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Kickoff Meeting

Transcript: Charlels Morgenthaler Nate Beacher Otto Shridan Goodbye to Old Friends Patrick Harney Blair Halsey 2011 saw many great things.... Market % of Goal Moco: 94% DC: 97% MD: 98% Del: 106% Market Growth MD: 6.5% DC: 10.03% MOCO: 13% DE: 19.8% 2011 Salesperson of the Year 4th Place - $1500 2nd Place - $3750 1st Place - $7500 5 new placements of 5cs or more and get your name in a hat for a chance to win one of two IPad 2's! Stories of Success Sal hit 100% focus in 7 out of 10 months! Matt finally gave us stability on the western front! He hit 107% of his dollar goal in his first 7 months on the job! Rob got his WSET Diploma this year while at the same time hitting 106% of his dollar goal! Denise acheived 100% of her Dollar Goal for the year & is killing it at King Contrivance and The County Cork Pub! Andrew grew his territory by 33%-the most of anyone this year. He opened 30 new accounts totaling over $164,000 since June! Emily opened 30 new accounts this year totaling 100K! Pete led Bacchus in all things liquor with $116,000 in spirit sales! Sloane hit 103% of his Dollar Goal for the year and clearly was posessed by the spirit... selling 90K in liquor all on-premise! Charles M. replaced Govatos & hit 120% of his dollar goal in the 1st two months! Charles acheived 106% of his Dollar Goal for the year & grew his territory by $226,000! As good as 2011 was... ? "Why for the love of Terri Snyder are Focus Goals so important?" Profitable, important to our supplier partners, represent opportunity, attract other suppliers and a plethora of other reasons but ultimately.... Bacchus just paid out over $15750! ? It's not just a few territories that can hit the focus Goals Rob Moulthrop & Jeff Snow Spearhead Wine Education Tasked to sell some of the more ecclectic wines throughout the market Develop an optional monthly tasting group Continue to call on their territories Wine Specialists Vacation Policy Upcoming Events Human Recources Hello to New Faces! 5th Place - $1000 Joe Metz Prepare to Present The Wine Correctly... On Its Merits "But why Todd?" Patrick Raum Jason Mantis 3rd Place - $2000 Bon Voyage! Bacchus Importers 2012 Kickoff Meeting Focus Goals Need Help? Patrick Harney Blair Halsey Preparation How? Hit 98% total dollar goal as a company! Panna Incentive Joe Metz Patrick Raum WE were goaled out at a 10% growth! Monday 1/23 5:30pm Bacchus office: Chanson/Burgundy Seminar-Giles Gourcel Friday 1/27 8:30am Supplier Sales Meeting Monday 1/30 12-2pm Dogwood: Frogs Leap Luncheon-John Williams Friday 2/3 9-10:30am: Max Coppo Breakfast with DC Team.. Location YTBD Monday 2/6 6-9pm Patterson Bowling Lanes: Bowling with Doug Shafer Thursday 2/9 12:30-2:30pm Bourbon Steak: Cain Five Vertical Luncheon with Chris Howell 2/17-24: Testa Argentina Trip… Andrew Schneider & Jeff Snow Wednesday 3/21 at the Hippodrome in Baltimore... Bacchus' 2012 Portfolio Show!!! How do we get better in 2012? Where do we improve as a company? Ask! In 2011 we completed 82% of our focus Goals Prequalify & Target Your Accounts Bacchus Business Research The Wine & Polish Your Pitch Lou Zwirlein What's on the horizon for Bacchus Importers in 2012 Andrew Schneider & Jeff Snow are going to Argentina! Joe Metz!!!!!

