprocate with violence and hateful words; bullying. Some states allow single LGBT adoption, however... "That's so gay!"


Transcript: There are many barriers to optimal health care Ex) Lack of culturally appropriate prevention services for many of the risk factors LGBT members face Young adults are at less risk than older LGBT members Social acceptance A form of Heterosexism, but much more radical. It is the system of negative discrimination against homosexuality and those who identify themselves as members of the LGBT community. Important Dates In todays society LGBT population is increasing significantly Because of the increasing population, society and the way of life is changing For instance: Recently, California has become the first state to mandate gay history into their curriculum. A disproportionately large portion of the LGBT community places a priority on spirituality Many churches have become accepting of LGBT members over time 164 in Virginia listed officially as LGBT friendly In the United States, Homosexuality was considered a sickness, sin, and criminal. Homosexuality was not even a term in American society until 1868. “Sodomy” was the term homosexual behavior fell under. Laws against “sodomy” came from England and could be punished by whipping, banishment, fines, and death. Family’s Role (Positive) Interviewee #2 LGBT Households Grew up lower-middle class with a large family. Currently middle class. Education was emphasized during her youth; graduated from high school, college, and currently in a masters program Religion was an extremely important aspect of her family life. Currently affiliated with no religion. Experienced little discrimination over the course of her life Education was extremely important to his parents Was expected to be the very best. Always get As, go to an ivy league school Graduated from high school, college with a double major, and graduate school Personally holds education in high regard Roman Catholic upbringing, went to Catholic school Religion was the way of life, did not even think of an other option Removed herself from religion as she experimented with her sexual identity Currently not affiliated with any religion, does not consider herself spiritual Discrimination in the Current Era (Wilcox, 2003),(Ritter & O’Neill, 1989),(Couch, Mulcare, Pitts, Smith, and Mitchell, 2008), (Henrickson, 2007) Stonewall Riots The LGBT population is extremely diverse. Members of the community come from all walks of life, including people of all races, ethnicities, ages, socioeconomic status, and location Sexual orientation has been associated with multiple health threats LGBT members have unique health care needs Ex) The HIV/AIDS epidemic Fairly secular upbringing. Parents let them experience religion to ultimately choose for themselves. Became very religious in hopes prayer would cure him of his sexual orrientation Formation of his sexual identity made him anti-religion Realized he was discriminating against religion like others discriminated against the LGBT community Currently is a practicing budhist; he feels Budhism gives him "a set of tools to move to greater happiness" Estimated 4% of the U.S. Population Identifies with the LGBTQ lifestyle, That is nearly 9 Million people. Bisexuals make up 1.8% of the 4%, and are most commonly women. Number isn’t entirely accurate because there are probably many more out there who don’t know they are LGBTQ, haven’t come out, or are scared to come out. So the number is a rough estimate. Family’s Role (Negative) Discrimination #1 Interviewee #2 U.S. History Interviewee #2 (Rispel, Metcalf, Colete, Moorman, Reddy, 2011), (Hellman & Klein, 2004) (CDC, 2011), (Mayer, Bradford, Makadon, Stall, Goldhamer, Landers, 2008). Services Available Stonewall Riots seen as start of the LGBT Movement June 28, 1969 Riot Broke out in front of the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in Greenwich Village. The Next night the angry patrons and crowd returned in greater numbers. Interviewee #1 The family serves as the immediate social network for people who are LGBT, and therefore families may, if not absolutely will have most effect on LGBT People who identify themselves as LGBT almost always hesitate to tell their parents of their sexual orientation, out of fear that they will not accept it An Australian Study showed that out of 1500 people who identified themselves as either gay or lesbian, 80 percent chose not to reveal their sexual orientation to their parents Parents often do not know how to respond to their child’s coming out, and are left confused, angered, and saddened as a result. Families can take one of two roles towards their LGBT children: positive or negative. #2 Pride Week, National Coming Out Day, Day of Silence, and Trans Day of Remembrance are all very important holidays to him Interviewee #1 They both have festivals and parades, Although they might be different themed. LGBT might have a Gay Pride festival or a Gay Pride Parade LGBT and main stream Americans will have the same themed parades as well like a thanksgiving


