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Keller Williams Realty

Transcript: 1. Send monthly reports from Mailchimp, Facebook, Instagram 2. Request HLA to submit new leads regularly to keep contact list current. 1. Create content that tells a story communicating to both 'Buyers' & 'Sellers'. 2. Create a monthly blog and convert and style for e-blasts for both segments. 3. Take pieces of e-blast to be intertwined in the social posts. 4. Social posts 3x's a week- Educational, Interactive, Brand Promo 1. Check calendar of events as it relates to content. 2. Send content to be approved then post/schedule. impromptu posts too create content prepare for posting 1. There will always be some open slots to post an off the cuff image or message. measure success 1. Use the current platforms Website- Blog Facebook Instagram LinkedIn 2. Add Mailchimp Account for e-blasts, consider HootSuite if including more social platforms additional add-ons 1. Assist Tina in marketing socially and creating content for social outlets, blog and e-blasts. 2. Develop brand awareness and drive potential leads to HLA for listings and home buyers. get started Heather Littrell & Associates Goes Digital 1. Build a list for a HLA e-blast, segment into 'Buyers' & 'Sellers' 2. Create Buyer Personas the ask Rate $40 hour Initial set-up of additional social accounts, research of comp, review current analytics, create buyer personas, prep email contacts and upload [4 hours] To generate content for blog, convert to e-blasts into two segments, manage both e-blasts design and content, incorporate into social posts in 3 platforms at 3 times a week [7-10 hours] investment posting goals 1. Measure Google Analytics, follow trends and choose seo words 2. Pay Per Click Ads- Google & Facebook 3. Quarterly Press Releases

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Transcript: 2. Regularly communicate with it. MISTAKE #1 Don't think or act like a business person. MARKET UPDATES MISTAKE #2 Don't think big with the end in mind Matt Tavener 2. Connect it to real estate. Chuck Johnson 3. Track your sources. 3. Invest in your business first and lifestyle second. Agents Helping Agents "AHA" Rick Shearin Trent Hall 1. Imagine a big business. Puffer Team Remember! Fashion Victim's Ball Is Coming! 2. Have a business plan. A Wise Moment Michael Anderson Group: Lake Lure Professionals Realty Group $4,984,000 A Cultural Moment 1. Form a charity. Chuck Wagner MISTAKE #9 Don't disrupt the competition. Troy Flack 37. Using a monthly Profit and Loss Statement to analyze your real estate business Buy your tickets today! MISTAKE #8 Don't manage their money. Written Volume with Annette Wise, Broker-In-Charge 10/1 - the USDA Guarantee Fee will be increasing from 2% to 2.75%. 10/3 – TRID – NEW CLOSING DISCLOSURE EFFECTIVE Top Producers 19 Closing Warranties 16 Listing Warranties 13 Claims Paid Chuck Brown Group: Rowena Patton's All-Star Power House Group $3,924,399 1. Time block 3-4 hours a day. Ed Foster Cappers Individual: Chuck Brown $1,800,000 YTD - $309532 MISTAKE #3 Don't build their business around a database 2. Build an oranization chart. 38. Hitting your monthly and annual production goals Group: Asheville And Beyond $4,615,000 Laurie Bonilla 1. Play to your strengths Jennifer Wheeler Marketing 101 3. Build a bench, top-grade talent. Market Updates with Tommy Stevenson Bailey Clevenger Team Coaching Program - Details Coming Soon! New Agent Breakfast: September 24th 8:30am - 9:30am L.O.R.E. - Language Of Real Estate Team: Asheville Holistic Realty $1,650,000 2. Be a contrarian. 2. Learn the language of sales, scripts and dialogues. Did you know that Movement Mortgage has a Marketing Service Agreement with Keller Williams? “a contract under which general marketing services are performed by a business partner on behalf of a settlement service provider for a fee” CANNOT be tied to referrals, simply paying KW to allow us to market to clients/agents. 2. Make peace with the boredom of mastery. 36. Lead generating for 3 hours, every day August Results Marketing 101 4. Hire a coach - Be a coach. Top Producers Profit Share MARKETING 101 - Transparency Top Producers Team: Team Streppa $1,551,000 "Thank You Sponsors!" Jessica Nile Samantha Robertson Final - Saturday, September 12, 12:30 PM 2. Stick to your budget. 1. Use your P&L to make decisions. Catherine Pawlik Cathy McCracken 3. Matrix Training MISTAKE #6 Don't stick to the plan. Eddie Colley 2. Hold everyone accountable - use a 4-1-1. Individual: Vicki Dunkerley $1,478,500 Bill Johnson 1. Lock Boxes Cruise MISTAKE #7 Don't master hiring. KW Asheville - #3 in Profit for Keller Region 39. Profitability in your personal real estate business Sponsors: 2. Focus on a minimum number of appointments. Scott Browne 1. Hold your lead generation accountable to get listings. MARKETING 101 1. Don't incorporate. Mortgage Minute Vested Agents Biltmore Package TV Team: Johnson Real Estate Team $1,638,100 Tickets are 1 for $2 OR 3 for $5 Marketing 101 2014 - Aug $47,900 Scott Browne 5. Practice de-centralized management. 40. Be nice! Clemson Tigers(2-0) - 41 Appalachian State Mountaineers(1-1) - 10 Training Tracker * KW - $250 towards your AR Bill!!!! Keller Williams Marketing Responsibilities include: Meetings with Agents/Leadership Signage Yard Signs Websites Audio/TV Marketing Materials at listings and in the office Individual: Chuck Brown $1,680,000 MISTAKE #5 Don't focus on listings. September 2015 Sales Meeting How does your MSA help you? Your MSA dollars help keep your cost down as agents and contribute to your profit share. What can you do? MARKET US – it is that simple  When you put out a yard sign, include a MM Rider (Both Teela and Shawn have them). We need the address of the sign as soon as possible turned into Tonya, Teela, or Shawn so we can track. MSA’s are NOT the same as LEADS agreements. A Leads agreement is an arrangement where by the lender splits the cost of leads (at a MAXIMUM of 50%) with a particular agent/team. There is equal cost and this arrangement typically includes marketing the lender on a shared website, etc. Sue Crandon Who has gone that extra mile for you? 50% or Proceeds From Ticket Sales supports Channing McCann. New Agents 2-10 Home Warranty Update New Agents John Wittinghill MISTAKE #10 Tie their charity to their business. 1. Avoid shiny objects. Listing Volume Upcoming REMINDERS Agents: 1. Make a stand on your first hire. Grove Park Spa 2. Supra Keys Rookie Of The Month Rate Update 30yr fixed = 4% with no points 15yr fixed = 3.375% with no points 30yr Government = 3.875% with no points Watch for the Rate Rollercoaster coming!!!! *Rates are rising! Share Something Good Alicia MacDonald 1. Have a database. YTD - $395,749 Tommy Stevenson by Gary Keller Closed Volume Casey Cave Greg Eskritt MSAs have been legally recognized for

