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Jail Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Buckle up besties You're going for a ride Its jail time besties POwerPoint Night Reagan UDERCOVER SPY All around a bad B Charlie's Angels type beat Assassinated a corrupt world leader Michael Joker Origin Story turned into an off brand joker planned a "heist" actually got arrested for robbing a bank Amaury Walked in on the robbery and arrested with the robber Was wearing black hoodie and sweats Wrong place Wrong time owen Got caught purchasing exotic animales Tiger king wannabe Missing many fingers Lucas Super rich and famous a business and media ICON embezzled his fortune of over 3 billion dollars Jackson High-speed chase cop tried to pull him over for a dead tail light but he didn't have his liscense thought fleeing was better than another ticket Lena Went to buy pots for her new house with John Found an ad on craigslist turns out the pot was weed being sold by an undercover cop Mackenzie Insurance fraud classic sugar daddy murder case insurance payout was $1000000 Girl bossed a little too close to the sun Grace Caught trafficking human refugees into safe countries Created fake identities so that they could have a fresh start She just wanted to help Alex Powerful politian Framed as the leader of a cabal accused of many high level crimes including trafficking, poaching, and drug sales Koesha Broke into Chicfila and cooked herself and sandwhich It was midnight and she was hungry Girl boss Heirarchy Rival Gang Leader: Mackenzie Gang Leader: Reagan Bodyguard: Jackson Bodyguard: Michael Members: Koesha Grace Members: Owen Lena Besties with the Warden: Alex Gets bullied by everyone: Lucas

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