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Transcript: lava :) Around the World lava by Charlotte Barwick 1 what is lava ? lava is heated rock , geothermal energy and expelled through fractures planetary crust. why does lava get so hot? lava gets really hot because of the pressure and radiogenic heating which makes it hot deep in the earth. About 100km down in the earth where the rocks melt to make magma. what happens when cold is added to lava? As lava cools is turns into solid rock this is caused because of the cooling of the lava because it cant stay hot in a cold climate. what happens to lava when it cools down #1 volcanoes aren't just found in random places on earth because of the earths crust is broken into a series of stabs known as tectonic plates. this effects where volcanoes are found and where they are most dangerous. why are volcanoes found in places but not others #2 Elements in lava! silicon Potassium oxygen phosphorus aluminum titanium iron magnesium calcium sodium these elements are in lava many more elements are found in lava much these are the ones mostly found in lava. Elements of lava #3 lava is created beneath the earths surface in places that temperatures get hot, hot enough to melt rock lava:) #4 Reference 2 how many eruptions a year? 3 On average 50-70 irruptions a year which is a very high amount of irruptions in only a 12 month time this causes a lot of damage. lava explosion sent mudflows of lava as far as the pacific ocean (120km) well it depends on what kind of lava that it is! the most hottest kinds of lava are... Felsic lava- 650°c/750°c Andestic lava-750°/ 950°c basaltic lava - 950°c braklava- 170°c if lava was to touch us at the temperature it is you would die. how hot is lava? #1 The eruption temperature of Kilauea lava is about 1,170 degrees Celsius.The temperature of the lava in the tubes is about 1,250 degrees Celsius. how hot can lavs get #2 #2 history One of the worst lava eruptions was in south America that sent mudflows as far as the pacific ocean which was 75 miles (120 km) lava is apart of the earth. no one knows when they first found lava and they might never find out 4 scientist think that they might be lava tubes on the moon which is a big discovery for everyone and could mean a lot. The moon lava by Charlotte 5 lava

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