Transcript: LGBT 1924 The earliest gay rights organization was formed in Chicago, known as The Society for Human Rights In 1948, Alfred Kinsey published Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, revealing that homosexuality is more prevelant than previously believed. It wasn't until 1962 that Illinois became the first state in the US to decriminalize homosexual acts between consenting adults in private. The American Psychiatric Association removes homosexuality from its official list of mental disorders in 1973. On November 27, 1978, Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone were assassinated by Dan White, another San Francisco city supervisor, who had recently resigned and wanted his job back. Social Contribution to Society people are people, no matter who they love equality should be extended to all The gay rights movement works towards creating a more just society where everyone is treated equally under the law, receiving equal benefits, like marriage, health care, and more Legal Contribution to Society In 1993, the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy was instituted, permitting gays to serve in the military but banning homosexual activity Gay Marriage is now legal in 6 states and in Washington D.C Challenges The current ban on gay and lesbian marriages is an example of how the United States is legally discriminating against homosexuals upon the basis of a religious union that is also happens to be legally recognized by the government, and this very much seems to violate the divide between church and state. All couples that wish to “get married” should have to apply for a civil license or some form of legal status as partners regardless of whether or not a couple is heterosexual or homosexual. This legal status should be separate from any form of religious union, and then however religious institutions want to classify the aforementioned union between the individuals may be determined by them. Homosexual and heterosexual “marriages” should definitely have an equal status with heterosexual “marriages”, but religious institutions are very divided in regards to the homosexual marriage. My personal experience... During the 1800s, people who went to pubs were required to wear at least three pieces of gender-appropriate clothing. 1965 First Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS) in America performed at Johns Hopkins University In Europe there had been some procedures in the 30s and 40s, of varying success. Backlash against transgendered persons in the 1970s: Johns Hopkins replaced Dr. Joel Elkes with Dr. Paul McHugh – •Dr. John Meyer releases report of 50 transsexuals, declares surgery provides no benefits. •JHU SRS program shut down in 1979 1980 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (3rd edition) first includes transsexualism as a medical condition – which makes it much easier to obtain treatment. (Changed to gender identity disorder for DSM IV) 2007 – gender identity language taken out of ENDA to make it more appealing – still fails. Clashes within the LGBT Community Transgenderism historically a part of the gay rights movement 1950s – Johns Hopkins – idea of them being “created” Chryss Cada vs. Shannon Minter quotes “Sexual orientation” vs. “Gender identity” ACLU forced to define 1990s – more open dialogue, transgender and gay advocacy groups Minter’s reverse-umbrella theory Classism/Racism and Homosexuality 1920s-30s, white, middle class gay males vs. “the rest” 1950s-60s, professional, “femme” lesbians vs. blue-collar, “butch” lesbians Bisexuality--1982 Journal of Homosexuality – four possible causes of bisexuality: Real and natural Transitory (will return to original orientation) Transitional (will end up at opposite orientation) Homosexual denial Action Plan people are people. love them. Educate Yourself [Factionalism] Gay Pride Parades Personal Tell Your Story (Educate others) Correct derogatory language Gay Rights Buttons! National Harvey Milk QSU Events It Gets Better Campaign/Ally Lists Embracing, not just Accepting Lobbying Community Petitions


Transcript: Sources Create a safe environment Create open relationship Allow self-expression As future educators, we must learn to stay away from gender stereotypes Homophobia Junn, Ellen and Chris Boyatzis. Annual Lets Discuss Bisexual Transgender Homosexual Cushner, Kenneth, Averil McClelland, and Philip L. Safford. Human Diversity in Education: an Integrative Approach. 7th ed. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2009. Print. Can create issues in the classroom Children of LGBT parents... Introduction Lesbian, Gay What are some difficult topics concering gender stereotypes you may come across in your subject area? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Things we can do as a teacher LGBT As a teacher it is important to understand cultural differences in our students and their families. Heterosexual According to Cushner, gender role stereotyping is the belief that boys and men should be aggressive, independent, stron, logical, adventurous, self confident and not emotional. Girls and women are passive, weak, illogical, indirect, gentle and very emotional. Frequently schedule parent-teacher conferences. Do not be judgemental of their personal life choices. (always follow code of ethics) Know the family dynamics Be accepting of every situation Build bridges Gain experience with LGBT families Editions. Child Growth and Development. 2009/2010/ McGraw-Hill. 2008. Print Gender role stereotyping- Assure parents of confidentiality. Use correct terms; "partner" -> Ask them how they want to be addressed. Don't assume there is a typical family structure. the fear of homosexuality and homosexuals and the discrimination of their behavior. (Cushner) Bring books into the classroom that discuss non traditional families. Label things in classrom with "parents" or "family" instead of "mom and dad". Allow alternative activities on Mother's Day and Father's Day. Use decorations that are positive and accepting of ALL individuals. Explain self expression through hair, toys, games and activities. Teacher to Parent Interaction Cushner, Kenneth, Averil McClelland, and Philip Things we can do as a teacher Teacher to Student Interaction Topics we will cover today are.. gender stereotype Homophobia Importance of background information teacher-to-parent interaction teacher-to-student interaction C. Robinson. personal communication. Nov. 24, 2011

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