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Transcript: Step 3 - Deliver Development Program On the job opportunities (70% of workplace learning) We will work with you to design opportunities to learn on the job, including Simulated work activities Peer Collaboration Meetings Shadowing SMEs Step 4 - Evaluate Development Program How did we get the job done? Learning Solutions designed to provide: Did I lead or follow? Our approach: 70:20:10 and Participant Centred Active Learning Facilitated session Because we want input into how this will pan out and buy in to make it work... KPMG Senior Finance Team Transformation Program Support to decision-making through FORWARD-FOCUS Provision of the RIGHT TOOLS to enhance decision-making Step 2 - Design Development Solutions People Skills: the connection between knowing and doing Building relationships that get you results Influencing others to achieve results The art and science of successful communication Present like a pro Build the bridge and get over it - managing conflict in a complex world Teams work - how to build and grow great teams Scavenger Hunt Gets people in the right frame of mind to have conversations and create solutions How to evaluate a development program How is this like I work normally? Experiences Awareness & Theory Agility to EVOLVE to meet business needs Workshops Capture common learning needs Formal workshops (10%) for common areas of development Commercial Competence Proactive business analysis Commercial acumen Understanding the business Implementing business change Business and performance management Skills Audit Self and manager assessment of skills and knowledge gaps and subject matter expertise Step 1 - Determine Development Needs What did I learn about me? Learning Needs Analysis How did I build relationships to get the job done? Identifies individual needs, group needs, learning preferences and learning solution designs Outcomes: An agreed set of competencies of a Finance Business Partner Agreement on methodologies, processes and timeframes ...but what about this? Identifies individual learning gaps AND SMEs (important for solution design) Master Trainers Institute Australia ` Individual Development Plans Provision of INSIGHT and analysis that goes beyond the numbers So how do we propose to do this? How did I communicate? Attraction, development and retention of the RIGHT PEOPLE Learning Relationships (20%): Coaching and learning from each other formally and informally Coaching Builds on skills and knowledge and offers one on one tailored laser learning opportunities Outcomes Introduces the concept that 'this program is different' - creates excitement and anticipation about a new way of thinking and doing Through experiential learning, challenges status quo thinking about people and process skills Participants have fun - creates an environment of openness which encourages solution thinking Was this the best we could do?


Transcript: Producers US$ in billions 300 Legal Environmental damage Insufficient disclosure Sustainability negligence impacts shareholder value Climate Change Accelerated consumption Our population has grown by one quarter Automobiles 89 Digital connectivity Mobile phone and internet use exploded (up 20,000%) What is Expect the Unexpected & Why did we do it? Deforestation Chemicals Electricity Ecosystems Blue world Transformation Background Information Total population Competitive Cost increases/volatility Changing maket dynamics Changing demands What’s happening on a global level Andres Valencia Intern Center of Excellence for CC&S Climate Change & Sustainability Water Scarcity What are the next big things for business? 20% Sustainable manufacturing & packaging: •Full service supply chain •Recycling oriented. Partnerships: •Quality Associates •Pratt Industries •IFS Impact Regulatory Cost and complexity of changing regulation/policy New taxes and regulatory instruments 50% Telecom & Amazon forest loss 55% Integrated reporting Natural Capital Accounting Zero waste / cradle to cradle Redefining company value Water Pricing Source: KPMG, Expect the Unexpected (2012). Key:Size of circle depicts the sector’s total external environmental costs in 2010 in USD. Source: Trucost 2012. 1 52% 400 Disparate prosperity 1.3 billion people have no access to energy 134 •Second commitment period for Kyoto 2013 to 2018/21 •CDM and Joint Implementation continue •New instrument “with legal force” to take effect by 2020 •All parties including US, China and India •Progress on Green Climate Fund: US$100bn annually •NAMA registry •Commitment to common MRV system for emissions Risk and opportunity analysis by type of risk How could sustainability megaforces impact a Company? Source: UNFAO. World Review of Fisheries & Agriculture. (2010) Urban population 23% 59% Aggregate food demand 2.5% Source: The World Bank, World Development Indicators (2011). We did it to: Outline KPMG's business perspective on sustainable growth in preparation for Rio+20 The Report was launched at KPMG's Global Summit in New York 200 Source: Trucost 2012. Rio+20 Ecological decline 80% of fish stocks are over, or fully, exploited •Reduce their carbon footprint •Ensure smart usage of natural resources •Assessed their packaging from design to disposal •Committed to a 25% reduction in the amount of material used across all packaging formats by 2020 42% Green world Constraint Regulation and reform Resource substitution Efficiency Conservation Protection Environmental intensity National actions around the world Businesses need to understand the causes of what affects their operations, not just the symptoms Reputational Damage to brand and stakeholder relationships Failure to respond appropiately to megaforces Pharma & Biotechnology Producers Source: UNEP: Keeping Track of our Changing Environment (2011). How is our organisation contributing to each of these possible worlds? Are our current strategies and structures robust enough to deal with these futures? What capacity do we need for learning, risk management and innovation to navigate these futures effectively? Key: Same direction Opposite direction. Source: KPMG (2012). Expect the Unexpected: Building business value in a changing world Wealth 6% 4 Expect the Unexpected 600 224% Future Scenarios Three tough questions 2010 EBITDA 0 64% About 100 53% 21% 23% Human ecological footprint Beverages Food Energy & Fuel Business Interventions Raw materials extraction Climate Change Energy-related CO2 emissions Policy Landscape 1.) Former Secretary General UNFCCC 2.) Kyoto Protocol - Yvo helped to prepare the position of the European Union in the lead-up to the negotiations on the Kyoto Protocol. Metals 71% 87% Wealth 26 2 Source: IEA, World Energy Outlook (2011). 97 Unilever Primary energy demand Food Source: UNEP, World Bank, Worldwatch Vital Signs, WWF, SERI, UNDP, FAO, IEA. Transportation Marine 800 22 153 3 44% 84 Changes to the global business environment Our accelerating human footprint Source: United Nations Population Fund, The State of the World Population (2011). Deforestation Implications for business EBITDA exposure to sectors 13% 55% KPMG CC&S Service Offerings 223 Expect the Unexpected Building business value in a changing world 43% Population Source: IEA, SERI, Water Resources Group, UN, OECD, FAO, Global Footprint Network, WWF. Urbanization Coca Cola •Follow-up to 1992 Rio Earth Summit •Renew political commitment to sustainable development •Pledges of US$500bn •Shift from government-driven to business-driven agenda •Principles for Sustainable Insurance •Sustainable Stock Exchanges Demand for water withdrawal Breakdown Conflict Crises Corruption Suffering Disorder Weak institutions Business-as-usual global projections to 2035 Physical Changing weather Long term environmental trends, eg water scarcity Energy & Fuel Globalization International trade and foreign investments tripled Water Food Security Resource scarcity 4


