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IT - The concept of business and economic informatics

Transcript: Presentation of informatics hierarchy in a newly organized firm ALL SEPARATED DESIGN ELEMENTS: humans and psychology communication systems commercial information systems international systems for enterprise cooperation production planning PPS communication and collaboration system workflow management electronic process The fields of informatics for Presentation of scope of authority is a newly organized firm 02 e-business IT-rights webservice enterprise application integration CUSTOMIZE THE LAYOUT AND ADD YOUR OWN CONTENT operational data management data mining operation research stochastics Content 'the study of the behavior and structure of any system that generates, stores, processes and presents information.' The field considers the interaction between humans and information system alongside the construction of interfaces, organisations, Thank you for your attention 3. Information and communication systems technologies and systems. 500+ SYMBOLS AVAILABLE FROM THE PREZI "INSERT" MENU 03 The concept of business and economic informatics. Understanding Expertise Presentations of the ... Matrix structure blending individual and organizational solutions together making communication more dynamic focusing on adaptability and flexibility relying highly on employee involvement distributing authority based on skills having fewer rules, boundaries and hierarchies well-suited for rapid innovation Any questions? 05 1. Business intelligence 5. Process management 4. Internet economics Information Business informatics 06 information economy ICT (information and communication technology) knowledge management enterprise content management electronic archiving Presentation of the goals at a newly organized firm Presentation of the process in a newly organized firm Ingenity INFORmation+ matheMATICS Knowledge 04 Informatics & Business informatics The fields of informatics for Business economics The presentation of the goal - process-structure-scope of authority – informatics” hierarchy at a newly organised firm. 01 "application of computer science tools and technologies to challenge the business problems' Data Presentation of the structure of a newly organized firm Application integration Integration at network level Location free information access (mobility) resource outplacement, hosting Cloud computing Computer public utility Corporate integrated information system Grid computing - accessible, individual virtual computer Presentation of scope of authority is a newly organized firm In the law of agency, SOA is whatever amount of authority an agent has been delegated in order to carry out his/her principal's business. Business economics Đặng Mai Nguyên VPGJ90 Szilágyi Róbert P09616 Budapest Business School Fully automated systems Bottom up structure Transforming reality to the model Structuring corporate functions of the company Replacing human resource by machines and computers Ideal computerized corporate management system base on ideal corporate structure Get this Prezi Template from: Wisdom In the law of agency, SOA is whatever amount of authority an agent has been delegated in order to carry out his/her principal's business. Express: An agent's authority can be expressly determined. If an agreement specifies an agent's duties, an agent does not have authority to represent the principal beyond those duties. Implied: An agent's authority can be implied by custom. Custom is determined by the express duties of other agents in the same position. 2. Information management Informatics

