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KPI Presentation

Transcript: BRAND IMAGE Prisicilla Wendy 03/01/2017 ABOUT ME Priscilla Wendy Brand Image Assistant (January, 2017 - now) Brand Business Team (April, 2019 - now) Easy Going 1 High Fidelity 2 Hard Worker 3 Job Description & Achievement 1. Editing a guidelines or the other files into the local language 2. A mediator between dealer who has a design requirements 3. Workflow combing optimization 4. Communicate and coordinate with a local advertising vendor 5. Internal collaboration Actual Completion 1 1. In this half year (started from November 2018 until April 2019) I have finished our new Vi guideline's translation based on the timeline that given for me. Actual Completion Actual Completion Actual Completion Actual Completion Next 2. Be a translator (new Vi guideline) in training session for all designers level 1 (A, B and C area). Localized language conversion next 3. Discuss a decoration materials and cost with our agent or vendor also maintain a good relationship with them. 2 1. On 2019 started make a checklist data in ms. excel, purpose to easier maintain whether the request from dealers already on what state and also can see the record of the finished design. Next 2. Follow up our designer everyday, be a reminder by send the data for our internal team everyday to let them know how many request that we should finish for a day. Next 3. After the design is approved, i will send the feedback archive as soon as possible to the dealers 3 Be a reminder also mediator everyday both two parties between our internal and external team (related to design). 1. Be a mediator during our launch event, with our agency and vendor, give a feedback from our senior and also maintain a good relationship with them. 4 Next 2. Follow up our vendor and ask for a feedback related to the print results or sample Always ensure that our internal requests for all types of material can be fulfilled and on time. 5 Lowlights 2. Feeling not optimal at work 1. Overload with design request Highlights Reason 1 Dealers submitted 4-5 design requests a day Sometimes the size changes Sometimes after 3D and CAD already finished, they want to add another request Meanwhile we have our own system that our design will be finished for the latest 3 days Solutions - We need more designer to handle layout , 3D and CAD (technical drawing) Solutions - Make a specific brief with our dealer, the brief content is to tell them that we need cooperate between dealer level 1 and 2 to avoid the misunderstood matters, also make sure in the form request they have put the PIC from dealer level 2 so our designers can reach the person in charge in case to learn more about the showroom's circumstance 2 Reason Business Team + Brand Image Demanding Team (Content, Digital, PR, TV Placement, Activation) Agency Vendor Payment System, etc Localize language Mediator with vendor Design request Daily report Communicate with dealer Internal collaboration Solution a clearer and specific work load Solution Brand Image divison makes me learn a lot and the most important part is how to maintain a working process between our internal and external team The system looks clearer 2 Decrease miscommunication for both parties 1


Transcript: KPI 2021 & NEW KPI 2022 FARAH HANAN KQ01148 KPI 2021 KPI 2021 MANAGE ASETS & INVENTORY MANAGE CONSUMABLES MANAGE SAFETY IN LABORATORY MANAGE DOCUMENTATION Carbon Capture Laboratory Carbon Capture Laboratory Assets and inventories still in 80% finished updated Consumables just create last year as one of improvement for laboratory management The safety of the laboratory already update by make complaint about the leaking roof and the roof already fully change make complaint for expired extinguisher (staff already come but did not change yet) covid19 protection (there was one case in CC lab but already sanitized on 29 Nov 2021) manage students and Research Assistant Safety Exam & Presentation The CHRA (Chemical Health Risk Assessment) for CC lab still in progress as the CHRA only implement end of last year Biorefinery Laboratory Biorefinery Laboratory Assets and inventories for biorefinery laboratory already fully updated Consumables also just create last year as one of improvement for laboratory management The safety of the laboratory already update by Make complaint about the leaking at floor due to heavy rain - the management make awning to avoid rain to enter laboratory surrounding Manage students and Research Assistant Safety Exam & Presentation The CHRA (Chemical Health Risk Assessment) for Biorefinery Lab alresdy 30% updated and still in progress KPI 2022 KPI 2022 Develop service to outsider already make new gmail account for Biorefinery Laboratory for service management and also for laboratory management already make new FB account & will promote the service in this account plannning to make instagram for additional marketing Explore HPLC already ask Thermo engineer for the additional setting planning to use the hold setting so that the more viscous sample could be take up but still in progress Go for training qPCR workshop - already discuss with Dr Razi and En Azren to make the wqorkshop on this mid semester cont. 05 04 Go for training already attend bioreactor workshop to know how the systems works planning to search training for financila recording class to manage laboratory financial One method certified this year planning to do HPLC or ASE as the new method Make new 'tabung' for Biorefinery Laboratory still in progress 03 continue 02 01 Other Job Scopes OTHER JOB SCOPES Be one of the secretariat for ABBS-SC Helping students using all the equipments in both laboratory Maintain the equipment to avoid broken Helping lecturers in assisting their undergrad & post grad students Improve lab management by providing scan bar code for students and others to list down the equipments they will use per day List of equipments maintenance HPLC (flushed using isopropanol to flush the blockage ) Water bath shaker (fix the shaking system) Autoclave (fixed the blockage due to glassware broken inside the autoclave) Incubator shaker (fixed the sticky stuff and shaking system) Chiller for bioreactor (still in quotation process for permative maintenace) PBR (sealed using silicone due to leakage) Laminar floor due to fungus contamination also still in quotation process PBR (sealed using silicone due to leakage) Oven and Laminar (already fixed) Air compressor (already bought belt to change the broken belt) Maintenance Equipments Achievement ACHIEVEMENT Win as consolation for "Pertandingan Bicara Tuntas Inovasi FKAB" on 1 December 2021

