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Lesson Plan Template

Transcript: (2.3) Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student adds and subtracts whole numbers to solve problems. The student is expected to: The student will be able to: Three Open-Ended Questions Once I have presented the lesson and asked questions. I will have students to work in groups of two and solve 3 additions, 3 subtractions and 3 subtractions to check addition problems. What numbers (place) do we subtract first? What is the “difference”? How frequently can we use addition and subtraction? Materials/Resources Needed I used Subtraction and Addition worksheets from for practice and understanding. TEKS Standard Used I will verify understanding by walking around each student to monitor their performance. When students have completed the activity, I will recover the worksheets to check their work and verify the answers with them. Opening Hook Add and subtract tens. Subtract two-digit numbers with regrouping. Add two-digit numbers. Use subtraction to check addition. Explain how and why their methods of addition and subtraction work. Lesson Plan Template (C) Select addition or subtraction to solve problems using two-digit numbers, whether or not regrouping is necessary; Grouping Patterns Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers 2nd Grade Closure/Ending Summary Carla González To capture student’s attention, I will ask “How many students were absent, if only 18 of 22 are present today “ Then I will introduce how math can help to find some answers and play one by one the videos in order to gave them a general idea of the lesson. Mathematics During the Lesson... Students will get in groups of two for the activity assigned in class. The objective will be to have students working together and helping each other. Activities Independent practice/Assessment Objectives The “Adding two digit numbers” video will be used and the “Two digit subtraction with regrouping”. I will begin by playing the videos “Adding two digit numbers” and “Two digit subtraction with regrouping” to introduce the lesson. Then I will review a couple of previous exercises to refresh their skills by asking them to solve one basic addition and one subtraction. For example, 10 + 2 = 12 and 10 – 2 = 8. To continue I will explain the lesson and encourage students to participate in class also using subtraction and addition worksheets exercises to reinforce their understanding. During the Lesson... To summarize the lesson, I will ask the class for volunteers to solve one addition and one subtraction on the white board. I will be checking their methodologies and the level of understanding.

lesson plan template

Transcript: As everyone is creating their scenes, the teacher will walk around the classroom asking lots of questions related to the vocabulary (What is he wearing? what do you wear in a party?), etc and helping students with any new word. A fashion parade: encourage children to bring clothes from home and dress up and organize a parade in the classroom. while children walk and show their clothes, some others describe what their classmates are wearing. Students will cut different pieces of clothing out of magazines.Then they will draw the outline of a person and label the clothes writing their names. (15 MINUTES) warm-up. Pre-planning. class: young learners. Date: June 24 Lesson objective: to learn new vocabulary related to clothes. Materials: photocopy material, glue, scissors, pencils, etc. catalogues or magazines (with lots of clothes pictures), a computer, a board with chalk / markers, Blue-Tak or something to stick flashcards on the board. Time: 1 hour. Additional activities. When the students finish the activities the teacher will show them a video related to clothes and will encourage them to sing and repeat. ( 10 minutes) Guessing clothes: this game consists on getting to ten points to win. take a piece of paper and draw a person whit a certain outfit then your partner will have to guess the items you drew, each prediction equals a point. To present the vocabulary for the first time, the teacher will stick a picture on the board and teach the different items then he says to the student it´s winter now. It is very cold what should I wear? then ask questions like this: is this t-shirt blue? what is red? etc. (time 10 minutes) Evaluation. Students will work with two photocopy activities in pairs or individually. (time 25 minutes) Practice. Albornoz Mauricio I hope you enjoy it... thank you!!! Lesson plan: clothes Application.

