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Transcript: How do you do? I'm (pleased, happy, glad) to meet you. (It's) (Nice, Good, Great) meeting you. A. RECOGNIZE MAIN IDEAS B. IDENTIFY SUPPORTING DETAILS C. RECOGNIZE EXPLICIT RELATIONSHIPS AMONG IDEAS. D. RECALL BASIC IDEAS AND DETAILS. Clarify His/Her Availability Is this a good time to talk? Could we talk for a few minutes? Can I stop in later to talk with you for a few minutes? Would you have time to meet with me to talk about that? KINESIC APPROACHING OR INTRODNG YOURSELF TO A PROFESSOR Introduce Yourself I'm a first year MBA student, and ... I'm planning to take your course on... I saw your course listing and ... I read about your work with... interpersonal distance and spatial arrangement posture, gesture, and facial expression 2. When introducing yourself (starting with formal versions and moving to informal versions) PROXEMIC Greeting Responses that Follow an Introduction (starting with formal versions and moving to informal versions) Speaking is the process of transmitting ideas and information orally in a variety of situations. Effective oral communication involves generating messages and delivering them with attention to vocal variety, articulation, and nonverbal signals. Greeting Responses for People You Know (starting with formal versions and moving to informal versions) A competent listener should be able to exhibit the following competencies: GREETING Good (morning, afternoon, evening) (name). Hello, (name). How are you? Hi. How are you doing? Clarify Your Interest I'd like to talk with you about... I'm really interested in... I'm curious about... I could use some help with... A. DETERMINE THE PURPOSE OF ORAL DISCOURSE. B. EMPLOY VOCAL VARIETY IN RATE, PITCH, AND INTENSITY. C. ARTICULATE CLEARLY. D. EMPLOY LANGUAGE APPROPRIATE TO THE DESIGNATED AUDIENCE. E. DEMONSTRATE NONVERBAL BEHAVIOR THAT SUPPORTS THE VERBAL MESSAGE. RESPONSE LISTENING If you know two people who haven't met, you can introduce them to each other. If you want to meet someone, you can introduce yourself. Here are some examples of phrases of introduction. 1. When Introducing Other People (starting with formal versions and moving to informal versions) SPEAKING MAKING INTRODUCTIONS GREETING RESPONSE Good (morning, afternoon, evening) (name). Very well, thank you. Fine, thanks. And you? Listening is the process of receiving, constructing meaning from, and responding to spoken and or nonverbal messages. (It's a) Pleasure meeting you. (Pleased, Happy, Glad) to meet you, too. Same here. SPEAKING AND LISTENING I'd like you to meet Mr. /Mrs./Miss/Ms./Dr. (last name) I'd like to introduce (first and last name). (First name), this is (first name). INTRODUCTION TO LISTENING AND SPEAKING I don't think we've met. May I introduce myself? Hello. My name is (first name and last name). Hi. I'm (first name).


Transcript: Natural Bridge is a state park found in Kentucky. It is found in the town Slade. This bridge has been standing for millenniums. Many people come to view this geologic structure to see how erosion has changed it over time. Visitors are able to walk across the bridge and view it from many different angles. The first derby was ran in 1875. It is referred to as the run for the roses. Twenty horses run in a 1.5 mile course at Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky. It is held on the first Saturday in May. Many people attend the Kentucky Derby and bet on horses. Cumberland Falls is commonly known as the "Niagara Falls of the south". This state park has something that really makes it stand out in Kentucky. It has a special feature called a moon bow, where the moons light reflects off the water. This is the only place where it can be seen in the western hemisphere. Cumberland Falls has many activities to offer. Kentucky Ale-8 Sources The Kentucky Derby By: Caroline Crump and Kennedy Parks Natural Bridge Cumberland Falls Ale-8 is a soft drink that is ginger and citrus flavored. This unique soft drink is described by many as a ginger ale with a kick. Ale-8 is the only soft drink invented in Kentucky that is still in production. It was founded in 1926 by G.L. Wainscot in Winchester.


