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Kansas state university

Transcript: Kansas State University is a public institution that was founded in 1863. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 19,853, its setting is urban, and the campus size is 664 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Kansas State University's ranking in the 2014 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, 135. Its in-state tuition and fees are $8,585 (2013-14); out-of-state tuition and fees are $21,530 (2013-14). Freshman Beanies As late as the 1940s, freshmen were required to wear beanie caps under the threat of getting paddled by varsity athletes. The beanie tradition started at K-State around 1912. Kansas's state animal is the buffalo athletics •General Agriculture •Agricultural Economics •Agronomy •Animal Sciences and Industry •Communications and Agricultural Education •Entomology •Food Science Institute •Grain Science and Industry •Horticulture Forestry and Recreation Resources •Plant Pathology Kansas state university women's sports Basketball Cross country Equestrian Golf Rowing Tennis Track and field Volleyball landmarks near K-State academic programs crops and live stock are a very important at K-State K-State has tons of academic programs location Kansas State University is located in the city of Manhattan, in the northeast region of the state. Men's sports Baseball Basketball Cross country Football Golf Track and field Kansas State Abilene is the ending point of the Chisholm Trail where the cattle driven from Texas were loaded onto rail cars. Constitution Hall in Lecompton is the building where the Kansas Territorial Government convened and drafted the pro-slavery Lecompton Constitution of 1857.[3] K-State has Lesser Prairie Chickens The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, in Hutchinson, is a museum that features the largest collection of artifacts from the Russian Space Program outside of Moscow. It is also home to Apollo 13, an SR-71 Blackbird, and many space artifacts. The Kansas Museum of History, in Topeka, is the state museum. The Dalton Defenders Museum, located in Coffeyville, commemorates the townspeople who died defending the town against the Dalton Gang, who unsuccessfully attempted to rob two Coffeyville banks simultaneously on October 5, 1892. Concordia is home of the historic Brown Grand Theatre and Camp Concordia, a World War II Prisoner of war camp. K-State is renowned for the excellence of its faculty and programs. The more than 100 fields, 60 master's degree programs and 42 doctoral degree programs, an award-winning library, exceptional research facilities, internships, and study abroad opportunities allow students to achieve their academic and career goals. k-state has many sports to choose from. Men's and Women's men's sports most popular programs Kansas State University's academic programs are among the best in the nation, our professors are leaders in their fields, and our students regularly win prestigious national scholarships and awards. women's sports Flash Card Sections More than 40 years ago, members of the K-Block student section used flash cards to increase student participation at home football games. The K-Block, or flash card section, began in 1957 in East Memorial Stadium. Flash card sections were seen prior to this in the 1920s. K-Block members would wait for the announcement of a number from the yell leader. Then each member would hold up a colored, numbered card. In 1958, the section had 1,200 participants. The designs they created could be seen from the field or the opposite side of the stadium. k-state has all kind of agricultural programs Ranking Favorite Man on Campus From 1946 to 1972, K-State women voted for their Favorite Man on Campus. Candidates would campaign for weeks to try to earn the title. John Aiken '49 of FarmHouse fraternity was crowned the first FMOC at the annual Snow Ball dance establishing the tradition K- state has many academic programs here are a few •College of Arts and Sciences •Aerospace Studies •American Ethnic Studies •Art •Biochemistry •Biology •Chemistry •Communication Studies •Economics •English •Geography •Geology •History crops and livestock k-state is ranked 19th in the country for the best agricultural program. K-State is also nationally ranked, four-year, comprehensive public university and well known for having one of the nation's best agriculture programs. Shepherd's Crook The shepherd's crook was passed on each spring from the senior class president to the president of the junior class. The crook featured the class colors of retiring owners and of preceding classes. If the class permitted the crook to be stolen or refused to accept the responsibility of it, black ribbons with the numerals of that class were affixed on the crook K-states most popular programs include agricultural science, Architecture, and General Human Ecology Agricultural program there is sports for men and women at K-state traditions The John Brown museum is located in Osawatomie. The Oz Museum, in Wamego, features a recreation of

Kansas State University

Transcript: Trust -Specificity vs. Ambiguity -Specificity- clarity, being simple and concise -Ambiguity- vague, unclear, too broad and general -Time is essential -Cut to the chase -Make your words count Be Specific Clarity High points Leave Behinds Contribution Others needs Adaptability Change delivery style if needed Knowledgeable "Can't fake it, until you make it" Preparation "How" and "What" Get Specific Know your role Good Communicators = Good Listeners Have an open mind Bill Snyder "Knowledge is not gained by flapping your lips, but by removing your ear wax" Great Leaders = Great Communicators -Great leaders -not hypocrites -hold themselves to same standards -communicate honestly and sincerely -speak as if they were talking to a friend Bond Building Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leaders We strive for knowledge to make sound judgments, the character to flourish under the pressures of leadership, and the vision to bring new solutions to our nation's most pressing urban needs. Relating to the Activity Relationship Building Content & Knowledge • American football coach and former player • Head coach at KSU • Is in the College Football Hall of Fame • Won several conference and national coach of the year awards • Active in community Trust Listen Knowledge and Content Connect and Build Relationships Establish Trust Listening Empathy What are your thoughts? "Keep your eyes & ears open and your mouth shut and you’ll be amazed at how your level or organizational awareness is raised." Be Honest and Sincere Strengths and weaknesses Relate to others Know where you stand Know when to step down Who are we? Read between the lines Kansas State University Where are you from? -Who is someone you trust in your life? -Why? -All great leaders communicate at a personal level Great Leaders- -know their audience -find a point of connection -talk with — not to — their audience -build relationships at a deeper level "A leader takes their game to a whole new level the minute they willingly seek out those who hold dissenting opinions and opposing positions with the goal not of convincing them to change their minds, but with the goal of understanding what’s on their mind." "People won't care how much you know, until they know how much you care." -Theodore Roosevelt Shut-up and listen Be Personal What are the Qualities?

Kansas State University

Transcript: Academic and Career types of loans with different terms, conditions, and interest rates. Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan Federal Perkins Loan Private Loans Alumni and Foundation Loans Loan Planning and Repayment How many degrees available Tuition Cost Kansas resident: $261 per credit hour* Out-of-state: $692.50 per credit hour* Kansas State University $1,600 to $4,000 Milling Science and Management Baking is a large and diverse industry requiring people with a strong scientific and technical background in addition to management skills. Graduates find positions in operations, quality assurance, and research and development. Careers in Focus: Agriculture Careers for Nature Lovers and Other Outdoors Types Careers in the Environment Careers for Environmental Types Careers for Nature Lovers and Other Green Thumb Types Career Opportunites in Conservation and the Environment Career Opportunities in the Environment Additional cost: Most feed graduates start in entry-level positions involving production, quality control, or product and research development, and progress rapidly into supervisory management positions. Feed Science and management can also be used to fulfill the requirements for Pre-Veterinarian Science. Semester Year $3,654 $9,695 three $800 to $2,000 Loans Offered Miscellaneous: Semester Year Scholarships available The scholarship they have are Bakery Science and Management, Feed science and Management, and Milling science and Management. $450 to $550 Feed Science and Management The milling industry is among the most basic of American industries and is generally not affected by the economy. Graduates in milling science often accept positions as milling specialists, plant superintendents, engineering support, sales managers, or research and development scientists. $900 to $1,100 Books and supplies: $7,308 $19,390 Brief Description of at least 3 different degrees What kind of career or job can you get after you graduate Bakery Science and Management

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