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Key Club Presentation

Transcript: Key Club Caring - Our Way of Life Key Club Founded in 1925 in Sacramento Key Club knows no borders, helping communities in 37 Countries 260,000 members world wide Key Club Key Club Structure Key Club Structure Our District California-Nevada-Hawaii District 770 Clubs 33,000+ Members 77 Divisions Fundraise for our preferred Charities Pediatric Trauma Program UNICEF March of Dimes Childrens Miracle Network Kiwanis Family House Our District Our Division Our Division Division 44 North Mascot: Purple Ninjas Current LTG: Ryan Hardmeyer (Woodcreek HS) 800+ Members $2000+ (2017-2018) for our Prefered Charities 3,500 Community Service Hours (2017-2018) Clubs of Division 44 North Clubs of Division 44 North Antelope Key Club Roseville Key Club Woodcreek Key Club Oakmont Key Club Granite Bay Key Club Rocklin Key Club Western Sierra Key Club Whitney Key Club Del Oro Key Club Lincoln Key Club Placer Key Club Ghidotti Key Club Bear River Key Club Nevada Union Key Club We provide the communities of Division 44 North with continuous aid, service, and care! The Antelope Key Club One of 14 Key Clubs in the Division of 44 North Home to 91 members Fundraised $200+ for PTP Helping our community in the 1000+ hours Provided veterans with blankets Feed Homeless Teach children about environmental conciousness, bike safety, electricity, etc. Home to the 2018-19 Division 44 North Lieutennant Governor The Antelope Key Club Role of a Lieutenant Governor Liason between the District of California-Nevada-Hawaii (CNH) and the clubs of Division 44 North Provide support, guidance, mentorship to all Key Clubbers Raise money for our preferred charities Represent Key Club Role of a Lieutenant Governor Additional Elelments This role require's me to attend training conferences - District Convention (April 12-15, 2018) - Spring Board Training Conference (May 25-27, 2018) - Summer Board Training Conference (August 3-5, 2018) - Winter Board Training Conference (January 4-6, 2018) - District Convention (April 11-14, 2019) *Some training conferences require my absence from school Additional Elelments Benefits Develope my leadership, communication, and organization abilities Recognition of the Antelope Key Club's success Enhance the Antelope High School sense of community Events will be held at Antelope that highlight our positive environment, clean campus, and school spirit Benefits Tips What are your tips on effective leadership? Tips Questions? Comments? Concerns? Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Key Club Presentation

