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Transcript: CONCLUSION In this year we want to do many activities like visit the city of Lancaster, or visit other cities like Liverpool or Manchester. In the university we want to do another activities, the most that we´d like will be doing any sport like volley ball or basket. We are Marina and Ascen, ucv'students. We are in the first year of magistery due to we love the children. We wanted to go erasmus because we consider it a wonderful experience where we could improve our english language and meet other cultures. The campus are arranged in the central square of the city , this is one of the motives wich I have chosen this university , because is in the middle of the city . I have decided live in the campus because I want meet people in this period here. The campus has a lot of services like bank , pharmacy or some places to stay the break times with comfort . We think that Lancaster is going to be the best place to do our universitary trip , we hope have fun and learn about this country. iPad Project 3 The Yorkshire pudding, roast beef accompanying, is regarded as a national dish. Meat pies and vegetables include shepherd's pie. A cake of minced meat, onions, vegetables and covered with mashed potatoes and steak and kidney pie. A cake of different types of beef and kidneys.​ CAMPUS UNIVERSITY TRIP TO LANCASTER AND THE UNIVERSITY IN OUR FREE TIME We have visited many times this country and it´s one of our favourite places to live. England is more different than Spain , the weather , the culture , the food , music.. And people of course.​ We love Spanish food but we have to say that the English is not bad. We are Valencian girls so, we love sun and beach, this two things aren´t here, but the cool days won´t be bad too.​ GIMÉNEZ ALONSO, Ascensión SALINAS CAMACHO, Marina We love England, so we´d prefer stay in Lancaster. We will go on September for the start of the course. The university was stablished by royal charter in 1964 and is one of several new universities created in the 1960s. The university was initially based in St Leonard's Gate in the city centre, until moving to a purpose-built. A brief introduction about ourself TIPYCAL ENGLISH FOOD ENGLAND


Transcript: Advantages a 1,000-hectare English countryside-inspired residential community that spans Imus, Kawit and Gen. Trias in progressive Cavite CASH ALXANDRA GROUND FLOOR • Living Area: 8.50 SQM • Dining/Kitchen area: 6.90 SQM • Bedroom: 7.50 SQM • Toilet & Bath: 2.30 SQM • Stairway: 2.80 SQM SECOND FLOOR • Bedroom 2: 9.90 SQM • Master’s Bedroom: 10.40 SQM • Toilet: 3.10 SQM Offers the ease of purchase Shorter payment terms which means the monthly payments is much bigger (usually 2-5 years to pay, 10 years in some developers) BDO Home Loan Interest Rates We are acclaimed as a property development company with a deep sense of mission to uphold the dignity of man in all its business endeavors. • To our BUYERS, we commit to provide quality projects in an environment conducive to the development of the community, as well as excellent customer services that would combine both professional and personal concern for the buyers’ welfare. • To our SHAREHOLDERS and INVESTORS, we commit to provide high yield financial growth by making prudent and sound decisions, maximizing opportunities, protecting investment interests and being transparent and fair with all business undertakings. INTRODUCTION Disadvantages • Simplicity of documents required and easy approval Has no longer payment terms compared to In-house financing (can be up to 20 years in some banks) DIANA TOWNHOUSE Advantages Consider home much money you have set aside for this purchase Advantages requires a certain percentage due for down payment to be made by the buyer Property Company of Friends is a God-centered enterprise acclaimed globally as an industry prime mover in property development, composed of highly competent people, instrumental in socio-economic transformation of society through the creation of better communities. Our strength in financial and marketing capabilities propels us to greater heights. • More requirements compared to the other financing options the company has provided more than 20,000 quality and affordable housing units to its satisfied clientele mostly in the Cavite area • Know your monthly cash flow when considering in-house or bank financing Disadvantages ANALYSIS • Longer payment terms (can be up to 30 years) financing is extended to a bank or to financial institutions like PAG-IBIG COMMUNITY DESCRIPTION Explain what success will bring Explain how it will help • It could be difficult for some to pay for the equity Some things to consider when deciding on a financing option for you House Model : ALEXANDRA House Type : Single Attached Lot Area : 120 SQM Floor Area : 100 SQM Bedrooms : 4 Bathrooms : 3 Storeys : 2 Car Garage : 1 With Balcony : Yes Find out if there are promos or discounts offered Disadvantages Bank Financing Pag-ibig Financing IN-HOUSE FINANCING In-house Financing House Model : Diana House Type : Townhouse Lot Area : 50 SQM Floor Area : 60 SQM Bedrooms : 3 Bathrooms : 2 Storeys : 2 Car Garage : 1 With Balcony : Yes Describe the next steps GROUND FLOOR • Living Area/ Kitchen/ Dining: 23.08 SQM • Den/Guest Room: 11.50 SQM • Toilet & Bath: 3.60 SQM SECOND FLOOR • Bedroom 2: 11.50 SQM • Master’s Bedroom: 19.40 SQM • Toilet: 5.00 SQM • Others: 9.20 SQM Pro-Friends has grown from being a provider of homes in small pocket developments, to medium rise condominiums and townhouses ANALYSIS • No or minimal background check The longer term, the more you end up paying (interest rates) • Find out the interest rates for each payment scheme offer discounts for buyers allows residents to move in a relaxed pace and bond with their families • When it comes to late payments, developers are much easier to talk with MISSION & VISION more popularly known as Pro-Friends • Homebuyers may also opt for short term loans Banks are usually very strict in terms of approval and late payments BANK FINANCING Identify the problem lower interest rates Refer back to the pros and cons GROUND FLOOR • Bedroom 1: 6.20 SQM SECOND FLOOR • Bedroom 2 (Master’s): 7.05 SQM • Bedroom 3: 6.30 SQM • Processing of documents takes a longer time compared to the other financing options customers a loan, allowing them to purchase its goods or services How problems can be resolved PRO-FRIENDS - LANCASTER ESTATES DEVELOPER PROPERTY COMPANY OF FRIENDS, INC. • Interest rates are constant no matter what happens to the country ANALYSIS LANCASTER NEW CITY • Lower interest rates (as low as 6%) • Consider the advantages & disadvantages of paying a large one-time amount and compare it to the advantages and disadvantages of making monthly or periodic (for installment options) payments. House Model : ALICE House Type : Townhouse Lot Area : 40 SQM Floor Area : 40 SQM Bedrooms : 3 Bathrooms : 1 Storeys : 2 Car Garage : 1 With Balcony : No • Perfect for people who don’t want long term payments ALICE TOWNHOUSE Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures

Lancaster Presentation

Transcript: STRATEGIC CHALLENGES COMMERCIAL SERVICES OR STUDENT EXPERIENCE BY 2015 STUDENTS MAJORITY FUNDERS OF HE NEED TO BE FLEXIBLE & QUICK TO RESPOND USP`S PERCEPTION INCREASES WITH BRAND IDENTITY SHARED SERVICE BENEFITS LOYALTY - KEPT SIMPLE UPSELLING INHOUSE/OUTSOURCED OR HYBRID TARGETED MARKETING WHAT CAN I BRING TO THE TABLE ? ABILITIES •Elected on the board of governors for Harper Adams University College March 2011 •Appointed to advise the Food Standards Agency with through ACMSF as a commercial caterer on the microbiological safety of food September 2010 •Achieved the coveted Times higher ‘outstanding contribution for sustainable development` 2008/9. Instigated using Harper produce & livestock and integrated this into the student & conference dining experience, reducing food miles to food meters. •Individually Shortlisted for The Cost Sector Catering Awards – University College Category April 2009. •Harper Adams Catering department were one of the finalists in the sustainable Business Category of the Catey Awards 2009 Strategic thinker who uses commercial and political influence to create the right environment Decisive leader who challenges and inspires people to stretch their performance. Uses ability to empathise and communicate with people at all levels to act as a bridge to bring the community together. Financial planning and budgetary control for a turnover of £2 million & conference trade of £2.5 million. Managing over 80 staff being accountable for their development & performance through investors in people & key performance indicators & puruit of hospitality assured Sit at board level on staffing issues and attend governors meetings on senior level leadership coordination. 15 years in HE EXPERIENCE

Lancaster University Christian Union

Transcript: The Christian Union. What is it? Well... We are a Group of Christians Who meet and work together to share the good news of Jesus Christ. So what do we do about it? Let us show you just a snippet of what we do.... A time once a week for a chance to hear a christian response to a controversial topic within society and faith. Does God hate gay people? Why would a God care about us? Plenty of time for questions, and plenty of free food to go around too! We host a game of football for anybody of any ability. A chance to meet new people, and show off some skills. (If you have any) A chance for anyone on campus to ask us a question, and get a tasty toasty brought to them with their answer We do t4ts once a term, so keep a look out on our Facebook page and website for when it's coming! As a CU we weekly have a time in smaller 'small groups' We will go through different things in these times, such as an uncover course aimed at people wanting to know more about christianity Then we meet all together once a week to encourage each other, have a short talk and have a time to pray for the week And that's not half of it... GLOBE A weekly event specifically for international students Prayer meetings Events + Outreach Weeks 2 weeks in the year where we cram in loads of events and opportunities to find out more about Christianity and what we believe But more importantly... Despite members being from different denominations, we all hold fundamental truths to the christian faith. It's all about the amazing grace of God, and our love for him So that's us.... For more... When? Small Groups Why is there suffering? What about science? Does God hate Sex? Lunchbars We have loads of other events going on through out the week... Text For A Toastie CU FOOTBALL