Your Journey through IUPUI

Transcript: Welcome to IUPUI !  Art Education  Art History  Ceramics  Drawing and Illustration  Furniture Design  Integrative Studio Practice  Painting  Photography  Printmaking  Sculpture  Visual Communication Design The IUPUI Campus School of Engineering and Technology  Nursing  Health Information Administration  Informatics  Media Arts and Sciences  Civic Leadership  Criminal Justice  Management  Media and Public Affairs  Policy Studies  Public Safety Management  Sustainable Management and Policy Your Journey through IUPUI sign up for Orientation Take your placement test IU School of Liberal Arts School of Education Office of the Registrar GPA: Option 1 - 3.0 7 prerequisites Option 2 - 2.5 15 prerequisites GPA 2.5 @DEAPIUPUI GPA: 2.0 (varies by degree) GPA 2.0 Dean: Thomas J. Davis @DEAP  Biomedical Engineering  Biomedical Engineering Technology  Computer and Information Technology  Computer Engineering  Computer Engineering Technology  Computer Graphics Technology  Construction Engineering Management Technology  Electrical Engineering  Electrical Engineering Technology  Energy Engineering  Interior Design Technology  Mechanical Engineering  Mechanical Engineering Technology  Motorsports Engineering  Organizational Leadership and Supervision  Technical Communication Admissions Kelley School of Business School of Nursing Highly Competitive School of Informatics and Computing GPA 2.5 Prereqsit Professionalism Get Started * Apply * Admitted * Orientation * Summer Bridge  Accounting  Finance  Human Resource Management  International Studies  Management  Marketing  Supply Chain Management School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences GPA: 2.5 Move in Two Weeks Early Meet your DEAP Team Make Friends Get to Know Campus Earn your stipend Sign up for Summer Bridge! Create your fall schedule of classes GPA: 2.0 Academics • Elementary Education • English Education • Social Studies Education • Spanish Education Together with DEAP @DigDEAP Community GPA: 2.0 School of Public and Environmental Affairs School of Social Work  Social Work School of Physical Education and Tourism Management  Exercise Science  Fitness Management and Personal Training  Physical Education Teacher Education  Sport Management  Tourism, Convention and Event Management University College Dean: Stephen Hundley Student Services Academic Advising 21st Century Bepko Learning Center Mathematics Assistance Center DEAP Nina Scholars Academic & Career Planning National Student Exchange Health and life Science Advising Center Transfer Student Services  Health Sciences GPA 2.5 Service Herron School of Art and Design  Philanthropic Studies Office of the Bursar Lilly Family School of Philanthropy School of Science  Biology  Biology Secondary School Teaching  Biotechnology  Chemistry  Computer and Information Science  Earth Science Education  Environmental Science  Forensic and Investigative Sciences (2.5 GPA admissions)  Geology  Mathematics  Mathematics Secondary School Teaching  Medicinal Chemistry  Neuroscience  Physics  Physics Secondary School Teaching  Psychology GPA: 2.0  Africana Studies  American Sign Language/English Interpreting  Anthropology  Communication Studies  Economics  English  French  Geography  German  History  International Studies  Medical Humanities and Health Studies  Philosophy  Political Science  Sociology  Spanish Grade of C or higher in all Prerequisites Ask about a Fee Waiver GPA 2.0

