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Transcript: Milledgeville, Georgia What is Ladder? Ladder wants to provide an experience for the shopper where they feel welcomed and that they are getting the personal attention that they deserve. French Vill'Edge Jack and Milly Chatter PRICING To increase the attitude of women at Georgia College and in Milledgeville to think that Ladder is a place they could shop, from 30% at opening to 50% after three months. QUESTIONS? Ladder brand: boho-chic Grand Opening Event Social media, website, radio, newspaper, flyers Ladder SWOT Belk T.J. Maxx JCPenney 75% Markup Marketing Plan Hire passionate employees Extensive training program Increase employee engagement Increase employee satisfaction One owner/buyer Employees: college students and 2-3 full time Compensation and Rewards Sunday, 1-6 One sales associate upstairs, one downstairs PROMOTION Employees are "Stylists" Stylist Consultations Text Updates Return Policy Retail Apparel and Boutique Industry $116.4 Billion in 2013 Women ages 18-24 make up majority of sales Increased by 27% in last 2 years PLACE Startup Costs: $100,000 and up Profit Management Path Lower Inventory Turnover and Asset Turnover Quarterly financial statements Ladder seeks to offer young women empowerment through clothing that embodies both their professional side as well as their youth and free spirits. We strive to establish ourselves as more than a fashion boutique, but as an experience our customers can not shop without. Downstairs Financial Plan PRODUCT Ladder is a fashion boutique specially designed for trendy, young women looking for unique, boho-chic style clothing and exceptional customer service in the Milledgeville area. Mainstreet, unplanned location Raise awareness of Ladder in women attending Georgia College from 0% three months before opening to 30% at opening. Management Style Daily Operations Industry Trends Maintain and possibly grow the number of customer visits each day from 50 at grand opening to a possible 75 after three months. Clearance Markdowns 30% off 50% off 75% off Objectives Competitors Primary Trade Area: 10 minutes from downtown Milledgeville Secondary Trade Area: 20 minutes from downtown Milledgeville Tertiary Trade Area: 30 minutes from downtown Milledgeville Ladder's Target Customer Mission and Vision Upstairs Women aged 18-25 Upper middle class Seeking higher education Residing 30 minutes from downtown Milledgeville Progressive, fashion forward, urban High/Low Pricing Strategy PRESENTATION Monday- Saturday, 10-6 Ladder PEOPLE


Transcript: Rescue Ladder Rescue Ladder Team Leader Muhammad Arshad Zulhelmi bin Mohktar B042020042 Concept and Development Norazizi bin Norazman B042020050 Design Danial Hasif Azfar Bin Dahli B042020005 Validation Teh Yong Yan B042020016 Coordinator Che Amirull Syawal Bin Che Ismail B042020034 INTRODUCTION Development of Portable Flood Rescue Ladder for Children, Elderly and Rescuer Malaysia is often hit by floods. Victims and rescuers usually do not have proper safety tools to make sure victims can reach higher ground, while rescuers find it hard to receive victims from dangerous places. This will make rescue operations difficult when we get into trouble with transporting victims like children and the elderly. Hence, safe, efficient, and portable characteristics should be included in a rescue ladder designed to be used in flood situations. Objectives Rescue ladder that suitable for children elderly and rescue. Rescue ladder that convenient to use in rescue operation Multipurpose used rescue ladder in many emergency situation Problem Statement Problem Faced by Floods Rescuer Problem Faced by Floods Victims The rescue ladder that is commonly used in rescue operations is heavy and not easy to carry. It is dangerous for rescuers to hand-carry victims while using a rescue ladder in rescue operations. The surrounding environment is not suitable for placing a specific type of rescue ladder. Many families do not have the proper tools to reach higher ground. Challenge for victims like the elderly and children to carry heavy ladders to climb to higher ground. Rescue ladders have complex functions and are not easy to use. There is no specific ergonomic ladder design for children and the elderly to step up and down. Customers Compertitors Business Opporturnity Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia Rosenbauer International AG JUST Leitern AG National Disaster Management Agency Special Malaysia Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team Ladder Technology Industrial Sdn Bhd Civilians Malaysian Medical Relief Society Competitors Customers Literature Review Rescue ladder that normally used in flood prone area called leaning ladder. This ladder has found more than 10,000 years ago in Hebrew and Egyptian civilization. In the past, people use this ladder to carry objects from bottom to top to carry out specified task. In 1862, John Balsley introduced a new type of leaning ladder which is foldable so it can easily transported to anywhere make leaning ladder have become first priority type of ladder to use in rescue operation and called it in other name which is Rescue Ladder. The reason why leaning ladder is famous for rescue ladder is due to its flexibility to adapt in many situation. In Malaysia, leaning ladder is frequently used in flood rescue operation by Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia if necessarily. Bench Marking 4,1m Firefighter rescue line Protech Portal Ladder Firechief Two Storey Fire Escape Ladder 4,1m Firefighter Rescue Line Manufacturer Standard Characteristics Maximum Load Lungs Minimum Size Maximum Size Weight : Telesteps : European standard EN 1147 : Adjustable Height, rubeer top section, safe locking, hand grip, angeled rubber feet, portable. : 5000N : 13 : (1170x470)mm : (4100x470)mm : 19.2 kg Bench Marking Bench Marking 4,1m Firefighter rescue line Protech Portal Ladder Firechief Two Storey Fire Escape Ladder - FEL 430 Bench Marking Bench Marking Firechief Two Storey Fire Escape Ladder - FEL 430 : Firechief : European standard EN 1147 : Easy to use, tangle-free design, durable and high resistance, quick and easy deployment,window hook, ultra-compact Manufacturer Standard Characteristics Maximum Load Lungs Minimum Size Maximum Size Weight : 4500N : 13 : (470x300)mm : (4300x300)mm : 4.4 kg Bench Marking 4,1m Firefighter rescue line Firechief Two Storey Fire Escape Ladder - FEL 430 Protech Portal Ladder Bench Marking Bench Marking Protech Portal Ladder : Protech : ANSI-ASC A14.5-2007 : Compact, portable, lightweight, durable, quick retrieval and rapid deployment, hook Manufacturer Standard Characteristics Maximum Load Lungs Minimum Size Maximum Size Weight : 4500N : 14 : (650x430)mm : (4310x430)mm : 22.0 kg User & Market Survey Walk-in Interview Google Form Survey Walk-in Interview We had an informal interview at Ayer Keroh Fire and Rescue Station. During the interview,the officer shared some of their experiences with how they perform rescue missions during floods. Next, we also asked about the transportation they used during floods and the need for a rescue ladder during operations. Normally, fiber boats will be prioritized in rescue missions because they are easy to carry on site. Next, from their experiences, the rescue ladder on the market now is not suitable for use in rescue missions. This is because existing rescue ladders do not have much flexibility, are hard to carry, and are not efficient. Fiber boat User & Marketing Survey User & Market Survey Walk-in Interview Google Form Survey Google Form Survey Besides,

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