Keller Williams Realty

Transcript: Step 4 : Make being “Learning Based” The foundation of your action Plan “I’m willing to be taught and to pursue learning.” Step 5 : Remove your “Limiting Beliefs” “I will be positive.” Step 6 : Be Accountable “You can count on me.” Let’s Look at Each of These! How do you get to the highest level in life? 80% of Profits “Be first the master of yourself, and only then a master of anything or anyone else.” - Baltasar Gracian Question: Why would you do this? Answer: What are your options? If you are not learning-based, what are you? Black Belt: The rating of expertise and competence. White Belt vs. Black Belt A white belt at some point knows essentially the same thing as a black belt. The black belt has just mastered it. Truth: The road to SELF-MASTERY is in mastering the basics. In other words, when you achieve mastery of the basics of self, you become a black belt in life. When you master the basics of running a real estate business, you will become a black belt Realtor. Step 1. Commit to “Self-Mastery” An individual who has made the decision to use effective learning as the foundation piece for their action plan to develop their life. Step 1. Commit to “Self-Mastery” 80% of Products 20% of Results MODELS A learning-based individual is … 20% of Profits Products THE THREE HIDDEN STEPS FROM WISH TO FULFILLMENT Step 1. Commit to “Self-Mastery” Step 1. Commit to “Self-Mastery” THE POINT : The greatest fulfillment in life is possible when one focuses first on mastering the basics of self. Then continuing this process by focusing on mastering basics of whatever it is one wishes to master. ACCOUNTABILITY 20% of Products 20% of Activities Part 1 : Personal Perspectives Step 2. Commit to 80/20 Rule What Do I Want? What Is My Purpose? Step 4. Make Being “Learning-Based” The Foundation Of Your Action Plan What Are My Choices? Remove Your Limiting Beliefs: Step 5. Remove Your “Limiting Beliefs” When an individual says, “Teach me something new” without having mastered the basics, they are in essence saying, “I am not into Self-Mastery!” Look At It This Way… Question: Who is a learning-based individual? Answer: An individual who has made the decision to use effective learning as the foundation piece for their action plan to develop their life. Step 4. Make Being “Learning-Based” The Foundation Of Your Action Plan Un-Limiting Beliefs: Industry Marketplace Company Self Environment Truth : Most people have developed the habit of just focusing and doing! And because this will work to varying degrees, this becomes their success formula! OPTIONS Limiting Beliefs: Industry Marketplace Company Self Environment Conclusion What are yours? TRUTH : There is a pattern of predictable imbalance in life. It is called the 80/20 Principle. THE BOTTOM LINE : The 80/20 Principle will always reassert itself, unless conscious, consistent, and massive efforts are made and sustained to overcome it. QUESTION : Why is the 80/20 Principle so important? ANSWER : It is counter intuitive! IT SEEMS : We tend to expect that all causes will have roughly the same significance. That all customers are equally valuable. That every bit of business, every product or service, every employee or staff member, and every dollar of sales revenue is as good as any other. That each day or week or year we spend has the same significance. That all problems have a large number of causes, so that it is not worth isolating a few key causes. That all opportunities are of roughly equal value, so that we treat them all equally. Step 2. Commit to 80/20 Rule Getting It Done! 80% of Results Look At It This Way… SYSTEMS It’s about options, models and systems! Profits Mastery: Possession of great techniques, skill and habits that makes one master of a subject. Self: You Self-Mastery: Possession of great techniques, skill and habits that makes you master of you. Perspectives & Models How Do I Get It Done? What Is My Best Choice? Step 3. Commit to Move From E to P 80% of Activities Step 4. Make Being “Learning-Based” The Foundation Of Your Action Plan To Pursue Self-Mastery Get in touch with forces affecting your life Progress toward goals Decide what you want Seek necessary knowledge, skills, and habits to accomplish goals . FOCUS Step 4. Make Being “Learning-Based” The Foundation Of Your Action Plan Step 1 : Commit to “Self-Mastery” “I’m going to nail it!”What we are going to master. Step 2 : Commit to 80/20 Rule “I want to change the predictable imbalance of my wealth.”This dictates what we master. Step 3 : Move from “E” to “P” “I want to break through my ceiling and commit to models and systems.” * The Five Key Relationships of a Wealthy Person * The Dilemma of Desire and Happiness Step 1. Commit to “Self-Mastery”

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