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iPhone App

Transcript: Approach We Approached selling this application very agressively in order to really reach our target markets, and show them why getting this application would make their golf experience much easier and smoother. In the following sections Tee Off! is described in more detail to help sell the product. Tee Off! is the premier iPhone golf application that allows you to find and book tee times at all the courses in your area. About Us We are one of the pioneer companies in developing iphone golf applications. Are original application Tee Off! is an application that gives the customers the opportunity to search for golf courses in their desired area and then it's taken one step further in allowing the user to find and book a tee time too and also pay with the optional paypal feature. We believe our application has the ability to revolutionize the golf course business by adding a new technology which has been greatly desired in this industry. Identification Why is Tee Off! useful and who would it be most useful for? This section is to show you exactly who the target market for our product is and why it would be useful for them. Market Segmentation 1.) The age range would be 18-50 years old, upper middle class income, most graduated from college or had some secondary education, male or female serious golfers that play 4-5 times a week. They don’t have a membership to any certain course, they play different courses all around their area. 2.) The age range would be 25-60 years old, upper class income, most have professional degrees or bachelors degree, male or female golfers that play a few times a week. They belong to a country club and occasionally will go to play other courses around their area. 3.) The age range would be 20-60 years old, working middle class income, most do not have a college degree, male or female intermediate golfers that play around 6-8 times a month. They do not have a membership to any specific course, they play wherever they can get a tee time when they want to play. Target Market This application is being designed for Joe Titleist, he is 32 years old, single, graduated from Ohio University with an accounting degree and now works for a large accounting firm making $90,000 a year. He plays golf as much as he can, about 5-7 times a week and he has a single digit handicap. He doesn’t have a membership to any course as he likes to bounce around from all the courses in his area, but he sometimes has trouble booking tee times at the different courses. Product and Service Representation Before beginning to sell our product it is important to research how we’re going to present the application to the customers. There are tables below to show how the application will improve the current process customers use to accomplish the same thing the application does. The biggest way we’ve chosen to present this application is through an informational website. It explains the product completely, gives information about our company, and shows testimonials from other customers who have had great success with the application. As-Is Diagram To-Be Diagram Target Market Target Market- This application is being designed for Joe Titleist, he is 32 years old, single, graduated from Ohio University with an accounting degree and now works for a large accounting firm making $90,000 a year. He plays golf as much as he can, about 5-7 times a week and he has a single digit handicap. He doesn’t have a membership to any course as he likes to bounce around from all the courses in his area, but he sometimes has trouble booking tee times at the different courses. Appeal Appeal- This appeal of this site is to show golfers how much easier it would be to find and book tee times at various golf courses around their area using this app then individually calling each course to find out. The site will also include pictures related to golf and testimonies showing how great the app is to draw more interest out of the potential buyers that visit the site. Colors Colors- The colors this site will use will be various shades of green to relate to golf. It will also use white to contrast against the darker backgrounds. Fonts Fonts- The font this site will use will be more proper fonts, because golf is a game of prestige and respect so the fonts will reflect that. Marketing through a Website The website was designed to show why the Tee Off! application will make the golfing experience a lot easier and smoother. It is able to give anyone that visits the site a detailed description of how the application works, screenshots, and customer testimonials. Below there is an outline of a style guide and site map for the Tee Off! website so the customers can fully understand what we are trying to sell. Home Page The home page of the application will show screenshots of the app, brief text, there will be a tool bar that allows you to navigate around the site, and there will be a logo and title. The screenshots will be in the middle of the page, the text

iphone app

Transcript: Wanna-be-a Rock-star? The Basic Idea. Any proactive musician can organize a jam or share their music over the internet but this app is a platform that allows (part-time musicians) i.e. middle aged men with children and a job to collaborate musically with other people without even leaving their home. What is wanna-be-a rock star? music based social network and project sharing + collaborating What does it do: Social networking - It allows each user to create an identity weather it is their real identity or a fictional persona that can be viewed by other users. Users can search each other by location as well as Each users identity will include:- Name, address, contact information (optional) Background story i.e. sold soul to the devil for in exchange for world class guitar ability. What instrument and style they play i.e. blues guitar. Musical accomplishments and goals i.e. opened for creme in the late 60's with a cover band, now looking to relearn the songs they played and jam them with people. Uploading music - Users have the ability to upload their own recordings onto the app where it can be viewed by other users. Different themes include:- Covers - users can choose out of our selection of classic hits to cover from. The song that has been chosen comes with tabs + notation so the users can learn their part if needed. When the user feels ready they can then use this application to record a video and audio take of the song they have chosen. That recording is then uploaded to a link next to the song so other users can view it and also combine it with other instrument recordings of the same song in order to create completed songs.

iPhone App

Transcript: iSight App The iSight is an innovative new way to identify anyone, anywhere. This new tool allows people the ability to see someone, then take a picture of them, and after their picture is stored in a database, recall information about who they are. Never again will anyone have trouble identifying people as long as they use this awesome new app, iSight. Features: * Allows user to completely customize the information that gets pulled up from database * App can recognize any picture as long as it appears in database * Settings for picture taking comply with camera already on iPhone * Easy to use directions * Lightning fast response time from taking the picture to identifying the person * Database can store up to 500 people Screenshots of the iSight app in action App Selection Screen iSight Main Menu Identification Screen Settings Screen Market Segmentation Teachers-This app would appeal to teachers that have trouble remembering the names of their students. This product will alleviate that problem by making it easy to identify students on sight. Teachers of all ages can find this useful Police Officers-This application could also help members of law enforcement identify people without the extra hassle of looking them up. Being able to know who they are dealing with will eliminate all the guess work. Each police officer out in the field would find this beneficial. Bartenders-This application would benefit people that serve alcohol greatly. With these glasses, the serving of alcohol to under-aged kids would be a thing of the past. It would keep the people that do not belong in bars out of them. All bartenders that work in bars where under-aged kids might attend could see this product as helpful. Product Details-The iSight iPhone application allows users to take pictures of people and have them run through a computer that matches their face to their name and other information about them. It is an easy and effective way to identify anyone. Its usefulness is endless because it enables the users to find out who they are talking to, essentially, before they even meet them. Life Without iSight Life With iSight Here is a video that explains the product that the iSight app replaces, on your iPhones Predicted Sales Projected Profit

Iphone App

Transcript: iVision by Curtis Parsons Introduction iVision is the newest innovation in the iPhone application world. It brings the highest level of technology that allows its users to recognize anyones face and name in just a matter of seconds How it works? iVision uses high quality face recognition software built into the glasses they use to recognize any person that they may come across during that day. The glasses take a photo of the unknown person and scan the photo for the person in the database. Once this person is recognized they send the photo, name, and information of this person to the iPhone. Then the user looks at the phone sees the information and avoids asking the person what their name is. Product Home Page Screen Character Profile Settings Target Market Teachers – This would benefit teachers that cannot remember all their students names because of the constant changing of new students. It would also benefit them in remembering the names of past students. Students may work harder if they feel that their teacher actually cares and knows them by name. Law Enforcement – This would help the police identify people even if they didn’t have their id with them. They can use it anywhere at anytime and can give them a criminal record right away. Sales Representative – This helps the sales representative know the names of each of their clients at the click of a button. In the sales world it is very important that your customer trusts you and there is no way they will trust you if you do not even remember their name. Before and After Scenario Before After Website Home Screen About Us Contact Us Product Details Prjocted Sales Thank You for your time and considerations. © Curtis Parsons Double click anywhere & add an idea

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