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Karate Belt Presentation Template

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Belt presentation

Transcript: Get Waisted The Self Tightening Belt What is it? What is this for? Component 2 For the busy-ness of everyday life, some people don't have time to put on a belt. They can show up to work in a rush and become embarassed with an undone belt. Our invention solves that. Functionality It's like magic. The belt has pressure sensors within the material that knows exactly how far to tighten the belt to. The user must put the belt on themselves one time and adjust it to their desired length, and the belt will remember how this pattern. Users place pressure on the belts logo for 3 seconds and the belt will tighten to their recorded measure, and do the opposite to release. Our belt gently travels through belt loops on its own and offers full How does it work? Why do we need a Patent? Patent A patent is used to give someone the right to create their unique product for 17 years. This prevents someone from stealing/reproducing their idea without giving the creator credit, and possibly profitting off of someone elses ideas. It's important to keep my own ideas safe. Patent Case This case describes the 'Ideal Toy Corporation' attempting to emulate the rubiks cube with a 2x2x2 knockoff. At the time, Larry D Nickols worked for the Rubiks cube company, and owned a patent for this product. He was then able to sue Ideal Toy Corporation, and the court ruled that they infringed on his copyright and had to stop selling their product. Patent Case

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