Faculty Of Computing and Informatics

Transcript: Sem 1 Year 1 Choose 1 Compulsory Uni. Course Islamic & Asign Civilisation or Malaysian Ethnic Relations Choose 2 Soft Skill Cluster UE0XXXX/UC0XXXX/UK0XXXX English/Foreign Language Co-Curriculum SUFFIAN MUSA IT Support Engineer at SeedNet Sdn Bhd HADZARIAH ISMAIL M.Comp.Sc. Malaya Research Interest Software Engineering Sem 2 Year 2 English/Foreign Language Repeating a Course University Compulsory & PPIB Course FCIs' ALUMNI Faculty of Computing and Informatics (FCI) Bachelor of Information Technology (E-Commerce) with Honours (HC13) DR. JOE HENRY OBIT Ph.D Nottingham, UK Research Interest Combinatorial Optimisation and Artificial Intelligence Sem 1 Year 2 IE20103 Marketing IE20203 Business Management Sem 2 Year 2 IE30103 E-Commerce Business Model Course Structure SUAINI SURA M. Comp. Sc. UPM Research Interest Information System Sem 1 Year 3 IE30303 Analysis & Design For E-Commerce IE30403 Human Computer Interaction IE30203 ITPM IE20303 Web Programming Sem2 Year 3 IE30702 Project I IE30603 Distributed DBMS IE30503 Infra Tech Mgmt IE20403 FInancial Mgmt Sem1 Year 4 IE40304 Project II IE40103 Security & E-Commerce Payment System IE40203 Data Mining Sem 1 Year 3 IP00XX3 Sem 2 Year 3 IP00XX3 Lab Work Sem 1 Year 4 IP00XX3 Sem 2 Year 4 IE40412 Industrial Tranning Program Core COMPONENTS OF PROGRAMME ESMADI ABU SEMAN MSc Data Telecommunications & Network, Salford Research Interest Network and Telecommunication Sem 1 Year 3 IT30203 MIS Sem 2 Year 3 IT40103 Ethics and Profesionalism in IT Appeals can be made to repeat a course for incurring grade C- to E only. ASSESSMENT METHODS Lectures Duration of study Students are required to register a minimum of twelve (12) credit hours and not more than twenty-one (21) credit hours per semester. Chin Kok Kent Programmer at SNS Network (M) Sdn Bhd STUDY lEAVE Sem 1 Year 2 IT20503 OOP IT20403 Statistic IT20603 Techno Sem 2 Year 2 IT20103 DBMS IT20203 Data Structure IT20303 Discrete Math ACTIVE Final Exam Registration for courses after the first week (1) subject to the approval of the Dean. Students who fail to register after the second week (2) of lectures will be given a deferment of the study. (Senate Amendment 2/2003). Credit Hours Exemption & Transference GOH SAY LENG MSc Computer Science, Imperial College Research Interest Database TAMRIN AMBOALA MIT Malaya Research Interest Business Process re-Engineering Faculty Core DG. SENANDONG AJOR MSc Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Research Interest Data Mining Sem 1 Year 1 IE10103 E-Commerce Sem 2 Year 1 IE10203 Multimedia AP DR. SYED NASIRIN SYED ZAINOL ABIDIN Ph.D Information System, Universiti of Bath. Research Interest Wireless System Implementation Simulation Modeling JETOL BOLONGKIKIT M.Comp .Sc. Malaya Research Interest Networking Sem 2 Year 1 Choose 1 Compulsory Uni. Course Islamic & Asign Civilisation or Malaysian Ethnic Relations Choose 1 Soft Skill Cluster UE0XXXX/UC0XXXX/UK0XXXX English/Foreign Language Presentation BACHELOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (BIT) WITH HONOURS (E-COMMERCE) JONATHAN LIKOH JUIS MSc. (IT) UUM Research Interest Web Programming Mobile Application NOORALISA MOHD TUAH MSc Database and Web-Based System, Salford Research Interest Software Engineering DINNA@NINA MOHD NIZAM MEleComm Wolonggong Research Interest Safety, Risk and E-Commerce Management Students with PNGK of less than 2:30 are only allowed to register no more than 15 credit hours with the approval of the Dean (Senate Amendment 2/2003). Sem 1 Year 2 Intro To Entrepreneurship English/Foreign Language CHIN PEI YEE MSc. Information Technology (Software) Research Interest Computer Programming Elective and Industrial Training Exemption of credit hours allowed for students who have a diploma or equivalent from a recognized educational institution by the Senate, not more than one third of the total credit hours for the program Grade B and above (Senate Amendment 2/2003) SY WEY Software Developer at Resonet Sdn Bhd Tutorial Credit hour limit is calculated excluding Industrial Training courses and language. Registration less than minimum credit hours and more than the maximum credit hours allowed only with the approval of the Dean (Senate Amendment 2/2003). For students who have obtained a grade E for any courses, are required to repeat the course until graduation (Senate Amendment 2/2003) Sem 1 Year 4 IT30103 Current Topics and Issues Sem 1 Year 1 IT10103 Intro to Comp Prog Sem 2 Year 1 IT10203 Basic Math IT10303 Internet Technology IT10403 Operating Sysem NONA MASNIE BT HJ MOHD NISTAH M. E-Commerce, Deakin Uni. Research Interest Social Informatics Transference of credit hours allowed for students pursuing undergraduate courses at other universities recognized by the Senate, not more than one third of the total credit hours for the program Grade C and above (Senate Amendment 2/2003). NANTHINEE SHANMUGAM Web Designer at Kulai Infobase Technology Course Registration Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) with Honours (E-Commerce) provides exposure

