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Transcript: The world’s most advanced mobile OS. In its most advanced form. With an easy-to-use interface, amazing features, and security at its core, iOS 8 is the foundation of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It’s designed to look beautiful and work beautifully, so even the simplest tasks are more engaging. And because iOS 8 is engineered to take full advantage of the advanced technologies built into Apple hardware, your devices are always years ahead — from day one to day whenever. INTERFACE Easy to update. iOS updates are free. And they’re available to download wirelessly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch the moment they’re released. Your device even alerts you when it’s time to get the latest version. So you won’t miss out on all the amazing features in new updates. Elegant and intuitive interface. From the moment you pick up iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you know how to use it. That’s because iOS was designed to be easy to understand. The simple-yet-beautiful Home screen invites you to discover each of the built-in apps. So right away, you’re browsing your favorite websites, capturing a few candids, or texting your friends. And no matter what you’re doing or what app you’re using, everything feels easy, intuitive, and even fun. Hardware and software made for each other. Because Apple makes both the hardware and the operating system for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, everything is designed to work together. So apps take full advantage of hardware features such as the dual-core processor, accelerated graphics, wireless antennas, and more. Multitasking is a perfect example. iOS learns when you like to use your apps and updates the content in them at power-efficient times, like when your device is already in use and connected to Wi-Fi. So the content in your favorite apps stays up to date without a major drain on your battery. $1.25 Monday, February 17, 2014 Headline 5 Headline 1 Subtitle Headline 4 Vol XCIII, No. 311 iOS


Transcript: References Game app Office apps Music app 2005 Demonstration of simple example: Amani Obaid Alia Abdulla Hind Khaifa Outline Primera película de Pixar, "Toy Story", creado enteramente por ordenador, es liberado, convirtiéndose en la película nacional más taquillera del año. Apple presenta el iPhone, uno de los primeros teléfonos inteligentes y por primera vez sin un teclado. Las multitudes hacen cola en las tiendas para comprar. For what type of apps is it best used? • Objective C • Swift • Both 2007 2001 what is the tool used? Pro's: • Single window • New view debugger • Live rendering • auto fixes common errors in code - displays errors straight away • navigators and jump bar make finding things easier. • Xcode6 automatically saves changes to source and project files. Con's • Massive download file • Private entities with the same name and same type will conflict • IOS playground do not support displaying animated views with the XCPShowView() XCPlayground API. Conclusion what programming language do you need to know? What will you be taking about? • What will you be taking about? • What is the tool used? • What programming language do you need to know? • What are the pros and cons? • For what type of apps is it best used? • Demonstration of a simple example • Conclusion • • • iOS App Development with XCode • About Xcode Apple hace su primera incursión en la electrónica de consumo con el iPod, un reproductor de MP3 portátil, que revoluciona la manera en que la gente escucha y colecciona música. Con el tiempo se convierte en uno de los gadgets más exitosos de todos los tiempos. iOS 8 what are the pros and cons? • Xcode6 Apple amplía la línea con el iPod Nano, pequeño y con una versión que puede reproducir vídeo. Thank you for listening 2011 1995 Steve Jobs falleció en su casa de California hacia las 3 de la tarde del 5 de octubre de 2011, a los 56 años FIN


Transcript: iOS iOS is the operating system for apple mobile devices In that they use short, iterative cycles, they are "scrum" A better Photos app, allowing quick management of your pictures More flexibility with messages (e.g. adding voice messages with ease) Keyboard improvements A Health app to help you monitor your heart-rate, fitness, and more across different apps More We will test first that individual components of software work individually, then that they function together Thank you for listening. Evolution Design added the App Store and iTunes improved maps, mail, and Siri Implementation Steve Jobs said "People don't know what they want until you give it to them" However, Apple actually listens to customer feedback daily Apple uses a Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer satisfaction Ever since its birth, Apple as placed high importance on innovating in iOS 8, we saw the introduction of: iOS 4 iOS 2 released June 2009 The Next Cycle - iOS 9 released June 2010 added Siri, Game Center, iMessage, and iCloud iOS 6 more customizable (background) first, rigorous testing by employees and bug-fixing when the product is determined to be stable enough, it will be released to the public feedback will be received via Reddit, complaints, etc. complaints and bugs will be addressed with further updates iOS' Software Development Life-Cycle had basic apps added audio to messages new emoji For the User Apple uses "agile" software development methods to rapidly produce updates Apple, in the process of software development, keeps small teams, works in small cycles, and heavily uses collaboration completely new layout released July 2008 take information from test and implement them into the next iOS version find more ways to make it more user friendly fix any bugs that may be present iOS 8 Testing upgraded photos released September 2013 not customizable released September 2014 Innovations and Improvements released July 2008 "What They Want" Lack of customization Poor quality auto-correct Lack of dialects Battery easily drained added control center and FaceTime Audio Agile Steve Jobs' idea was always to design a user-friendly interface to please the customers, from his Macintosh computers to portable devices Ultimately, the "user" they would design it for was Steve Jobs himself This was lost after Steve Jobs' death iOS 2 What this Means for the Future Requirement Analysis released October 2011 added Passbook iOS 3 iOS 1 iOS 7 more user friendly allows the user's device to become more personal through customizations mobile device battery will last longer than before, making the person's life more efficient released September 2012 introduced the App Store and iTunes added new features like copy and paste and push notifications Customizable icon size Allow for customization for organization of contacts Allow for deletion of default apps Option to customize auto-correct Add more language varieties and dialects (i.e. Canadian English) added app folders and multitasking Jobs Innovate, Improve iOS 5 Jobs said, "People don't know what they want until you give it to them" Always try new things, but obviously, base it on the customers and listen to their reactions. released June 2007 reduce the amount of background energy the device uses add customization tag to settings add top 50 languages used in the world to settings add the languages available in settings to Siri upgrade auto-correct


Transcript: Mac OS 9 MS-DOS -This is a discontinued operating system for x86 personal computers - Most commonly used member of the DOS family - The first version entered a public testing process in October 2014 - Windows 10 introduced what is described as "universal apps" GOAL! - Originally named Mac OS X till 2012 which changed to just OS X - It has been pre-installed in every Mac since 2002 -It was released in 1999, The X is supposed to be pronounced as 10 -It was launched in 2001 -In 2011 Mac OS 10.7 ( no longer supported 32-bit intel processors and does not include Rosetta.) SOME FEATURES -Multilingual Support -Great Updating Methods Formerly known as iPhone OS and it was created by apple ink. and it's exclusive for it's hardware. Presently powers and the company's mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is the second most popular operating system after Android went world wide. It originally came out in 2007 but it's been fixed up and made more modern. -Discontinued operating system for x86-based personal computer - Most commonly used member DOS family - It was the main operating system in the 1980's and 1990's -It was gradually superseded by operating system of a graphical user interfact. - Mac OS 9 is the ninth and major release of the Apple Mac operating system - It was released October 23rd 1999 and was promoted as " The best operating system ever" - Apple discontinued it in 2001 and transition to OS X .There have been no updates since then. SOME FEATURES - Voice log in through Voice Print passwords -redisigned sound panel to support USB audio - Unix Volume support Windows 1.0 Different Operating Systems iOS ....... OS X

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