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It Project Roadmap Template Powerpoint

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IT Roadmap

Transcript: Information Technology @ Clark Goals Goals Overview of ITS Today - What we do today Vision - What we will do Success - How will do it Discussion Through discussion with senior leaders across the university, determine the current state of IT, detailing strengths and areas of growth. Provide a vision and goals to advance the effectiveness of IT. ITS Information Technology Services Carlson Hall Main Office Systems Administration Networking & Telecommunications Endpoint Administration Enterprise Systems Information Privacy & Security Goddard Library Help Desk Academic Technology Services Jonas Clark Media Services 151 Woodland Enterprise Administrative Applications Today We spend approximately 80% of our time on maintenance Which can lead to the "Department of No" Current State Data Management (Argos & HelioCampus) Faculty Activity Reporting IRB Request Management (Axiom) Banner 9 Terra Dotta Degree Audit Deposited Student Checklist HR Applicant Management Multi-Factor Authentication Rave Guardian Digital Asset Management Wireless Presenting Network Upgrade Projects On-Tap PowerFAIDS Advising Application Raisers Edge Migration FLAC Telecom Migration Little Center Renovation Digital Fluency Information Security Training Fixed Asset Management Library System Migration Current Projects Vision ITS will be a trusted partner to enable the Clark community to obtain their goals through the use of information technology. Trusted Partner: A long-term relationship that is sought out and key to each other's success. Trusted partners bring... Value Credibility Transparency Respect Desire to learn Consistency More... Why Partner? Complex Problems Require Complex Solutions Information as a University Asset Focus on Core Competency Minimize Risk Communication Say what we'll do, then do what we say Share the why Reliability Build Trust Required Foundation Teach to Fish Success How We Will Succeed Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people. Redesign Governance What constitutes a project Process Transparency Ensure Alignment with Gain Share & Listen to the Why Discuss Risk Appreciate the Experience Define Roles Then Deliver Align Action With Priorities Willingness to Evaluate Existing Process Better Utilize Existing Tools Hurdles to Success Time As a resource From the community Senior Leadership Commitment Community willing to embrace partnership "No" will not be eliminated Discussion

IT Roadmap ...

Transcript: 2013 2014 Results: (see handout) 1. Pretty pleased with the results. Going from an "F" with the staff to a "B+" is remarkable. 2. In no way are we finished moving forward. 3. Take aways from survey are: More presence at the sites Centricity still inherently slow Continue to refine our communications/customer service Testing more computers prior to deployment Sending out IT tidbits/training. 4. These results will be sent out to the staff. A more technologically pointed company 1. More robust applications 2. Tablets/Mobile Devices 3. Registration tablets/signature pads for FD 4. Increase customer service with a goal of continued improvement on our IT survey. 5. Elimination of single points of failure in our systems. 6. Develope a stable 5 year IT budget including regular equipment rotation. 2013 Survey Goals for this year: 1. IT staff providing more hours at each site. 2. Upgrade to Centricity 12 3. Dentrix 7.0 4. Electronic Faxes 5. Complete infrastructure and new buildings/rennovations 6. Creation of an IT disaster site 7. Replacement of Windows XP computers IT Roadmap ... 1. Laying a foundation for the staff and dept. (Infrastructure work, back up methods, expectations, goals) 2. Implemented a helpdesk, project, and maintenance ticketing system 3. New software systems (Email, Lync, Callpointe, IP phone upgrade) 4. Started routine site visits by IT staff 5. Meaningful Use 6. Upgrade to faster site links. Eliminating this as a bottleneck to Centricity and Dentrix. 7. New buildings (Pittsboro PACE, Sylvan, Hill reno) 8. Successful recovery fire drill Vision for the future ...