Transcript: CONSUMPTION OF (IM)MOBILITIES the representation of the mobility culture in global brands' advertising discourse. Brazil, 1982 and 1998. + As an activity which enhances the visibility of consumption, advertising becomes an integral part of the movement of objects (Urry 2007: 47) + a transfer area (McCracken, 2003) were, through the discourse, objects become commodities (Appadurai, 1986). + contemporary motivations and consumer practices are translated into a life project which is ideally actualized, or re-signed, in the objects (Baudrillard, 1970). + advertising discourse is here seen as a product of the culture in which it is embedded. + the contemporary compulsion to mobility has significantly been appropriated by advertising as a strategy of valuation of the product or brand into a particular consumer object, itself an object of circulation. In this sense, advertising discourse can be considered a system which offers individuals the possibility of movement through consumption. "At last, the Walkman. The biggest sound revolution in the smallest stereo of the world" Sony. 6-9-82 "the e-commerce is changing the way you buy and sell things". IBM. 6-10-98 potential for movement is more closely related to physical and geographic dislocation. potential for movement is more closely related to virtual or imaginative mobility. H + In a fluid world, individuals are always changing, as well as the relations between people and their territory. + The collapse of macro-social entities has prompted the growth in importance of lyfestyles and consumption practices. + as a result of the incessant movement of markets, objects and people, the consumption becomes a practice affected by individuals' mobility or immobility social condition / status quo. + to account the increase of the mobilized social life in the last decades, there is an increase of demand for products and/or services that help individuals to deal with life in motion. + "people need social benchmarks and stability cores to organized the life in motion" (Kesselring, 2008: 90) + 'social benchmarks and stability cores' whose the goods, the means and the messages are an important constitutive part. Methodological Approach Key Concerns "Get into the Pierre Cardin dimension. A very exclusive fashion world". Veja, 6-9-82 and Veja, 6-14-82 + pelo aspecto estrutural, o discurso publicitário pode ser encarado como 'amostra provisória de seu tempo'. + entre 1982 e 1998, no Brasil, mais do que a cultura da mobilidade ou mesmo a mobilidade em potência, há nos anúncios referência ao nacional e ao verde e amarelo. + neste sentido, com relação ao aspecto referencial, no caso do Brasil, não reconhecemos a mobilidade enquanto argumento discursivo e persuasivo na publicidade das marcas, em 1982. + e mesmo com a inserção do Brasil no mercado global de consumo, a mobilidade em potência só é parte da argumentação persuasiva nas campanhas de 1998. + o caráter mediador e de tranferência simbólica e significacional da publicidade foi mais bem percebido em 1998 do que 1982. + em 1982, no Brasil, a mobilidade ainda era pensada pelo seu caráter mais físico e geográfico do que pela sua virtualidade. E em 1998, algumas marcas já divulgavam a tecnologia como meio de circular imaginativamente. Considerações finais: Globalized world Technological development + Speed Mobility Paradigm Lifestyle + consumer practices Advertising Discourse I take the interconnection of mobility, consumption and advertising in a globalized world as a starting point in my research in order to propose the view of advertising as a system which – by attributing movement to objects through discourse – may become a vehicle for the consumer to experience the world on the move, even if only virtually or imaginatively. + para dar conta da vida social mobilizada há o incremento da demanda por bens que ofereçam a mobilidade em potência, ou motilidade, como atributo fundamental para o consumo. + motilidade é "a capacidade da pessoa em ser móvel ou mais precisamente, a maneira com que o indivíduo se apropria do que é possível no domínio da mobilidade e usa esse potencial em suas atividades" (Kaufmann, 2002: 37) a partir do acesso e das habilidades de apropriação, baseados no contexto sócio-histórico e nos seus projetos de vida. + Interpretação: discurso como sistema de motilidade; consumo como aquisição da mobilidade em potência para circulação (ou não) no ambiente globalizado, em rede e de riscos. Supervisor Bianca Freire-Medeiros CPDOC/FGV Brazil In a globalized world: + the individual has become the main instance of social legitimacy, due to the weakening of macro-social structures affected by the speed of technical change and the intense flows of mobility; + mobilities practices have become capital a sine qua non condition for fruition of individuals in life, with their reference groups and objects of consumption, and for this reason,; + as práticas de consumo passaram a ser motivadas pela possibilidade de aquisição de

Lancaster University

Transcript: Planning Things I would do Differently Design Lancaster University Engineering Dept. Build Jonathan Lewis Improvements Fabricator Building Wooding Sheeting Other Roles: Phoenix RC Landing Gear Payload Containers All Vacuum molding Steve Monk Bob Mackin Supervisors: Emily Richardson Oliver Tate Jonathan Lewis CAD Engineer Test The Beginning Not a Pusher Design Use ready made water containers Share materials with other Projects Do Simulations first Team: Jonathan Lewis Building a Model Aircraft to win the BMFA Schools and University Challenge Things to Improve . Better use of systems engineering More research before commencement Use of outside experts Careful Budget Control Better integration between "Office" and "Factory floor" Jonathan Lewis . Issues Lancaster University Any Questions? Joshua Connolley Jonathan Lewis Ben Lopacki Lack of proper Systems approach to design Underestimation of difficulty in producing a bespoke watertight container Lack of undestanding of fundamentals eg: Importance of CofG Financial Carelessness Disconnect between "Office" and "Factory floor" The Video! Stages of Work What should the plane look like? What materials should we use? Mission: Design, build and test an RC Plane Use a set battery and motor Have the RC plane carry 4kg of water Enclose a "Sensor ball" in the fuselage Work to a budget Win the BMFA competition! How do we keep the weight as low as possible? Role in the Project How is a model plane different from a real one? Issues and Future work How should we carry the 4kg payload? Learn how planes fly How is the plane controlled?

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