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Island Powerpoint Template

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Island Civilization PowerPoint

Transcript: - complete human control of nature - humans have control of every inch of the earth Roderick R. Nash - The ability to reach full evolutionary potential - No overpopulation - Controlled weather benefits to the people and nature - People would not need to evacuate if there were floods - Weather controlled, preventing disasters In paragraph 19, Nash states,"The first step toward Island is to check population growth and turn it back to a total of about 1.5 billion or a quarter of the present level." Limiting every women to only use one egg for reproduction into the 'balance Island Civilization demands'. By: Alice Li Nash's plan : - humans will have control over global warming including oceans - a new creation of evolutionary life. Cons Thank You (-: Rights Nash's proposal for humans a thousand years from now - Technology will be able to control the environment - Controlled weather benefits to nature and humans - Will have power over the wilderness Pros Wrongs Planning from 1018AD Island Civilization PowerPoint Nash visions a balancing world, "...advance technology permits humans to reduce their environmental impact." Soon will be able to control the environment, preventing dramatic weather conditions. Also sectioning off humans with islands. Nash grew up in New York City and is professor specialized in environmental history at UCSC. He is educated from Harvard University and University of Wisconsin-Madison. He's passionate about his career; visioning the meaning of the wilderness in American culture to inspire the new generation. He is best known for Wilderness and the American Mind. - Groups of people would have to live within a 100,000 mile radius. - One child per couple - Humans have to change their whole generation - Humans would have to adjust to the new technological environment - Smuggling for resources from other civilizations - Limited population - Diseases will spread more and faster than usual -Technical difficulties may negatively affect the environment

EDU 212 (Cook Island, powerpoint)

Transcript: Cook Islands Curriculum Framework: Cook Islands Educational Goals "E tito te vaka e oku tamariki" " build the skills,knowledge,attitudes and values of its people to ensure the sustanibility of the language and culture of the Cook Islands, and its economic growth, and to enable the people of the Cook Islands to put their capabilities to best use in all areas of their lives." The Cook islands Curriculum sets out national directions for schooling consistent with achieving the main goal of education in the Cook Islands, which is: 8 THE . Enterprize The Cook Islands Curriculum Framework.. The Arts Goals of The Cook Islands Curriculum Health & Physical Well Being The framework identifies fundamental principles that give to learning and direction in Education. The framework identifies eight essential learning areas of learning and sets out essential skills to be developed by all students. It reflects and reinforces the values and attitudes that underpin Cook Islands society. All schools in the Cook Islands, both government and private schools; All students regardless of gender, ethnic group, religion, location, background, ability or disability; All years of schooling, from early childhood to the completion of secondary Technology The Cook Islands Curriculum Framework focuses around The Tree of Learning. The This is the Official policy for learning, teaching and assessment in the schools in the Cook Islands. Science Languages The Cook Islands Curriculum applies to: COOK ISLANDS Ministry of Education Community The Cook Islands Curriculum Framework The Cook Islands Curriculum The Tree of Learning "Brave the storms of life my children" Involvement . KIA ORANA "He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither And whatever he does shall prosper." Identity School essential learning areas of learning The Cook Islands Curriculum recognises that all students should have the opportunity to develop essential skills through study in essential areas of learning. This curriculum provides a structure around which schools can build those educational programmes to suit the needs of their students, and to respond to the changes in society. It provides the schools to provide learning opportunities that are enriching, enjoyable and challenging. The Cook Islands Curriculum recognises and promotes links with the home, and the wider community. The Cook Islands Curriculum also builds upon the positive features of Cook Islands traditional and modern democratic, spiritual and economic impact upon all aspects of education particuarly the delivery of curriculum in the Cook Islands. Mathematics Social Science The Cook Islands Curriculum Framework... has a Tree of Learning which focuses on key Values these have been carefully selected and are enforced in the schools in The Cook Islands.. They include: Honesty Integrity Charity Love The Tree of Learning Depicts unity in all phases of education and schooling. The tree denotes living as living and on-going. The Tree of Learning is firmly rooted in Cook Islands society and culture, its trunk strengthened by the skills, and its branches and leaves providing the learning areas and contexts for the children to learn, to grow, to prosper and to bear good fruit in time. encourages and endorses school-home-community partnerships that enhance learning and teaching,which contribute to high achievement levels. The Cook Islands Values "E tau i a ki te rakau i tanumia ki te pae kauvai ra Ko tei ua i tona ra tuatau tikai, e ko tei kore roa i mae tona rau, Ko tanakatoa e rave ra, te meitaki ra ia." Cook islands administration Guidelines . (Cook Islands Education Guidelines) Where is it? Inquiry Home/Family The Cook Islands Curriculum Framework The Tree of Learning is firmly rooted in Cook Islands society and culture, its trunk strengthened by the skills, and its branches and leaves providing the learning areas and contexts for the children to learn, to grow, to prosper and to bear good fruit in time.

