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Lego Block Presentation Template

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Lego Block Life Cycle

Transcript: The Manufacturing of LEGO (Stage 4) LEGO are made of a plastic called ABS Plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). This is made up of a combination of different elements that are mixed together to create ABS Plastic. The materials of the LEGO block are man-made, so there are no raw materials involved in the process of making the block. Works Cited How is a LEGO designed? Life Span (Stage 7) The Design Process (Stage 1) Acquiring of the Materials (Stage 2) Processing of the Materials (Stage 3) LEGO are reusable because of the unusual plastic that makes up a LEGO. LEGO aren't biodegradable because they are meant to last a long time. It won't end up in a landfill or contaminate anything, because they are not meant to be thrown away. “How Lego Bricks Work.” HowStuffWorks, 28 June 2006, Accessed 23 May 2017. Phes, Mister, et al. “How does LEGO get transported around the world?” Eurobricks Forums, 29 May 2005, Accessed 23 May 2017. Rogers, Tony. “Creative Mechanisms Blog .” Everything You Need to Know About ABS Plastic, Accessed 23 May 2017. A LEGO is designed to be able to last for many years. This allows them to be passed from one generation to another! LEGO are shipped to countries by boats (such as the Maersk boats), then to get to stores, they are transported by trucks. Transportation of LEGO (Stage 6) Are LEGO Recyclable? (Stage 8) LEGO are manufactured in factories by putting multi-colored ABS granules through a process which molds the granule into LEGO blocks. The manufacturing of LEGO blocks requires machines and high temperatures. Lego Block Life Cycle Fun Fact: The plural of LEGO is LEGO! Packaging Packaging (Stage 5) LEGO are designed to allow children to take apart and put together the individual blocks to build different shapes and creations. LEGO are packaged first within plastic bags, to prevent the loss of small parts. Then those plastic bags are placed into a box, which keep them together in an organized manor. Although the boxes are recyclable, the plastic bags are not, which means they are not very environmentally friendly. add logo here

Lego Presentation

Transcript: Environement - reduce our impact on environment - product LEGO bricks on our factories - build enegy sufficient factories and offices Engagements 4.2 Children Chima Great Depression First wooden toys Creation of the LEGO Group Bricks&More clubs the LEGO system - Good ideas came to life - Children decide - High quality and safety - Product facilities around the world LEGO history timeline 1930' Play Themes 2012 DUPLO Parents CUSTOMERS 2013 The first Lego brick 4.1 (-2.38%) The Lego phenomenon Friends • LEGO Club => 4-to-11 children • Adult LEGO User Communities • Theme Parks Product Safety -LEGO® brick system since the 1950s -Products made of high plastic quality -Innovate for more sustainable materials Mindstorms Solutions... Targeting girls production of the first plastic toys Engagements Sales Analysis LEGO history timeline 1940' ABS plastic 4.6 (+12.16%) Marketing Strategies Engagements Barbie Children Rights - Right to grow playfully - LEGO Education -Promote children’s rights throughout our operations -Support several association PlayDo Technic LEGO history timeline 1960' Ole Kirk Christiansen, founder of the Lego Group. In 1916, in Billund, Denmark, he purchased a carpentry workshop. How LEGO products are made 4.1 (+2.44%) 4 Funny Facts HASBRO 4.1 Schools LEGO SEGMENTATION • Catalogues • Campaign • Internet MATTEL Lego patent & Best seller And... • By-products LEGO LEGO history timeline Gross Sales (in billion $) Human Rights -Respect human right on our operations -Yearly survey LEGOals... • Market extension • Progress • Most famous group in the world Retaining our customers Engagements in 2012


Transcript: Supernatural Aid "You can make so much." "They're for boys." Beginning of transformation Tyco produced similar building bricks for a period but the production slowly faded. "Most creative kids toy." "Those f***ers are sharp!" 1932: Christiansen Family founded LEGO in Billund, Denmark as a carpenter company LEGO- "Play well" in Danish 1935: First product launched- LEGO Duck 1961: LEGO established in USA/ Canada 1968: First LEGOLAND opened in Billund Now- World's 4th largest Manufacturer in toys, now 10,000 employees in 130 countries Latest developments: Themed lego sets and games Challenges and temptations "Some of my best years." "Ever stepped on one?" Status Quo Feelings -Needs LEGO Fills: Hedonic (subjective/experiential) and psychogenic needs (status, power, affiliation) (priorities of culture) Nostalgic Needs Different for both parents and kids Transformation Revelation Death and Rebirth Life Style Brand- Family, children Bricks, toys, experiences, and teaching aides geared towards children Video and online games Themed LEGO brick sets LEGO Land and Theme Parks Retail stores and children’s clothes Board games Connecting with People "I have so many." Quotes "No social skills." Age 5 Expectations Call to Adventure Lego sued the CoCo company in 2002 for copyright infringement for their "Coko bricks". Lego wins. "I'm not creative enough." Abyss Age 65 "Fun!" Email subscriptions, Direct mail Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ Turning relationships into loyalty paying Attention to what is happening in the environment, online and culturally. mobility to change awareness Four main steps with trust in the center Identify Differentiate Interact Customize LEGO focuses on use of innovative technology without moving away from company's core values. Strong association with contemporary IT, and design & manufacturing systems Prices can range between $5-$500 for normal sets "So creative." Helper Legos biggest competitor, Mega Bloks, provide colorful and durable bricks for children and more advanced sets for older kids. "Best toys I've had." "I still use them for fixes." Unknown "I love them!" That´s all Amigos! Tactics Known "My kids love them." Dr. Josué Israel Cervantes V. Return Threshold Guardians "Boring." Needs "Lego's Friends is stupid." Prior to 2002: LEGO’s target market was boys aged 7 to 12. Adult fans were considered weird Mentor Godfred Kirk Christiansen describes LEGO's product attributes as being: 1. Unlimited play potential 5. Healthy, quiet play 2. For girls and for boys 6. Long hours of play 3. Fun for every age 7. Development, imagination, creativity 4. Year-round play 8. The more LEGO, the greater the value The Hero´s Journey "Great for kids." "No comment." Helper Fears Questions?