Transcript: Demand KPMG sells its service to organizations within the commuity like businesses (big and small) that require their help Consumers would want/need this service because it is important to understand how your business is doing by getting professional help, actual people who are certified to read numbers and give professional advice The demand for this service has changed over the last few years- it is going down due to the recession in the economy The accounting world has changed a lot over the last few years. Accountants are becoming more involved in their clients decision making. The market will always be stable because corporations and other institutions need professional help KPMG is one of the big 4 auditing firms (Makes it widely known and respectable) The industry is extremely competitive with the other big firms like Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse Demand is expected to do better as the economy gets better in the next few years Introduction Resource Requirements Managing Partners Location: Vancouver, BC Address: 777 Dunsmuirst Phone Number: 604-691- 3000 Web Address: Other Locations in BC : Kamloops, Abbotsford, Vernon, Victoria, Kelowna, Chilliwack, etc. Managers CEO KPMG JOB CREATION: Big firm= many accountants needed -need a degree in accounting (Standards are very high) -Vancouver has more businesses since it is a larger city...means more accounting work needed WEALTH CREATION: A business audited by KPMG creates legitimate reassurance for that business which means more customers feel safer when purchasing and buying it/things -KPMG does advisory and tax= increase of wealth for that business they are helping ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: is a service business which means they do not need as much raw materials -Sponsor fund raising groups like free the children which in turn helps the world PRODUCT SELECTION: Offers 3 main business lines- -Audit (An unbiased examination and evaluation of the financial statements) (Some places make it required for public businesses to be audited by one of the Big 4 accounting firms) -Tax (Gives tax advisory and helps with the tax plan) -Advisory (Helps assist on things like management, risk, transaction and restructuring) HEALTH AND SAFETY: Provides safety to a business by auditing it. They see the books in the business and advise them to continue, stop, or change things. Thanks for Listening Business Profile Partners If I wanted to make my business big and well known, a llp partnership would a allow me to expand my business More partners= less responsibility for one person alone John B. Veihmeyer Building with Offices KPMG was offically found in 1987 when Klynveld Main Goerdeler and Peat Marwick merged their companies to create what is now KPMG. The KPMG head office is in Amstelveen, Netherlands. KPMG Head Office in Amstelveen Owners Impact on the Community Why would I want to own a LLP Partnership? Disadvantages A llp partner who is very active in the business might be made into a general partner Certification of a limited liability partnership is harder to get, plus you might have to pay for some fees Disagreement might come up within partners Less profit for each partner (The owner) Contact and Branches KPMG has impacted the community in several ways. Over 700 partners in Canada Chairman- John B. Veihmeyer CEO of KPMG Canada- Bill Thomas KPMG is considered a limited liability partnership (KPMG LLP). There are over 700 partners in Canada. KPMG is one of the biggest accounting firms in the world (One of the big 4 auditing companies) It is a partnership It is a servicing business KPMG has 3 different service lines Audit Tax Advisory Organizational Structure People Bill Thomas Partnership Stationary More partners =wider client base =bigger company More people= wider skill set to do different jobs In an llp, each partner is only responsible for their own mistakes and debts, they are not tied to the company More capital A high- callibre employee can be made into a partner Profits and losses are taxed through the partners, who are taxed on their own personal income tax returns. Strong IT Support System Hardware Software (Audit and Tax) Computers Microsoft Word Strong Legal Department Advantages KPMG's organizational structure is similar to a hierarchy 1st and 2nd year accountants (Staff) History & Services Industry Profile Senior accountants Senior Managers

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