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Transcript: goes into chlorophyll to make NADH and ATP H+ H+ O FADH H+ The break down of Glucose Cellular Respiration Kinetic Energy Goes into the Calvin Cycle to produce Glucose energy in a body in motion ATP Glycolysis Chlorophyll Divided into Pyruvate fermentation of aerobic respiration NADH Carbon Dioxide Stroma NADP+H Where light reactions happen NADPH Without Hydrogen Ions Absorbs light to make energy energy in waves Light Reaction Thylakoid A series of chemical reactions used by all aerobic organsims to generate energy. Takes place in Chloroplast Contains H2O Goes through the Xylem into the leaf NADH,ATP,and CO2 go throught this to make glucose Light reaction Glucose A nutrient inside the cell Light Reactions Acetyle CoA Molecule used in metabolism energy stored in the bonds of chemicals Krebs Cycle Fermentation aerobic respiration Chemical Energy NADPH formed from light reactions Converted to Takes place in ATP Hyrdogen Ions (H+) Goes into the Chlorophyll to eventually make NADH and ATP Converts H+ Makes NADH and ATP Part of the cell where energy is gathered Krebs Cycle energy in a body standing still H+ H+ O =H20 Chemical energy made from light reactions Requires Jelly like space near the Thylakoid NADH NADH NADPH without the Hydrogen Energy source created from light reactions ETC Transfers electrons from Donor to Acceptor O Absorbs light to make energy Calvin Cycle Thylakoid H+ H+ O where light reactions happen Radiant Energy Photosynthesis Into Chlorophyll ATP when plants use sunlight to produce nutrients Divided into Potential Energy Water Glucose an energy source inside the cell The process that takes nutrients and makes them adenosine ATP Synthaze Exit channel for Hydrogen Chemical energy made from Light Reactions


Transcript: Ezz Abu Asab Ibrahim Muala Yara Abd Alnasser A store that delivers/caters vegan food and apparel for vegans and patients on plant-based diets via a Facebook chatbot. B r i e f M O T I V A T I O N 1. Order food with vegan friends (personal). 2. More people are converting to veganism. 3. Patients (diabetics) / intolerances. 4. Lack of such services in Ramallah. So our customer are various and they're basically: every vegan person, patient that follows a plant-based diet and any other person curious to try vegan food. C O M P E T I T O R S No direct competitors. Potential indirect competitors: restaurants that willing to customize meals to make them vegan/plant-based. would be easier for a customer to pick from a menu knowing in advance that it’s fully vegan with no need for alteration. Fast Logos I N D I R E C T C O M P E T I T O R S fitafe Bees Way Juicebangbang Cafe La Vie Capers Qmh Fast Logos R E V E N U E selling meals/products/catering for events in bulk. facebook and IG pages (ads). delivery charges. F I N A n c i n g o u r b u s i n e s s MONTHLY EXPENSES ONE-TIME EXPENSES SECURITY DEPOSIT 1000 $ FIRST MONTH'S RENT 885 $ FIRST MONTH'S UTILITIES 22 $ RENT IMPROVEMENT COSTS KITCHEN FURNITURE UTENSILS AND EQUIPMENT 350 $ 1500 $ 100 $ INVENTORY FOOD AND BEVERAGES 600 $ MISCELLANEOUS LICENSES AND PERMITS SOFTWARE 150 $ 1450 $ 6057 $ in total MONTHLY EXPENSES PROPERTY INSURANCE 200 $ UTILITIES 315 $ MONTHLY RENT EMPLOYEES PAYROLL HEALTH INSURANCE ACCOUNTING 2000 $ 100 $ 100 $ REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE 100 $ 48,780 $ yearly 1200 $ SOFTWARE 50 $ MONTHLY TOTAL 4065 $ 48,780 $ PER YEAR FIRST YEAR INCOME FIRST YEAR EXPENSES 54837 $ FIRST YEAR INCOME 50000 $ 0.92 INCOME TO EXPENSES RATIO F I N A L P R O D U C T Fully vegan meals, apparel and the ability to cater for events. For vegans, patients and non-vegans too. T E A M M E M B E R S IBRAHIM YARA EZZ HEAD OF INVENTORY KITCHEN LEADER HEAD OF OPERATION PART-TIME ACCOUNTANT

