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Iowa State University Powerpoint Template

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Iowa State University

Transcript: Public School Address : 100 enrollment services center 50011 2. Alcohol is permitted on campus for students over legal age. Admissions Application Fee : $ 40 To Attend 1 Year = $16, 609 By : Legislature of the state of Iowa Hours and minutes away Tuition Location : Ames, IA Number of Students Enrolled : 31,660 New Requirement : 990 <-- Below Average 1300 <-- Above Average 3. George Washington Carver -Inventor who was born into slavery and only got to study 2 years School Information 1858 Books & Supplies : $1,043 per year Books & Supplies : $1, 043 per year Room & Board : $7,830 per year Cardinal Interesting Facts Old Requirement : 1145 962 miles Must be a B+ Student Minimum GPA Required Miles away Plane : 2 hours and 20 minutes Car : 14 hours and 23 minutes Walking : 316 hours City Information Cost Per Year : $19, 768 Year Founded By : Jamillet Espinoza City Population : 71,591 Cy The Cardinal In State Tuition: $7,736 * fees included - Hip Rah! Hip Rah! Who are we ? First & best if I.S.C Who ? Who ? Seventy- two 23 <-- Below Average 28 <-- Above Average 2. Carrie Chapman Catt -Was known for being a women's suffrage leader Alumni Minimum SAT Required Fee : $ 1, 088 Acceptance Rate Pecentage : 86.9 % Minimum ACT Required 4 Years = $66, 436 Cost per year : $6,648 Out of state tuition = $20,825 *fees included School Colors 1. 57% are male & 43% are female . 1. Clayton Anderson (Astronaut) -One of the 1st to become an astronaut 4 years = $118,916 Room and Board : $7,830 per year Fee : $1,088 3.6 out of 4.0 3. A yell was written in honor of class of 1872 by the wife of one of the graduates. Iowa State University Gold To attend 1 year = $29,729 Type In- State- Tuition Due Dates For Application : Before May 1st Mascot Out- Of- State

Iowa State University

Transcript: His name is Cy the Cardinal. Cost Students here can visit many of the parks in the city. Iowa state does offer greek life: -Alpha Chi omega -Alpha Delta Phi -Alpha Gamma Delta Ames,Iowa The weather here is typically cool with some snow. Ten reasons you should attend He was first created in the 1950s since the school made a competition to find a new mascot since they could use a cyclone for a costume Iowa State University For instate residents it cost $16,490. For non-residents it cost $29,042. It costs $7,721 for room and board. More than 66% of students receive financial aid. Iowa state does offer full athletic scholarships. Works cited The mascot of Iowa State is the cardinal. In 2013, the total number of students was 33,241. The student to faculty ratio is 19:1. 56% is male while 44% is female. -77% is white -7.8% are illegals -3.9% are hispanic -3.2% are unknown -2.8% are asian -2.6% are black -1.6 are 2 or more races. School Mascot Enrollment Diego Mora Iowa State offers 120+ degrees -Biological sciences -Biotechnology -premedical sciences -Social sciences -business Graduate programs -Biochemistry -Electrical Engineer -Architecture •SAT Critical Reading: 460 / 620 •SAT Math: 530 / 680 -The stuff to do in the city -Sports -Nice Campus -Not to expensive -Small classes -The clubs -All teh degrees -Nice weather -The rooms and boarding -There stadiums pretty cool Location Degrees •ACT Composite: 22 / 28 •ACT English: 21 / 28 The five most poplular clubs are: -Buisness - music/ preforming arts -Sports clubs(hockey,volleyball,etc,) -media production -voluntering and services at school But most of them like to party. Admission Requirements period:4 Iowa state is located in Ames, Iowa. Extra Curriculars The five most popular sports are : - Football -Basketball -cross country - wrestling -golf

Iowa State University

Transcript: -Iowa Agricultural College (now Iowa State University) was officially established on March 22, 1858 by the legislature of the State of Iowa. In 1959 the college was officially renamed Iowa State University of Science and Technology. -Iowa State is an international university with a friendly welcoming personality. Students from all 50 states and more than 100 countries come to Ames, Iowa, to choose from 100 majors, study with world-class scholars and sharpen their leadership skills in 800-plus student organizations. Iowa State offers a great environment where students can enjoy reaching their potential and discovering their passions. Scholarships Associated to these Majors/ Minors. Meals Per Semester -Agriculture and Life Sciences Exploration 19 $1.25 Average meals per Week Meal Plans Description/ History Iowa State is known for it's athletic teams such as the "Iowa State Cyclones" $300 Plan Name Cyclone -Wild life Manager -Natural Resources Scientist -Plant Scientist Jake Solis $150 275 Silver -Ancient American Indian Proverb Athletics Bronze Interest in Majors/ Minors Minor- -Dean of Agriculture Multicultural Scholarship 8 125 Major- Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children. -Monsanto Agriculture Scholarship -Younkers Farm Aid Scholarship 11 Iowa State Map $125 -American Indian Studies 14 Application form $200 304 DD$ Per Semester Cardinal Career Services for Major/ Minors 17 $250 225 Iowa State University Gold 175

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