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 2016

Transcript: Computer Concepts for Health Information MS/BS 4+1 Program HCI Medical Coding Lighting and Sound Design We strive to produce dynamic websites, smartphone apps, interactive education, serious, and entertaining games and simulations, 3D motion graphics, digital illustrations and animations, audio and video. Application Consultant - KRONOS Business System Analyst - Convergys Quality Services Coordinator - Interactive Intelligence Software Engineer - Red Funnel Consulting User Experience Designer - MOBI Wireless Management IT Analyst - Goodwill Industries User Experience Researcher - Apparatus E-Commerce Web Designer - E&E Company IT Developer - Heritage Interactive Services Media Developer - Highpoint Global Social Informatics Organic Modeling and Texturing Informatics Careers 3D Animation Experience Design Script Writing Digital Painting Careers Study Abroad Student Groups Residential Based Learning Community - North Hall Lawn Party Summer Workshops Research Bridge Clinical Information Systems Located in the heart of Indianapolis, IN 17 Schools 255+ Indiana University Academic Programs 95+ Purdue University Academic Programs 30,105 students enrolled in Fall 2015 5,446 freshman welcomed in 2015 49% of undergraduate students live on campus Ranked in the top 200 best colleges - US News & World Report in 2017 Media Application Development Health Information Management Web Application Development Informatics students build new computing tools and applications. They study how people interact with information technology. They study how information technology shapes our relationships, our organizations, and our world. Healthcare Financial Management MS Bioinformatics MS Health Informatics MS Human-Computer Interaction MS Informatics Advisory Board Specializations Motion Graphics Develop innovative solutions that improve how people use information and technology. Informatics combine information systems design, computing, psychology and sociology with one of the following specializations: Biology Business Computer Information Technology Computer Science Cybersecurity Health Science Human-Computer Interaction Law (Legal Informatics) Media Arts & Science Pre-Med Medical Terminology Apply between August - October CORE 40 or Academic Honors 3.3 Avg. GPA 1110 Avg. SAT 21 Avg. ACT SoIC Direct Admittance 3.0 or 1000 SAT (Info/MAS) 3.2 or 1100 (HIM) List intended Major or Certificate Acceptance Letter 6-8 Weeks after application $55 Application Fee (Waiver Eligible for 21st Century Scholars) 1 of 61 accredited HIM programs in the country Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) Upon completion of the program you gain expertise in: Managing patient health information Medical records Administering computer information systems, collecting Analyzing patient data Using classification systems and medical terminologies Information Systems IUPUI School of Informatics & Computing Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) BS Media Arts and Science Getting to know IUPUI Programming and Database Concepts Health Information Management Scholarships Cloud Computing Healthcare Quality Improvement design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi BS Health Information Management Capstone Release of Healthcare Information What's Next... Media Arts and Science Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Electronic Health Record Systems Media Arts and Science Information Infrastructure Digital Video IU School of Informatics & Computing MS Health Informatics MS Informatics 3D Graphics and Animation Digital Storytelling Game Design and Development Video Production and Sound Design Web Design and Development BS Informatics Security/Privacy Policies/Regulations for Healthcare Coding Specialist - Schneck Medical Center Intake Coordinator - Indiana University Health Commercial Biller - St. Vincent Clinical Research Associate - Roche Medical Records Technician - William Brothers Healthcare Pharmacy Genetic Associate - Indiana University Health Release of Information Specialist - Healthport Account Receivable Analyst - Surgical Care Affiliates MS Human Computer Interaction MS MAS Data Mining Virtual World Design and Development Video Game Testing Health Database Design Specializations Get Involved! Game Design Psychology Merit based IUPUI (1110/22/3.50) Honors College (1320/28/3.75) SoIC Freshman Scholarship (1070/23/3.0) Inclusive Informatics Scholarship (Underrepresented/3.0) Letter of Recommendation 1 Page Personal Statement National Science Foundation Scholarship Informatics 3D Modeler - Midwest Studios Video Graphics - DODD Technology Graphic & Web Designer - Vertellus Specialties Game Designer - Neverending Games Digital Media Specialist - Exclusive Sports Group Video Production Specialist - IUPUI Web Developer - Plow Digital Production Lead - 12 Stars Media Technology Entrepreneurship Careers Storyboarding David Donaldson, Chief Technology Officer - The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Marco Caggioni, Senior Engineer, Complex Fluids -

1st Vocational Evening School of Trikala

Transcript: General effects Basic Informatics Concepts (Grade B) Unit C. Applications of digital technology Informatics Sector Basic Informatics Concepts (Grade B) Unit G. Computing systems Unit D. Computer hardware System software Operating system Types of operating systems Programming languages Applications’ software Unit B. Digital Technology Types of data elaboration Data files Database systems Data security Data transmission security Architecture of computers Central processing unit Organization of processors Organization of memory Buses Computer types Micro-computers Types of Input-Output units Storage devices Printers’ technologies Peripheral multimedia devices Peripheral network and communication devices Unit H. Informatics and society 1st Vocational Evening School of Trikala 'Basic informatics concept' in Grade B Basic Informatics Concepts (Grade B) Our IT lessons Unit A: Data representation Basic Informatics Concepts (Grade B) Arithmetic systems Integers’ presentation Float numbers’ presentation Characters’ presentation Basic concepts (analysis, organization and application) Development cycle of computing systems Applications of computing cycles Basic Informatics Concepts (Grade B) Basic Informatics Concepts (Grade B) Unit E. Computer software Unit F. Data elaboration Basic Informatics Concepts (Grade B) Basic Informatics Concepts (Grade B) Boolean algebra Logic gates Logic circuits Integrated circuits Micro-processors Wide use electronic devices Applications in science and research Digital control centers Digital data transmission Telecommunications and computer networks Multimedia technology Digital sound and picture Virtual reality applications