Lesson Plan Template

Transcript: Preschoolers can know animals and what sound they make. Preschoolers will demonstrate learning by pretending an animal. Construction paper,crayons,and markers, and safety scissors Theme:Animals Selena is a 5-year-old who was born in Mexico. Her family just moved here and only speaks Spanish. Selena is learning English as a second language but her vocabulary is very limited. She gets lost and confused in the instructions very easily. Curricular Area Lesson: Be an Animal Chad is a 3-year-old who has just received a diagnosis on Autism Spectrum.his speech regressed at the age of 2, he no longer can look people in the eyes, and becomes overwhelmed in loud settings and with new people. Conclusion -Put the volume at a lower level -Had them choose quiet animals -Had them stand around the tables, instead of sitting. -Played the song while they were making the masks because he is uncomfortable in quiet environments. Modifying the lesson is important because every child needs to feel equal in the learning environment. Teachers do complete this process because they want to make sure all of the children feel equal and like they're learning. Damien is 5 and has ADHD he also has trouble focusing, trouble staying still and is uncomfortable in quiet environments. He becomes agitated when he can’t focus and acts out either aggressively or disruptively Art,Science/Sensory, and Social Studies Physical, Intellectual, and Social We are going to play a song of the animal sounds for both the intro and closure. Preschool Lesson Plan By:Alyssa, Amanda, and Brianna Intro/Closure Developmental Area Learning Target Materials - Played the song in Spanish and English -Translated all of the directions The kids will get an animal to pretend to be and they will have to act it out.

Presentation for Lesson Plan

Transcript: The teacher will assess them by giving them a short assessment Standard 4A: Identify and define authentic problems and significant questions for investigations Show a video over cyberbullying using the smartboard Discuss what cyberbullying is, what to do when cyberbullying happens, and how it might make a child feel while using No cyberbullying handout Lesson Plan Overview Since it's focused on cyberbullying this will roll over to next week's lesson After they discuss the teacher will ask the students questions informally References Students will act out in groups that I place them in on what to and what not to do if cyberbullying happens Students will act out how they feel as well as what to do and what not to do if cyberbullying happens to them Standard 18: The student will develop leadership, positive self-concepts, and individual potential in a technological society How does it make people feel? Students will know and learn about what cyberbullying is and what they can do if it happens to them. What is cyberbullying? By showing a video and acting out different scenarios, students should have built up good skills and knowledge of what cyberbulllying is and what they need to do if they encounter it. The teacher will be showing a video Resources What are some things that count as bullying? Cyberbullying Ask students what they know about cyberbullying NETS*S Standards Management Upcoming Assignments The teacher will assign students a partner and they will discuss what they learned Presentation for Lesson Plan Students will work in the classroom individually and in a group Student No cyberbullying handout Standard 4: Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage products, and solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and research. Essential Questions Teachers Name: Hunter Offill School: Southeastern Oklahoma State University E-mail: Phone: (903)203-4142 Grade Level: 2nd Content Area: Cyberbullying Timeline: Summer 2016 The teacher will give the students a No Cyberbullying handout Assignment Overview Watch the Youtube Video The students will be actively engaged by acting out different scenarios and using computers hands on Students will need to have their No cyberbullying handout Differentiation Assessment In the next assignment we will be doing similar exercises Students acting out what to do and what not to do when cyberbullying occurs The teacher will incorporate technology by showing a youtube video of a child being cyberbullied Watch Youtube video Students will get a No Cyberbullying Handout Preparation Cyberbullying Video They will discuss the No cyberbullying handout Standard 4B: Plan and manage activities to develop a solution or complete a project The teacher will differentiate the different learning styles by doing different activities What should you do if you see someone being bullied or if you are getting bullied? Activities Students will learn that children can be bullies not only in person but online as well. Reflection What is cyberbullying? How does it make people feel? What do you do when cyberbullying happens? Content Standards