Kickoff Meeting

Transcript: Inventory Valuation Review Kickoff Meeting Goals Goals As the name suggests, this main goal of this review is to establish and maintain accurate inventory valuations. Inventory Valuation has two primary factors: Quantity and Cost. We made some effort to ensure we have accurate quantities in DEAR, however the cost associated with those quantities is not reliable, and in some cases is missing. We will also use this as an opportunity to review related procedures and identify process improvements. Accounting Accounting Improvements Balance Sheet accounts will contain accurate values. 1131 Raw Material Raw Material will be "Landed Cost" meaning freight charges will be allocated individual units. 1132 Work in Progress (WIP) 1133 Finished Goods Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) accounts will contain accurate and insightful info. 6100 COGS (actual cost of units sold) 6120 Direct Labor Allocation 6130 Overhead Allocation 6150 Inventory Adjustments Currently we create a monthly accounting adjustment that corrects (the best it can) the above accounts. This will no longer be necessary. Actual Cost vs. Fixed Cost Actual Cost • Actual cost is the only cost that is actually used for accounting. • The main purpose of accounting is to accurately reflect reality. Inventory is valued at actual cost. This flows through to our COGS and margins. o The cost can vary with every purchase. For many companies, the cost does vary with every purchase. DEAR is designed to handle this behind the scenes using FIFO. • The actual cost can be recorded/assigned in two ways 1 - The invoice cost is matched to received goods 2 - In a stock adjustment if the starting qty is 0, a cost must be assigned. • Average Cost: Average cost is the weighted average of cost using the stock on hand at each cost. It’s a useful snapshot for items with variable costs. Fixed Costs • Fixed costs are used primarily as a planning tool o Actual cost is used for everything historical/backwards looking. Fixed cost can be used in forward looking tools. • In DEAR, fixed cost is only used to pre-populate POs. o We can set the default to use fixed or last purchase price. o The cost listed on a PO is not used to value inventory or any other accounting record. It’s used to communicate our expectations with the vendor. • Outside of DEAR, fixed cost can be used for estimating margins or total purchases for a year, or other planning items. Reporting Reporting Improvements All reports generated in DEAR will be reliable and useful. This includes: Quantity Reports Cost Reports COGS/Margin Reports/Profit by Customer Etc. Using actual costs instead of fixed costs, meaning we can analyze actual margins instead of projected. The overall power of our ERM database will increase significantly. Best Practices Best Practices We will use this opportunity to review many of our procedures and workflows. Improve accuracy Improve efficiency Reduce work-arounds Document SOPs Our collective team now has significant experience using DEAR and can contribute to the re-evaluation of process and procedures. Effectiveness vs. Efficiency A note on effective vs efficient Effectiveness and efficiency are two different and independent items. Effective refers to the accuracy of a tasks; meeting the core objective. Efficiency refers to the amount of resources, mainly time, it takes to complete a task. Efficiency can never come at the cost of effectiveness. Scope Scope DEAR is the backbone of our operations, with a large number of users generating a large number of daily transactions. This will be a large project. The scope will include all activity in DEAR that has an impact on inventory valuation, which is most of the activity in DEAR. Inventory valuation can't be corrected mid-stream, so we'll be starting at POs and reviewing through product returns. Phase 1 Components Phase 1: Components This will include reviewing POs, receiving, invoicing and similar items, with extra attention given to: Bulk purchases/UoM changes Labs/Subs Multi-vendor, copacking, etc Add ons Tooling, setup, dies, "Mering margin" Uline/Amazon/Credit Card Purchases Landed Cost Matching receipts and invoices When phase 1 is complete we can be confident we have accurate raw material inventory valuation. Phase 2 Assembly Phase 2: Assembly The "Assembly" phase will focus on all transactions used to create finished goods. Assembly orders Scrap (can choose to include in cost of FG) Overhead and labor allocations Warehouse movements, staging and restocking Cycle counting and other adjustments The main goals of this phase will be: Maintaining accurate raw material values through the assembly process. Creating accurate finished goods values. Overhead and Labor allocations will be a primary focus. Phase 3 Sales Phase 3: Sales I've labeled this phase "sales", but really it's anything that reduces or changes finished goods value after assembly. This includes: Sales Returns Credit Memos Some CMs don't effect our inventory, but do have an similar impact on our

Kickoff meeting

Transcript: JAA 2020 Kickoff Meeting Kenneth Wyche WINS Perspective Shakey Successfully completing probation period Secret Santa Taking initiative LESSONS LEARNED Proactivity is essential Effective communication Intentionality Healthy boundaries/work-life balance Discernment WHAT DOES THE NEXT LEVEL LOOK LIKE FOR ME? 95K GOALS Aspiration Sustains and improves upon my current lifestyle in a practical way Payoff personal debts allows for a new car purchase Europe2020 A catalyst that will put me In alignment with my long term goals, and enlarges my capacity to do more for myself personally, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Not About the Money #s Approx 22 Placements 220:22 send outs to placements 660:220 Subs to Send outs 1110:220 Presentations to qualified candidates 110:22 job orders to placements 1100:110 Presentations to orders You Win in the Locker Room First The 7 C's to Build a Winning Team in Business, Sports, and Life You Win in the Locker Room First draws on the extraordinary experiences of Coach Mike Smith and Jon Gordon—consultant to numerous college and professional teams—to explore the seven powerful principles that any business, school, organization, or sports team can adopt to revitalize their organization. Step by step, the authors outline a strategy for building a thriving organization and provide a practical framework that give leaders the tools they need to create a great culture, lead with the right mindset, create strong relationships, improve teamwork, execute at a higher level, and avoid the pitfalls that sabotage far too many leaders and organizations.

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