SOIC IUPUI 2018-2019

Transcript: Home to: **Leading Informatics for Tomorrow (LiFT) Opportunities: Bioinformatics Scientist Biomedical Data Scientist Health Database Analyst Health Information Manager Clinical Data Analyst Clinical Project Manager Produce Dynamic Websites, Smartphone Apps, Interactive Education, Serious and Entertaining Games and Simulations, 3D Motion Graphics, Digital Illustrations and Animations, Video and Audio, Digital Marketing and Emerging Technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 3D Printing. Admissions Research Study Abroad Summer Workshops Student Groups Residential Based Learning Community BS Health Information Management MS Bioinformatics MS Health Informatics Acceptance Letter 6-8 weeks after application $65 Application Fee $100 Enrollment Fee Sign up for Orientation + Bridge About Indy Opportunities: User Experience Developer Unity Developer Software Engineer Production Assistant 3D Print Lead Senior Applications System Analyst Programmer 3D Graphics and Animation Biology Business Computer Information Technology Computer Science Data Studies Digital Humanities Game Design and Development Health Information Management Human-Computer Interaction Legal Informatics Media Arts and Science Pre-Med Studio Art and Technology ** Or any minor or certificate Develop innovative solutions that improve how people use information and technology. Informatics combine information systems design, computing, psychology and sociology with one of the following specializations: Careers Employers: Become a part of the Digital Age of Healthcare by completing puzzles that can change policies and laws, or collect, analyze and build data warehouses. GPA: 3.50 SAT: 1110 ACT: 22 SOIC Inclusive Informatics Scholarship We open our doors to high school students and their parents and guardians who want to learn more about academic and student life at the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI. Our Open House is an entertaining way to explore why you should be a future student here. - March 1st About Our school integrates computing, social science, and information systems design in unique ways to explore how people use computing and technology to live, work, play, and communicate. We apply our insights to developing innovative IT solutions that transform fields like healthcare, biology, business, law, entertainment, and media. More Opportunities! Things to Note! BS Biomedical Informatics Informatics Drive innovations in information technologies for biological and medical data management, analysis, and visualization, and their applications to biological systems and medicine. The first and only undergraduate program of its kind in the Midwest. JagDays are campus visits and information sessions offered by the IUPUI Office of Campus Visits. It is an opportunity to explore a specific major or field of study that interests you. Media Arts and Science BS Media Arts and Science 1 of 61 accredited HIM programs in the world Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) Only 15,000 experts around the world MS Media Arts and Science MS Human-Computer Interaction Learn and apply skills in: SOIC Incoming Freshman Scholarship Our School! Employers: Apply between August - October Core 40 or Academic Honors/Technical Honors Avg. GPA = 3.45 Avg. SAT = 1117 Avg. ACT = 22 Employers: MS Applied Data Science MS Bioinformatics MS Health Informatics MS Human-Computer Interaction MS Jurisprudence Jag Day Health Information Management Get INVOLVED! Open House SOIC Direct Admittance IUPUI Merit Based IUPUI Undergraduate Admissions Careers Essay Under-represented Student Letter of Recommendation The Capstone event is held at the close of each semester and celebrates and showcases the work of graduating students from the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI. Student Capstone projects represent the culmination of knowledge and abilities in a particular area of specialization. Capstone Bioinformatics Learn how to utilize genomic, molecular, and patient data to diagnose and treat rare diseases, reduce harmful drug interactions, and repurpose FDA-approved drugs. Health Informatics Develop skills to enhance research, and to improve both the security of our electronic medical records and the way we obtain care. It allows us to access and monitor our own health information, and aids researchers in detecting trends to contain outbreaks of disease. Premedical Bioinformatics BS Informatics Biomedical Informatics Opportunities: Data Coordinator Privacy Analyst Clinical Coding Expert Medical Support Supervisor Lead Financial Operation Anayalst Tissue Quality Assurance Coordinator Careers Health Information Data Collection, Abstraction, and Research Information Securities, Privacy, and Protection Management Physician, Clinical, and Nurse Proper Medial Documentation Classification Systems, Coding, and Reimbursement Corporate Headquarters of Fortune 500 Companies (Ex. Anthem, Eli Lilly) State and Federal Government Officies Major Health Care

