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Transcript: We are a one of a kind company, dedicated to providing sport for those that may find it difficult to get involved. As men of this industry, you will all have come across schemes and solutions for 'vulnerable' groups of people. We will be working with many notable organisations. Small Sided Football is the most popular and fastest growing area of adult football. With over 1.5m adults playing Small Sided Football every week and with 30,000 teams playing in organised and competitive small sided leagues, this format of football has increasingly become an integral part of the football family. The FA recognises the important role that Small Sided Football plays in encouraging people to continue playing football and enjoying all aspects of the ‘beautiful game.’ All of this is with the sole aim to help those with alcohol and or drug addictions in Thanet. In 2010 39% of men and 31% of women exceeded the daily drinking limit of alcohol and later admit they had an addiction in 2009 there were 880 deaths involving legal drugs in the UK an increase from 7% to 10%. There was also an increase of deaths in th UK through illegal drug taking from 11% to 13% (2001 death realted to drugs.) The participant we get will be advised to come to us from NHS services which will deal with drug and alcohol abuse, alcoholics anonymous and talk to frank There is plenty of information out there for quiting addictions like drug abuse and alcohol abuse, but advice can only give you a guidline for how to quit. This is where 'Kick the Habit' comes in. Our organisation offers its wide range of services to anyone from 16-60 years old. PLANS FOR THE FUTURE: We plan as a company to make our unique scheme a global organisation where we would love to start a 'kick the habit' league or cup. It's as simple as that. Any questions are more than welcome


Transcript: Cost estimation of an industrial scale production of nanocellulose filaments utilizing PBCM and TRL A case study at RISE MSc Industrial Engineering and Management KTH Royal Institute of Technology Rui Liang Zhang & Lukas Rask Current lab-scale production Technically feasible but production costs are unknown Research Questions MRQ: How does the TRL grading affect the application of PBCM in the context of the nanocellulose filament production? • SQ1: What is the level of maturity of the current spinning process available at lab-scale and what limitations exist as a consequence of the maturity level in an industrial scale? • SQ2: How can PBCM be utilized to understand production process of the nanocellulose filament? So how did we do this? TRL Technology Readiness Level Evaluated on data availability Level description Tangible work results Workplace Subjective scale, TRL 1-9 TRL 1 - Ideas of how research can be used TRL 9 - Technology deployed in economically relevant environment Results TRL of nanocellulose filament production PBCM PBCM Financial model Relate cost element quantity to cost Operations model Causal chain from operations & cost element quantities Technical process model Cost elements & process mapping Input data Production cost Results from PBCM Cost range ~250-3000 SEK/kg of nanocellulose filaments Energy cost >> Material cost Increased solvent purity decreases drying cost increases solvent recovery cost Cost of acetone 30%, 50%, 70 % ~ cost of using DI water Main conclusions SQ1 - Level of maturity of the lab-scale process and limitations: Currently at TRL 4 5 Limitations: Investment costs are excluded Scope of assessment (relevant cost elements and scenarios) SQ2 - The understanding from PBCM: Quantify process costs & identify cost drivers Cost evaluation of process alternatives Highlights areas of improvements to increase basis for techno-economic decision-making MRQ - Effects of the TRL grading on the application of PBCM: Limited modeling accuracy Engineering approximations No investment costs Requires model expansion THANK YOU FOR LISTENING QUESTIONS

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