KPI Presentation

Transcript: -Concession stores inside 'Concessions can also help make use of what is otherwise dead space in larger outlets' (, 2015) Potentially a partnership with boots. -M&S Opticians, highest majority of the population with glasses are over 40, these consumers are also are again a large portion of M&S's segmentation target, therefore having an opticians would be beneficial to M&S, with the brand loyalty consumers have for M&S this could lead to people getting their eye prescriptions from M&S instead of their usual opticians. Also as mentioned in technology sector, consumers want convenience this would create an ease of travel for M&S consumers. -Gift ideas that grandparents would buy for their grandchildren or children, therefore grandchildren/children will potentially buy at M&S. -Student insurance, with brand recognition and perception of high quality and reassurance could potenitally enable students to take insurance out with M&S. -Change in pension rules- more disposable income therefore able to buy higher priced items, such as TV's or tablets, increasing the number of electrical items. Social Image by Tom Mooring 'In 2015, we expect food spending to rise only slightly by +0.4%, because of high competition and falling food prices' (, 2015) Socially consumers will seek to find the best offer for their products. Trends also are a social factor, particularly with fashion, consumers buy products based on celebrities, friends, family. This is why brands need to have credibility. - Meaning pensioners have more money disposable income enabling them to purchase higher priced products. - Not only this but introducing technology lessons, to allows for consumers to understand. this will ultimately cost Marks and Spencers, money but it will enable for consumers, to enter the digital age. To set themselves aside from other techology retailers have lesson that not only educate but introduce Marks and Spencer consumers to the products which could potentially leads to further purchases. SWOT 'analysis is the commonest practical analytical tool for strategic planning' (Piercy and Giles, 1989:2) It allows for business to establish their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, externally within the business. SWOT 'analysis is a simple structured approach to evaluating a company's strategic position' (Piercy and Giles, 1989:2) It allows for business to understand and establish,where the business lacks but also giving the business ways to improve by analysing the opportunities 'analysis provides us with a device to structure the awkward mixture of quantitative and qualitative information... that characterises strategic marketing planning' (Piercy and Giles, 1989:2). PESTLE 'analysis, as it stands, mainly provides a general idea about the macro environmental conditions and situation of a company' (Yüksel, 2012:2). PESTLE outlines the political, economic, social, technological and ethical issues within a business, theses are all external. PESTLE is used for different reasons the 'first is that it allows identification of the environment within which the company operates' (Yüksel, 2012:2) and the second being able provide data for the company that will allow the company to make predictions for the future. Legal Threats Strengths SWOT & PESTLE Model The food sector of Marks and Spencer business makes 55% of Marks and Spencer sales (, 2015). This is concerning for Marks and Spencers as there is a 'Decline in food sales and that left like-for-like sales up just 0.2% on February 2014' (, 2015), this is due to the decrease in disposable income, which not only affected Marks and Spencer, but many other retailers who are in a similar sector. However, according to Mintel, Marks and Spencer had an increase in food revenue of 4.2%. This could be due to the quality of the food Marks and Spencer have to offer. There is set to be a 'GDP growth of 2.4% and retail sales growth of 2.0%' (, 2015) Thus would potentially help Marks and Spencer as it will lead to a greater economy, and therefore it will potentially enable for consumers to have a more disposable income. With the change in pension rules recently enforced, according to, pensioners, who make up a large portion or Marks and Spencer segment group, now are able to withdraw their pension at 55 without a charge. Thus meaning pensioners are able to access their pension in a lump sum, therefore potentially again have more disposable income. Economic Political Opportunities continued... Marks and Spencer as a business has many qualities that would potentially be considered as strengths which benefit the business. One that is most predominant to the consumer is their quality of products, many consumers shop at Marks and Spencer on the basis they know the products their buying will be of the highest standard and that they what they buy is worth their money. Another strength that Marks and Spencer

KPI Presentation

Transcript: KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS​ PRESENTATION Issues to resolve Miscommunication with Product Managers.​ Understanding the contract / tariff with complicated information.​ Distractions or excessive usage of mobile phone.​ Issues Strategy Sharing the proper ways on how to communicate effectively with Product Managers.​ Training to properly understand the importance of reading the whole contract.​ Reminding the team members to always have self-discipline and giving tips on how to stay focus to avoid distractions.​ What we aim Meet the monthly target. Positive work environment.​ Key Objectives 2IC Member Meet the targets set by the Team Leads.​ Improve the quality of work.​ Maintain a good working relationship. Member Sending Daily Attendance Report.​ Providing immediate assistance to the queries of team members.​ Acting as alternative channel for the team members to express their concerns and issues.​ Understanding the vision of the Team Leader.​ Ensuring that the team will continue to operate properly during Team Leader's absence​ Tasks What we do 2IC Member Loading or updating the contracts based from the updated suppliers tariff and Product Managers request from the Freshdesk ticket.​ Communicating with Product Managers to clarify their request and issues mentioned on the ticket.​ Escalating the changes made to the Web Team.​ Running a report, fixing the affected bookings, and advising the agents for any changes done on the booking.​ Participating on monthly meetings and sharing sessions. Member Contracts Team Who we are Contracts Team is the one responsible to address the concerns and requests from our number one customer which is the Product Managers. 2IC 2IC - is one of the important position needed to strengthen the management team. This allows the Leader to remove him/herself from the tasks with confidence and focus on other things or even during their absence.​ ​2IC is both a leader and follower, striking a delicate balance between the two. ​ Introduction:

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