SoIC Graduate Programs Prezi

Transcript: About 28,000 students - 20,000 undergrad, 8,000 grad 86% Indiana residents 58% women 27% minority students 7% international students Over 350 degree programs 500+ student organizations IUPUI - who are we? Indiana University - Purdue University 16th Largest City in the US #2 Best City in the US for "tech" graduates (DataFox) #5 Best US City for Women and Technology (Smartasset) #6 Best US City for Tech Jobs (FastCompany) About Indianapolis IUPUI School of Informatics and Computing We offer 25 graduate degrees and certificates Three departments: BioHealth Informatics, Human Centered Computing, and Library and Information Science 550 current graduate students - online and on campus Indiana University degree Bioinformatics MS PhD Biomedical Data Analytics Certificate GRD-CERT Clinical Informatics GRD-CERT Data Science PhD Health Informatics MS PhD Health Information Management and Exchange GRD-CERT Health Information Security GRD-CERT Health Information Systems Architecture GRD-CERT Human Computer Interaction GRD-CERT MS PhD Informatics for Public Health Professionals GRD-CERT Library and Information Science MLIS Media Arts and Science MS Omics Technology and Precision Medicine Certificate GRD CERT SOIC Graduate Programs Computer Science Technology Electrical and Computer Engineering Biomedical Engineering Biology Applied Statistics Software Engineering (graduate certificate) Databases and Data Mining (graduate certificate) Computer Security (graduate certificate) Other STEM Majors at IUPUI Graduate Programs School of Informatics and Computing Graduate Programs Applied Data Science Bioinformatics Health Informatics Media Arts and Science Sports Analytics Library and Info Science Human-Computer Interaction Our graduate students utilize developing technology and resources, collaborating with faculty members on research that tests the limits of data and design. Your future classmates come from all over the world and across disciplines to advance informatics research and build life-long careers in science, health, technology, and business. Applied Data Applied Data Science Master of Science Careers Employers Data science can optimize the delivery of health care, or improve a company’s marketing strategy. Students will learn methods of data mining, ways to transform large datasets into usable knowledge, and how to represent information visually. The master’s in Applied Data Science provides students with core competencies in the latest methods of data management, analysis, and infrastructure and high-throughput data storage. Our graduates convert data it into actionable knowledge that adds value. Data Scientist Data Analyst IT Consultant Software Developer Information Manager Big Data Consultant Business Technology Consultant Database Administrator Web Administrator Eli Lilly Amazon American Express Cummins Gensuite Delta Facuet Company $72,500 median salary, 2017-18 grads CSCI 54100 Database Systems CSCI 55200 Data Visualization CSCI 57300 Data Mining CSCI 59000 Cloud Computing LIS S517 Web Programming ECON E570 Fundamentals of Statistics and Econometrics INFO I575 Informatics Research Design Electives Courses Bioinfo Bioinformatics Master of Science To better understand and improve life, students in the master’s degree program learn to analyze biological data and apply those analyses to pioneering research and industry challenges. Students use computational tools and develop applications that bridge the gap between data and discovery—in areas such as natural water resources research and genome biology. Careers Employers Eli Lilly and Company Dow AgroSciences LLC Mayo Clinic Indiana University Health The Jackson Laboratory Harvard Medical School Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Vanderbilt University Medical Center Bioinformatician Bioinformatics Analyst Bioinformatics Specialist Bioinformatics Systems Analyst Bioinformatics System Engineer 1 Computational Biologist Data Architect Informatics Specialist Research Data Analyst II $62,500 Median Salary, 2016-17 grads INFO B519 Introduction to Bioinformatics INFO B528 Computational Methods for Analyzing High-Throughput Biological Data INFO B556 Biological Database Management INFO B573 Programming for Science Informatics INFO B627 Seminar in Bioinformatics INFO B506 Biomedical Informatics INFO B518 Applied Statistical Methods for Biomedical Informatics INFO B529 Machine Learning in Bioinformatics INFO B536 Computational Methods for Biomedical Informatics INFO B585 Biomedical Analytics INFO I590 Next Generation Sequencing INFO B619 Structural Bioinformatics INFO B636 Genomic Data Analytics and Precision Medicine INFO B646 Computational System Biology INFO B656 Translational Bioinformatics Applications Courses Health Infomatics The Master of Science in Health Informatics degree from the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI integrates health care, health information technology, informatics, and many other fields. Our students learn to analyze and protect patient INFO

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