Transcript: Say Hello To Our Executives... Club District International Early Bird: Examples of important HCPC standards Standard 1: "be able to practice safely and effectively within their own scope of practice" Standard 4: "be able to practice as an autonomous professional, exercising their own professional judgement" Standard 11: "be able to reflect on and review practice" Standard 14: "be able to draw on appropriate knowledge and skills to inform practice" $13 (until Nov 1) over 5 500 clubs in 32 countries Several tools have been developed to help therapists to address the legal foundations such as: Knowledge & Skills Framework (KSF) (NHS only) NQP competency framework CPD Diary Why Should you Join? Independent? Treasurer: Nicole Raschella Research? Lieutenant Governor: Patricia Xie READY TO JOIN? Line Management Supervision Vice President: Arlene Nguyen "As part of our training we are taught to pay attention to client needs, & it is often difficult to focus on our own needs. It is even considered selfish, self indulgent. Yet our need are there nonetheless. They are there in our very motives for the work we do...It is not the needs themselves, but the denial of them that we beleive can be so costly...Knowing ourselves, our motives & our needs makes us more likely to be of real help" (Hawkins & Shohet, 1989/2007) Bulletin Editor: Jasmine Thetoo Why not? Get service hours "Good supervision & support will establish good working practices & help develop self confidence" Division Volunteer Opportunities Follow Us: RCSLT NQP Competency Framework should be completed within 2 years of starting work designed to be flexible & adaptable to specific areas supervisor & supervisee agree on how these will be evidenced can be taken with NQP from job to job if necessary Working in Schools? Clinical Supervision The RCSLT Supervision Guidelines 2012 NHS? Kiwanis An international student-led organization that provides opportunities to: Adults? Justice Sector? Teaching? preform service build character develop leadership since 1925 Looks amazing on a resume Public Sector? A workplace mentor or buddy SLTs & other colleagues within and/or outside the service RCSLT Clinical Excellence Networks (CENs), Hubs, managers & ASLTIP groups Joint working Clinical meetings, in-service training & training seminars Campaigning? Scholarships Involve setting objectives jointly Involve collaborative problem-solving Enable the NQP to develop solution-focussed practice & if appropriate to identify the next steps of the competency development At least weekly during the first 3/12 & monthly thereafter Van Tech Key Club "For safe & effective practice the RCSLT recommends that NQPs must undertake a comprehensive programme of supervision & support between 12 - 18 months" Register at: Key Club is... Meet new friends Regular: HCPC Standards of Proficiency made up of 15 standards designed to ensure minimum standards for the profession help to protect the service user.....but also to help protect the therapist range from confidentiality to record keeping, from good communication to continuing professional development (CPD) Why Pay Dues? Create a learning environment that promotes critical reflective practice Help practitioners to overcome the demands created by the nature of work Promote health, well being & confidence across the area of clinical practice At least weekly during the first three months & monthly thereafter Runs Key Club International DCON Planning A portion goes to charity Resources/support from Kiwanis Magazines, cards, pins...etc. Scholarships!! Covers insurance Lieutenant Governor is the branch between our division and our... HCPC Standards of Proficiency Scope of Practice Continued Professional Development (CPD) Oldest and Largest Service Program for Highschoolers Children? Kiwanis Advisor: Kelly Ho Pacific Northwest District Gain leadership skills over 260 000 members Division 13/15/17 "Your scope of practice is the area or areas of your profession in which you have knowledge, skills and expertise to practice lawfully, safely and effectively, in a way that meets our standards and does not pose any danger to the public or yourself" HCPC Standards of Proficiency, 2014 President: Veronica Vivero DUES Mental Health? DCON Instagram: @vt_keyclub Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Wyper General informal support $15 Secretary: Malalay Habib Step 2 The Tools KEY CLUB ? WHAT IS Step 1 The Foundations Step 3 Supervision & Support


Transcript: KEY CLUB INTERNATIONAL (KCI) is a non profit organization. -We help raise money for organizations that take care of children! -We do community service which counts towards your college transcript. -You can receive great scholarships for college!! 1. We want to change the world. 2. Our goal is to help kids and our community. 3. Service hours! You don't even have to send them to the office, we do it for you! 4. The satisfaction that you made a change! 5. You get to meet super cool and awesome people like Cristobal!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6. You get to go to Six Flags. LA. 7. Meet awesome college students! What is PTP, Eliminate and CMN? Key Club is an international organization in which we help the community and work to fundraise money for children. -PTP. Pediatric Trauma Program -Eliminate (UNICEF) -Children's Miracle Network BUT WHY SHOULD I JOIN KEY CLUB? 1. DUES! In order to join Key Club you have to pay dues. $12 to change your life!! $6 to Kiwanis International, $6 to our district (KC) 2. Come to our meetings every Thursday in Mr Gong's room 105! 3. Get Involved!!! KEY CLUB INTERNATIONAL KEY CLUB INTERNATIONAL BUT WHAT IS KEY CLUB? HOW TO JOIN KEY CLUB? -PTP stands for Pediatric Trauma Program/Prevention. One of the leading causes for childhood death. -The Eliminate Project coordinated by UNICEF and The Kiwanis International is meant to end maternal neonatal tetanus... JUST THINK ABOUT THIS.. EVERY 6-9 MINUTES ONE KID DIES BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY $1.80 -CMN stands for Children's Miracle Network. This program help kids of all ages and hospitals all over the world!! WE DON'T MAKE KEYS BUT WE'RE THE KEY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!! QUESTIONS?

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