IT RoadMap

Transcript: Intrusion Detection System Information Security Monitoring Vulnerabilities Identification: - Operating System Level - Service (IIS, ...) Level - ASP application Level: Amazon side possibilities Blocking the countries out of business scope Cluster appliance installation alternative Tailor-made solution alternative Performance SLA (Amazon dependency) 7/24 monitoring of the services Monitoring software installation/configuration Escalation Penetration Test OS/Services Hardening Firewall IDS/IPS Information Security Monitoring Firewall IIS/DB Performance Tuning Backup Monitoring Geographical Redundancy Operating System Level IIS Level: - Intrusion module tuning/review - Pros / Cons - Evaluating other alternatives Application Level: - Disabling unused functions - Disable not necessary parametrization Performing DoS attack and monitor Brute-force authentication attack Blocking suspicious country IPs . Roadmap ., Availability Backup Penetration Test OS/Services Hardening Installation of software consolidating the logs from the Operation System/Services Tuning of the reporting according to the application dynamics Periodic monitoring of the reports Monitoring Compliance Network Determination of the Best Practices/Standards: - Operating System level - Services(IIS, Intrusion module, DB, …) level - Codebase - Naming Documentation Applying the standards on all projects Clarify Amazon dependencies Load Balancing 14 Subat Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDS/IPS) Penetration Test, fixing, retest Rule based IDS Statistical IDS Firewall integration (Amazon dependency) Reporting IIS tunings (kernel-mode, user-mode) DB level execution plans DB indexes review Latency limitation tests Bandwidth limitation tests QoS (Amazon dependency) Active/passive instances on another EC2 region/Turkey Codebase & DB replication Security Operation System Tuning Network Operating System Load Balancing IIS/DB Performance Tuning TCP parameters I/O priorities Queue lengths File System block-size SQL injection URL manipulation GET/POST methods CSS ... Information Security Monitoring Geographical Redundancy Review of the current load balancer (Parameterization, switchover test) DB based vs. HTTP based sessions performance analysis (Amazon Dependency) Backup schedules review Codebase backups Restore Procedure/Test

IT Roadmap

Transcript: Geary Community Hospital IT Roadmap CPOE (Computerized Provider Order Entry) Drug/Drug, Drug/Allergy Interactions Patient Problem List (Physician Maintained) Maintain Active Meds List Allergy List (few updates) Demographics - Cause of death (PA/HIM) Vital Signs - Add growth charts/BMI Smoking Status August 2010 | Paragon Pharmacy Go Live September 2010 | Paragon 9.4 Update November 2010 | Paragon Hardware Update June 2011 | Paragon 10 Go-Live October 2011 | Stimulus Phase 1 Deadline Paragon Pharmacy CPOE Med Administration Physician Documentation Med Reconciliation Stimulus Objectives CPOE (Phase 1) Med Administration (Phase 2) Med Reconciliation (Phase 2) Phys Documentation (Phase 2) Health Information Exchange ...continued Why Upgrade CPOE CPOE Paragon Road Map CCHIT Certified HHS Certfied Security/Audit Enhancements Print Services Enhancements Interface Enhancements ICD10 Support (Required by 2013) Jan 2011 | Paragon 10 Test Exchange Key Health Documents Summary of Care Med Reconciliation - Pushed back to Phase 2 CPOE works best with order sets Nursing staff will need to review orders Less mistakes (more legible orders) Management of an unmaged process Requires CPOE superusers 24/7 Workflow Changes? CPOE runs through WebStation for Physicians ED system will be an optimized CPOE system American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 - aka Stimulus Approximately $2,000,000 in additional reimbursement beginning in 2011 from Medicare/Medicaid Penalties begin in 2016 if you do not comply New features (Physician Documentation, CPOE, etc) 2011 | What Does CPOE mean for us? Better patient care/Less duplicated orders 10% of IP orders need to be from provider in electronic format for maximum reimbursement by October 2011 100% of IP orders need to be electronic by 2013 I am not a physician...why should I care? New hardware required Current hardware is four years old Speed improvements More storage space Better disaster recovery Pending Projects Clinical Lab Tests - Add LOINC ability Patient List - Already there Quality Reporting - 3rd party (MQ) Min. 5 Clinical Decision Support Rules (14) Eligibility - Met with RTE Submit Claims - Already met with CA Electronic Copy - Export information to CD/USB drive for patients Discharge Instructions ...continued

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