Island Island

Transcript: how will work be distributed? will: healthy people 10 years old and up How will laws and decisions be enforced? Having a democratic island is important to keep order and safety. depending on which law you break extra work will be given, leaders will make sure the work gets done or Citizens under 16 can not vote Leaders 10 Laws: Island Island who will/won't work? Leaders will be chosen by majority rules Leaders must be over 21 years of age Leaders must keep track of every sector Sectors are: Fishing, Hunting, lumber jacking, etc... If a problem occurs there will be a community gathering to vote on a solution Leaders would have weekly meetings to discuss laws, resources and update on each sector. Who won't work work will be distributed by ability of work for example ( strength, age, health, etc...) specific jobs need certain requirements for example the ability to carry heavy objects leaders will determine which job would be best suited for each person wont: pregnant people unhealthy people people 9 years old and under Government How the decisions will be established "To Survive we must work together" pregnant people don't have to work because it may cause harm to mother and baby unhealthy people shouldn't have to work because they are not well enough or strong enough children 9 and under will spectate the adults learning necessary skills to surviving on the island 1. No Killing 2. No Acts of Violence 3. No Stealing 4. Supervisors are Responsible for Their Respected Sectors 5. All Must Be Treated Equally 6. Resources Must Be Rationed/Distributed Evenly 7. Citizens 16 and Up Can Vote 8. Votes Held Every 8 Months 9. Citizens Take 30 Minute Breaks After Every 3 Hours of Work 10. No One is Allowed to Wonder Off Alone (at least 1 person goes with you. buddy system.) The type of government on our island is democratic.

Galapagos Island Interactive Powerpoint

Transcript: The Galapagos Islands were formed due to layering and rising of repeated volcanic actions. Since these islands were formed, many different species of organiams were found there. What's so unique about them? (Click Here!!) The Galapagos Islands are located in south America and 1,000km west of Ecuador. carles Darwin was the scientist that first discovered the Galapagos Islands. While on the Islands Darwin explored and was fascinated by the Galapagos organisms. He was especially interested with the Galapagos finches(link). Many of these finches which he observed had many different beaks of sizes,and color Why are they important? convo box: how do i make it interactive? idont know. ask youtube maybe? and yea just put a link to the galapagos finches after the word in this slide ok i dont think you can make an interactive prezi...i think i has to be a google slides powerpoint. ok transfer it to that just copy and paste it to a google slide and then send it to me. ok i have the old one ready just go to google drive. shared it thanks Where are the Galapagos islands? Galapagos Island Interactive Powerpoint By: Kamea Alleyne, Myles Baker, Adia Barnes, & Jayda Nelms Darwins Findings How where they formed?? Follow Me! The Galapagos Islands is an extremely important location in scientific history because this is were Charles Darwin first proposed his theory of evolution. Evolution is the change in hereditary features of a species overtime. When Darwin was exploring the island , he came across many animals of all shapes and sizes. From rats to birds and fish he could pick out differences between their relatives and the one living on the islands.

Island Island!!

Transcript: Our island is shaped in a circle, which makes it unique! Our island is designed to be the greenest and most high tech island! We have Solar panel blinds ( for more energy in the house and costs less!) We also use potatoes as an unique power source! We use it for trains, Cars and public transportation!( which will be sick in the future!) We have for electricity( if we run out of potatoes, even if we have thousands of potato farms!) Hydroelectricity Dams and wind turbines as our main source (Doesn't pollute!) to decrease the amount of pollution and help to stop global warming! We use auto-moving roads and bridges for our busy roads and long bridges! (to save the potatoes! And yet to save up time to get to your destination! To power those we will use Ocean wave energy as our main source of energy! We will also use geothermal energy as a source of energy, too. Our trains have a special type of technology flying at speeds of 431km/h ( it was already invented and is the fastest, yet safest train in the world called the Maglev) It uses magnetic technology and it is fascinating! We all did our parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (including helping other groups(well two!) THE REAL D END! Our Green Ideas!! Well you can say our company made this! And the Glass 2 vid! Jesse- Colour Lead in mini-map(Natural resources),Highlight all papers, Draw 7/8 on big map(including legend), Coloured 1/3 of the big map, and did barley of the research!(well he searched up potato power, give the man some credit!) This will happen so prepare!( made by Corning!) Credits! PERSUADING TIME! But there is a future train( made in China) that can go at speeds of 1,800MPH! ( but is kind of dangerous, but still tested here is a picture... If you were to actually live in our island it would look something like this!Enjoy! (This might seem like a lot of tech, well it is!, but we still have exersise installed for it!(I did not put the vid up because i liked the cartton version better and I have to give some credit to health class for giving me this idea!) (This was also put up by Tao like a few minutes before this presentation! ALWAYS REMEMBER TO VISIT ISLAND ISLAND!!!!! Green Ideas Part 2( well some pics and vids!) Just before we finish.....More tech!..Tao will explain!!!....... Plz let Tao,Jesse, and Aidan do their jobs! Just for you to follow along! Tao- Colour everything in mini-map and made it( both maps), Outline all of the big map and drew some, coloured 1/3 of the big map, highlighted one page, made prezi, typed all scripts for oral, made up most of the ideas!), did almost all of the research!)(okay Jesse searched up potato so I did ALL of it), and edited everything that includes typing and using prezi! Island Island!! By: Palm island! in Dubai! THE END!! Super Maglev!!! (1,800 MPH!!!) Thanks for watching! Another sick vid! Comments? Questions? Improvements? Aidan- Coloured 1/3 of the big map (even doing a little more than all of us!) (Jesse wouldn't let him draw!) Highlighted half a page, Naming the island!, made up some of the funny ideas( He made up the potatoes, I made up the ideas! )1/8 draw of the big map. Our weather is not too bad, but has different parts for people who like hot places, Warm, and cold(well, if anybody likes cold!) Most of our island has a 20 Degrees Celsius kind of range! Check out the map...... Our natural resources are great and someone will explain, here is the map...... Temperature,Natural Resources Hello! Our names are Tao, Aidan, and Jesse! Our island name is Island! We have a completely eco-Island! ( well 97%!) It is a great island for vacation and living! We have great temperature and amazing places for sightseeing! Visit our great island! Introduction!

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