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Transcript: Made in 2800 in China by Mozi and Lu Ban, they used silk and bamboo to make it Most popular kite design and type is diamond, also called the Eddy Kite, based our design off of it, made by placing 2 sticks in a cross pattern and stretching the material over it. A Power Kite is much larger than a standard kite and is shaped like a horseshoe, designed to have more precision and power in order to lift objects and people. Mainly used in combination with a boat or board. AKA Publications. Kite History. . Web 3 December, 2012 <>. LoveToKnow Corp. Different Types of Kites. 2012. Web 3 December, 2012 <>. Taunton Press Inc. Ben's Big Idea. 2012. Web 3 December, 2012 <>. A Sled Kite is shaped like a snow sled, but it has a base with curved sides, a flying line attached to the edges of the kite rather than the middle of the frame, and long streamers at the base of the kite. In June of 1752, Ben Franklin and his son, William, were going to see if lightning was actually electricity. They attached a kite to a silk string and tied an iron key to the other end. They then tied a thin metal wire from the kite and put the end of it in a Leyden Jar. When the thunderstorm came they flew the kite and it was able to conduct electricity, proving that lightning was a form of electricity. Kite Battles - you have a certain amount of people in a marked area, and you have to take down the other kites with only your kite, no physical contact is allowed. Kites can be removed by tangling, stealing wind, knocking and line cutting. The last kite flying is the winner Kite Games - Kite Parade - you have everyone line up and you carry your kite(not fly them) and you wear costumes and hats and you walk around the Kite Field In 1750, Benjamin Franklin used a kite to try and prove that lightning is electricity, the Wright brothers also used kites in their trials of making the first airplane The Box Kite is shaped like a large rectangle with material wrapped around the top and bottom, made by Lawrence Hargrave of Austria originally for trying to make a manned flying machine. Mozi- Born in Tengzhou, Shandong Province, China, he was a Chinese Philosopher during the Hundred Years of Thought Lu Ban - Born in the state of Lu, China, he was a carpenter, engineer, philosopher, and military thinker who made many inventions The Delta Kite is similar to the diamond kite, but is shaped like an isosceles triangle, and a smaller triangle is attached to the bottom of the kite to give it more support Ben Franklin was born January 17, 1706 and was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He was an author, printer, theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, musician, and many more. As a scientist, he is most known for his Kite Experiment. The Winged Box Kite shares the same basic shape as the Box Kite, but this one includes two triangle pieces added to the long side of the frame, the winged pieces are used to help better control the kite. Highest Flying Angle - made to see who has the best kite. You set your kite at a certain length (usually 10-100ft.) and you see who can fly at the best angle, the point of it is to see how well a kite can fly in a particular wind, other factors include height and flying height Altitude Sprint - in this game you get 30 seconds to 2 minutes (depending on the wind) and you see who can get the most line out of their spools in the time, if not all of them. In ancient China, they were originally used for things like sending messages, measuring distances, lifting men, and for signaling and communication for military operations

Kite Runner PowerPoint

Transcript: Theme: Bad choices in the past may lead to guilt that will alter a person's future forever. "'Baba, sit down please'~Baba slapped my hand away. 'Havent I taught you anything?'" (Hosseini 116). During high pressure situations like this Baba was standing up for a girl that was about to be raped by a Russian soldier. Amir is battling flashbacks of his friend being raped in the alley. By telling his father to stop speaking up for the girl he is telling his father to no do what is the ethical thing to do. Amir would rather stand out of harms way than do what is right. Social class doesnt play a role in this scene because the Russians are threatening to shoot everyone in the truck. About the Author The time period in which it was writen has a small affect on the overall book because some of the problems in the book are still currently going on. It would have had a larger affect if the author wrote the book as he was in Afghanistan. I think the author wanted to teach as many people across the world as he could. The author taught lessons about social class and all people are created equally. "People will ask. They will want to know why there is a Hazara boy living with our daughter. What do I tell them?" (Hosseini 361) General Taheri believed Hazaras are lower than them and diverse to be treated differently. Amirs thoughts on the other hand are opposite. Amir has accepted Sohrab for who he is and not for their social class. In the novel the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, the main character Amir makes mistakes in his childhood that impact the rest of his life. The guilt ridden lifestyle really dawns on him and there is nothing he can do about it. Choices are made once and only once, you cannot take them back, you must deal with them and that is what Amir does. Quotes By: Jake Rice Khaled Hosseini experienced some of the thematic events that occurred in Afghanistan during invasions. His family moved out of the war ridden country and into the United States. After four years in the states he completed high school and learned English fully. Two years after he started his book The Kite Runner he published it and was sold in 70 different countries around the world. The book became an international best seller. Quotes Literary Analysis "So Baba proved them all wrong by not only running his own business and becoming one of the richest merchants in Kabul."(Hosseini 13) Baba wasn't a wealthy man before so people looked down on his social class. His social class changed when he opened up 4 businesses. Baba also became popular and well liked after he started making money. Literary technique: Imagery Literary Analysis Quotes About the Author GOAL! Descriptive language that helps paint a picture in the readers mind. Examples of imagery: "The spicy aroma of pakora and the nihari Baba had loved so much blended with the sting of diesel fumes, the stench of rot, garbage, and feces." (pg 195) "Sunlight slanted in from the left, casting a shadow on half of his round face"(hardcover pg 189). " a thing made of skin and bones pretending to be Rahim Khan opened the door." (196) "His brass knuckles flashing in the afternoon light." (288) Novel Background Racial Division The racial division that is a theme in the book occurs between the Hazara and Pushtun. The Pushtuns are the larger ethic group in Afghanistan and discriminated aginst the Hazaras. They do this because they are more economically stable than the Hazaras. Kite Runner PowerPoint The author used a lot of imagery and defining details to create the full scene to the reader. The author used these techniques to capture full emotion of the characters and to really invest you're time and life into the book. I dont think i can fully capture the secondary meaning. MLA Citations Conflict Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. New York: Riverhead Books, 2003. Print. “Biography.” Khaled Hosseini, N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Nov. 2017. <>. Critical Acclaim Khaled Hosseini was born 1965 in Kabul, Afghanistan. His father was a diplomat in the Afghan Foregin Ministry. They moved to Paris because of his fathers joband a few years later they moved back to Afghanistan in 1980. During this time Afghanistan was a bloody communist coupe and the Soviet Union was invading. Very soon after they moved out of a war zone and into the US. The Kite Runner is about the pre-Russion invasion and Taliban Rule of Afghanistan. This critical acclaim was a big event in history and still to this day, the US is fight aginst the spread of the Taliban. The Russians invaded to stop the communist control and stop the Taliban. The book shins light on a topic that many people around the world may not know about. I think it was published as a book because people around the world may not have money to spend on a movie. The author tried to touch as many people around the world as possible.

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