The Lego Block

Transcript: In the year of 1959 the Lego Wooden toy factory was burnt brown marking the end of an error for Lego but now Lego could put all of its resources into producing the most popular of their toys the Lego brick. Lego has grown a lot of the years and has been marked as the toy of the century by many. Lego is now owned by Kristiansen’s grandson Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and will continue to be a family business. The Birth of The Brick In the mid 1940’s to the mid 1950’s Kristiansen was experimenting with toys that kids can build. At this point the Lego company has been well established so the Lego company was starting to move away from their traditional wooden toys to metal ones. They started to produce metal cars and tractors that came in a kit that you could build yourself. Then in 1947 Kristiansen purchased a plastic injection-molding machine and started making plastic toys. Kristiansen wanted to build for all age groups and for both boys and girls. He believed in safety and quality and unlimited play possibilities was the way to go and so he bought a little workshop in the town of Billund and set up business there. He began by making wooden toys usually consisting of toy trucks and cars. Shortly after he adopted the word Lego as his company's name which means “play well” in Danish. An interesting start Final Thoughts Continuing Onward The lego brick was invented in 1949 under the name of automatic binding bricks. The Lego company really started to take off with a new Lego manufacturing plant built in 1952 and in 1953 the Lego brick started to look more like it does today and the automatic binding bricks were renamed to simply Lego Bricks. Then in 1955 the system of play was launched with the release of 28 construction sets and eight non buildable vehicles to go along with them. Then in 1957 the Lego brick got its final look and we still use that version till this day. Buildable Toys What I Have to say About the toy A Brief History A New Beginning The End of The Beginning in the end the lego brick has come a long way and I am glad to have been able to play with it as a kid and so are so many millions of other people because the lego company has been around for so long it has affected most of our lives in good ways and it all started with one man. The lego company began as a family business and still is till this very day. In the year of 1932 the founder of the Lego company Ole Kirk Kristiansen was hit hard by the Great Depression and the death of his wife. The depression had only made things worse as Kristiansen had lost his carpentry job and was left alone to raise his four children but with his carpenter skills he opened up a new door and began making wooden toys which led to the start of the Lego company. The Lego Brick

LEGO presentation

Transcript: Pictures: Andrew Gallant Research: Andrew Gallant Design: Andrew Gallant Everything else: Andrew Gallant - The Lego company sells everything from toys to clothing - they sell individual bricks, sets, minifigures, night lights, carrying cases, t-shirts, video games, socks, pajamas, key chains, magnets, they have TV shows and a movie! - basically anything you can think of - shipping from lego is free - it takes an estimated 7-12 business days for your product to arrive - you can also pay about 5% of your order cost for express shipping - that will take 3-4 days Do I trust the site? - Lego's Rewards program is active in: Australia Austria Belgium Canada Czech Republic Denmark (not Greenland and the Faeroe Islands) Finland Metropolitan France (not DOM-TOM or Monaco) Germany (not Helgoland) Hungary Ireland Italy (not San Marino) Luxembourg Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Spain South Korea Sweden Switzerland the United Kingdom the United States - Lego products are sold at almost every department store in the world like Walmart or Target - lego also has their own stores 5. Lego Attack on Avengers Tower Shipping - according to the lego website: "we are very protective of the information you give to us and we use secure systems to store your data safely" - they also say that they don't share personal information about their users unless the user gives them permission - however, they do collect information about the users device such as the IP address given to "give you a great experience" - Finally, "You can at any time contact Customer Service if you want to know what information we have on you, or if you want us to delete it." 2. Batman: Riddler Chase - My company was LEGO - - the lego company sells plastic building blocks for children - they have a variety of colours and shapes - the blocks are sold in sets with instructions to build specific models - they also sell miniature people to go with the sets called minifigures Privacy policy Thanks For Watching! - the lego website accepts American Express, Visa and Mastercard How Can You Pay? What Do They Sell? - Would rate the lego website at 8/10 - they don't charge for shipping - your privacy is well protected - they have a very wide variety of products - they do everything in their power to make sure kids under 13 have their parents permission to do things like buy products on the site - they are a children's company so they have to be open and trustworthy to gain the trust of parents to allow their kids to use the site 1. Lego Star Wars Gunship 3. Lego Police Station The LEGO Company 4. Lego X wing fighter Introduction Where do they Sell? Rating My Favorites LEGO By: Andrew Gallant - I trust the site because Lego is a very big and well known company - in the event they betrayed their privacy policy, the company would loose millions in online sales because no one would trust them - their privacy policy explicitly says that they don't ever share personal information with companies outside of lego - they also always collect the consent of the parents of any user under the age of 13 before personal information is given to them

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