Transcript: In rhetoric, there is important thing when we have rhetorical arguments for persuasion. Logos is one of the way to appeal to the audiences. It is people who want to induce making logical argument. In course pack explain that “logos is an appeal to your audience’s sense of logic or their intelligence. This is the primary appeal of most college-level argumentative essays, but its primacy is more about the setting ‘a college or university’ rather than the effectiveness of the argument, refer to our chart of logical fallacies to see how easily logos can go wrong fast.” (Course Pack 25). When I want to persuade someone, argument has to have logical speech. Most company use advertisement for attractive people by using logical arguments. That is why people are more easily attracted in advertisement. It is mostly used a lot of company like Nike, Apple and many tobacco companies. Although advertisements usually use for making money and it makes people attractive, it must have realistic and honesty to people. There are many tobacco companies in these days and smokers are still chewing their tobacco until now on. Sincerely, most people think smoking is shown negative and smoking’s awareness makes people angry. Nowadays, smoking of awareness is changed badly more than the old days by research of developing. Mostly, cancer is effective of tobacco. That is why the tobacco companies do not make advertisement anymore. The other way, some tobacco companies are using warning words or sick organ pictures for quit smoking. For example, Canada has adopted ban on all tobaccos of advertising and they required that all of the tobacco pack contain a warning of fatal diseases images. However, in the seventeen century people’s realization was seriously different from these days. Lorillard Tobacco is one of the tobacco company. This company founded in 1760 and it is the third largest cigarette maker in the U.S. At that time, Lorillard made variously ridiculous advertisements. They described tobacco about people’s health, intelligence and higher standard. Especially, Kent is one of the famous products in nineteen century because this cigarette is the first popular filtered cigarette by Lorillard. Before Kent came out, most cigarettes did not have filters. So, when the Kent first released, some people had little bit afraid of this product. However, the company promised to people by advertising like famous micronite filter and greatest health protection in history. I think when they introduce their products, company had used logos to people. They usually use logical advertisement for persuade Kent. Also, Asthma Cigarette showed effectively treats like asthma, hay fever and all diseases of the throat. Actually, this advertising was not included detail of cigarette’s effective but if they did not know about the effects, it could not be sell to people. The reason is that these advertisement had logical words and speeches but it must be honest and realistic. Currently, Lorillard tobacco is doing youth tobacco prevention and they make program for supporting young people tobacco prevention. Also, they are trained about youth tobacco prevention programs to their employee, staff and retailing employee by using online lectures. I think although this activity is not a commercial and even bad for company, it is really good for prevention to people. In good night and good luck, one of the commercials especially cigarette advertisement ‘Kent’ shows us harmful effect of commercial. In that ages, actually nobody knew the effect of cigarette but in this film the advertisement’s man said that people who watch the Murrow’s show has qualification to smoke Kent and they have high educational standard and intelligence I think this advertisement is quietly persuaded people by the commercial because CBS’s news man Edward R. Murrow’s TV show had very intelligence and honest. Also, his effective was pretty impact so that perhaps people were attracted the advertisement by his logical argument. To sum up my essay, in the early nineteen century to the end of the nineteen century, there was a lot of various changing about commercial of tobacco in U.S.A. Currently, although the commercial was banned by law and effective of cigarette, many cigarette companies still advertise their product with truth of the effect. Even all of the company has reduced demand by banned commercial, it seems only right to warn people of the risk. Using logical words is fine for commercial but it must have clearly truth and honesty. Industries of New Jersey, Hudson, Passaic, and Bergen Counties. New York: Historical Publishing Co. 1883. P. Lorillard. Tobacco Company Photo: A. Selvaggio, 2002. Jersey City of To-Day, Its History, People, Trades, Commerce, Institutions and Industries, Hudson County, New Jersey America. Ed. Walter G. Muirhead. Jersey City, NJ: Walter G. Muirhead, 1910. Lisa Wade, PhD. “A Lucky Instead Of a Sweet”. Digital Image. The Society Pages. Nov 27, 2010. Web. Esteban.

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