marketing plan template

Transcript: Objectives Support goals Economic Factors Our own brand will be made we want sale things like versace, aero, adidas, and all that other stuff. to become a global business be the store that everyone talks about make as much money as possible have the customers talking about us and telling their friends about us. have more than one business advertising Product description services we will provide Good quality of course do daily inventory checks put the money in a safe at the end of everyday go around and make sure that clothes aren't scattered all over the floor make sure windows are cleaned check clothes and make sure they aren't damaged Long term goals we will like do pullies wash and see if it fades or anything to see if any holes pops up it needs to be hand washed maybe check to see if its going to shrink they are tested every month we have actual testers, people who are coming in and testing the products will try different fabrics, material, designs, items and other things keep our customers updated on our sales and promotions that we have going on send them emails maybe with coupons in it make sure that our boutique is running properly check our financial portfolio at the end of everyday make sure i have loyal employees have only people that want to be here and help make us known apart of the business teams and our goals public works charlotte russe Direct market retail customers wholesales everybody we can economy goes down a lot of new businesses taxes goes up a great disaster can happen maybe a earthquake or something Activities we will use direct and wholesalers maybe retail different distributors we will go to for different things will do online ordering and over the phone want do packaging, will order from main company we will not do loading or packaging, they will have to order online and our main headquarters will send it to them. very convenient for you ships between 4-7 days it meets the needs because comparison our competition cant compete we have sales, we don't try to break you inventory will be on a clip board with everything and quantity of how many we pose to have it checked everyday because we need to know if anything got stole or damaged or anything else Summmary of marketing plan Competition Anaylsis build boards website; where you can order and look and see what we have in stock magazine BIG grand opening have a fashion show maybe showing some of the things that we will be selling to help us meet our financial needs help us become one with our customers able to pay everyone back that we had got loans from Describe the Product who we selling to? Pricing Unique characteristic is that we will have our name of the store plus a little heart like thing at the end so you will know that this is our brand and not any knock-off have sales blowing off the roof TRY to make our revenues all positive try not to on any dept break even every month, even if we have to have a sale too the prices will help with covering the expenses we put out for them plus for the company as a whole will vary highest thing maybe $40 cheapest $2.50 up to 75% off do the seasons sales, like mark downs hopefully cheaper than competitive most of the time but don't want to go into dept over it pricing will match our appearance manager will be in charge of checking the stock we will have a team to help calculate our sales as well Estimated number of customers (6) Estimated volume per customer ($8.25) Estimated sales volume ($0) Quality how will sales be calculate Packaging is going to depend on what you get Prices will range from maybe to $2.55-$36.99 co-adic boutique Factors That May Affect our Business

Lesson Plan Template

Transcript: 4) After every student has shared, have a small world party. Each student can use the items that they found about their culture to decorate their desks. Students can then walk around the room visiting each person's desk. Afterwards come together as a class and discuss what you saw. Show them that you have a whole world just in you classroom. Students in the third grade history class will work in groups of four, and help each other build on self-esteem and be exposed to different cultures in the classroom. Introduction: 1) During the first days of school, have the teacher introduce her/himself. Include your own cultural background. Bring in items that show your culture: clothes, food, music, pictures, games etc. Then instruct that they will be getting the chance to teach the other children about their own culture. Have the students keep notes on every student in the class. IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL VALENTINA LEONARD THIRD GRADE HISTORY SEMPTEMBER 20, 2010 One class, 20 Students 11 female & 9 male Ages: 8-10 Various mix of culture 2) During scheduled share time let the student speak in front of the class about themselves. Be sure as a teacher that the student says positive statements about self. Through modeling demonstrate to students how you think their cultural is interesting and fascinating. Let the children ask questions about that person. Assessment:After every week (on the following Monday), test the students on how well they know their fellow students (the ones that presented the previous week). Give them a list of the names of students that presented the previous week and have them write down what they learned about that student. Have them write between 2-3 things that they learned. Also, on the exam, have the students write down what each culture has contributed to humankind. If the child is uncomfortable speaking about his/her own culture or feels that they have the same background as another student give them the option of studying another culture and letting them present it instead. For students with disabilities let them partner up with another student and have them present together. MATERIALS: books on other cultures Pictures and posters of culutres Personal student items from their culture Cultural music Cultural food 3) During that month, brainstorm with students on how other cultures have contributed to humankind, i.e. the Chinese inventing paper, how did this change our lives. This can link to the next unit which is world history. Be sure that the students document their findings for assessment exam purposes. Diverse Cultures: Egyptian African American Asian India Russian Native American Hispanic Spanish

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