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Transcript: Nobody knows babies like we do! Quality products . Good Customer service. Every Kid really loves this store.. BABYLOU ABOUT US About Us BabyLou was established in 2004. It has been more than a decade since we started, where we have ensured to take care of every need and want of every child and infant under one roof, true to the caption “NO BODY KNOWS BABIES LIKE WE DO”. Our benchmark is to provide 100% customer service and satisfaction and continue to deliver the same with a wide range of toys, garments and Baby Products. Play and Create We Are Best 01 02 03 Block games Building Blocks help Kids to use their brain. PLAY TO LEARN in Crusing Adventures Our Discoveries Enjoy a sunny vacation aboard a luxury yacht with the LEGO® Creator 3in1 31083 Cruising Adventures set. This ship has all the comforts you need, including a well-equipped cabin and a toilet. Sail away to a sunny bay and take the cool water scooter to the beach. Build a sandcastle, enjoy a picnic, go surfing or check out the cute sea creatures before you head back to the yacht for a spot of fishing. Escape into the mountains Disney Little Princes in Also available for your Babies..... Also... Out of The World… Our reponsibility BABYLOU…. Our Responsibility All children have the right to fun, creative and engaging play experiences. Play is essential because when children play, they learn. As a provider of play experiences, we must ensure that our behaviour and actions are responsible towards all children and towards our stakeholders, society and the environment. We are committed to continue earning the trust our stakeholders place in us, and we are always inspired by children to be the best we can be. Innovate for children We aim to inspire children through our unique playful learning experiences and to play an active role in making a global difference on product safety while being dedicated promoters of responsibility towards children.


Transcript: Leaves have boxed cells because they have rigid cell walls. Aesthetics of Cheek Cells Function of Cheek Cells Function of the Leaf Cheek cells continually secretes mucus to maintain most conditions in the mouth. Together with saliva, the cheek cells supply moisture in the mouth. This moisture softens food, assists in swallowing and starts digestion. Leaf Grape Skin The cell wall makes the cells squared instead of round compared to animal cells, which have no cell wall. The grape skin protects the inside of the fruit. A cheek cell is flat, thin and irregularly shaped. It has a nucleus that contains the DNA. Its cell membrane gives it its shape. Its cytoplasm contains water that dissolves nutrients. The structure of the leaf is perfect for exchanging gases and transporting minerals around the leaf. The intercellular spaces in the leaf allows the leaf to float. The spaces in between the cells allow water to be transported around the leaf. By Caroline Graham, Raeniel Reyes, Kiet Tran, Melvin Tang, Andre Nolasco Aesthetics of the Leaf Form of the Leaf The chlorophyll assists the plant in creating food for itself by utilizing energy from sunlight in a process called photosynthesis. Cheek Cells The purpose of the grape skin is to preserve the cells of the grape. when eaten, supplies many health benefits like vitamins and anti-oxidants. The cheek cells contain a nucleus, cytoplasm, and a cell membrane. The membrane controls the movement of substances in and out of the cell. Because it has a membrane, the cells are irregularly shaped. Aesthetics of Grape Skin Form of Grape Skin The Beauty of Cells Form of cheek cells The leaf is green because of pigment in the leaf called chlorophyll. Grape skin cells contain a nucleus, cell wall, and cytoplasm. The nucleus is the control center of the cell. It maintains the activities of the cell. The cytoplasm is composed of 80% water. Most cellular processes occur in the cytoplasm such as cell division. The cell wall is a very tough rigid layer that surrounds the cell. It filters what what comes in and out of the cell. Function of Grape Skin

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